200+ Birthday Wishes for Daughters

Birthday Wishes For Daughter: Happy birthday wishes and messages for daughter with beautiful images to share with your daughter on her birthday. Having a loving and caring daughter can be the best gift for any parent. But sometimes it’s hard to know what the best and unique wish is for her. To tell your fairy-like daughter what she means in your life, you need to send a happy birthday message to your daughter on her birthday at every moment. Whether it is a message for a birthday card greeting or a text message to wish her, you should not miss out on wishing your daughter a happy birthday.

If you are struggling to get the elegant, relevant and best birthday messages for your daughter, then we have created an enormous collection to help you and wish your daughter a “happy birthday”. As a proud parent of a caring and loving daughter, these fabulous birthday wordings thoughts & ideas for daughter are perfect for you! Check out these beautiful happy birthday wishes, Messages, greetings, and quotes with beautiful Images for daughter.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

To my princess, may your birthday shine like you. Happy birthday.

To the most beautiful daughter in the world, have a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a daughter who only deserves the best on her birthday.

Birthday wishes for Daughter
Birthday wishes for Daughter

Always remember that you are loved, not just on your birthday, but every day.

You are the sunshine in my life and I wish you sunshine on your birthday.

I hope your birthday shines as brightly as your smile. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter.

Daughter, you are like a precious gemstone, dazzling, brilliant and priceless. For a beautiful birthday to you.

I am very grateful that you are my princess, happy birthday to the best daughter in the world.

Happy birthday dear daughter, enjoy your special day and remember that you will always spend it with your family.

I wish you all the best in the world because you really deserve it. Daughter, you are a spectacular person.

You will always have the unconditional support of your parents in any need, congratulations and we wish you the best.

Today a few years ago a beautiful girl was born, who has been growing and becoming a great person. Congratulations daughter.

May your dreams always come true, my girl. You’re my big gift, you’re everything to me, and I just hope you’re completely happy.

birthday wishes for daughter
birthday wishes for daughter

Today the day dawned more beautiful, because it’s your birthday, daughter! May you be immensely happy and have great health! I love you!

Congratulations on your birthday, my dear daughter. You are everything I ever prayed for and everything I ever wanted to have. I love you so much!

Daughter, I wish you the courage to face the barriers of life, to pursue your dreams and to make plans without fear of mistakes! Happy Birthday!

The most beautiful flower in my garden now blooms on its own. Real pride is knowing that I helped to cultivate it. Happy birthday, beautiful daughter!

Happy birthday dear daughter, today you have another year, I thank the universe for this most successful year and that you continue to meet many more.

I want you to be the happiest person in the world, my little one, and I promise I’ll do everything in my power to make this possible.

Today in your day you will find yourself surrounded by all the people who love you the most and sharing with your family, much success and happy day.

You’ve always been the most amazing gift I could have gotten – you make my days worth it. I learn so much from you, daughter. I love you so much!

Birthday messages for a daughter can be pretty, but what matters most on this day is that you know and remember how much I love you. Happy Birthday my daughter!

You deserve the whole world. It deserves the stars, it deserves that your dreams always come true. Wishing you all the best on this day and always, my dear daughter.

Birthday wishes for Daughter
Birthday wishes for Daughter

My pretty daughter, I want to tell you that no matter how old you are, because when you need me, I will always be there for you. Happy birthday my princess.

Daughter, know that we are here for whatever comes. We will never abandon you. Happy Birthday. May this new year be even more fun and may you conquer all your crazy dreams.

Daughter, my beautiful little angel. I am very happy for your birthday and hope you have many more to come. Cheers and enjoy the moment, your youth and the opportunities. I love you.

Congratulations daughter! During this year you have lived wonderful things that you can count as experiences, which have been many beautiful moments full of happiness, joy and fun. I wish you the best.

Always remember that you have me, that I am by your side no matter what, and that you can always count on me. I love you with from the deep of my heart. Always remember this!

How can I express what I feel on the birthday of the most loving and special person on the planet? It is very difficult, my girl! Therefore, without further ado, I say congratulations. I adore you!

Always keep in mind that we love you daughter, don’t forget that you have our unconditional support. Congratulations on your birthday daughter, we hope you achieve all your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

It fills me with great satisfaction to be able to be by your side on this special day. Happy birthday, my daughter, as long as life allows me, count on me in everything you need.

