150+ Birthday Wishes for Son – Happy Birthday Son

Birthday Wishes for Son: Best birthday messages for son with beautiful images to share with him on his birthday. Are you looking for some elegant, and best birthday wishes and messages for your son and plan to use these types of unparalleled and appropriate messages on a birthday card to wish your lovely boy a “happy birthday Son”. No matter how old your son is, he will always be the little boy of mom and dad. Parental love is not affected by the aging of any son. Since the birthday is once a year, each birthday of your son is very special to you.

Each of us wants to wish our boy with the most appropriate and profound words and quotes. Keeping your feelings in mind and understanding the needs, we have listed the perfect birthday wishes for your little boy. At first glance, you will surely find the perfect and suitable birthday wish you want. Here, we have stored an enormous collection of suitable Birthday Wishes for Son, hilarious and funny birthday wishes for son, and religious birthday messages for son. Effectively helps you in saying “Happy Birthday Boy” to your son.

Birthday Wishes for Son

My son, love you more than life. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to the boy who makes me proud every day. A big hug and lot of kisses.

May today and always life may present you with the greatest joys. Congratulations!

Birthday wishes for sons
Birthday wishes for sons

May your birthday be beautiful and special like you. Congratulations, my beloved son.

My son, all I wish for you is endless happiness. Congratulations on your day!

Congratulations to my greatest treasure and great reason for my happiness. Happy birthday, son!

Congratulations to the most beloved son of all, that his life is always blessed.

May your birthday bring all the happiness and joy you deserve. Congratulations, my beloved son!

Congratulations, my son, and may it be a year full of adventures and joys. Happy Birthday!

May the world be small for all your success, son. Congratulations on another year of life!

May the world light up, may your smile broaden to celebrate this moment. Happy birthday, son!

May your new year be full of charms and reasons to smile, my son. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, son! May your dreams come true and peace and love are always by your side

It is you that I love more than anything in this life. Son, have a wonderful birthday!

You are so small now, but you have brought incredible joy and happiness to us. Happy birthday son.

At your new age always be happy and stay cheerful. Happy birthday, wishing all your wishes come true.

Congratulations, son, for a year of achievements and victories always with a smile on your face. Adore you!

Your happiness is my purpose, today and every day of my life. Congratulations on another year, beloved son!

I will always be grateful that life has given me such a wonderful son. Congratulations on another year, dear!

My dear son, may life today offer you love and health for a day of unparalleled light. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my son
Happy birthday to my son

‘The son in my life, my moon, my star, I love you very much. Happy birthday my little one.’

For you that fills my days with happiness, wishing you all the best for everything in life. Congratulations, my son!

My beloved son, I wish you all the joyous, happiness and that no dream remains unfulfilled in your life. Happy Birthday!

Son, all I want most is to see you happy, today and forever. Happy Birthday! I love you so much!

Success and joy, happiness and peace in your life. Son, I wish you all the best, today and always. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your birthday, son. Love you more than my life and I just want you to always be happy!

I was there when you were born and I will always be there to celebrate your every birthday. Congratulations, my son!

All I want for my son is health and peace, the rest he will achieve year after year. Happy birthday, beloved son!

I am proud to have you as a son and I am thrilled to see the path you have taken. Happy Birthday!

Son, I may not give you the most expensive gift, but I offer you the best of me: the heart. Happy Birthday!

For the most affectionate son in the world I wish you an incredible birthday and a big party. Honey, congratulations on your day!

No one imagines how strong my love for you is, but today your eyes and heart will notice. Son, have a wonderful birthday!

Everyone celebrates his birthday, but I celebrate the day I got the biggest gift in my life. I love you, son! Be very happy.

For this boy who makes my life a happier journey, I wish that all his dreams come true. I love you very much, son!

For today I do not wish you peace, love, joy and much less judgment. I just ask you to be happy, my son. Congratulations!

I may not offer you that gift you want so much, but I will always be here for what you need. Happy birthday, son!

