250+ Birthday Wishes for Sister – Happy Birthday Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister: Happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes with beautiful images to share with your sisters. Sisters always occupy a special place in the hearts of brothers. The role of a sister may vary according to the situation. Sometimes she takes care of us as a mother, sometimes she supports us as a good friend. In both cases, whether she treats you as a friend or as a mother, she loves you very much and cares about you. To maintain this beautiful relationship and to make her special day memorable, it is very important to find the right and best way of wishing her a happy birthday.

However, on the special occasion of her birthday, congratulate her with birthday wishes and show what she matters in your life, which is the best way. You should always ready to wish or say “Happy Birthday Sister” to your sister with some right, wise and heartfelt words. Birthday wishes for sister to wish happy birthday to your sister; are divided into different categories based on your sister’s personality. checkout these birthday messages for sisters to express your heart on her birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Congratulations my sister! Enjoy your day, your month, your year, your life!

God is with you and will always light your way. Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Sister! Have a beautiful day and a life full of joy.

Happy Birthday Sister
Happy Birthday Sister

Sister, on that day I wish you much learning, happiness and love in my heart. Congratulations!

Without you, life wouldn’t be so interesting. The world is more beautiful with you, sister! Happy Birthday!

Anyone who has a sister is sure that he will never be alone in life. Happy life, love you!

Congratulations my sister! Enjoy your birthday a lot and may the next year be the best of your life.

Dear sister, you are and will remain my favorite person forever and ever. I wish you all the best!

God blessed me so much when he brought you into my life. Happy Birthday Sister! You deserve the best!

Happy birthday sister, continue to be this wonderful person you are. Keep fighting for your achievements today and forever.

My warmest wishes to my amazing sister, the one who brings color to my life and makes it exciting.

Enjoy your birthday very much, sister! And every day make the most of all the good things life has to offer.

You are the best sister in the world, there is no one I like that much. And I happily congratulate my very best sister on her birthday today.

Happy Birthday Sister. Congratulations for another year. Wishing your dreams become real and that your projects prosper, because you deserve it.

All my most amazing birthday wishes to the best friend and the most incredible sister we can have. Happy birthday!

Enjoy your big day and have fun. Sis, you deserve all the peace and love in this world. Happy Birthday!

I’m just happy because I have you as a sister! I hope that you have a life full of joy and confectionery with great success. Happy Birthday!

I like to think back to our childhood days, how lucky I was with you dear sister? Therefore I would like to congratulate you on your birthday without question.

Happy birthday, dear sister! I made a cake for you: the dough is made of love, filled with affection and happiness, with topping of success and confectionery of blessings.

Sister Birthday Quotes
Sister Birthday Quotes

Today is the day to celebrate the life of the most incredible person and partner in this world: my sister! May your day be as wonderful as you are!

We have already done a lot together, climbed many a bond in life. And today I especially think about it, you are the best sister one could ask for!

You are a blessing in my life, and every day I thank you for the luck of having you as a sister and friend. Congratulations and best wishes, baby!

Happy birthday to my beloved sister! All my childhoods had one thing in common: you were always involved in them. You made my childhood better. May your birthday be blessed.

I wish a lot of joy, a lot of affection, a lot of love. Not only today, but throughout your life! All the best to you, my sister. Happy Birthday!

My dear sister, today is your day and I want to honor you with a beautiful phrase: Never give up fighting, because you were born a winning person. Happy Birthday!

Sister, may all your fears become strength to fight. May all your internal battles become great learnings, and may you evolve in everything you already do. Happy birthday, dear sister.

Today is the day to celebrate another year of my sister’s life. Really celebrate, because you deserve it and I always want to win you happy and winning. Happy Birthday!!!

We have shared so many extraordinary things, moments that have allowed us to understand the importance of our friendship. I hope it will continue like this forever. Happy Birthday my sister.

Dear sister, I always hope to see you with a beautiful smile on your face and with a thousand reasons to celebrate. Have a blessed and wonderful birthday as you deserve. Congratulations!

I wish the most amazing person I know a warm and pleasant birthday. You can light up a room just with your smile. Where would I be if I hadn’t known you?

On this day of happiness, for you my dear sister who is as beautiful as a flower, I wish you with all my heart a very happy birthday with an unparalleled feast.