A special daughter like you requires an even more special celebration. Choose whatever you want and celebrate with all the happiness in your heart. It’s your party and you deserve anything you want. Congratulations, my daughter!

Both mom and dad wish you that this day is very special. We want to wish you the best birthday and we hope that everything you have asked for the new year ends up being fulfilled.

birthday wishes to my daughter
birthday wishes to my daughter

Dear daughter, today you celebrate another year, you are growing up and becoming a woman, I want to wish you to have the best day of your life with all your colleagues and friends. CONGRATULATIONS DAUGHTER!

You turn another year, you get bigger and bigger, each year that passes are lived experiences that you take as learning, they are good moments of joy and happiness that fill my heart. Congratulations little girl.

I know it is part of life, but I find it incredible all that you have learned and grown, you make me feel very proud for the wonderful person you have become. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Each year has left beautiful memories, precious present and promises of a wonderful future, I see you as you are, the daughter I have always loved and who I will love all my life. Happy Birthday.

Not only today that is your birthday, I always think of you, wishing that you are very happy and that you never forget the love we have for you. I love you infinitely. Happy Birthday Daughter.

On this big day, wish you my deepest wishes for the successes of your life, the excitement and joy fill my heart to know what kind of woman you have become. Happy birthday my daughter!

This year that you meet is another step to reach the top of success, I hope you reach the top and your life is very prosperous, without anything else to say I wish you a happy birthday daughter.

We have not always agreed on everything, but I have to admit that you have been an exemplary girl and that you have always helped me in everything that I have needed. Congratulations, my daughter! Stay that way as you are!

Congratulations on your day! With these phrases we want to tell you that you must laugh at life, celebrate each triumph, love with your heart, those moments give great value to life, to make you feel great and full. Happy Birthday.

Today is your birthday and it is very special, but I wish that every day is special for you, since you are the most important thing in my world. Hopefully you can find happiness in all the days of your life. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes
Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes

We hope that in this life you only have joy and happiness, and that you do not get carried away by grief. We sincerely wish you that your birthday becomes a fixed day. Enjoy this day to the fullest. We love you!

Today you celebrate another year, full of experiences, joys and happiness, which you will enjoy with all your friends and you will be accompanied by all your loved ones, I wish you the best and have a very nice and happy birthday daughter.

Congratulations! Daughter, on this day we only want you to remember that we love you and you can always count on us, we hope you spend it surrounded by people who love you and that you enjoy this special day. Happy birthday daughter!

Happy birthday daughter I love you! One more year in which we are proud to be able to say that we are your parents. We send you our best wishes, hugs and an open invitation to celebrate by our side. We love you.

On this special day I wanted to dedicate a few birthday words to you because that is the least I can give you, I love you very much, little girl and I hope you have a great time. I wish you a happy birthday.

There are no birthday phrases with which I can describe my feelings, it is such a joy that it almost does not fit in my chest. Just seeing you healthy and happy fills me with joy. I wish you a happy birthday, beloved daughter!

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Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Birthday wishes for a daughter from mother should be as special and wonderful as daughter’s and mothers relation. This enormous collection of special and elegant birthday messages for a daughter can be helpful for a mother to tell her daughter how much she loves her daughter and what her daughter means in mom’s life. Let’s have a look at these birthday message for daughter.

From the moment I heard about the pregnancy until today, we are great best friends. Mommy loves you, daughter. Happy Birthday!

All the birthday gifts in the world would never be as good as the gift I received from having you. Happy Birthday Daughter.

The day you were born was the happiest day of my entire life, and now I can celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes for daughter from mom
birthday wishes for daughter from mom

You surprised me when you came to this world and you still amaze me today. I hope you have a perfect birthday as you deserve.

No matter how old you are, just remember that you are never too old to come for a hug and support from your mom / dad. Have the best birthday.

Today we add another candle to your birthday cake, today you have another year to live, for that I thank you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

Today we write you these birthday greetings with a lot of love, your dad and I want you to have an excellent day full of joy and enjoy a lot, we love you little daughter!

There are no phrases with such powerful words that can express how happy you have made me since you came to my life. Your presence has made me feel like a complete and very happy person. Congratulations.

