Happy 21st Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Messages with Images

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are very important events and milestones for everyone. 21st birthday is also an important milestone. Turning 21 year old, many youths across the world organize parties and have fun with their friends. Entering your 21st year, every decision or choice you make may affects the rest of your future.

Of course, the celebration of the 21st birthday is very charismatic, only once in a lifetime. If this special day is your son, daughter, brother, sister, nephew, niece, friend or dear one’s 21st birthday, then it worth celebrating and it is your utter duty to send him or her a funny, emotional and inspirational 21st birthday wish with the heartiest 21st birthday messages for him or her.

What are the things that make a 21st birthday celebration perfect and memorable? In order to make someone’s 21st birthday happy and memorable, you should prepare some special and powerful 21st birthday wishes or inspiring 21st birthday messages. If your son, daughter, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, nephew, or anyone close to you turned 21 today, and you do not have appropriate 21st birthday wishes and messages to express your love for him or her and say happy birthday. Or looking for a unique and effective way to say, Happy 21st Birthday girl or boy, then here we have something special for you.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Let’s toast to your 21 years and let’s not waste a minute of the day. Congratulations!

Happy 21 years! You are at that moment in life when everything is good energy, take advantage of it!

Happy 21 years! How nice to see you with so much energy taking advantage of the freedom that youth gives you.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes
Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Beautiful meetings, bright surprises, happy troubles, exquisite gifts, and swirls of love. Twenty-first birthday let it bring warm moments and great optimism to your life!

Happy 21 years old! In the flourishing age of youth, you are the best combination with thousands of people who want to eat the world!

Happy twenty-first year of life I want to congratulate. Good luck and a lot of love. May a wonderful age give strength and desire. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st birthday, there are new discoveries everywhere in life, with rich ups and downs. I wish you happiness, new conquests, joy, eternal love, and only bright achievements.

Twenty-one to you today, I hasten to congratulate you. Happy 21st birthday to you. May you never be upset, holding success in your hands, and let everything be cooler than everyone else.

You are celebrating your twenty-first birthday now, and I wish you not to lose the daring shine of crafty eyes. May you be lucky in your work, and in all your aspirations.

Congratulations, happy birthday, there are 21 on the scoreboard, so many victories are waiting to conquer the peak. Wish you all the best, with great ups, and hope it will always be enthusiastic.

Today is the twenty-first year you meet with inspiration. Let it bring perspectives everything you have been dreaming about for a long time! Go to dream, let go, and don’t know about competitors!

Good luck, joy, let love only surround you, wish you a crazy mood and the angel protects you in the sky. You are only twenty-one years old, life is ahead, aspirational, and go forward courageously!

21st Birthday Wishes
21st Birthday Wishes

21 years old already-happy birthday, congratulations! May you be successful, happy, and prosperous in every walk of life. May you be lucky in your career, in love, and in every new undertaking. Catch a positive soul!

I want to congratulate you on your birthday! Today you are 21 years old! There are still so many horizons ahead! May your life path be interesting and happy. I wish you love, health, goodness, and many vivid impressions!

Today you are only 21 years old, with the beginning of life and the steep dawn, you put your plan in the right direction and seek answers for everything with a clear conscience. I wish you a happy 21st birthday!

Twenty-one is great! Accept congratulations as soon as possible: May you be in the sweet love pool every minute, let all your ideas be put into practice, make your smile brighter, let everyone admire you, and let everything succeed forever!

Here it is, perfection itself, not some 18 there, present twenty-one, it is time for life to begin here. The time of the most justified rights, and love, and searches, and disputes … Happy 21st birthday! Be healthy, the rest will follow soon!

You are only 21, and you have a whole life left to do! There are a hundred reasons to be happy, walk, dance, and have fun! I hope all your dreams can be realized easily, may you be submerged in great love, and may life be prosperous and stylish.

21 is a date such that one can only dream of happiness. To live like a butterfly, gloriously fluttering, and all questions are easy to resolve. I congratulate! I wish you fun, good fortune and a revived dream, on this most beautiful holiday of birth, surprise everyone with stormy joy!

21st Birthday Wishes Images
21st Birthday Wishes Images

You are 21 today. You are still at the very beginning of an exciting, varied, sometimes difficult life path. An adult independent life is waiting for you. Boldly go forward, may you be accompanied by sincere love, great luck, and, of course, health!

21 is a glorious day, that’s what you look like today! May your life be rich with good luck, and the sunshine of love shines on destiny! It must be easy to achieve brilliant success and reach the pinnacle. Let the sun smile to you brightly and put the beauty in your hands!

Happy Birthday! Although I know that today’s most important wish will be the wish you made when you blow out the candle. I hope you continue to feel how much I appreciate you and value you. You continue to love everything you do, it makes you happy, and you will not stop being yourself.

You are only 21 years old, no more, no less, adulthood is just the beginning. Always walk through life confidently and boldly. Let ideas, plans, thoughts be positive. I wish you pure and sincere love, you follow your bright dreams. I wish you success, happiness, joy, and all the matters of luck. Always let the mood be crazy and bright!

Happy 21 years! May you have a year of good surprises and may you continue on the path you have chosen. You are a young man with many qualities and I know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, that is why in your day I wish you, that you can achieve all the goals you have in mind and that you be very happy with it.

Happy 21 years! From now on you will feel that time passes faster than before, so make the most of your youth as much as you can. I can tell you from experience because I am only a few years older than you, and I have seen them go by very quickly. I hope you have an incredible year. One of those that mark you forever, which you have a lot of adventure, and that life surprises you for the better.

21st Birthday Messages

The 21st birthday is different from other birthdays. In the U.S, 21 means you have all legal rights. Turning 21, you can drink legally, apply for a regular driving license 90 days after your 21st birthday. In states like Mississippi, parental consent is not required to apply for a marriage certificate. These changes are not important because they are not very big changes.

But most people believe that this day is the entry into real adulthood. Therefore, while selecting 21st birthday wishes, we should pay attention to legal rights and all other things. If someone of your known turned 21 today and going to celebrate his or her 21 years old birthday today. Here we have listed 21st birthday wishes with some of the most appropriate and words of wisdom. You can use these birthday wishes for 21 years old.