My son, I have loved you since I discovered your heart beating inside me. Many happiness and many years of life by my side.

With each passing year, I feel more and more proud of the wonderful person you are becoming. Best wishes, love and success in life, son.

heartfelt birthday wishes for son
heartfelt birthday wishes for son

My little sparrow. I wish you enjoy the best of happiness at your new age, and you can easily climb the ladder of success.

You are my little baby who never grows up, you are my dear who added life to my life. Happy birthday, my dear child.

If I could, I would give the world to you, but as I cannot, I leave here all my love and admiration. Congratulations, my beloved son!

Oh baby ah! How quickly do you grow so fast… Grow up, baby, grow and be a good son to the country, to the nation!

Every year it grows a little more, but for me, it will always be my baby. Congratulations and all the luck in the world, son. I love you!

Son, when I look at you I am very proud of the kind, polite and caring man you have become. Happy Birthday! Keep it up. I love you!

Congratulations son! Know that today I am the most celebrating because it was the day that my life changed completely and was filled with happiness for receiving you. Happy Birthday, dear!

Dear son, enjoy today that it is all yours! Know that even growing up so fast, you will remain our baby forever! Continue your journey and live all phases of your life with bliss and happiness. Happy Birthday!

My son, today is your birthday. A few years ago, on a day like this and one that seems so close, I received you in my arms. Accept the blessings of your mother and father, with sincere congratulations. We love you!

My son, know that I always loved you even before you were born. Today I am filled with joy to celebrate another one of your birthdays – and may many come! Thank you for being everything in my life. Love you! Happy Birthday!

My only angel; On that magnificent day you were born, you crossed the clouds and entered our lives shining bright around like a sun. You are the joy and peace of our home. I wish you to always experience the best of happiness at your new age. Happy birthday my moon piece.

My dear little one, the one who makes my life beautiful, my purpose, my goal, I will come … I hope your new age will bring you the best of happiness. I know that you will overcome all difficulties with determination throughout your life, and I wish you a good life and a long life.

This year, you can play football on the ball court as much as you want, get your head dirty as much as you like, and even make your white jersey as much mud as you want. I hope you are always free in your ideas and always happy in your life… Happy birthday is a piece of fire…

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Birthday Messages for Son

‘Can the world be imagined without the sun? Can the beauty of the night be seen without the moon? Can we ever imagine living without our dearest children?’ Never. If you want your children to think of you tomorrow, to be in their memories tomorrow, then you have to make time for them today and spend some good moments with them. Even if you are looking for birthday messages from mother to son, here are the most beautiful lines that will flow from mother’s heart to her son.

We may not be of the same blood, but far beyond the DNA are the feelings we share and the stories we live. You are my dear child, you always were and always will be. Let’s enjoy your birthday together!

Today is the birthday of this 2 meter tall man I call my dear son! Honey, I’m still amazed at how fast you grew up. But life was very generous to me, as it presents me with its evolution and well-being in every new year!

Much more than a child, you are most certainly a partner for life. My love, today is your birthday, and I wish all your dreams come true. I will be by your side in every moment of your life, as your number 1 fan. Happy birthday!

birthday message for son
birthday message for son

Having a special child is having the certainty that you will live with such a pure and good angel for the rest of your life! I am so grateful for your life and for the opportunity to mature with you, dear child! Happy Birthday!

Today my baby, who is no longer such a baby, completes 5 years of life. How sweet it is to live with this special child! My son laughs more than he cries and is always captivating everyone with his way of being. Happy birthday, my dear son!

Today is your birthday, my dear son. We are many miles away, and even living in different countries it’s like I feel him very close to me always. Our connection is unique, and I wish you all the best wherever you are! I really cheer for you! Happy Birthday!

It is really beautiful to be able to follow the evolution of time watching you grow, my dear son. With each passing day, you become an even better human being. I’m very happy to see you practicing the values I taught you since childhood. You are very special! Happy Birthday!

