200+ Belated Birthday Wishes, Messages – Happy Late Birthday

Belated Birthday Wishes: It is not normal for us to forget the birthday of a person we care about and love. Due to busy lives and unusual circumstances, it is difficult for us to find time for ourselves, and we rarely remember the special days and events of our loved people. That is why we may miss out on wishing someone’s birthday, it can happen with anyone. This may be normal for us, but we forget the special occasions of those who can hold high expectations from us on this occasion. Our brothers, sisters, family members, friends, and dearest people want us to wish them a happy birthday first.

However, if we do not succeed, they may feel very sad. In this case, we can say sorry to them by belated birthday wishes and messages or make them feel that we have not totally forgotten their special day. Here are some “belated birthday messages” for your brothers or sisters, spouse, friends, and close and dear ones. If you are one of those who forgot your loved one’s birthday two or three days ago, try using these belated birthday messages listed here.

Belated Birthday Wishes

I apologize for the delay, and I wish you all the best!

Lately, but with all my heart, I wish you a happy birthday!

This congratulations comes a little late, but full of affection. Love you!

Punctuality does not determine the feeling, especially in this case. Late happy birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes
Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy late birthday! It took me a while because I was choosing the gift.

I know I’m late, but I never forget who’s important to me. Happy Birthday!

My best wishes from heart for your birthday … even if they are late!

Sorry for the delay, but I hope my congratulations are still valid. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! My birthday wishes are sincere, filled with friendship and carry an apology for being late.

Punctuality has never been my quality. Sorry I’m late, cousin. Congratulations on more than incredible life!

You are very special and didn’t deserve my forgetting. I like you very much! Congratulations belated.

Belated happy birthday! I may have missed your day, but it hasn’t lost its importance to me!

I apologize for being late and wish you a joyful and happy birthday with double love. Congratulations!

Late, but very affectionate, I send you my best birthday wishes. I wish you a happy life.

Delayed, but with a lot of love, I wish you a new year of life full of happiness!

I’m sure your birthday must have been surrounded by friends and family. Sorry I am late. Happy Birthday!

I beg your pardon, but you know how poor my memory is. You also know that I like you. Congratulations!

Many happiness, love and achievements in this particular new year! These are my birthday wishes, even if they are late.

Delayed, but very affectionately I want to wish you a happy birthday! I hope your day was wonderful and that you received many gifts.

happy belated birthday wishes
happy belated birthday wishes

It is never too late to wish well, so today I want to wish you the best in the world and a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! I know I am a little late, but even so I want to wish you a new year full of joy and peace!

I missed your birthday, but I won’t let the opportunity pass by to wish you all the bliss and fun in the world. Late happy birthday!

I know your birthday has passed and I apologize for being late. I hope there is still time to wish you a good new year of life.

I swear I didn’t forget, I was just a little late, but I want to wish you a new year full of light and success! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! I know this isn’t the right day and I’ve been a little late, but I still want you to know that I hold you in high esteem.

Late happy birthday! Today, as every day, I thank God for your life, for getting to know you and for enjoying your company in so many good moments!

I hope this sincere message is enough to forgive me for having forgotten such a special day for you. This congratulations comes a little late, but full of affection.

Belated Birthday Wishes For Friend

Forgetting a loved one’s birthday is always embarrassing, but don’t worry here you’ll find the most perfect belated birthday wishes for friends to show you care. In the rush of everyday life, it is normal that we overlook some important details like birthday, but what you feel for the birthday person has no fixed date to express. Say late happy birthday to a friend and show that you remember him or her. Share a Late Birthday Message to your friend on your social networks and help people remember this special date.

My Friend, people like you….. Always reap a great crop of friends. Happy Birthday Late!

No, I didn’t forget your birthday. Of course not. I can’t even try. Happy belated birthday, buddy.

Your day has passed, but our friendship has not. Late happy birthday! May your year be very happy!

belated birthday wishes for friend
belated birthday wishes for friend

Congratulations! My birthday wishes are sincere, full of friendship and carry an apology for being late. Sorry for my forgetfulness.