I was born at your side and that’s how I hope we stay all our lives: together. Congratulations on your day, sister. And that we still have many happy moments ahead of us.

Today is your birthday, sister. And I can say in all the words that I’m very proud of you. For everything you’ve achieved and for everything you are, I admire you so much.

Congratulations sister!!! May this date be the restart and also the continuation of a victorious journey. The restart to leave the bad things behind, and the continuation to take the good things with you.

You, more than a sister: you are also a woman and an incredible professional! I wish that today, on your birthday, all success comes to you, because you deserve it. Congratulations on this dear date!

Today I could congratulate you for many things, for your achievements, for your strength, for your victories… but I prefer to congratulate you for who you are, sister. It’s just me because you are you.

I offer many blessings and thanks to Jesus Christ Our Lord, for allowing me to be part of this beautiful family, because you are the best sister in the world, God bless you sister, happy birthday!

Another year of life, my sister! I can’t wish for anything but happiness, love and peace. And that, also, you conquer everything that you always wanted. You deserve the world and nothing can stop you. Keep it up!

My sister, words are not enough for me to express the love I have for you, I can only tell you that I wish the best for you and that I hope this day is full of smiles, hugs and beautiful memories. Have a great birthday, you deserve it!

Birthday Messages for Sister

Is your sister celebrating her birthday? Are you looking for birthday wishes and messages for your sister to wish her a very happy birthday? This is the right section for you! With over 40 original birthday messages for sister. Make sure to impress your sister with a unique message. Check out these birthday messages for sister.

The birthday is yours, but the happiness to be celebrating that day is all mine! Congratulations on your day, sister! Love you very much.

My sister, my soul mate, without you I’m nobody! Today, on your birthday, I do everything to make it a special day. I love you!

Happy birthday, to my dearest sister! You are part of my life and have a special place in my heart so wishing you all the best. Congratulations.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister
Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Sister

Congratulations my sister! May you go further in your challenges, always absorbing life’s teachings with wisdom and surrender. Besides being a sister, you are a great special friend!

Congratulations! Today is the day of my favorite person in the world, you sister! I wish you all the bliss, happiness, success and love that life can give!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, sister. You are a person full of light and you deserve everything best in the world. I will always be with you! Happy Birthday!

When I think of the incredible sister and companion I have, I am absolutely sure that God exists. Thank you for doing me so well and always being with me. Happy Birthday!

Birthday candles are a metaphor for life. Life is short but bright, like them! It is therefore necessary to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment! Happy Birthday my sister.

Wishing happy birthday to the best person in the world! The best friend life could give me, we are the same (literally) and you understand me better than anyone else in this world.

Happy birthday sister! This and every day I wish you to be unforgettable, that you fully enjoy them with much happiness, harmony, peace and love, that you enjoy the maximum happiness you can have.

Sister, happy birthday to you! May your day be illuminated, just as you are illuminated, and may your every step be filled with light and hope, for that is what you represent to me. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Sister. Thank you for all the moments lived. You were by my side in the happiest hours, but also in the most difficult. You have my eternal gratitude. I hope you enjoy your day.

It’s your birthday my sister and I have to tell you how much I love you. I know I couldn’t be there, but know that you are the most beautiful sister in the world. I love you.

Everyone is present at home to celebrate your day, because you are unique and magical. And even if people got tired of celebrating this day, I always will, because it’s a brother’s job to make his sister happy.

One more year or one year less, to me you’re still the same little sister, no matter how many candles you blow out. Quite simply, because a gemstone does not degrade and that’s what you are to me.

On your birthday, sister, we are all happy. The whole family is happy to have you with us, for your joyful presence that is contagious to everyone. Congratulations and have many years of life with our company ahead!

Time to blow out the candles with my favorite old lady. One more year to the bill, huh? Congratulations sister! Our connection goes far beyond what the family tree determines: we are, first of all, best friends. I love you!

Today, on your birthday, it seems even more evident how lucky I am to have you as a sister. I remember and relive all the birthdays we spent together, and I can only smile for everything we’ve lived through. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister
Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister

It’s amazing the wonderful person you have become over the years! Indeed, the more time passes the more I am proud of you. In this more year before you, wishing you all the best in this world. Happy birthday sister!