You are my happiness, my strength to move on and to live a new day. And I know that having you by my side I don’t need anything else. My dear daughter, I wish you the best of birthdays.

I hope that in your life there is only happiness and prosperity, I wish that in your day there is only joy and satisfaction. That is the least I can ask for you as a mother, I love you infinitely daughter, enjoy your birthday!

For several days now I have been preparing myself for this day, trying to prepare a nice birthday message and a big surprise. It is the least that a mother can do for a daughter as exceptional as you, congratulations on your day, beloved daughter!

I am very happy to say that you are my daughter, it is such a great satisfaction to see that you are an honest and decent woman. I am the proudest mother in the world congratulations on your birthday daughter, I love you beyond heaven!

Congratulations my daughter, may God bless and protect you always. Always remain that beautiful and very dear person that you are, an enlightened and amazing girl. Happy birthday, lots of peace, health, love and joy. I wish you much success in this new phase of life.

Congratulations, my daughter! I wish you a phase full of joy, a lot of peace, health, love and prosperity in your life. Know that you can always count on me and I will always be your mother, your best friend, your confidant. Happy birthday, enjoy your day!

You are the greatest treasure that life has given me, the most valuable thing that I have and what I love the most. That is my daughter, my world revolves around you and I will be here for you, congratulations on your day, I love you intensely!

Daughter, I wish you much happiness, peace, health, love and joy. May the Lord’s grace be full in your life and its abundant blessings. I love you so much my dear! Congratulations on such a special day and may you continue to make all your dreams come true.

My greatest happiness is to see you happy, just by seeing your smile my world turns. I love you with all my strength daughter, you are the joy of my life, the most beautiful thing that a mother could have. Today I wish you a world of happiness.

When I found out that you were going to be born, I became the happiest woman in the world and now this happiness has become bigger and bigger by watching you grow and achieve so many achievements in your life. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!

God bless you and enlighten you always, my daughter! I wish you many dreams come true, much health, peace and love in your heart. Don’t forget that you can always count on me, because I’ll never leave you. You are my little angel and I will always protect you.

I have always wanted your dreams to come true, take your dreams as if they were mine and I will not rest until you see them fulfill. I will be here for you to help you and support you in whatever you need, my daughter, happy birthday, your mommy loves you!

I forgot for a moment that you are already a woman, and that you go your own way. I am the proudest mother to have a daughter like you and I want you to be very happy. Despite the distance, you can count on me, if you need me I’ll be there.

A few years ago we received the best gift anyone can ever receive, and it was the day you were born. You made us so happy that with these lines we want to return the favor. Happy birthday from your father and mother, we hope you are always as happy as you are now.

Daughter, I am proud of the strong, honest and imposing woman you have become. I am happy and fulfilled because I feel I did a good job as your mother. You are awesome! On this birthday, above all, be yourself and do whatever it takes to celebrate the amazing person you are.

Today is your birthday but the one who received a great gift from fate, years ago, was me! I am immensely proud to be the mother of a being as enlightened, blessed and kind as you. On this day, I wish that God continues to bless you immensely and bring the best feelings to your heart, after all you deserve this and much more, little one! Happy Birthday!

Hi, our dear. As your mother, I say for myself that you have completely changed our lives since the day we found out you were inside me. You are everything that is most important and special. You are the air we breathe. You know, we do everything to see you happy. Happy birthday, our eternal baby girl! How good to see you grow!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

Happy birthday greetings messages for daughter listed here help fathers to write sweet and appropriate text messages for cards to congratulate daughters on their birthdays. Use these heart-touching messages and quotes to say a “happy birthday princess” and make the unique and wonderful bond between daughter and father.

Today, your birthday, “coincides” with the exact date I discovered what real love is. I love you daughter! You are the pride of the father!

So the years go by, you will always be my little baby, the apple of my eye. Congratulations on your day, I love you very much daughter.

My daughter, my treasure, my love. Congratulations on your day, my beloved! May you be able to feel all the love I’m emanating for you this day and always!

birthday wishes for daughter from dad
birthday wishes for daughter from dad

Whenever you are sad, I feel sad, whenever you are happy, I feel happy and that is why when you are celebrating your birthday, I am here celebrating with you.

Congratulations to the most special and spoiled daughter I know. May this cycle be filled with new loves and may you continue to enjoy your life. Happy birthday, daddy loves you.