My dear son, today is your day! This means that I have the privilege of celebrating another year of your life. I carried you in me for nine months, and even during that time I could feel the beginning of an immeasurable love: the love I feel for you! Happy birthday, son!

We have traveled so many paths together, dear son. We go through very difficult times, but we also visit happiness a lot of times. Today is your birthday, and I want you to know that it will always be the two of us, as we know our strength and truth. Congratulations, partner!

Today is your birthday, dear son! So many moments come to my mind, light as a movie that teaches a lot. I am very lucky to be able to share all of its phases, development and growth. You are still too young to understand, but I know you feel my love. Happy birthday, my boy!

They say that the greatest teachings in life come from our parents. I, as a parent, can say that my greatest teachings in life come from you, my dear son. Today is your birthday, and I can only thank you for everything you taught and teach me, being that amazing guy you are! Congratulations!

My son, you are such a warrior. Today is your birthday, and unfortunately you are hospitalized, but we will celebrate anyway. Thank you for teaching us so much with all your strength and determination! Don’t forget what I always tell you: no battle is eternal, and you’re already winning yours. Happy Birthday my love!

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son

For every parent, the moment when a new member (infant) joins the family is extremely precious and joyful. When your son has stepped into this world for the first time, you will have got such immense and incomparable happiness. This is a happy moment, and it is a never-ending memory for every parent. Therefore, birthdays are very special for maintaining this memory forever. It is normal for parents to be emotional on the birthday of their son. Hearty and warm birthday messages for son are actually used by parents to express their true feelings and emotions on their son’s birthday.

Have a lot of fun and never forget to look at life with an optimistic eye. Happy birthday, little hero!

I always want to see you squander this beautiful smile. Enjoy your day with love and happiness in your heart. Congratulations son!

May you keep chasing your dreams, keep growing, and make me even more proud. Happy birthday to my son! I really love you.

Happy birthday to the little boy who stole my heart
Happy birthday to the little boy who stole my heart

I have a love that surpasses all others, a special person that I love hopelessly, a beautiful son who today is to be congratulated!

My dear, I hope you live this journey with that captivating gleam in your eyes and a lot of joy in your heart. Have a beautiful birthday!

May life be a long and joyful walk for you, and may you always find love, health and success along the way. Congratulations and always be very happy!

May all your wishes come true, my son! Today, when blowing the candles make beautiful wishes because you deserve it! Have a blessed birthday, full of charms and joys.

I love you very much and I am very proud that you are my son. Be happy today and always, my son, because mine also depends on your happiness!

Congratulations on another year of life! Son, if there is any truth in the world, it is that you get more and more incredible as time goes by. Happy Birthday.

My son, today I am happy for you to complete another year of life. Happy birthday, my son! May happiness, common sense, courage and intelligence never fail in your life!

Let there be no lack of smiles in the direction of your eyes or sincere wishes for health, peace or happiness. Congratulations on another year of life, son! I love you.

Congratulations on your birthday, son! May this be a joyful and very special day, and may all your wishes come true. Always enjoy life, and never stop fighting for your dreams.

My dear son, have a happy birthday with all the people who carry your heart of peace, love and joy. Congratulations on another beautiful year of life! I love you son.

Happy birthday, my dear son! It is with great pride that I see that the child I raised and educated has become a wonderful man, an exemplary husband and an excellent father.

I hope that all your wishes will come true and that happiness will be your partner in the journey we call life. I love you more than everything! Happy Birthday, my son!

My prince, have an incredible birthday! I hope that all the good things in this world will visit you, today and forever, and that nothing wrong will happen to you. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my son! May another year of life bring more happiness, wisdom and dreams come true. May you never lack health, love and peace along the way, as well as reasons to smile!

Today is your birthday, my son, but I’m the one who really celebrates. You were a dream come true, and you brought a lot of love and happiness into our lives. Happy Birthday!

Son, today it wasn’t the dawn that woke me, but the tears. Yes, the tears of happiness for you completing another year of existence on this blue planet, so beautiful and special. Congratulations, dear!