Congratulations are overdue, but love is the same. Happy Birthday friend! I always wish you the best things life can offer.

To the best friend in the world, I wish a new cycle full of achievements and lots of love. Happy late birthday!

Congratulations on your late day, friend! May this new cycle be full of positive events and lots of peace and love. Happy Birthday!

Friend, forgive me for the late congratulations. Your birthday has passed, but my wish to wish you good things is not. Love you!

I feel lucky and thank god to have a friend like you who will definitely forgive me for forgetting his big day. Happy late birthday!

Our friendship is made of iron, but my memory is not. Even if I’m late, I wish you a joyful and happy birthday and a year of great fun.

My friend, your birthday was yesterday and I forgot to congratulate you. I’m upset that I missed this very important date and I hope you accept my late “happy birthday”.

belated happy birthday wishes
belated happy birthday wishes

I couldn’t wish you a happy birthday on the exact day, but nothing prevents me from congratulating you late. Congratulations, my friend! May all your days be filled with wonderful things!

Forgetting your birthday doesn’t mean our friendship is weakening … but rather my memory is weakening. This is what happens with old age. Welcome to my world … Ah, I was going to forget again: Happy birthday!

So far I can’t believe I forgot to wish my best friend congratulations! The “happy birthday” goes late and along with an apology. Hope you had a wonderful day and this new cycle begins full of joy.

Yesterday was the day of one of the most dearest and special person in my life blowing out the candles and I can’t believe I forgot. Sometimes the rush really makes you mad. Happy Birthday friend! I apologize for the delay!

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Funny

To make up for wishing late, send the most gorgeous birthday wishes and your favorite cheese pizza!

Sorry for wishing you a belated happy birthday, and hope you have a piece of cake for me.

You might think this message is 2 days late… but it actually happened 363 days too early. Happy Birthday!

funny late birthday wishes
funny late birthday wishes

You know I like to stand out? How to be outstanding. May these belated happy birthday blessings be as exceptional as I am.

I’m so sorry for sending you these late congratulations wishes. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to live that long. Belated happy birthday! “

The good thing about getting congratulations out of date is that we feel all the affection and love in more than one day. Happy late birthday!

A late birthday message means I know the right date so well that I can forget it and then remember it without any notification from social media!

Hello friend, I just remembered the most important one that I forgot. It was your happy birthday. Jokes aside, happy birthday late to my friend cum brother!

This is the first time that I have felt so euphoric after forgetting someone’s birthday. Forgive me, but I’m going to laugh a lot. Happy Birthday friend!

I could have made up a story, found an excuse but nothing could change the fact that I forgot. I hope my sincerity makes me forgive. Happy Birthday.

I feel tremendously terrible to miss the most special day of yours. Won’t you do something like send cake or good food to comfort me? Happy belated birthday!

Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Is your birthday over? Oh no! UPS. Well, I hope you had a fantastic birthday and that you enjoy next year.

Because this birthday is just for you and well, I wanted to stand out, which is why I let the crowd do their thing yesterday. Happy belated birthday, dear friend.

I just want to give others the opportunity first to wish. Otherwise, I always wish you first. This time I’m just late. Wishing you happy birthday later! Never forget my gift!

I thought the sun has not risen. So that’s why I didn’t wish you. Even though you know how punctual I am of the time and date. Wishing you a joyous, blissful and happy belated birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Him

Time sometimes seems to be our enemy. It may not even be difficult to remember your birthday, but rather take time to stop and lovingly write a message to the person in the middle of the day. There are so many running around that, when we realize it, the day is over. But what matters is to congratulate even late. Here are some beautiful belated birthday wishes for him.

Happy Birthday I know, I am late but the feeling doesn’t change. Stay safe and healthy.

Happy Birthday Prince better late than never God Bless you and I hope to see you soon.

Your birthday celebration was over before I could get to your house. Have an amazing happy birthday.

belated birthday wishes for him
belated birthday wishes for him

Belated happy birthday dear! May your life full of endless moments of wonder and lots of success.