Happy Birthday my love! May today, as every day of your life, be enlightened and filled with love. If it depends on me, love, at least, it will never fail. Love you!

I look at you and I see the same beauty of your mother, thank goodness that you look like her and not me. I love you so much little girl, have a happy birthday.

Today your mother and I are very proud of you dear daughter, seeing the woman you have become is something gratifying. We love you little daughter and we wish you a very happy birthday.

Congratulations on your day, daughter! May your life be always full of peace, love, joy, health, success, victories and fulfilled dreams. You deserve all the best in this life. Dad loves you with all his heart!

You have become a beautiful woman, but you are still daddy’s little girl. I wish you had never grown up. I wish you a happy birthday and a life full of joy, I love you daughter!

If every father had a wonderful daughter like you, the world would be so much better. Happy Birthday my love! May you continue to spread your grace and kindness wherever you go. Enjoy your day! Love you!

Daughter, you are my biggest dream and to see you celebrating another year of life fills my heart with happiness. I love you so much it hurts. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your day and all the others to come.

Your life gave me life, your story is my continuation. I love you from the deep of my soul and heart, daughter. I want your birthday to be as amazing to you as your arrival was to me. Congratulations!

My love and my affection today is everything for you, the best daughter that a father can have. Here I will always be for you, supporting you in everything you need. I love you infinitely daughter, congratulations on your day!

Congratulations to the best daughter in the world! May you always continue to be that person who only fills those who accompany you with pride and may today, your birthday, be a blessed day full of joy. The father loves you!

Today congratulations are for you, dear daughter! Today is a day to celebrate your life, your maturity and the amazing person you are. There is no father happier than I am to have you as a daughter. I love you so much!

I did not find a nice way to give you birthday wishes , but I want you to know that I love you very much and that I can do everything for you. You will always be daddy’s girl have a happy birthday beloved daughter!

Congratulations on your day, daughter! May you always remain that incredible person that you are, who only fills the hearts of those around you with pride. The father loves you!

Daughter, you have given a different meaning to my life from the moment I learned of your existence, and today we celebrate another year of it. I love you so much and I feel like the luckiest dad to have you. Happy Birthday my dear! Love you!

I know that today you may receive an immense number of birthday messages, I hope you do not place mine as one of the many since it goes with all the love that a father can give a daughter. Happy birthday daughter, enjoy your day very much.

When people ask me who is the person I love the most in life, there is only one answer: you. My daughter, you are the greatest gift and the greatest luck I could have in my existence. Happy birthday and thanks for being the amazing person you are!

Every year that passes I feel that you are growing very fast, just a couple of years ago you were playing in the backyard on a swing and today you are already a woman. I wish you the best in the world daughter. Your dad loves you, congratulations on your birthday!

There is no greater joy for a parent than to see their children grow and mature in the best possible way. And this satisfaction I have in you, my daughter. Happy Birthday! May your life be illuminated always, every day of your life. I feel like the happiest father in the world!

Being able to describe all my feelings to you in one sentence is difficult. And it is that, like your father, you will always be my girl. Therefore, I am simply going to tell you how much I love you and I hope that your birthday is unforgettable. Have a good time!

The love I feel for you is something different from what I’ve felt in my entire life. On this birthday, in addition to wishing you congratulations, I would like to thank God for another year of your existence. Being your father is a gift!

Today the love of my life gets older and I can only thank God for this year of life so well lived. Happy birthday, daughter! May your days be always full of wonderful things and that you always remain the incredible person that you are. Always count on your father for whatever you need!

I never imagined that I could love someone as much as I love you. So today, on your birthday, I wish you with all my heart the best things life can offer. A daughter’s happiness is a father’s happiness. Congratulations on your day, my love! May all his moments be amazing as you deserve!

My greatest illusion is to see you happy at all times. I know that you are going to achieve all your goals and achieve all the objectives that you have set for yourself. Congratulations, sweetie, your father loves you very much!

When I first saw you on this day years ago, I discovered that my life had taken on a new meaning. In that moment, my heart was no longer mine. So long after, I see that feeling hasn’t changed, because you’re simply the best daughter a father could have. I love you my love! Happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday, the best day of the year for me. That’s because seeing you celebrate another birthday makes me see how lucky I am to have such an amazing daughter and to be able to see how proud I am of you. I love you, my sweet girl! You are my greatest gift!

Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine you would become such a phenomenal and unique woman as you are. I like to think I have my credit, but I consider you a much better person than I am. Congratulations on your birthday, my daughter! Without a doubt, I am the happiest father in the world.

It’s your birthday, but I’m the one getting the biggest gift of all: another year by your side. You only make me proud, daughter, and today, on the day you blow the old ladies, love you with all my strength, that I’ll always be here and that you will always be daddy’s sweet little girl. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages for Daughter

Daughter, you make me think of your birthday cake, so sweet and sprinkling happiness wherever you go.

Daughter, raising you has been many things … happy, wonderful, exciting but above all … stressful. Happy Birthday!

You are an amazing daughter, so this should confirm that we are amazing parents. Have a very happy birthday.

Daughter, what a wonderful woman you have become, you must have inherited it from me! Have a very happy birthday.

A daughter who is so beautiful is something to be proud of, especially since you look so much like me! Happy birthday beautiful girl.

It is difficult to have a daughter who is kind, beautiful, intelligent and loving … so thank goodness for your sister! For a happy birthday.

Daughter, please know that I only discipline you because I love you. So since this birthday, I’ve decided that you may never date a boy. Happy Birthday.

I hope you realizes that you would never be too old to get back home to me. You may feel embarrassed, but never too old. Have a wonderful birthday.

From the day you were born, you ruled our lives. Now that you are our Queen, your faithful subjects (also known as your parents) are here to wish you a blissful birthday.

I hope one day they give you a daughter so you know how much I love you, also so you can go through the stress of raising a teenage girl! Happy birthday to you, daughter.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Your daughter’s birthday is a great opportunity to tell her what she matters in your life, and how much you love and care about her. These Warm, Emotional birthday wishes for a daughter will help you express your heartfelt emotions, love, and appreciation for your daughter.

If I could wish for just one thing on this special day, it would be that beautiful smile never left your face. May you continue to have many reasons to enlighten our lives. Happy birthday, my daughter!

Daughter, you are my greatest treasure in life and I have no words to thank the heavens for seeing you completing another year. I love you from the deep of my heart, congratulations and may your day be pure party.

daughter birthday cards wishes
daughter birthday cards wishes

Little girl, you are the most precious thing I have ever had in this life. I cheer every day for your happiness and I would do anything for a smile from you. Congratulations and celebrate today in style, as you deserve.

I can’t believe that my baby today celebrates another year of life, just yesterday it was in my lap and filled my heart with love. It’s still like a daughter, but you’ve become a wonderful woman. Congratulations and I love you so much.

I feel privileged to be the mother of someone as amazing as you are. I feel even more privileged to watch from my cabin all of your steps towards conquering the whole world. May this birthday be another celebration of love and happiness!

No matter what happens, daughter, I’ll always be by your side. Taking care of you, cuddling and preparing hot chocolate. I will always, always take care of you, no matter what happens, no matter how much time passes. I’ll always be by your side.

All I ever dreamed of is you. I always dreamed of a happy, beautiful, affectionate and kind daughter like you. I dreamed that we would be friends and that we would take care of each other and that is exactly what I found in you.

Daughter, you are my heart out of my chest! I want you to enjoy your birthday and I ask you to face life with optimism and joy! Always count on your mother, I will be by your side in any situation! Love you my love!

I live for you, my daughter. You’re the reason I wake up every day, the reason I get out of bed and move on. You are my angel who makes my heart run faster, you are my great love. I love you, my dear, more than I can describe.

What emotion I felt the day I found out that I was going to be a father, I was filled with emotion and joy, I even cried a little. Today I am proud of you and what you have become, my exemplary little girl. I wish you a very happy birthday daughter, I adore you!

Inspirational Birthday Message for Daughter

This is an enormous collection of some simple and sweet birthday wishes for daughter, you can write these birthday messages in a card to wish your sweet daughter on her birthday.

I am lucky to have a daughter who is a great inspiration. May it inspire you on your birthday.

Happy birthday, dear daughter. If you trust Our Lord with all your heart, He will lead you on the path of righteousness. I love you very much.