Today everything will be special! You are a wonderful son. And although I do not carry my blood in my veins, I am sure that it carries my love in my heart. Happy Birthday, son!

Congratulations, my son! Today you are already a man, but in my heart you will always be a boy, my little baby. But it is with great pride that I admire the adult you have become.

You very much deserve to be happy, son! I am hoping you will receive gifts from those you love the most, and I am not referring to material things, but to gestures and evidence of affection.

You are a wonderful son and every day fills my heart with joy and pride. Whatever happens, I will always love you, and hope for your happiness. Always be happy, my boy, and enjoy your day a lot today!

Today we are going to celebrate your birthday, but on the other 364 days of the year I thank you for having you in my life to make me happy and make my days more beautiful. Happy Birthday, son!

My dear son, happy birthday! You fill my heart with love and pride every day, and I can only thank you for everything you have brought into my life. Congratulations on today, my beloved son, and happiness, health, love and success forever!

It is impossible for me not to feel happy. My son completes another year of life in this world. My dear, congratulations on another twelve months of color and joy! Please enjoy this day with those you love the most. Happy Birthday!

May this day be filled with happiness for you. I get excited every time I think about holding you in my hand for the first time. Today has added a new year to your life, wishing you all the best in the world.

I believe your day and your whole life will be wonderful, absolutely incredible, the way you deserve it. Have a lot of fun and enjoy every moment beside me and the whole family, as well as the most important friends. Happy birthday, son.

My son, you are my treasure and since you were born you fill my heart with love, pride and endless joy. Today we celebrate that wonderful day that you arrived, but I thank you every day for this blessing. Happy birthday, my beloved son!

I am very proud of you and the person you are becoming. I think if every child were like you, the world would be more exciting. Keep fighting for all your dreams and remember that I will always be by your side. Kiss, son.

Today it is the light of your little eyes that illuminates my heart, and your smile means the world to me. I am happy because you exist and for your happiness I will face the world if necessary. I love you, my son! Happy Birthday!

A great man with the heart of a great son! You have already given me many joys and whatever your path in the future I will always be by your side. Have a happy birthday, son, and a life full of joy and success. Love you!

I don’t know how to react to the luck that life has given me. It is too good to have a child as generous and dear as you are; always willing to help, attentive and loving with everything and everyone. Your heart is golden, baby! Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, my son and the greatest love of my life! Before you were born, I already loved you with all my strength and, incredible as it may seem, this love managed to grow with time. There is nothing important in this world than your well-being and your happiness, so be very happy, my son!

Have fun and enjoy every second with that good intensity that you know well. In addition to a big party, you will be entitled to gifts, kisses, hugs and all the attention in the world. Get ready to feel like the king of the world, or rather, the prince of the family! Congratulations, my love!

This is the date I value most in life: your birthday. Son, enjoy this day a lot; have fun and be happy. Congratulations on another year of achievements, joys and much, much health! You are simply the person I love most in life, the being that gives color to my existence, the light that illuminates me.

I know that you are already an adult, but I confess that I will always associate you with a boy; to my boy. Have a very happy day with all the people you really love, son. I love you, son! And I promise that we will be together forever until the end of eternity. Happy Birthday!

My dear son, this is a very special day, because on this date I won the best gift of my life: you! Happy Birthday my love! May you continue to enchant us with your special way for many, many years, and always giving us reasons for pride as we do today! Congratulations, my son! May your day be special and your life always very happy!

My dear, son! Have a lot of fun, because nobody deserves to smile as much as you do. Your heart is golden! Never stop seeing the world with your optimistic gaze, nor stop fighting for all those dreams that give light to your existence. I will be by your side forever, in the happy and most difficult times. I am very proud of you, son. Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

Every mother around the world has high expectations for her son’s birthday, so she deucedly waits for her child’s birthday every year. The mother-son relationship is the most beautiful and serene relationship in the world. Mothers want to make their sons’ birthdays’ very exclusive and extraordinary birthdays. We have given here an enormous collection of the most beautiful birthday wishes, which may be the best way to describe the mother’s heartfelt emotion and love on the son’s birthday as the son’s birthday messages for son.