Today, you turn 21… Congratulations! This is a time to reinvent yourself. It’s time to incorporate the lessons learned from previous years, sift through what really matters and seek new goals and challenges with a freshness that only 21 bring! Enjoy one of the best stages of life!

Now you will find yourself. Experience life, don’t try to define yourself in advance, define yourself in your experiences and get the best out of them. Seek what brings you life and sparkle in your eyes! Because wise is the adult who knows how to live, be true to himself and keep his eyes shining! Happy 21, welcome to adulthood!

21st Birthday Messages
21st Birthday Messages

Who knew time would pass so quickly, right!? From now on, it seems to go faster and faster! So live with an open heart every moment and opportunity that your 21 years bring you. You will experience the taste of adulthood and realize the need to reinvent parts of yourself and take new choices and new directions… Happy 21 years!

21 years brings so many new things! So many experiences and so many new challenges too! Know that this year will be amazing as you can finally taste adult life with the freshness of youth! The 21 is a very pleasant moment and rich in learning. Open your arms and chest to this new phase that is starting today! Happy 21st Birthday!

The 21 years are accompanied by a will to live and a sparkle in the eyes that are wonderful! Reinvent yourself, chart new paths, make new choices, forgive the past, choose your future, play with the different and learn with every opportunity that presents itself to you in this year that begins today. Enjoy this phase a lot and may you be very happy!

College life or work, a possible move of house, greater responsibilities and freedom too. This phase of life is very enjoyable, as it’ll allow you to try new situations, face new challenges and discover your own strength. This is the stage of trusting yourself and living with the sparkle in your eyes to create the future you want for yourself. Happy birthday, happy 21 years!

The 21 have arrived! Congratulations! With it come new responsibilities, new challenges and new choices to be made. With it comes the opportunity to choose what will remain in your life and what should be forgiven and thrown away. With it also comes freedom, responsibility, awareness and maturation. It’s a very rich stage! Enjoy every minute! Live without fear, challenge yourself to open up to the different and learn from each of your decisions!

Today, a new phase begins: the wonderful 21 years! This moment, in which the confusions of adolescence are already fading away and leaving their learning behind, is one of rebirth and rejuvenating. Insecurity makes room for the will to live and this phase naturally brings its own experiences and challenges for you to live and expand your horizons. May this be a year full of good moments, opportunities to discover yourself and be of great benefit! Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter
Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Ah, the 21! This moment of life is so refreshing, it is the beginning of a new cycle of life. We feel full of energy and desire to change the world. We feel a freshness and a motivation to discover adulthood and we begin to develop a new sense of responsibility, as these are also greater at this stage. It’s such a rich, expansive stage! Enjoy your 21 years! Live, try, make mistakes, correct yourself, expand and follow your heart! Happy 21!

In this year that begins today, new commitments and challenges will be present, because adult life is here. Sometimes it will be confusing and frightening, but with your heart and genuine will to live and be better and better, this will be a very fruitful time! Take the opportunity to redefine yourself, to leave behind and forgive the scars of adolescence and start again. Embrace 21 with great affection and open chest, because he arrived with a lot to add! Happy 21st Birthday!

An electrifying phase begins today: your 21st birthday! Many things remain similar on the surface, but many things change. You will feel changing inside, rethinking truths you acquired as a teenager, breaking paradigms and opening your mind to a new perspective on life. The 21 years will show you new possible paths, things that you had never imagined and will bring new opportunities and challenges for you to discover more and more your strength and your attributes. Happy phase of the new!

Today, a new cycle begins, but not just because you complete another year of life. A lot has passed these last few years, you felt so much and learned even more. In this year that begins today, you will live and learn so much more! Some of the things that await you you have never experienced, both emotions and decisions, experiences and responsibilities. This new cycle will teach you a lot! Enjoy every minute as it’s a delicious time in life! Happy 21 years!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes
Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

This is the time to live and experience life with a consciousness you didn’t have before, with a freedom that wasn’t within your reach, and with responsibilities that didn’t exist before. The 21 bring you a new beginning, a redesign of yourself and also bring new challenges that will introduce you to adulthood. This is a wonderful and delicious stage! So open your heart to her and commit to not wasting a single day. Live, try, try and be very happy in this coming year! Happy 21st Birthday!

Have the courage to discover and rediscover yourself in this year to come. This is the moment you finally find yourself. Adolescence confuses us with its intensity, but as it passes and 21 arrives, the confusion passes and only the teachings remain. Thus opening a place for the new, for the opportunity to reinvent and rediscover yourself, as you will experience certain responsibilities and surprises for the first time and will be able to make your own choices. The 21 years will teach you a lot, be sure of that!

This year, seek to listen to your heart, seek the voice that comes from within and tells you the way. Open your heart and mind to the new and the different, to what you haven’t seen. Experience freedom with an awareness that this phase brings you and that the previous one did not have. Experience new responsibilities that adult life introduces you and that allow you to discover your strength even more. Take advantage of 21 years to learn a lot about the world and about yourself! Happy 21st birthday, happy learning and happy rediscovery of you!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father

Birthdays are very important events and milestones for everyone. As a father, your daughter’s birthday is as important to her as it is to you. 21st birthday is also an important milestone. Those people who turned 21, have completed their studies by then and go to work on their own and accomplish money related freedom. Here we have listed 21st birthday messages for your daughter to send to your daughter and say her happy 21st birthday daughter on turning 21. Get ideas from these 21st birthday wishes for daughter, which will help you write an impressive and funny birthday wishes on the card.

It’s another beautiful beginning. May my sincere blessings bring you a successful year and happy 21st birthday to you!

All the original happiness, all the joy, all the warmth, all the good luck will always surround you! Happy birthday!

Although I can’t accompany you through this special day today, in a faraway place, I also wish you a happy birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father
21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father

A soft wish is worth a thousand words. When the bell rings for your birthday, don’t forget my blessings and wish you a happy birthday!

At this age what you need is to have fun! May your day be surprising and don’t tire of celebrating it. A toast to your 21!

