60th Birthday Wishes! What to Write in a 60th Birthday Card

60th Birthday Wishes: Celebrating one’s 60th birthday marks one of the biggest milestone birthdays of his or her life and one of the greatest achievements. Birthdays are very special days for everyone and should celebrate in a grand way, but what’s more important than a party celebrating a birthday? Yes, it is always more important to wishing someone who is going to celebrate his or her 60th birthday. After living for sixty years, one should be grateful for many things. At the same time, as you enter the Golden Age, pain and suffering become a whole new category. When someone crosses this magic number of 60, wish him or her well with inspirational and funny birthday message that shows you really care about the birthday person. Whether it is your supportive dad, sweet mom, dear husband or wife, best friends, or closest and dearest people, you need to wish him/her a happy 60th birthday and write some special wordings for birthday messages in a classic way. We are not saying they are old, but classic. Do you know what to write in the 60th birthday card message for the 60th birthday wishes?

60th Birthday Wishes

A list of sweet and short happy 60th birthday wishes to wish family and friends “happy Sixtieth birthday” before reaching this milestone birthday.

60th Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

If one of your female friends is going to celebrate her 60th birthday and both of you have been with each other for decades, then the celebration becomes even more important. We always love to hear some warm words from our loved ones even if we have heard it thousands of times. If you are also looking for some amazing and impressive ideas to inspire and encourage your best female friend, then look at the happy 60th birthday wishes for a female friend.

60th Birthday Wishes for Male Friend

Make your friend happy on their 60th birthday. You don’t need to do any special tasks or pay for any gifts to make them happy. At this age, they are happier when they get some special wishes and messages on their 60th birthday rather than gifts. Here we list some examples of amazing 60th birthday wishes for your male friend. You can get some powerful ideas for writing good wishes.

60th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Here are some 60th birthday wishes for friends. Select your favorite from these birthday messages for 60-year-olds and use to wish your friends “Happy 60th Birthday” on turning 60.

Happy 60th Birthday Messages

Turning 60 is a major milestone birthday. Do you know what to write in the card for the 60th birthday wishes? Do you want some classy creative and funny ideas? We have selected some of the best wishes and messages for you. Here are some 60th birthday messages to wish 60-year-olds!

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

This is a collection of some appropriate 60th birthday wishes for dad, including some of the most appropriate and profound words. We hope this helps you write the best 60th birthday message for your card.

60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

To wish your mother’s sixtieth birthday, here are listed 60th birthday messages for mother with some special and profound words. Using these wishes to express your feelings for mother.

60th Birthday Wishes for my Uncle

60th Birthday Wishes For Aunt

60th Birthday Wishes For my Boss

What kind of wishes should you send to your boss on his or her 60th birthday? Looking for some amazing birthday wishes for boss that might be the best option for boss 60th birthday? So without wasting time, explore the 60th birthday messages for boss listed here. These birthday wishes for 60 year old boss can definitely be the most appropriate choice as birthday wishes for boss.

60th Birthday Poems

What to write in a 60th birthday card?

What kind of wishes should we send to parents, friends or family members on their 60th birthday? Do you really want an awesome greeting for 60th birthday that can impress everyone? Are you looking for some amazing examples of birthday wishes for parents that might be the best option for your parents’ 60th birthday? Or do not know what to write in the 60th birthday messages to friends or family members? So without wasting time, explore our 60th birthday wishes for parents, which can definitely be the most appropriate choice as 60th birthday card messages for parents, friends or family members.

Final Words

Since the 60th birthday is also known as the “Diamond jubilee,” most people’s gifts have a diamond touch. Of course, it makes the birthday even more special by writing inspirational 60th birthday wishes and messages, pasting them on gifts in the form of tags, or writing on e-cards and cards. To send a 60th birthday wishes and message to such a person, you should remind him of the importance of his birthday that this birthday is indeed a very important milestone and send your best wishes that contain some special words of wisdom and which have the ability to share his personality and your relationship. How should you wish for your 60th birthday? Do you want some classy creative and funny ideas? Above mentioned examples of romantic, emotional, funny, and inspirational 60th birthday wishes and messages to get ideas for how to write a perfect 60th birthday card message. Take a look at these simple birthday wishes and 60th birthday messages for dad, mom, husband or wife, friends, or near and dear people. whether you need to make them giggle, tease them on turning sixty, or wish them a happy birthday, 60th birthday wishes listed here are straightforward to write in a birthday card. We hope that you will surely get the most effective and best-suited birthday message for your greeting card here.