Sometimes I am completely stupid. How could I forget your birthday? Hopefully you had a magical and amazing day. Happy birthday a little late.

You’re handsome. You’re funny. You’re smart. You are fabulous. I hope these compliments make you forget the fact that I forgot your birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday! Sorry.

This year I didn’t remember your birthday. So I’m looking forward to you coming back for the next birthday and I hope this time you don’t get a chance to say I’m late.

I know you might think I forgot your birthday for lack of love, but I swear it’s not like that at all. I’m just a very detached person, as you well know. Happy birthday, honey!

I hope you don’t get mad … because yesterday I forgot your birthday. I know it is a special day… but in my eyes you are special every day of the year! Happy birthday a little late!

I apologize for being late, but I wanted to congratulate you. My dear, I’m really sorry for not having congratulated you on the right day. Even though your special day has passed, I want to wish you a beautiful year full of good surprises!

Life always deserves to be celebrated, even if a few days late! So, here I am, my dear, to convey my birthday wishes and my love to you! I wish you many smiles and special moments in this new phase of your life! May each day be an adventure and that you enjoy it to the full!

I hope you are still accepting the congratulations, dear! I know my message is late, but my wishes are sincere! That in this new year of life you can feel the wind, dance in the rain and feel the sun warm your soul. May each day of this new cycle be illuminated and filled with joy (from all origins!).

I thought about you so much this week, but just on your day, I forgot to congratulate you. Pardon me? Please accept my sincerest birthday wishes. I wish you all the lightness of the air, the intensity of the fire, the flexibility of the water and the serenity of the earth. I wish you all the happiness, harmony and light that exists in the universe!

Late Birthday Wishes
Late Birthday Wishes

My congratulations arrived late, but they arrived with a lot of love. I hope you enjoyed your day and received many loving words! I wish you an enlightened, peaceful year, full of personal growth and self-discovery. May this year bring you closer to what makes you truly happy, may it bring you courage to face your fears and, above all, bring you a lot of joy to face the bad days!

Dear, forgive my confusion, please! I confused the dates! I would like to congratulate you for another year of life, for another opportunity to grow, to live, to breathe and create memorable moments. May the universe bring you back all the goodness, love, light and affection that you emanate to the world and to people. You are a very enlightened person and you deserve all the good things that exist in this life!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Her

The rush of everyday life sometimes makes us forget the date or not realize that it is someone dear’s birthday. You suddenly realize that the birthday of someone very special to you has passed. But don’t panic! If it happened to you, reconcile with the person sending one of these messages. We have separated some messages that even a little late will delight and thrill! Check out these belated birthday wishes for her.

Sorry! How could he forget the most important day of the year… his birthday! I love you!

I know I missed your birthday, but trust me, this doesn’t happen more than once a year. Happy Birthday.

I’m not going to show any excuse for wishing you late, but you know it wasn’t done intentionally. Happy Birthday.

Romantic Belated Birthday Wishes for Her
Romantic Belated Birthday Wishes for Her

Happy late birthday, girlfriend! May your life never lack love to spread, health to live well and dreams to achieve. I love you!

Your birthday may have passed, but it’s never too late for me to wish you congratulations on your new cycle. Happy late birthday, girlfriend!

A thousand apologies for this forgetfulness… However, this congratulation brings the most sincere wishes of health, happiness and luck for the coming year. Happy Birthday!

I may even be a disconnected person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish you all the best there is in the world. Happy Birthday!

A happy birthday to the most loyal, sincere, kind, intelligent, loving friend and partner I have ever had! It’s late, but it’s from the heart. Love you!

I’m still in surprise that an impatient girl like you isn’t freaking out to wish you so late. God is so kind to me. Happy birthday dear!

Belated birthday wishes for Girlfriend
Belated birthday wishes for Girlfriend

Always late, but never without a gift. Here’s another year’s belated birthday wish for you! Let’s stick with tradition and don’t expect to hear from me until the beginning.

Wishing for the latter is far better than not wishing at all. Happy birthday to the dearest person in my life. Thrive, love and live life to the fullest.