I sang the song “Happy 21st Birthday to you” to approach you, express my prayer, share your happiness, and then listen to the echo of your youth…

The past is the road with countless stumbling steps, and the future is the dream that takes you to the far sky. This is a new beginning. From here, you will do better.

You’ve known what it’s like to be in your twenties for a year! Today that you add one more, it will not feel different, but the wishes for health and happiness multiply without stopping. Happy 21st Birthday!

The sun shines in the sky, and the birds laugh together. The breeze brings coolness, and the rain and dew come to lively. Give your blessings together, your birthday is here. Happiness and sweetness follow, and from then on, worries disappear, happy and happy every day.

Happy 21st Birthday Daughter
Happy 21st Birthday Daughter

Catch a few fireflies and put them into your dream picture to dress up the stars, take a few pictures that smile and put them into the memory of your time to embellish the atmosphere, cakes, candles, dear, hurry up and accept my blessings and make a birthday wish ,happy Birthday.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, a magpie called out the window. Thinking hard and meditating, today is your birthday. Not by your side, SMS truth form. Health is always accompanied, happiness is always available, the fragrance of sleep every night, and the troubles of life are eliminated. Happy 21st birthday.

There is a special blessing for the special you on special days! The angel asked me to send you a message last night, if you smile or laugh 99 times on your birthday, God will give you a special surprise! Don’t forget! Smile happily! I feel at ease when you are happy! Happy 21st birthday!

Happy 21 years! Last year you debuted a decade and this year you are already like a fish in water in it. I would tell you to take care of yourself and take advantage of life, but I think you don’t need it because lately I see you better than ever, and I know you don’t miss a good opportunity. So just keep going like this, keep enjoying the minutes and seconds, and carry on with that contagious vitality that makes us all want to be close to you.

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21st Birthday Wishes from Mother to Daughter

Turning 21, your daughter opens another chapter of her life and has to take all the decisions very carefully. At this point, your daughter has almost no college education or degree. Your daughter must decide whether to work or obtain a college degree based on her or her family’s living conditions.

She gets the freedom that she wanted from society and the law. Now only she has to decide everything. She gets what she wants, it depends on her hard work and wisdom. If you are looking for 21st birthday messages for your daughter or granddaughter, then here are some 21 birthday messages for your daughter. These include the most appropriate and special words that will give you clear ideas for what to say to your daughter on her 21st birthday, i.e., happy 21st birthday daughter.

It’s another good start. May my sincere blessings bring you a successful year. Happy 21st birthday to you!

Sincerely wish-on your birthday and every day in the future, you will always be full of joy.

The beautiful flowers have been opened for you; beautiful days have come quietly. Happy birthday to you!

1st Birthday Wishes from Mother to Daughter
21st Birthday Wishes from Mother to Daughter

May the daily sun bring you light and happiness at the same time. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

May you sow seeds in the season full of hope and reap in the joy of autumn! Happy birthday! Step by step!

May blessings linger around you, in your colorful journey of life, in your dream that always borders spring. Wish you: Happy birthday!

Wish you a happy 21st birthday in this day that belongs to you. May you be full of joy, happiness, warmth and satisfaction every day!

Today is your birthday, and I never forget to wish you a happy birthday on this special day. Youth is permanent and more and more beautiful!

On your birthday, I sincerely offer my three wishes: First, I wish you good health; Second, I wish you happiness; Third, I wish you all the best.

May the wonderful fragrance surround you all the time, make your life full of happiness and joy, and bathe in endless joyous years forever! Happy 21st birthday to you!

Maybe you no longer need my company, or maybe you no longer care about my existence, but I will always remember this day today: Happy birthday to you!

Don’t forget your mother on your birthday, don’t forget your friends at work, and think about happy things when you worry. Happy 21st birthday, and wish you a happy day!

On this day of your birthday, I will give you happy notes as a gift. I hope you have a beautiful day. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

Happy birthday! You are happy so I am happy, you are not happy and I am not happy. No matter who is happy, I still wish you a happy birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday Daughter
Happy 21st Birthday Daughter

Envy your birthday is so romantic and full of poetry, I just hope that every day of yours is happy, healthy and beautiful, and life needs to struggle, create, and grasp! Happy birthday!

Every day of the year, it is waiting and hope. Your arrival has added a bit of color to the world. I hope that the next day, the smile will still be bright.

Wish you a happy 21st birthday, your kindness makes the world a better place, may this day that belongs to you bring you happiness, and may the days to come be the icing on the cake!

The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the song is free, love is intentional, love is crazy, the sky is eternal, and you are unforgettable. I sincerely wish you a happy 21st birthday!

It takes three seconds for the stars to fall. The moon will rise in one day. It takes a year for the earth to revolve. When I want to be alone. It takes a lifetime to love someone. But a word of blessing only takes one second to have a happy holiday.

Today is your 21th birthday. Mom has been thinking about it for a long time. She is ready to give you a gift. Just send the following paragraph of text. This is the sentiment that mom has experienced. May it be you a lamp on the road in life from now on will illuminate your future.

21st Birthday Wishes for Son

Turning 21, don’t forget to wish your son a happy birthday on entering 21 years. 21st birthday wishes and messages for son can help in expressing your love and care towards the son/grandson as well as strengthen the relationship between both of you. Here are some 21st birthday wishes for your son listed with the most appropriate and special words to send your best wishes to your son or grandson on turning 21.

Year after year I feel more and more proud of you, my son! Congratulations on another birthday. Now you are twenty-one years old, my love! I just hope that life remains your favorite home. It’s unbelievable how fast time passes. It seems like two days ago you were born and yesterday I took you by the park or school by the hand. Keep growing like this: wonderfully well! I love you son.

Congratulations, son! With your 21 years and your enthusiasm for life, there is nothing that can go wrong!

You fly by yourself, you are responsible, handsome and determined, and you make us smile every day. Happy 21st, son!

Being the parents of such a good son was the best thing that ever happened to us. Happy 21 years, son!

21st Birthday Wishes for Son
21st Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 21 years, son! May you continue to live life the way that makes you happiest and may you continue to be the perfect child.