Even in the midst of so much fighting, it is evident how we love each other, sister! Know that I tease you because I love you very well above everything and everyone! You are is very important to me. Happy Birthday!

On every birthday of yours, sister, I recognize the consideration we have for each other. After all we’ve been through together, all the good times, I have a lot to thank for having you as a sister. Thanks for everything and congratulations!

Sister, my darling. I can’t believe time went by so quickly and we’re already celebrating your birthday. Another year of life, another year that taught me what it is to love someone more than yourself, what immeasurable love is, enjoy your day!

Happy birthday dear sister. It is your birthday but I have received the gift, having the joy of sharing this special day with you. May you meet many more and may we be together to celebrate it. I love you a lot!

Here is a new year awaiting you. You will write a new chapter surrounded by all those you love. I wish you a life filled with love. Since childhood, you have always known how to share love with all those around you.

You should live high, live high, three times high. Dear sister, all your dreams should come true. I wish you great love, health, success at work, lots of fun and dear friends for the party. Happy birthday wishes and lots of hugs.

Getting old, huh? Know that wishing you all the best in this life and I hope you never have to go through anything bad. Best wishes, love and may all your dreams come true. May life always provide you with the best.

Congratulations sister. You deserve more of everything that is good in this life and never let yourself be told otherwise. Your happiness alone is capable of affecting many people and you always bring us this wonderful feeling of joy when you are around.

On your birthday, I have a lot of memories of how we were and everything we went through together, sister. And I just have to thank you for the company you’ve given me for so long. Thank you and have a happy birthday!

Sister, on your birthday, I thought I’d buy you a lot of presents. But what really matters is not what I’ll give you, but the love I have for you and I’m not ashamed to show you today and every other day. Congratulations!

My biggest wish today was to be able to wake you up with a cake and a tight hug, sister. There are special place for you in my heart. I love you very much. Enjoy your day and have a birthday full of joy.

Dear sister, you are more than I could ask for and my life will not be enough to thank you, but today, on your birthday, I want to try by offering you these words, a kiss and a hug. Happy birthday, my beloved sister!

I hope that this year that you celebrate another cycle, important things can happen, that your dreams come true and that you are surrounded by love and gratitude. May your life always follow the path of victory and that nothing distracts you from your path.

Today is a wonderful day. A day full of memories. Which means that this day must always be remembered. You may not remember your birthday, but I do. Because an extraordinary girl entered my life. That’s why we celebrate, happy birthday to the world’s best sister.

My blood sister is also my best friend! I have no words to thank God for this! I’m very lucky to have you and I defend you tooth and nail, you know. I will be by your side in all ups and downs. Have a nice birthday, sister!

Happy Birthday Sister! I wish you all the happiness of this world and that you fulfill all your dreams, that life still provides you with many opportunities and chances to achieve your goals. May you find someone who fulfills you and makes you happy the way you deserve!

Happy birthday to the world’s best sister I have! Many years of life, a lot of love, joy and success. May you feel very loved today, because you are very special and deserve it. I hope you get lots of heartfelt hugs and don’t let anything bad shake your day.

“Above all, love one another sincerely, because love forgives all sins.” On this very special day, I want to dedicate this little sayings to you, my sister, because it, better than anything, reminds me of you, for being such a person filled with light and with such a wonderful heart.

It’s complicated with siblings, peace is not always guaranteed, but with both of us everything was clear, because you are a special specimen. Today, for your cradle celebration, I’m not just giving you the best, no, I want to give you a lot more, it’s a bond for a whole life.

Another birthday, another year of life by the grace of God. Enjoy the beginning of this new cycle to thank the Lord for all your achievements and pray that everything continues to go well in your life, my sister. Leave everything bad in the past. In this new year of life, take only good things. Congratulations, my sister, happy birthday.

All my best memories are by your side, my sister. You are my life partner. Today is the day to celebrate this wonderful person you are, and all your achievements and growth. Today is the day to celebrate your life and all the good you’ve done. Thank you for teaching me so much, for giving me advice and also pulling my ear.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Wish your sister a happy birthday with a cute and funny message that is out of the ordinary and will make her laugh. Here are some funny messages for your sister to wish her a very happy birthday in a fun way.