We adore you and wish that all your dreams come true. Congratulations, little one.

May this next year bring you even more smiles and joys. Congratulations, my son.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. You will forever be my prince charming. Congratulations, my beautiful son!

birthday wishes for son from mom
birthday wishes for son from mom

Congratulations son. May your life brings you more success, wisdom, dreams, smiles and many more wishes fulfilled. I love you!

You will forever be my guardian angel and today I thank God for giving you another year of life. Congratulations, my son.

Since you were born, you’ve only brought joy into my life. I am fortunate to have a son as wonderful as you. Congratulations!

A child is a love that lasts for eternity. Congratulations on your day, my eternal little prince. I love you today and forever!

Happy birthday to the smallest of my treasures. This youngest who arrived to complete this family. We wouldn’t be the same without you, my love.

Son, your eyes give me reason to fight, your hugs give me reasons to smile and your love gives me reasons to live. Congratulations my love.

You are the greatest treasure of my life and the reason for my joy. Seeing you grow is my greatest happiness, my love. Congratulations, my dear son.

Thank you for ruling on my heart the moment you were born. May your big day be filled with joy, peace, love and hugs. Congratulations, my son.

How lucky I am to have a child as special as you! Happy Birthday! I wish you a year of many victories, achievements and a lot of love!

My dear son, may you have a lot of joyous moments, prosperity, health and love on this birthday, because nothing is more important to live fully. Congratulations my love.

Today is your day and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Congratulations, my beloved son. Never forget that I love you with all the strength in the universe.

I thank God every day that He has honored me with a son as wonderful as you. May your day be one of peace and joy. Congratulations, my dear son.

You are loved for the wonderful child you are, the person of strength you will become, and the caring human being you have always been. Congratulations on your day, my beloved son.

Everything I am and everything I have is dedicated to you, my dear child. You are the reason for my life and my only wish is that you are always happy. Congratulations!

You were a dream come true and every year I celebrate the happiness of having you in my life. Congratulations, my eternal prince, my treasure of God and the guardian of my heart.

Love is always greater than any difference that may exist between us. The bond that binds us is eternal and I am proud to have you as a son. Congratulations, my dear son.

May this new year bring you more joy and a lot of energy for you to achieve everything you’ve always dreamed of. Despite being distant, know that I am inside your heart today. Happy birthday, son!

The day you enter into my life, I felt indescribable joy. That same joy I feel on all your birthdays. You came to beautify my life and this is the biggest reason for my celebration. Congratulations son.

When you were a little boy, I used to be your super hero. Today, you became mine. You have turned into a strong, intelligent and resilient young man that I look up to with admiration and pride.

happy birthday son
happy birthday son

Congratulations, my beloved son. May you look to the future with optimism and the past with gratitude. I wish your day to be as special as you are to me and everyone around you. Best wishes, today and always!

So many happy moments that we celebrate for a year, but none compare to your birthday. Congratulations, my beloved son. I’m sure today will be as wonderful a day as you. I look forward to celebrating your beautiful life!

Dear son, you were the most beautiful gift that God has bestowed on me. The memories of watching you grow are the great pleasure of my life and they will live in my heart forever. I love you lots. Congratulations!

A child like you is a true gift from heaven that deserves to be celebrated every day. As parents, we honor and thank you for your presence at all times. Best wishes, son. Dad and Mom love you so much!

Dear son, I have no words to express how much I love you and I am happy to have you by my side. Seeing you grow and reach new goals fills my heart with joy. I hope to always continue by your side supporting you in every moment of your life. Congratulations, my son.

Congratulations my love! You leave me speechless. I never imagined having such a special child. But luckily life brought us together. It doesn’t matter if I’m your mother at heart! wish that your day contains all the joy in the world and that your dreams come true today. Because you deserve it, my son! Kiss. I love you!