You’ve been a man for some time, son, but it never ceases to amaze me how much you’ve grown. Happy 21 years! How proud I am!

Son, you are in the time of mistakes, take the opportunity to make them now and learn a lot from them. Best wishes today on your 21!

Today you are already 21 years old, and seeing that you are a mature, honest and capable man, I feel like the luckiest person! Happy 21st birthday, dear son!

Happy 21 years, son! May they bring you the peace and motivation you need in each of your days, you know that I adore you and always will.

Son, your 21 years are already here, and I can’t help but look at the past with a certain nostalgia, when you were my little one, but also with great joy and enthusiasm the present because now you are an increasingly independent man. Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21 years, my son! Today my heart beats faster with the joy and excitement I feel to see you grow a little more, and know that you are becoming a person whom I deeply admire. I hope you have the best of days, I love you!

What good moments of youth! And now it’s your turn to enjoy them, son! Congratulations on your 21st, and may God hear all the wishes that your heart yearns for. I do not have enough words for all the beautiful things that I want to wish you!

It is time, son, now that you turn 21 I want you to know that for me this was the best age, because it was when I began to know the responsibilities that we have as men, and to make important decisions in life. Congratulations! You make me proud, son!

Happy 21 years, son! Having you was a total change in my life for me, it was discovering the meaning of family, love, care and protection. Today you continue to grow and I continue to feel that, even more intensely, because no matter how much you grow up, I will always be by your side for anything you may need.

Happy 21st Birthday son! May 21 continue to bring you good things and make you continue to progress as you have done so far. You are a caring person and that makes me feel very proud of you, because my son walks his way and makes him happy. Celebrate as the occasion deserves, and take advantage of youth and all the possibilities that it gives you. I adore you!

Happy 21st Birthday Son
Happy 21st Birthday Son

Son, I am sending you this letter in the hope that you will never forget that at age you should not be afraid of it, but rather know how to take advantage of every second in the best way. Happy 21st birthday to you who make me feel like a lucky person! I hope that 21 is even more wonderful than all the previous ones, and that you enjoy each year of youth.

My son, today that you reach 21 years old, I already see you as an independent man, aware of everything you have and what you can achieve, your freedoms, but also your responsibilities, and that makes me feel great pride in you. Celebrate as you want, the important thing is that you are happy and that you continue walking along the path that you build for yourself, the one that allows you to be the best version of who you are. Congratulations!

Congratulations, son! Seeing you turn 21 is very nice, it makes me feel very proud of you. You are already a man, you have assumed your responsibilities, and little by little you have shown everything you are worth. I want to tell you that you deserve the best, that what I want most is that you can see the results of everything you worked for. Keep enjoying your youth very much and throw a big party for you. I love you, my son!

My son, today that you reach 21 years you should know that I am a proud dad, that you are all good things and that I imagined, and that you are becoming an admirable adult person. With you I learn, since you were little, you have taught me to show affection, since love for a child has no limits. I know that now you know how to take care of yourself, but do not hesitate to ask me for what you need, because I will always be willing to give it to you. Happy 21st Birthday!

Son, you reach a very beautiful age, 21 years old, and I want you to know that I love you exactly the same as when you were born and I saw your beautiful face for the first time. From there it all began and year after year it has been a real adventure, watching you grow and learn by your side. I hope you always feel my affection, because it is immense, and that you do not forget that I am here to protect you and take care of you when you need it. May today be the best day! Happy 21st Birthday!

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Funny 21st Birthday Wishes

Choose one with the appropriate and special words from here and attach it with a gift or write it on your 21st birthday card. We believe that this will be the best gift that you can give to someone special on his or her special day. Here are 21st birthday messages you can send to them.

Happy 21st birthday! I just came to see if you can hold your liquor.

I wish you a good party and a good hangover day for tomorrow. Happy 21 years!

Now you can ditch the non-alcoholic cocktail and finally have a real cocktail! Greetings to your newfound freedom!

Happy 21st! You now have a legitimate birthday hangover! In any case, I recommend that you take your own time.

When your birthday is approaching, I would like to know what gift you should give me. Finally, let me come up with a sentence with a unique content: “Pig” wishes you a happy birthday! Plus the “Almighty” package!

Hey! Congratulations on winning the first special prize of our company. The prize is a sentence of “Happy Birthday” and a birthday song. Your award will have someone to serve you, thank you for your participation. I wish you “Happy Birthday”.

Today is your birthday. I will send you a bouquet of roses. Rely on it; give you a big peach blossom, it always depends on it; give you a bunch of lilies, hope to be together for a hundred years; give you a bowl of tofu flowers, laugh after eating!

21st Birthday Wishes for a Friend

If one of your dear friends is going to celebrate his or her 21st birthday and you don’t have the right phrases and special words to congratulate him or her. Here is an enormous list of your 21st birthday wishes and messages with images. We will surely like these happy 21st birthday wishes for a friend.

Your birthday is a tribute to life, I wish you health and happiness, and your career is prospering.

Let my blessing float into your ears like that pleasant ringtone, stay in your heart, and wish you a happy birthday!

Hello! Old friend, today is your birthday! At this moment, I want to send you thousands of exhortations and wishes. Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Wishes for Friends
21st Birthday Wishes for Friends

Greetings are like a rope, living a busy life; blessings are like a thread, implying the friendship between you and me. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Although I am just your friend from afar, my blessings are always by your side! May you have a happy life!

Let me bless you and let me laugh for you, because on your birthday today, my heart is as happy as you, I wish you happiness!

A text message is of great value, but it is of great significance. It contains very happy friendship and sincere blessings. Please accept this very precious birthday gift.

Starry, quiet at night. On your way home, I would like to extend my sincerest blessings. The stars are like me, walking with you, saying to friends, good luck!

Of course, I will not accompany you on a special day, but my blessings are still delivered as scheduled: in your colorful life journey, all wishes will come and happy birthday!

Unforgettable is the pure friendship between you and me! Valuable is the true love that will never change! Glad to meet you! I present my favorite carnation and wish you a happy birthday.