Happy Birthday Sister!  The older you are, the more boring you get, right?

Well, they say that if it’s not boring it’s not a sister, right? Happy birthday, little bugger! Love you.

I love to bother you so much! Too anxious to be able to do it even more in the future. Happy birthday sister!

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes Funny
Happy Birthday Sister Quotes Funny

You’re crazy like that, but I love you more than I know how to describe. Happy birthday, shorty!

You are our little one and we love you, even when you do unnecessary drama, like, every day! Happy birthday, shorty!

You are the best part of me, you little annoying. I love you more than I can describe, even when you borrow my stuff without even asking me.

Sometimes you piss me off more than I can describe it, but it’s okay, at least I know we’re together and I can’t live without you. Happy birthday, little one!

You know I’m good at photo retouching… But now, sorry: I can’t do anything for you anymore. Wrinkles, fewer teeth, puffy eyes: you’ll have to get used to it!!! Happy Birthday my sister.

Happy birthday my dear. It’s silly, but I think I already told you to your face this morning when I woke up. It’s your day, and make the most of it. Especially no stupidity. Your big brother who loves you very much.

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Sister

Only those who grew up with a loving sister know the power of this bond that goes beyond blood. Having a sister is having a shoulder to cry on and a company to smile about, it’s multiplying the good feelings and sharing the pains of life, it’s having everything right by your side. Showing your love for this powerful figure is important every day and essential on every birthday. After so many years side by side, it is difficult to wish congratulations in an original and unique way. How about making this year different?

Check out these inspiring birthday messages for sister and get inspired. Surely one of them matches your relationship exactly! Share these powerful messages with your sisters and express all your love and gratitude towards them!

Happy birthday my big sister! May your wisdom and experience always continue to inspire me.

Today is your birthday… My advisor, my inspiration, my protector, or simply my sister. Happy life!

You are a source of great pride for all of us in the family, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages for Sister
Happy Birthday Messages for Sister

Do you know what gratitude is? That’s how I feel about you, my sister. Best wishes on your walk!

Thank you for being part of my story. Without you, things wouldn’t have the same grace or the same sweetness. Happy Birthday!

My sister, today is the day to look back with gratitude for having a best friend blood of my blood. You are my world! Cheers.

Congratulations! Since the day we met, my love for you has only increased. I have no words to express how much you mean in my life.

If one day I am half of what you are to me, I will be a specially accomplished person. Congratulations on the birthday! May you always be an inspiration.

Many moments in my life have been at your side. I am very grateful for that and for another year of life that you complete today! Thank you for being this woman, sister and friend so full of life and who inspires everyone around you. I wish you all the most beautiful that life can give you and a happy birthday.

I can’t believe my soul mate is getting older today. My sister, I wish you to always be very happy. You were, are, and will always be one of my biggest inspirations. Your way is unique, you are unique! One of the most wonderful women I can meet. My love, you will always be everything to me. I love you so much sister!

Congratulations, my sister, I am proud to be by your side, to see your achievements and your growth. You lead a righteous life that pleases the Lord’s eyes. With each passing day, you evolve more and more to become an amazing and great woman who inspires everyone around you. I’m sure God brings clarity to your heart, making you continue every day following in the footsteps of our Lord.

Congratulations, dear sister. You were always my big inspiration. As the eldest sister, she was my advisor. I know tomorrow you won’t remember this message, nor know it’s me, but I know who you are. I wish you to see all the beautiful things in this world and enjoy life through the eyes of the here and now, knowing that we all love and respect you so much. Happy Birthday! Have great health and peace!

Dear sister, congratulations for another year of life! I know we’re not that close these days, but I’ve never lost the affection and admiration I feel for you. You have always been my greatest role model and my greatest inspiration. Even when I teased you as a child, I always loved you so much! You know that deep down I was just doing it so I could get your attention. I love you immensely! Happy Birthday!

Dear sister, today is your day and we are celebrating on earth and in heaven for your existence. We are happy to celebrate this very big day by your side. You are a warrior full of good things at heart. You are an example of life, a soul that has its way with the clarity of God’s grace. Congratulations for another year of life, may you continue to be that good person, a true inspiration for all who are by your side.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister

Many people have a sister, but having a sister and a friend is a privilege for a few. Happy Birthday!