This message has one big purpose: to bring a cute and big smile to your face. I send you happy birthday wishes which, although delayed, but are from the heart.

For the Almighty’s sake, please stop acting like a school girl who gets upset about not getting birthday wishes and surprises in time. You are now an adult teenager. Happy belated birthday!

I know I’m kind of detached, but I love you from the deep my heart and I always send you these good feelings. Take care and enjoy this happy belated birthday I’m sending you now!

The love of my life, my girlfriend, happy late birthday! Even if I didn’t wish you congratulations on the exact day of your birthday, know that, with my heart, I wished you the best things.

Romantic Late Birthday Wishes

You forgot to wish a happy birthday, but there’s still time to wish late happy birthday or congratulate for another year of life! Send a special message to the birthday boy or girl right now! Here are some romantic late birthday messages for your loved ones.

Although it is late, it is fulfilled.. Happy Birthday my beautiful I love you forever.

The sweetest fruits always take longer than usual to pluck. Likewise, the sweetest and best birthday blessings always comes last. Belated happy birthday!

Although my blessing is a bit late, my love for you has never changed. I wish the apple of my eyes a belated happy birthday.

romantic belated happy birthday
romantic belated happy birthday

Happy belated birthday to my lifeline. Please don’t let the fact that I forgot your birthday ruin the beauty we have between us. Very sorry.

Along with this belated happy birthday message, I sincerely apologize and convey all the blessings of the world to the person who is my soul.

Even though my sweeter than sugar birthday wishes always come to the end, I’m pretty sure they will put the biggest smile on your face. Happy birthday sweetie pie!

You should know that you look very sweeter when you are angry. But you look sweetest with a smile. That’s why I am there to keep you smiling. Happy birthday, my dear wife!

Your relationship with me lasts a lifetime (hopefully beyond). So, even if I didn’t remember your birthday, all I hope is to make every day just as special. Happy birthday, my dear wife.

I think the best thing of establishing a relationship with you is that when I wish you a late happy birthday, you don’t freak out. Belated happy birthday, the partner who knows you better!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Wife
Belated Birthday Wishes For Wife

Oh my god, how can I make the same terrible mistake twice? I don’t know how to apologize for my forgetfulness. Dear, please forgive me. Belated happy birthday! I love you to the moon and back.

I will surely ask the PM of this country to give my lovely girlfriend a Separate award for tolerating my belated birthday wishes from the last 5 years. Happy birthday darling! There can be no one like you.

This late happy birthday message brings a lot of love to you! You are a wonderful person and I am very lucky to have you in my life. May your new year come just the way you want it.

Life often does not give us the opportunity to remember the important days. But even if I am late, your special day is something I can never miss. Happy Birthday my love. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Happy Belated Birthday Sister

Here are some best belated birthday wishes for sister to send her a late happy birthday message.

I can’t believe I forgot your birthday! But you know I adore you and wish you all the best!

Before things get out of hand, I wish you a very happy birthday. I’m sure you had a great one!

Since birthday wishes and blessings are late, wishing you all the fun, bliss, and love in the world twice. Happy Birthday!

belated birthday wishes for sister
belated birthday wishes for sister

Dear Sister, I know you must have had a great time on this special day. I’m sorry I can’t participate. Happy late birthday, darling.

It’s late, but it’s full of love! Happy birthday. I hope you had a great day yesterday, you only deserve good energy and peace.

It is very sad that I forgot my dear sister’s birthday. A party that would have served as a reunion. Sorry. Belated happy birthday, sister.

You are one of the people I hold most in my life and, therefore, I wish you all the best, even if perhaps a little late. Congratulations!

Just like I didn’t remember your birthday, let problems, sorrows, and tribulations forget the path of your life. Belated happy birthday, sister. I hope you can forgive me.

Maybe my sweetest birthday blessings didn’t come in time, yet my love and expensive birthday gifts will knock on your door early. Belated happy birthday and have fun!

I hope that all your dreams come true and that you find everything you need, because you deserve only good things in this life, never forget that. Happy late birthday!