The kind-hearted woman is simple, the kind-hearted friendship is refreshing, and the good destiny will last forever. I wish you beauty, kindness to the quartet, gentleness and unstoppable, and a hundred years of youth!

A blessing is a bouquet of flowers, a blessing is a kind of affection, a blessing is a responsibility, when I leave the old, I will send this blessing to you, welcome the new.

You laughed, my troubles disappeared; you cried, my heart tightened. You determine my joy and sorrow, your smile determines my life. I just want to say to you, you will be happy, I will be happy!

May your happiness be as vast as the sea; your luck is like the stars; your success is like a mountain and your happiness is as smart as flowing water. May my blessing come true: Happy birthday!

At 21, I hope to smile, make my eyes shine like a diamond, correct the mistakes of the past and not commit them even once. Hope I just believe in myself, maybe such happiness cannot be measured.

21 years of happiness! Another year passed. I knew our friendship would be wonderful. Thank you for supporting me when I’m a little depressed, and for being so loyal to our friendship, and the best person you can be.

Is your birthday here? Gosh, I almost forgot! Because the years have not left any marks on your face, the vicissitudes of life have no effect on your temperament. Although, the calendar tells me: you have matured for another year, happy birthday!

Twenty-one is a good age, it’s time to celebrate. I wish you a happy birthday, let the sorrows go, enjoy the beautiful days, work hard to cherish every moment, with your family and friends, may you can conquer the peaks of everything!

At the birthday party, I will give you some dishes, boiled fish, wish you more than one year, braised pork, wish you good fire, tomato shrimp, wish you warm, mixed vegetables, wish you health and happiness, wish you my birthday dreams come true.

The older the wine, the more mellow it is. The longer the friendship, the more real it becomes; as more water flows through it becomes clearer, the ups and downs of life in the world come and go. Happy birthday, and always in a good mood!

Your twenty one year old, the sun is shining. Youth is beautiful. I will tell you, my friend, we should enjoy life and be amazed by the little things. Be kind to people. Smile. Relax, and don’t hide your displeasure. May you be successful. Faith Hope and Love!

Happy Birthday! Your date, 21 years old, is like a new stage in life, a new runway, let this runway be the successful beginning of your goals and ideas, dreams, and hopes. I wish you full of vitality and strength, deep friendship and loyal love, broad opportunities, and high-profile optimism!

21 years of happiness! Celebrate them with great joy for freedom, for youth, for all occasions to come, for good life, for all your friends, and your family. Don’t stop smiling, because your smile will make you a better and happier person in this world. Lots of happiness and many good times, you can learn all that life has to show you

Twenty plus one today, congratulations. I wish you a lot of happiness and no sorrow. Let adversity and sadness be out of life, and let fate arrange your happiness in chaos. Wish your dreams come true and let true friends accompany you through your life. May hope, faith, and love walk with you, they will quietly lead you through all the bad weather.

21st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Explore some of the 21st birthday messages to say happy 21st birthday nephew in an elegant way or write in a birthday card. You can send these wishes and messages especially on the most important birthday milestone of his life – a 21-year-old birthday.

Today is your birthday. The first moment you turn on your phone, I will give you the first blessing of the day.

Happy 21st birthday! With all my heart I want your eyes to burn. Just enjoy life and strive only forward. Let there be no insurmountable obstacles on your way. Happy holiday!

Happy birthday long-awaited, We sincerely wish that the twenty-first year Pull you forward, Closer to the goal incarnation, To amazing achievements, To a place where you would know everything And reveal your potential.

Happy birthday, dear! Be happy, dear! Twenty-second year has gone How did you come to this world. Be not weak, do not be cunning, Honestly, live righteously. Temper your mind in the struggle, Shining days to you!

Happy birthday, I wish you better and better after you are 21 years old, work hard, lose weight, be yourself, do what you want to do, do your best, and wish you a happy and blissful birthday in advance.

Here it is, perfection itself, Not some 18 there, Present twenty-one, It is time for life to begin here. The time of the most justified rights, And love, and searches, and disputes … Happy birthday! Be healthy, the rest will follow soon!

Happy birthday! At your 21, I want to wish you good luck and a strong desire to reach unprecedented heights. Know that in time you will achieve everything that you dream of. The main thing is dedication and patience. Happy holiday to you! Remember: you should never give up!

To two dozen unnoticed Year one was added, 21st voyage through life Set off on the road again. Happy birthday, congratulations And I wish that on the way I managed to meet good luck And find my love. Lay your route to happiness, Keep the course confidently: The road calls for a good journey, And it is lifelong.

Happy birthday, You are 21 years old, And may from this moment In fate be very lucky. I wish the bird happiness, So that you catch it in life, Tame it and nip it, And let it free. She will bring on the wings May good luck and love, So that to you again at dawn To return again and again.

I sincerely congratulate you on your 21st birthday, on a wonderful birthday! Let me wish you a rain of emotions, woven from a variety of drops: joy, love, tenderness, sometimes pleasant sadness, kindness and vivid impressions! Let your loved ones surprise you pleasantly and as often as possible! Reach the desired heights and be satisfied with your victories! Good luck and luck!

Your full majority has come. You are young, beautiful, energetic. You are your own master in life, love and be loved. Let the bright colors of your life help you cope with any obstacles and setbacks. Your path is open, you are capable of anything. Let your inner core help you pass through obstacles and reach your life goals. Let your hands never give up, and fate bestows happiness.

Congratulations on your 21st birthday – a wonderful age of youth, prosperity and confidence. All paths are open to you. You are capable of much, you feel your strength, your vigor, your power. Let the victories gained inspire you to feats, and let new perspectives and opportunities open up the light to high results. Let the unearthly drive, boiling adrenaline help to strengthen your “I”. Be confident in your happiness.

21 is a wonderful age: you are full of vitality, strength, optimism. You expect pleasant surprises and moments from life. I wish you on your birthday to meet your love – the one and only love that can drive you crazy and take possession of your feelings and thoughts. Remember: luck is on your side; believe in her and trust her completely. Well-being, prosperity and nobility will surely await you.