I can always count on you, because I give you my trust, nobody can steal that from us. You are my sister and always will be.

Sister, friend and sometimes almost a mother, you are the best person I have ever met. I wish you an ocean of happiness. Happy Birthday!

Best Birthday Wishes for Sister
Best Birthday Wishes for Sister

Between fights and hugs, we discovered that being sisters is much more than a blood bond, it’s a connection of souls! Congratulations on your day, sis!

I once asked God to send me an angel to protect and nurture me, so you were born! I love you more than anything, sister! Happy Birthday!

When it’s my sister’s birthday, especially when it’s mine, no matter how old she gets today, for me, the little one stays there, the best one stays there.

A sister is a gift from God. He wanted me to be happy so he sent me someone as beautiful and generous as you. Happy Birthday my sister.

When you are old I will still be young so don’t worry, now I will take care of you! However, you will need to take out your teeth. Happy Birthday!

I love you too much Sister. I swear to keep all your secrets, shower you with gifts, and never miss an opportunity to make you smile. Happy birthday my dear sister.

My tender and sweet sister whom I love from the deep of my heart, I thank you for being so authentic. And, I wish you, for your birthday, a magnificent day. Happy Birthday my sister.

Having you as a sister is winning the jackpot every day. It’s knowing that I’m not alone, regardless of life situation. So, on your birthday, I wish you all the best life has to offer.

Sister is life’s best friend. Sometimes there can be fights and disagreements. However, deep down, it is impossible not to find true friendship in her. Have a happy birthday and know that I love you!

Never forget that you can rely on me on good days and bad. You are my family and the family must be looked after at all times. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. I love you sister.

Social pressure, heartache, loneliness, insecurity, fear and sadness. The only thing all these things have in common is that it only takes a hug from a sister like you to forget them. Happy birthday to my dearest sister!

Loneliness, heartache, sadness, insecurity, fear, or social pressure. The only thing that all these things have in common is that it only takes a hug from a sister like you to forget them. Happy birthday my dear sister!

My greatest wish right now is that you can make your dreams come true. You are my sister and best friend. I have to tell you that your happiness will always be mine. I wish you a happy birthday, honey.

Because you have loved me from the day I come into your life, today on your birthday, I accompany you with all the joy and emotion. May life give me more time by your side and allow me to give you as much love as you have given me. Happy Birthday Sister!

Time passes and the links can lose their intensity. Indeed, when your sister goes to live alone or gets married, you may feel like you are losing your best friend. But, your bond is much stronger than that. So tell your sister that no matter what, she will always be your best friend.

All brothers have fights and differences, but it is clear that love prevails above all things. That is how I feel for you, dear sister, an immense love that does not fit in my chest and that today, your birthday, I want to give you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

Birthday messagesMay life surprise you with happ for older sisters are given along with the gifts we have prepared beforehand. In addition, there are some birthday messages for elder sister that can be helpful for wishing your elder sister on her birthday. We have to respect our elder sister even though sometimes she makes us angry and irritated.

Even though the older sister is married, we must still maintain the ties of friendship and the density of family relationships, one of which is by saying words on her birthday. Birthday greetings for sisters before and after marriage are certainly different. Therefore, if you are confused about what kind of birthday greeting to give, some of the examples below can inspire you.

Happy Birthday, sister! My life would be incomplete without you.

Congratulations my sister. May health, happiness and money pursue you. I love you!

Congratulations my sister. You were and will always be my greatest example. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister
Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Thank you for your friendship, besides being a sister, you are also a great friend. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister. I am very happy to have grown and learned a lot by your side. Love you!

My days at your side were and are the best, thank you for existing and being my big sister. Congratulations!

Thank you for coming into the world before me and lighting my way… Happy birthday, best big sister in this world!

Every day is special if we are together and today, which is your birthday, will not be the exception. Happy birthday big sister!

My sister, we grew up and a lot has changed, but what will never change is my love for you. Congratulations on your day!

My older sister, I thank God that he made you this special way. I wish you a shower of love, prosperity and peace. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear sister. May your dreams come true and you will be very satisfied with the happiness that life has yet to reveal to you.