A person who forgets his dearest sister’s birthday cannot be a responsible person. I am sure that my dear sister will definitely forgive me after receiving the birthday greetings and gifts!

I’m so eager to make up for the blunder of sending you happy birthday wishes late. Let me throw you a great party and calm your anger. Happy birthday afternoon to my sweet cake!

I want you to find everything you’ve always been looking for in this life and I just want you to find your way, that’s what I wish you on your birthday, even if it’s late.

You are an extremely special person to me, even if I’m giving this happy birthday a little late… I want you in my life forever and I hope I didn’t upset you too much for forgetting!

I know I ruined your birthday in a big way. But even the most hideous criminal deserves a chance to rectify his mistakes. Happy birthday dear! May your amazing life be full of love and adventure.

Happy Belated Birthday Brother

Here are some wonderful birthday wishes for brother to wish him a late birthday.

Just to prove how sorry I am to forget your birthday… Next year I’ll forget my birthday. Happy late birthday!

Sometimes life doesn’t unfold the way we want it to, hope you had a beautiful birthday celebration. Late happy birthday!

Happy birthday brother… a little late. Hope you enjoyed the day. Wishing you a blissful, prosperous and joyous year to come.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother
Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

The words you will read will be late, but they are sincere and written from the heart. Have a beautiful birthday!

I forgot about the day, but I will never fail to remember how important you are! Congratulations, lots of love, health and endless happiness!

Your day has passed and my sincere wishes for many years of life, peace and prosperity are accompanied by an apology. Happy late birthday!

And now, even though I’m late in congratulating you on the passage of your day, I want to wish…Congratulations and may you be very happy!

All day yesterday, I only had your thoughts in my mind until this morning, the thoughts of your aging paralyzed me. I wish you a happy big brother!

I didn’t celebrate yesterday because one day is not enough to make the celebration of your special day. I want to celebrate you everyday. Happy belated birthday, bro.

I made a mistake with the date, but I won’t make a mistake with my wishes: let it be a year of luck, love and hugs. Late happy birthday!

To congratulate you and wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world, I send this message, a little late, but from the heart! Congratulations! May your life be enlightened!

No matter how many special days I forget, I’ll always love you and always wish you good things. Never forget that! Happy belated birthday from someone who loves you so much!

I promise that next year I will make the day right, but now I ask for forgiveness for the delay and I send all my affection and wish for all the best.

If my work doesn’t catch my attention, then I swear that I would be the 1st to wish you a joyous and happy birthday. Anyway, happy birthday dear, late. Keep loving, keep smiling!

Belated Birthday Wishes For Colleague/Boss

Have you forgotten the birthday of your colleague or boss? this is normal. Sometimes the day is very busy and memory is of no avail. But no problem, it is important to show that even if you are late, you still remember. In order to express our apologies and heartfelt congratulations, we have crafted some belated birthday messages for colleague and boss. Check out!

Late happy birthday! It’s never too late to congratulate those who matter to us.

Even if it’s late, my wishes for your new year are, as always, full of joy, love, health, success and surprises.

It is never too late to greet a great man like you, blessings, Health, success, I love you a lot, kiss.

Belated birthday wishes for boss
Belated birthday wishes for boss

To make up for the late congratulations I will fill you with wishes for happiness, love and many successes. Happy Birthday!

I apologize for being late, but the desire for health, happiness and success in your life is the same. Happy late birthday!

You deserve all the best in this life and I hope you can enjoy every second of this new stage! Happy late birthday!

Please forgive this delay, because even on the wrong day, my feelings for you and my best wishes for happiness are the most sincere.

This year’s congratulations may be delayed, but the best wishes for happiness and success have been happening since the day we met. Happy Birthday!

I know your birthday has passed, but I still have time to wish you a blessed year, full of joy and happiness. May it be a new phase full of success, love and peace.

It may look like I’m trying to get away from the situation, but I swear I mentally congratulated you and then forgot to text you or tell you in person, but in my head I did, I swear! So congratulations officially now!