Happy Birthday my love! You are the child I always wanted to have; the son I only found in my dreams. But life crossed us. Happily! And today I am your mother, your mother of the heart! And believe me that nothing makes me more fulfilled than being on your side, distributing love and affection. My life without you would be an unruly sea – I’m sure. Have a day as special as you, my son!

Congratulations, my son! It’s been five years – how is it possible? Since the time you were born, my dear, life has gained incredible speed. I think I’m the happiest mother there is, because you fulfill me every day. I love picking you up and filling your face with kisses. And that already makes me immensely happy! I adore you, my dear!

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Birthday Wishes For Son From Father

As a son, his first mentor and hero is his father and son occupies the highest position in his father’s heart. Both the son and the father have a strong bond and are directly connected to each other through heart and blood. For a father, his son’s birthday is very pleasing and entertaining, as he sees his own image in his son. In this section, we have tried to express all the sincere feelings of a father to his son through some beautiful and elegant birthday wishes.

Happy birthday, son. You are the integral part of my day, my world, and my life. Happy birthday, love you!

You gave my life meaning and each day I am a more fulfilled for having you in my life. I love you son. Happy birthday!

The best part of my life is being you in my life and make it beautiful. No matter the circumstances, we will always be together, my son. Always count on me. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Son
Happy Birthday Son

My day has become happier today because today is the birthday of my beloved son. Dad loves you. I wish you a happy, joyous, and beautiful birthday. May Daddy in heaven bless you greatly.

Your day has come, my son, a day to celebrate and thank our God for giving me so much joy and giving me the privilege of being your father. Happy Birthday!

Today is a very special and joyful day, as the great love of my life completes another year of life. Congratulations, my son! Know that your father loves you a lot!

Today is your birthday, my love. Wish you joyous moments and good health and may God bless you a lot, you are everything to me. Keep growing like that, making Dad proud.

Today is a very important day for you, my son, and so it is for me too. Know that daddy loves you very much and is very happy for your life. Happy Birthday!

I feel like I lived another life until the beautiful and unforgettable moment of your birth, my son! You taught me to love, to be happy. Congratulations on your day, know that I, your father, love you so much!

Today is your day, my son! That same day a few years ago you made my blue world even bluer, that’s when I became the father of this amazing boy you are. Love you more than my life and will always be with you. Happy Birthday!

It’s not just because you’re my son, but beyond that bond I see that we’re great friends. Dear child, you are such an amazing person, that even if you weren’t my son, I would like to be a part of your life. Thank you for teaching your father so much here! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my son
Happy birthday my son

Congratulations, my little one! Today is your birthday and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a blessed child in my life. Being your father is an honor and I will never tire of saying it.

May your day be filled with bliss and happiness, love and, above all, health! And that we have many reasons to celebrate in this new cycle that begins. Happy birthday, son!

How good it is to celebrate another year of life, right, my beloved son? Congratulations on this new cycle and may it be full of achievements. You are a great example of a human being and have an incredible nature.

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

These funny birthday wishes can help you make your son’s birthday memorable. Why make everything so serious with weighty emotional words? Do you want to express your feelings in a highly comical and funny way on your son’s birthday? If yes, then you will love the birthday messages from our collection of funny birthday wishes for son.

If life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Just like a good wine, you are aging better and better. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The day is yours, but the party is ours, let’s celebrate!

Happy Birthday! May God give you a gift, because I’m not buying you.

In the absence of affection and love: lots of beer and wine. Happy Birthday!

You are like wine: it doesn’t get old, it just improves in the vintage! Congratulations!

They say that people get more beautiful over the years. What happened to you? Happy Birthday!

My birthday gift to you will be a fan, to help you blow out that much candles! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations and that on this special date you receive a great number of gifts from others, because mine, I forgot to buy!

Congratulations to you, I just came to eat and the gift is good, I forgot to bring it! Happy Birthday.

I forgot your present, but I didn’t forget you, ok? I think about you more than material things. Happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday, I know you asked for a gift, but forget about it, let’s think about the future! Happy Birthday!