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21st Birthday Wishes for a Special Niece

Oh! Your niece turning 21, Great! Are you looking for 21st birthday wishes for your niece to say happy 21st birthday niece in an elegant way? What are the things that can make your niece’s 21st birthday celebration perfect? The perfect way to celebrate your niece’s birthday is to celebrate it with your family and close relatives. Here are some special and unique wishes and messages to wish your niece a 21st birthday and give your blessings.

The resounding bells reverberate, the dazzling fireworks bloom beautifully, the gurgling streams resound, and birthday songs sing for you. I wish you a happy birthday, a safe and auspicious journey in life, and good luck with you forever!

Today is your birthday: the deep family affection surrounds you, the world bless you, the good luck follows you, all the girls care about you, sweet greetings and bless you: Happy birthday, all the best! Girl, happy birthday.

No matter how many stars there are in the sky, the brightest of them is my eyes. No matter how many birthday wishes are received, I hope my first one will be delivered: my dear, happy birthday! Girl, happy birthday.

Blessings and coolness, the mood will be refreshing; greetings will dissipate sorrow, troubles will gradually turn yellow; friendship with heart, sweet and warm, care is engraved, happiness please treasure; happy birthday smile always flying, happiness in the palm of your hand!

Once a year, life and reincarnation meet on a narrow road. I will confide in my heart full of blessings through text messages. Send you a sincere gift, the gift is full of happiness, but also with a happy temperature, happy birthday!

Although the sun is bright, it is not as sweet as your smile; although the moonlight is bright, it is not as cordial as your candlelight; today, the sun, moonlight, starlight, light, candlelight are all lit for you, just to wish you a happy and long birthday.

Looking at the bright sun today, it is the candle I lighted for you; watching the birds fly, that is the wings I bless you; raising your head to the blue sky, making a birthday wish, wishing your dreams auspicious, Bloom the aura of happiness! Happy birthday!

Light candles on birthday, sweet dreams and long happiness; eat a bowl of longevity noodles on birthday, and good luck is uninterrupted; when you receive blessings on birthday, you are beaming; I wish you a happy birthday with many smiles and a good life with family and business.

May you be as charming as the spring sky, may you be as bright as the summer sky, may you be as refreshing as the autumn sky, and may you be hazy as the winter sky. On your birthday, I wish you a sweet and warm One year.

The golden years are like fire to light up your youthful smile, and the dreaming time sings out my heartfelt wishes. When the shooting stars cross a stream, in the birthday candlelight, the candle language happy and safe will record the passing years of your life! Happy birthday!

I like to think of your black hair with eyes, think of your voice with ears, think of your name with a pen; think of your movements with silence, think of your dreams with insomnia, think of your smile with joy, think with candles Your birthday: happy birthday!

If you want sweetness, then give you the candy; if you want to be happy, then give you Barbie; if you want to be rich, then give you the money, today is your birthday, then happy birthday Here you are, haha happy birthday! Girl, happy birthday, learning progress!

The meaning of life is not to be surprised, the meaning of time is to see the true feelings, the meaning of happiness is to clean up troubles, and the meaning of happiness is to have you. Connecting the first word of each sentence is my blessing to you!

The stars are shining at night, it is your bright eyes that are eagerly circling. Look, look, my heart is drunk; the bright moon is dangling, it is your gentle eyes that are spreading frequently in the autumn waves. Look, see, my love is deep; happy birthday to you!

The boat of life has sailed for 21 years. It used to be just wandering in the mother’s lake. Now it is necessary to change to the youth boat, plug in the longing sail, and sail to the magnificent sea under the shower of the rising sun. Happy birthday to you!

The skewed footprints in each line become memories that are far away. And the road of life is still in one step. At the age of twenty, life began to struggle and be strong. I wish you a big step on a new journey and leave a shining trail! Happy birthday.

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21st Birthday Message for a Him/Boyfriend

This is another important birthday and a new milestone celebration, especially for boyfriends, so don’t forget to say them a happy birthday. Here we have listed some 21st birthday messages for him including the most appropriate and profound words. Bless him with these greetings on turning 21.

Happy birthday, honey. May we remain the most romantic couple forever.

Days with you are truly magical. Thank you for being a miracle in my life. Happy birthday to my idol!

Your age continues to grow in line with my growing love for you. Continue to be a hero to our dear family. Happy birthday my dear.

21st Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
21st Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I wish you a short, but meaningful birthday on your special day today, darling. May it be truly meaningful and effective.

Before this special day is over, let me hold your hand, look into your eyes lovingly and hug you warmly while whispering, happy birthday to the love of my life.

Happy birthday love of my life, you will always be in my heart, no matter how strong the storm will hit our relationship.

Thank you for all the beautiful moments you have brought into my life. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best.

Life feels more beautiful since you are near me. Happy birthday, my dear. Your presence is really precious to me.

On this special day of yours, I will give you a gift, but remember that this is just an ordinary gift. The real gift is your health and your success from God.

Thank you for always being with me and never giving up. I will always love and appreciate everything you do. You are the best person I ever had in this world. Happy birthday to you.

It is undeniable that your presence is an amazing thing for me, as long as you are there I will always be happy. Happy birthday my love, may the earth always be on your side.

Today every year, I will pray sincerely: May your heart be evergreen, may your face be youthful, may your mood be smile, may your life be happy and happy, and happy birthday!

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21st Birthday Wishes for Her/Girlfriend

Turning 21, you can further strengthen your bond with your near and dear ones. In the most special and important chapters of their lives, congratulate, encourage and thank them for entering a new life – adulthood. You should send your best wishes for this important milestone to your girlfriend using these 21st birthday messages. Check out these birthday wishes for girlfriend.

On your birthday, I can only pray for you silently and bless you. Happy birthday!

A greeting, a blessing, everything will come true, a happy life and safe life. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday. May all the joy, happiness, warmth and good luck surround you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday my beautiful angel. May God always bestow blessings on you and you get endless happiness.

21st Birthday Wished for Girlfriend
21st Birthday Wished for Girlfriend

Across the lofty mountains, the paradise in front of me makes me so fascinated. Say goodbye to yesterday, today world will be more exciting!