With this late happy birthday message, I wish you much success and achievements in the coming year. You are one of those people who are worth gold in life. I have a lot of admiration for you and I’m always rooting for your future.

With this late birthday message, I wanted to say that you are a rare person. Your energy, your love of life, the way you are dedicated to others… There is so much inspiring about you. Congratulations on having this unique way. May an incredible year come ahead.

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Belated Birthday Message

Know that forgetting this date may innocent, because sometimes, and during the madness of everyday life, there is so much to do, so much to think about, that we end up forgetting what really matters. Here are some belated birthday messages or your loved ones to wish him or her a late birthday!

I spent the whole day yesterday looking for an original message to send you for your birthday … but the inspiration did not come in time. Today, I am much more inspired: “happy birthday… late”. Nice, right?

Excuse me for being late, don’t review my failure and just consider the feeling. Congratulations! I hope you had a blissful and happy birthday, and I wish you all the best of everything in the world for your life.

Belated Birthday Messages
Belated Birthday Messages

I apologize for forgetting about the day, but it’s all my tired head’s fault. You are still very special and important to me. I am always following your steps and wishing you the greatest achievements in your life.

I thought about you several times during the day yesterday, but I ended up forgetting to send the message! You are a very special person in my life. I wish you the greatest joys and the best achievements.

Sometimes life brings us challenges so suddenly that we even forget to celebrate special dates – and because of the rush, I forgot your birthday. That’s why, even late, I wish you, today and always, all that is best in this life.

Don’t think I forgot your birthday! Even though it’s already gone, I want to wish your days were amazing. You are a unique person who has a lot of love to give and that is why you receive so much love in return.

belated birthday messages cards
belated birthday messages cards

Your birthday has passed, but I would like to wish you a year full of light and good energy! If there’s anyone who deserves a year of achievement, it’s you, who struggle so hard to make your world and other people’s world better!

One of the most amazing people I know turned her birthday this week!!! I apologize for the delay, but know that everything I wish for you is very deep and true. May you have as bright a year as you make other people’s lives.

What if I say that I thought about your birthday several times during the week and forgot to send my congratulations later that day? Sorry, but know that you have a very important presence in my life. I wish you a very happy new year!

Belated Birthday Quotes
Belated Birthday Quotes

I apologize for the delay, but know that my wishes are as sincere as possible! Congratulation on your day. Hope every day that comes from now is wonderful. You deserve all the best in this life and I hope you can enjoy every second of this new stage! Happy late birthday!

Belated Birthday Wishes Images

Birthday is a very important day and should always be remembered. However, due to the busyness of daily life or work, we may not be able to send some unexpected greetings at the right time, which is natural. That’s why we’ve listed below several belated birthday wishes images to help you in wishing congratulations in a creative way and make up for this forgetfulness. Share these beautiful belated happy birthday images with your friends and family.

belated birthday wishes images
belated birthday wishes images
Happy belated birthday
Happy belated birthday
Happy belated birthday messages
Happy belated birthday messages
Late happy birthday wishes
Late happy birthday wishes
belated birthday flowers images
belated birthday flowers images
belated happy birthday wishes images
belated happy birthday wishes images
belated birthday cards images
belated birthday cards images
belated birthday images
belated birthday images
Belated Happy Birthday
Belated Happy Birthday
happy belated birthday wishes images
happy belated birthday wishes images
happy belated birthday images
happy belated birthday images

Sometimes due to busy lives, we find it very difficult to take time for ourselves. In such a situation, sometimes we forget big celebrations like birthdays. But no problem. An apology can be made for this mistake. All that is needed is belated birthday wishes. Above listed unique and useful, late birthday wishes will surely help you to get ideas.

Happy birthday, wishes and messages is always admirable. With these late birthday wishes and messages, since the blessings are not sent at the right time, the closest and dearest people, friends or any member of the family are angry with you. The belated birthday messages listed here are written in appropriate and profound words, and once sent can melt their hearts. You can send them via text message, email or by writing on the card. Take a look at the given belated birthday messages and find the one that suits you best.