To succeed in life it is important to be smart, handsome and have real friends. Well, at least real friends you have! Happy Birthday!

On a date as special as this, more important than giving a gift is being there, that’s why I didn’t bring anything. Happy Birthday!

They say that money doesn’t bring happiness, so, as a gift it costs money, I didn’t buy it for you, because I just want your happiness! Happy Birthday.

I could wish you a lot of things for your birthday, but what I most want is for you to remember that my favorite cake is the chocolate one.

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Religious Birthday Wishes for Son

We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed all these happy birthday wishes for son from this enormous collection. You can use these beautiful, sweet, comical and funny birthday greetings to wish your beloved son a “happy birthday”. A son is the most placable and dearest member of the family. Use these suitable and perfect birthday texts to wish him “Happy Birthday” to make this day more special and let him know what he means to you. With our warmest birthday message for son, wishing him the best “happy birthday”. Your best wishes will make his birthday full of happiness and rejoicing.

Congratulations, my lovely son! You are the most precious gift God has bestowed on me. Happy birthday to you.

My son, I hope your birthday is special and lived with a lot of fun. Congratulations and best wishes always!

Today is a very special and joyful day, because the great love of my life completes another year of life. Congratulations, my son!

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son
Religious Birthday Wishes for Son

May God always protect you and grant you many years of life. May you never lack health, love and dreams to conquer! Love you very much! Happy birthday, son!

May God protect you and bless your path. I will always be praying for your peace and your protection. Be happy, my son, because you are a golden boy! Congratulations!

Every day since I entered my life, I thank God for having you as my son. Have a happy birthday and may God allow you to celebrate many years of life!

I could say a lot about how important you are to me, but I don’t want to upset you with these boring subjects. I love you so much! Congratulations, my beautiful son!

You complete one more trip to the sun and a new time will come with many accomplishments in your life, as God blesses the children who love, value and respect their parents.

God really gave me the best. I wish you only the best things in this world, plus lots of health and divine protection. You are the man of my life and I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

May God preserve this mature mentality of yours and grant you many blessings. You only make me proud and with each passing day I see how fit you are to reach high flights. I love you! Enjoy your day!

Congratulations, my son! I hope you feel as much joy as I do because you are celebrating another year. Because it was another year of great happiness for having you by my side. You are the best son and the greatest love of my life.

Seeing you grow, year after year, my son, is my greatest joy. Whenever your birthday arrives, my chest is filled with love and happiness to celebrate another year of your life. May you enjoy every moment of this day and this New Year to come.

Dear son, you were the best gift that God gave me and for which I thank him every day. It is with great appreciation that I will keep forever in my heart all the precious moments of its growth and the tender memories of its happy childhood.

Know that I will do everything in my power to make your life a wonderful experience and be able to give you all the moments of joy that you so deserve. I love you very much and I will always be by your side for whatever you need!

Since you were born an incomparable happiness has also been born in my heart. Everything was better, even more perfect, and today I can only thank you for this wonderful gift. May God always protect you and grant you a long and very happy life, my son. Love you!

Yeah, son, the days when you worried about which stroller you wanted to win on your birthday are long gone. Today you are a boy with a beard growing and everything. I am happy to see your evolution and even happier that you are following the right path. Happy Birthday!

Son, today you may not even understand what I’m I mean, but when you grow up you’ll be able to understand every word. Five years that have passed at the speed of light and daily you amaze me with your smartness and agility. It’s an honor to have you as a son. Happy Birthday!

Son, today it’s been a year since you arrived and changed my life and for that, I thank you every day. I celebrate your birthday as if it were mine, because that is how I feel when I look into your eyes and see the wonderful gift that God has given me. Happy Birthday, dear!

You are an amazing child, respectful, kind and do everything for us. Your education is based on all the love we have for you. Your training as a person is the result of all your effort as an apprentice of what was taught by us. You are worth gold. Happy birthday, many joys and achievements. We love you. Congratulations!

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