I bless you every day in my life, because I am thinking of you all the time! I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

Youth, sunshine, laughter… For this day that belongs to you, dance to the beat of joy and wish you a happy birthday and permanent youth!

Every year today is the day I care about you most. May my blessing, like a ray of brilliant sunshine, flow in your eyes, happy birthday!

Although I can’t accompany you through this special day, my blessings are still delivered on time: in your colorful life journey, all wishes come true! Happy birthday!

Every birthday has gifts and blessings. No matter how many wishes or dreams you have, my gift is my heart and will grow with you! Happy birthday!

May your birthday be filled with endless joy, may your memories today be warm, may all your dreams be sweet, and may you be satisfied this year!

Today is your birthday, you are no longer in front of my eyes. In this spring wind, make a kite to send you, carrying my endless thoughts.

I really wish to turn into a ray of breeze, come quietly by your side, move your soft hair gently, and sing a happy birthday song for you.

Sorry for not being by your side at this moment of your birthday! I can only give you my warmest blessing, which contains my wish to the sea!

In the quiet night, lighting the dim candlelight, listening to the soft tone, enjoying the thick wine, let me accompany you through an unforgettable birthday. Happy birthday my dear!

Let me be your washing machine-save electricity; let me be your bank card-save money; let me be your chef-save effort; let me be your love-save worry. Happy birthday, baby!

Thank God for giving me a special gift today, that is you. A long journey in life, with you is the happiness of my life. Happy birthday to you!

Today, with you, the world becomes better, and today with you. The starry sky is more brilliant. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, today, because of you, I feel happier!

Happy birthday to you! Send you a bouquet of love flowers to make you feel good; send you a bouquet of roses to make you happy in love; send you a bouquet of carnations to make you warm and warm; happy birthday to you!

Whether you are milk in the morning or a midnight snack in the evening; whether you are a cool breeze in summer or a padded jacket in winter; in such a breezy season, please accept my warm message. Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Messages for Brother

The 21st birthday gives us all legal and social rights. It is a time of great joy with a new milestone and great achievement. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in life. Here we have listed the 21st birthday wishes for your brother who is going to enter in 21 years. Using these 21st birthday messages you can congratulate him.

On this day of your birthday, I will give you happy notes as a gift. May you be happy and peaceful 365 days a year.

Today is your birthday, and your sister ordered a power train song for you. Please take your phone and knock it hard on the floor………OK, the song is finished.

Happy birthday! I want to give you a 100% pure love toffee: Ingredients = sincere + miss + happiness, expiration date = life, nutrition = warmth + happiness + touching.

21st Birthday Wishes for Brother
21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy birthday, dear, today I want to tell you my mood, your beauty has changed my aesthetics of the world, your happiness has changed my understanding of the world, and your laughter has changed my tired soul.

Although it is just a small greeting, it is my concern; it is only a gentle blessing, but it is my heartfelt voice; it is just a heart song, but it is the bond between us, good birthday Feeling!

Because of your arrival, the world has a more alluring color; because of your arrival, there is an expectation in life; in the candlelight of birthday, please use your heart to light every candle, that is my wish: happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday. I made a bowl of longevity noodles for you. Each noodle has a piece of happiness. Finally, it is poured with happy soup and happy omelet. May you eat in your mouth and beauty in your heart. Happy birthday!

I draw a birthday card with my sincere heart, weave the best wishes with text messages, and send it to the most beautiful you, I wish you infinite happiness, peace and happiness, and be a lucky birthday star forever, and happy 21th birthday!

Every star is decorated with the color of time, every smile blesses the temperature of happiness, tie a bow with love in the new candlelight, and send a love greeting in sweetness. I hope you have a happy birthday and everything goes well.

You are the angel of summer, splendor is your wings, you are the elf of summer, smile is your magic, you are the princess of summer, beauty is your guard, you are today’s birthday star, and summer is yours Patron Saint, happy birthday.

Twenty one years old, the first textbook of life. In addition to learning knowledge, there are also life philosophy and life experience, which are all displayed and highlighted here. You must read carefully, taste carefully, practice carefully, and take the first step in life!

Birthday blessings fall from the sky, the troubles are all over the place, and the frightened bad luck runs everywhere, to keep you happy and long-lived, and keep you happy for a long time. If you encounter stubborn resistance, blessings will explode! Thank me.

21st Birthday Messages for a Sister

Here are some wonderful 21st birthday wishes for your sister to say happy 21st birthday sister in a fantastic way.

I have no colorful flowers, no romantic verses, no expensive gifts, no excitement surprises, only a gentle blessing, happy birthday to you!

Innocence is your sign, frank and cute is your nature, smartness is your characteristic, childishness makes you talk freely, quirky spirits make you cute, happy birthday to you, Pepsi!

On this ordinary but very special day, send a simple but very warm blessing: Happy birthday, sister! May you be happy and beautiful every day in the future, with countless happiness! Bless you!

21st Birthday Messages for a Sister
21st Birthday Messages for a Sister

As lovely as a rose, I hope your birthday will bring you happiness. Since you are the cutest sister, I wish you a happy birthday from dawn to sunset, accompanied by joy and laughter.

Maybe no one will believe that at this moment, the light that bursts out will be you and me. The orchid petals where I bloomed will write your thoughts and infinite blessings. Happy birthday to you.

From the cardamom years to the beautiful rainy season, we have walked together; in the future, no matter where you are or where your heart is, please don’t forget my blessing: Happy 21st birthday, friendship always exists!

Childlike innocence; occasionally smirk, a lot of innocence; do your hands, keep your childlike appearance forever; longing for happiness, beautiful fairy tales! Birthday is approaching again, no matter how old you are, happiness is the most important thing!

Do what you want to do, go where you want to go, love the person you want to love, pursue the dream you want to pursue, make good wishes, and embrace a beautiful tomorrow. Wish you a happy birthday and a happy life!

Take a deep breath of fresh air, let all the troubles go away with the wind; flowers bloom for you at this moment, smile for you at this moment, light up the candlelight, listen to the blessing heartbeat beating, wish my girl happy Birthday!