I really appreciate the past memories we created together. Thanks to you, I’m having fun and loving days from an older sister. Happy birthday, my dearest sister!

May today be a great day, may the love that once united us through family ties, may unite us forever. You are a big sister, happy birthday!

My angel, happy birthday. I know that this date is as happy for you as for me, because it was the day my best friend was born.

Today my older sister gets even older – or, as they say, more experienced. Happy Birthday Sister! I always wish you the best things life can offer.

Happy was the day you were born. Every year you celebrate your birthday, I am the one who wins again the gift of having you in my life!

May this day you trust in love and may your strength to win bring joy and fulfilled dreams into your life. My big sister, my inspiration, happy birthday!

Hello my sister, today is a day to celebrate, a day to rejoice, gather everyone and sing happy birthday. Well, it’s your birthday. Happy birthday my grand sister.

Sis, you are like a very unique snowflake. Sometimes annoying, patronizing, but sometimes loving with your attention. I’m glad to have an amazing elder sister like you. Happy birthday!

You are the best sister in the world and still are today. I wouldn’t trade you for anything – you are amazing! Congratulations, big sister, I love you.

Congratulations on your day, my big sister! I want you to know that you are, and always will be, one of the people I love most in life. You’re very important to me!

You are a wonderful friend, a great person, and a great older sister. People like you are needed to fill this world. From your dear sister, I wish you a very special birthday.

Who blows out the candles today is her, my older sister. The one that is an example for me and that, until today, supports me at all times. I love you sister! Happy Birthday!

You always take care of me, help me, give me advice, and of course, leave me unforgettable moments. Even if we are all grown up, you will always be my big sister. Happy birthday!

Dear sister, thank you for always being my best company. May you have many years of life always accompany me on our adventures and give me your wise advice. Thank you for everything and Congratulations.

Dear sister, nostalgia fills me when remembering our games, time has passed without realizing it, but I know that being by your side I am stronger, thank you for all your love. Happy birthday big sister!

More than a person who takes care of me, you are my inspiration, my example for the future. There is no older sister in the world more amazing than mine. Thanks for everything and happy birthday!

Today a fighter woman has the birthday, sweet and good like no other: my older sister. May all the happiness in the world knock on your door and enter your life to stay. Congratulations on your day!

Today is the day of the most special woman of my life, the one who has been with me since I was born, supported me at all times and taught me about partnership. Happy Birthday Sister! Love you!

Today is your birthday, sister! I take this important date to remind you of how special you are to me. Thank you for always being by my side, in the achievements, the falls, and especially in the learning.

Today, more than ever, I thank God for making you my big sister. On this birthday of yours, I wish you all the best and also thank you for being who you are and the way you are. Happy Birthday!

You have always been a support for me, a safe haven, an example. You are the best big sister I could have! Happy Birthday my dear! May this day, like all others to come, be filled with joy and love.

Having an older sister is like having a safe haven, after all I always had someone to turn to. Thank you for never turning your back on me, even in difficulties. Today, on your birthday, I celebrate with you once again!

If I could be born again, I would only ask God that you would be in my life again, because you, dear sister, are the most amazing thing that could have happened to me. Happy birthday brother.

Today I want to wish a happy birthday to that special, loving and sweet person that I have never missed: my older sister. May life shower you with surprises, happy and loving moments, and may this wonderful day be filled with joy. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes
Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

I’m sure of few things in life, but there’s one thing I have no doubts about: you’re the best big sister in the world! May not only today, your birthday, as always, your life be enlightened and blessed. I love you with all my heart!

What happiness to be able to share with you this memorable date: your birthday! I hope that this day is magical, and that nothing and no one can erase the smile of that incredible person that I am fortunate to call “sister.” Congratulations Big Sister!

Today is a very special day. Today is the birthday of someone who is essential in my life; who is by my side at all times. Today is her day, my older sister’s day, who I love so much! Happy Birthday my love! Best wishes to you always!

Congratulations on your day, my sister! Happy Birthday! May God light your way every day and may god fulfil all your dream. Being older, you always took care of me in a very special way. I want you to know that you can count on me too, always. Love you!