My advice to you today is don’t celebrate tomorrow what you can celebrate today. I hope you have a happy birthday dear daughter and enjoy it to the fullest, I adore you!

Birthday Messages for Daughter
Birthday Messages for Daughter

Life has given me the privilege of having a beautiful daughter like you, and that is something that I will keep in mind and it makes me feel very proud. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, my beloved! May God be always on your way protecting you, with great health and love. I am big fan of your and I will continue to admire you for being such a wonderful and hardworking woman. Daughter, you are my inspiration. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.

Thank you, my dear daughter, for giving me so many joys, thank you for having made you my main motivation to fight in this life and thank you for being so good and so brave throughout all these years. I wish you a happy birthday and I ask God to allow you to achieve everything you want.

I don’t know how you do it, but every day you make me feel more proud than I already was. You are a strong woman, integral, charismatic, brave and if I continue to count your virtues, they will not fit in this message. I am here for you daughter when you need me I love you and happy birthday!

Every day I feel more pride in the woman who has come out of you. You have become a brave, strong and very positive woman, being qualities that today are worth a lot. However, you get too obsessed when you’re working and you should relax a bit, even if it was just for one day. Congratulations honey, have a great time!

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter

A list of some special, relevant and best birthday messages with some special words that try to express what her role in your life. Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday. For more influential suggestions and ideas on these heart-warming birthday messages have a look.

There is no joyful celebration than celebrating the birthday of a beloved daughter. That’s why we must celebrate. Partying for someone who makes our days livelier.

All children are special. But you, daughter, are our jewel, our most precious possession. That’s why we wish you a birthday full of love, friendship and joy.

Daughter, each birthday is another reason to celebrate and smile. You are special to everyone around you, and we will return all your affection with lots of celebration. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Status for Daughter
Birthday Status for Daughter

Happy birthday, daughter from the heart. Take advantage of the day to celebrate with your friends. And don’t forget that even when I’m grown up I can still give you ear tugs.

When I look back, I see that in the past we left only good memories. And today, my daughter, on your birthday, I am sure that we will build many others. Congratulations!

Many happiness are what I wish on this very unique date that is your birthday, my beloved daughter. I also wish you to receive many special gifts and warm hugs from your friends.

Today is the day to blow out the candles for you, my dear daughter. We gather by your side to celebrate together. May god bless you and courage you to fulfil all your dreams because you are more than deserving.

I want to honor a very special person: my dear daughter. I wish her a lot of love and a lot of energy to face life and to live in complete harmony with herself.

Daughter, I love you boundless and I can only wish you all that life can offer. You can count on me today and always. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

My beloved daughter, nothing cheers me more than celebrating your birthday with you. Today I am sure that I created a person of integrity. I wish you all the bliss today and forever.

What an immense emotion to be able to be with you in another year of life, my daughter. My eyes fill with tears of joy to see you grown up and a strong and determined woman!

Daughter, I know that I almost always scold you. But it’s because I don’t want you to face the same problems as me. May you today, on your birthday, recognize this and go your way in peace.

Daughter, I watched you grow up and I’m proud of you’ve become. I hope you continue to fill us with pride, being the wonderful person you are, and I wish you a very special birthday.

Another year passes, and I realize that you have become an example to be followed. I wish you a happy birthday, daughter, and may you never forget how important you are in our life. We love you.

Daughter, today is your day, and being able to share this very significant moment in your life is a huge joy for all of us, who love you so much. A beautiful birthday is what we wish you.

My daughter, I come to congratulate you for another birthday. My wish is that you have health, as this is the main thing for us to pursue all our goals, and the rest will come with time.

Daughter, there are times when you can be extremely boring. But you know what? You are the bore we love the most in this Universe. That’s why a birthday full of love and joy is what we wish you.

Only a mother knows the feeling of seeing her daughter born and becoming a strong woman. And it’s that feeling that comes over me on your birthday, daughter. I wish you all the achievements in the world. Happy Birthday!

There is no more special reason to celebrate than the birthday of a dear daughter. I seize this opportunity to let you know, my daughter, that I love being by your side and sharing special moments with you. Happy Birthday!

Daughter, I want to take advantage of your birthday to give you the tightest hug and to say that I love you more than my own life and that I am the happiest woman to be your mother. Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Prayers for Daughter

In this race that is life, I want you to finish first! God has the best of this land ready for you! Happy birthday, daughter!

