Birthday Wishes for Son

happy birthday wishes to my son
birthday wishes for son
birthday wishes for son

1.      My dear son, have a healthy and blissful birthday. Just have a wonderful day ahead.

2.      My son, you are precious for me. I will love you today, tomorrow and always. Happy birthday!

3.      Every day, I thank God for blessing me a child like you. Happy birthday wishes to my dearest son.

4.      I bring new happiness in my life and I always love looking at you. Happy birthday, son!

5.      Dear son, your parents love you a lot. Have a great, enjoyable and memorable day ahead.

birthday wishes to son
birthday wishes to son

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6.      We love being your parents, so hurry up and get married and give us a chance to be grandparents.

7.      Being parents, we always support you and guide you the best. Happy birthday our prince

8.      Thanks, son, for giving us pleasure for being your parents. Happy birthday my dearest son.

9.      We are proud to have a great son like you in our lives. Have a great birthday ahead, my kiddo.

10.  My son, you are the only reason who has filled our life with joy. Have a happy birthday!

birthday wishes for my son
birthday wishes for my son

11.  Dear son, you have stolen our heart and you are very much amazing for us.

12.  My Son, I always love calling you son and I love watching you grow taller.

13.  Have an adventure and be safe in your life. Have the best and memorable birthday ahead.

14.  Happy birthday to my smart, brave, intelligent, attractive and loving son.

15.  May God will fill your birthday with cakes and presents. Happy birthday, dear Son!

16.  Happy birthday to our naughty, darling and my adorable son. May God will give you great health.

17.  May your birthday will get loaded with the joy, happiness and unlimited gifts in your life.

18.  Congratulations son on your beautiful day, you are a wonderful person and very much precious for me.

19.  Whether you are old, or a teenage boy, you are always precious for me. I always love you. Happy birthday my son!

birthday wishes for grandson
birthday wishes for grandson

20.  Have a great birthday for my son. You are charming, good looking and a wonderful guy. I always love you.

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