As my older sister, you were the one I turned to when I needed advice that I didn’t want our parents to give. You were the first to know my secrets. It’s you who understands me and knows me like no one else. Happy Birthday my sister! Love you so much!

Today is the day to celebrate the date when one of the most important people in my life came into the world. Today is your day, my dear sister, you are the eldest in the family and have always been a role model for all other brothers and sisters. happy Birthday!

I want to wish the best of birthdays to a very special person for me: my older sister. You are my role model and I only wish the best for you. May God fulfill all your dreams and may life give you much more time by my side. Congratulations on your day!

Today, on your birthday, is a day for me to thank you for being, and still being, the best big sister I could have. The most caring, zealous, understanding, and tough (when it was needed, of course) there is. I love you so much and I will always be by your side!

You were born a minute before me, so that might be why you think you’re older, but I don’t care. Well, I really don’t want to be old, so that’s fine! In a way, you’re the oldest, but I’m the funniest, and that’s what matters! Happy birthday old lady, I love you!

Dear sister, you do not know how happy I feel because today you add one more year in your life and I am here to accompany you. May the Lord bless you and pour out abundance, prosperity and health on you, so that you continue to rejoice our hearts. Happy birthday, big sister!

Today is your birthday, big sister, and I want to tell you how much you mean to me. You are the greatest thing that mom and dad have been able to give me, and I just hope you never miss me, because you have a big piece of my heart. Happy Birthday Sister!

I know that mother left us when I was very young and that you, dear sister, assumed her role without asking me for anything in return. Therefore, today I want to show you all my love and gratitude, with the biggest hug, an “I love you” and my best birthday wishes. Congratulations Big Sister!

The only one who knows all my secrets, who doesn’t judge me for my wrong decisions and my failures, and who, even when she says “it’s going to go wrong,” is by my side to help me after the mistake is made. My big sister, I love you and wish you a happy birthday!

When I was born, you were already here, you always took great care of me, you became my best friend, I am grateful that I can have a sister as amazing as you. My older sister has her birthday today, so congratulations, my love. You are one of the women I am most inspired by. Today if I am who I am, you can know that it is because of you, I wish you to be happy forever, I love you.

Birthday Message for Younger Sister

Finally, your sister’s birthday has arrived! Sure, we have a variety of sibling relationships that we can call warm and intimate, but when we have a younger sister, we tend to care for her a little more-even ruining her in every way. Here are some fun and lovely birthday messages for sister you can use to make her fun day as memorable as possible. Take a look at these birthday message for younger sister, choose your favorite message / wish and feel she is loved.

Sis, you are my idol in all respects: beauty, personality, and courage. Wish I could inherit it from you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday my sister! I hope that your birthday will be the start of a life full of happiness, love and success.

Today is so sunny, it seems that nature welcomes your happy day. Happy birthday, I hope your days are always bright without clouds.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister
Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

Your birthday is a great day for me too… Indeed, it reminds me that the day you were born I received the most beautiful gift… You! Happy birthday, my beloved sister!

You are the best part of my life, even when I’m mad at you. Love you from the deep of my heart and today I want to wish you a happy birthday!

I feel lucky to have you as my sister. I can’t imagine the hard days I’d go through without being with you. You have created happy childhood memories in life. Happy Birthday.

Some also celebrate alone, but luckily we never are! Dear sister, my little one with such a great imagination – celebrate yourself, celebrate life, and what doesn’t fit, I can glue it on!

When you look back on your childhood, you remember the many good memories we had together. It makes me think that we’ve grown too fast. Wish I could repeat those times. Happy birthday sis!

As much as I fight with you and annoy you, you get irritated too easily, love you from the deep of my heart and I wish you only good things for this birthday, little one.

Friends may come and go for a while, but family is forever. I want to show that I love you and am grateful to have a caring sister like you. Happy birthday, my dear sister!

I will always remember you as that little girl, who grew up with me in mistakes and successes. It was present in my childhood, adolescence, and today, more than ever, in my adult life. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to my life, my sister always brings noise, joy and happiness together in my world: my sister. I hope that this birthday gives you lots of hope in the future and that you can achieve it.