I wish that God will fill you with wisdom, intelligence and much prosperity for you in the future, that the angels always accompany you on your way to success.

Dear daughter, I hope that today many dreams and hopes will be added in your life, that with God’s favor they all come true for you. Receive my congratulations on your birthday.

Remember that your mom and dad will always be there in all your ups and down. May God bless you and enlighten you on the path you are going, I wish you much success.

I have seen you being born, growing up and how you have become a woman. I am proud of you, my darling, and I hope that God is always by your side. Congratulations, my daughter!

My dear daughter, I congratulate you on having another year, you make me feel very proud of you, because you have behaved following all our teachings. God bless you, and have a very happy birthday.

Little daughter, what a joy the arrival of another birthday. God only knows how proud I am of you. My congratulations and may you conquer everything you always dreamed of. You are my great love!

Happy birthday, my daughter, I want to tell you that you will always be much more valuable than all the gold in the world or any precious stone. Enjoy this day and may God bless you.

Congratulations to you, my daughter! God bless you, enlighten you and keep you every day of your life. Keep you like that, a wonderful and joyful daughter. You are the light that completes my existence. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, daughter! May the favorite blessing of God fall on your shoulders, may you be granted happiness, health, and much more time to live with your loved ones. We love you and give you a big hug.

Happy birthday, daughter! May God, our Father, bless and protect you always. May all your goals be achieved and may you always be Happy. I love you immensely and wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world.

Daughter, may God always continue to bless your life and may He allow us to remain always united. Be very happy and always count on me for any time you need! Happy birthday, much prosperity in your life, peace, love and joy.

On this special date, we could only wish for a real shower of blessings from God in your life. You are our favorite person in this world and we only want the best for you. Happy birthday from your parents who love you so much!

You are the most important thing I have in my life. You are the best gift of my life from god and everything I ever dreamed of, May you be fully happy on this birthday, may you find everything you are looking for, my daughter.

Daughter, thank you so much for always being by my side and for the wonderful person you are! May God continue to enlighten you each moment of your life, because you are deserving of great and wonderful things. Happy birthday, I love you so much!

Small, may your smile remain that way, sincere all your life, and may your eyes never lose the sparkle of hope. Happy birthday, daughter! I only know how to wish you, every day, happy, positive and full of love things! Forever close together, I love you!

May God, in his infinite goodness, give you all the good you deserve. May you have a lot of joy, peace, health and happiness. Congratulations, my daughter! A lot of success always. Remember that I love you so much and you can count on me forever.

Your parents are proud to have had such a beautiful person, both inside and out. You are amazing, my darling, and for that you deserve the best of the best. Keep in mind that God will accompany you in your steps. Congratulations, daughter, we love you very much!

Congratulations, my beautiful! May God be present in your life always, many happiness, peace, love and success. Hope you continue to evolve each day more with your learning and that you continue to be this little girl so special and kind to everyone around you. Daughter, you are my pride!

Congratulations beautiful, may God continue to bless you and illuminate your life. You are the best part of me and I will always be here, rooting for your happiness. I wish you peace, love, joy and many achievements. Know that you can count on me at all times. Daughter, I love you intensely.

It is incredible how many beautiful experiences I have been able to enjoy with you since the day you were born and that is why I never stop thanking God. You are my beloved daughter and on your birthday I wish you the world full of happiness and also the blessings of the Lord.

My girl, my gift from God, another year in which I am immensely grateful for your life, for your health, for your achievements! May you continue to enchant everyone around you, lighting up our lives! Don’t forget that your mother will always be there to help, teach and love you! Happy birthday, my angel!

My beloved daughter, you are a wonderful woman and God has blessed you with many gifts and talents, some of which you know and others that you are yet to discover. I wish you a happy birthday with all my heart!

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Having a loving and caring daughter at home fills your whole life with love and indicates an amazing life and makes it fabulous. Therefore, when the daughter’s birthday comes, we don’t know how to wish her, or what may be the most appropriate and profound birthday message for a birthday card. That’s why it is necessary to compile the most elegant and best birthday message for your daughter. We hope that in these birthday messages given here, you will get the best-related message with the most appropriate and profound words to wish your daughter a happy birthday.

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