One sun a day ignites new hope; one dream every day, I wish you happiness and well-being; one story a day, each one is unusual; one blessing every day; I wish you a good mood every day, happiness belongs to you, and happy birthday to you!

Every soldier has his own battlefield, and every battle has his own imagination. I hope that you will be united, happy and confident in a happy battlefield, united with ease and freedom, and wait until the sweet rally, let yourself win, and have a happy birthday.

A bowl of sweet longevity noodles and somersaulted noodles are my long wishes. A trace will entangle you forever. May health and happiness, happiness and sweetness be with you day and night. Today is your 20th birthday. I will use it. Face and sincerely wish you!

Give you a piece of birthday cake: the bottom layer is accompanied by a lifetime of peace, the middle is filled with blessings, the surroundings are filled with auspicious wishes, and the top is covered with sincere thoughts, plus happiness forever, I wish you happiness! Happy birthday!

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Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

No matter how you look at this age, but the age of 21 is truly a great age! So if your cousin is going to celebrate his or her 21st birthday, do not let this opportunity without celebrating and mark some unforgettable moments. Bring it to light with fantastic birthday messages for cousin. Here is our elaborate series of 21st birthday wishes for your cousin to help you to send your best wishes and say happy 21st birthday cousin on turning 21.

May the birthday laughter and joyous atmosphere haunt you forever. Happy birthday!

The beautiful flowers have been opened for you; beautiful days have come quietly. Happy birthday!

No one deserves your tears, and the one who deserves it will not make you cry. Happy birthday!

Because of your arrival, this day has become a beautiful day, and the world has become more attractive since then.

If someone who loves you doesn’t love you the way you want, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you wholeheartedly. Happy birthday!

Special love, for the special you, may my blessings entangle you like sunshine, sincerely wish health and happiness will always be with you, happy birthday!

Gently give you my blessings, small words, strong friendship, all in this sincere heart, always with you, I wish you a happy and blissful birthday!

In a quiet night, lighting a dim candle, listening to secret music, and tasting strong wines, let me accompany you to spend an unforgettable birthday!

Limited space and limited text will give you unlimited blessings and say to you loudly: Happy birthday! You will be happy every day, always happy.

Because of your arrival, this day has become a beautiful day, and the world has become more attractive since then. My dear, happy birthday to you!

The (life) endless river, the (day) day and night the expectation, (fast) the wish to grow up quickly, (happiness) the realization of worry-free. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, cousin! May my heart be a flower blooming under your sky, adding a warm atmosphere to your birthday, and adding a beautiful brilliance to your happiness!

Happy birthday. It used to be a letter in black and white. Now it’s high-tech, use SMS! No matter what it becomes, this affection will never change! Happy birthday.

I think health and happiness are the two most important things in life. If they can be transferred, I am willing to give you all my share of Happy Birthday.

On the occasion of your birthday, I sincerely offer my three wishes: First, I wish you good health; Second, I wish you happiness; Third, I wish you all the best.

The innocence of childhood, the romance of youth, the season of flowers has no chance to stay together forever, but I will never forget your special day. Happy birthday to you!

Being hurt can hone your mind, being deceived can increase your knowledge, being abandoned can teach you the ability to stand up, and being criticized can boost your wisdom. Happy birthday!

Traveling is not only about speed, but also whether it can be sustained; moving forward is not only about speed, but also whether it can maintain the right direction. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday, happy birthday. Don’t be too low-key, sometimes be cruel, you must get back if you are bullied! But don’t bear the hatred, let them go with the views of the villain, and compassion will make you noble.

What to Write in a 21st Birthday Card?

When you write your 21st birthday message for a girl or boy, remember that turning 21 is a very important milestone, so 21st birthday messages for daughter, son, or loved one should be worth it. Here we have arranged some special and unique examples of 21st birthday wishes for daughter, son, niece, friend or loved ones to wish them 21 years old birthday. Take a look at our happy 21st birthday messages and 21st birthday messages to get ideas to write a perfect and unique 21st birthday message for your greeting card.

This is a lucky break. Happy 21st birthday to you. I hope your big day is as wonderful as you are.

All good things come to an end. You have only 364 days to enjoy your 21. Enjoy your 21st while it lasts!

The path ahead is filled with fantastic experiences and vital memories. Get the most out of them! Enjoy Chapter 21 to the fullest! Happy birthday!

happy 21st Birthday wishes Images
happy 21st Birthday wishes Images

Never forget the people who brought you to where you are now, and especially God, who gave you a great chance at life. Happy 21st birthday! Hurrah!

21 years have passed since your birth. 21 years of happy and blissful memories and full of lessons learned. I hope you never stop trying, learning and smiling! Health, Love and Joy!

When I was young I really wanted to be 21. Now that I am much older, I know this was the best year of my life! Let this year be unforgettable for you, full of joy and happiness!

Turning 21 does not mean that you will stop experiencing your first impressions: you will have your first job, your first salary from work, your first life alone and your first legal bottle of champagne! I wish you many new experiences on your upcoming expedition! Happy birthday!

You have been warned. Your life is about to speed up, taking you on an exciting journey. Make sure your seatbelt is on, because it will go crazy. Expect lots of twists and turns, ups and downs. Hold on tight and don’t let go. Make sure to enjoy every moment of your life journey! Happy 21st birthday!

Turning 21, you have to open another chapter of your life and you have to take all the decisions very carefully. At the age of 21, you have got the freedom that you wanted from society and law, now only you have to decide everything. You get what you want, it depends on your hard work and wisdom. After completing your 20 years and entering in your 21, pride, motivation, comfort, confidence, and joy can make a huge difference. Opening the door to the 21st birthday does not mean that you stop having fun.

Above mention examples of happy 21st birthday wishes for daughter, son or loved ones, along with funny 21st birthday messages and wishes to send to your son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, or your near and dear boy and girl who is going to celebrate his or her 21st birthday. Get ideas from these happy 21st birthday messages, along with funny 21 birthday wishes which will help you to write a perfect birthday card message to send your best wishes to birthday girl or boy on his or her 21st birthday. We hope you have enjoyed these happy 21st birthday wishes for girls or boys for those who are going to celebrate their 21st birthday.