I love you, little one, and I can only wish you the sky and the stars on your birthday. Take care, but if you ever need it, never forget: I’ll be here to take care of you!

Happy Birthday my dear! Love you from the deep of my heart and I only wish you the best things in the world. Always count on me, see!? I will be by your side at all times!

I sometimes get angry because you mess with me. But I’m also sometimes amazed because of your mother-like nature. More than that, I still love you as my brother. Happy birthday, stay the big brother I know.

Whenever I was in trouble, you always calmed me down. You also encouraged me to bounce back and overcome all problems without running away from them. You are the big brother that everyone wants. Happy birthday my beloved sister!

Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. You continue to encourage me to pursue my desires until they finally come true. I really appreciate your sacrifice so far. May this special day be filled with infinite love and happiness.

Every time you have a birthday, I realize I’m getting old. I carried you in my lap and watched you grow little by little. Sister, you are one of my only certainties in the midst of so many doubts. Happy Birthday!

I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the fact that you’re growing up and that one day you’ll be an adult. You, in the end, will always be my sweet, cute little girl and I will always take care of you. Happy Birthday!

As much as I tease you (like all the time), I’ve always wanted a sister like you: caring, caring, kind and genuine. I love you with all my heart and I just want you to enjoy your birthday. Remember: I will always be by your side!

Today is my younger sister’s birthday that I always defend tooth and nail, because for me she is the most amazing person in the world! I just want to remind you that I admire you so much for being who you are and that I love you so much! May your day be very happy and that you enjoy every second.

Birthday Prayers for Sister

May God bless your birthday, my sister, and grant you many happy years!

Congratulations sister! May the Lord give you great health and strength to go after your dreams.

Happy birthday, sis. May God bless your birthday and grant you many happy years of life.

Happy Birthday Prayer For Sister
Happy Birthday Prayer For Sister

May the blessings of God in your life be constant. You can do anything you want, my sister, just trust Father. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday my sister. May you always be very happy. May your light remain strong and vibrant. May your paths be of great prosperity.

I ask God to enlighten you and protect you always. May love, peace and health be always present in your life. Happy Birthday Sister!

Dear sister, for your birthday I wish you all the best, good health and that all your dreams and wishes may come true. Bless you.

Congratulations on your day, sister. May God always illuminate your path and cover you with lots of light and happiness, because your happiness is also mine.

Congratulations, my stick. May life have many surprises in store for you on your way to happiness and may I always be able to accompany you.

Another birthday, sister! May God protect you and shower you with blessings. Know that you never left my prayers, I ask for your life every day!

Happy Birthday Sister!!! May this date be the beginning of a new journey in search of new dreams and goals. May you reach them all. Happy birthday.

My sister, I wish your journey to be blessed, happy and enlightened by God. May it be filled with bliss, happiness and peace. Congratulations and Happy birthday.

I pray to God, so that he may fill your life with peace, wisdom, happiness and that you may continue on the path of true love and friendship. Happy Birthday Sister!

Sister, I have always appreciated all the support and affection that you have given me during so many shared years, I hope you have a very happy birthday, God bless you today, tomorrow and always. Happy Birthday!

Today is a fantastic day, not only for you, but for all of us who love you because, it is your birthday! May God allow us to accompany you today and always, to celebrate your presence in this world with you. Congratulations, sister!

Congratulations, dear sister, may you have an incredible evening, in the company of your loved ones, and may God give you a lot of health, love and prosperity, so that each day of your life is as wonderful as you are. Enjoy your moment, happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Sister From Brother

Having a sister who is always caring and kind is of course what we really want as sisters. In addition to being invited to work together, such a sister can also be a playmate, a friend who can talk to, and even a friend who can do anything for you. When your sister’s birthday arrives, we have a responsibility to celebrate it. Not only are there gifts and birthday celebrations, but we also need to craft birthday wishes for our beloved sister. You don’t need to string your own words here to tell her, because we have crafted many birthday wishes for sister from brother. Check out!

Sister, as your younger brother, we were always present in all ups and downs for each other all the time, and we will be like this for the next life. Happy birthday, sister!

Today I thank God for putting you on my path because not everyone has a sister like you. Happy birthday dear sister, your brother.

I wish you a happy ….birthday, that you stay healthy and that all your wishes come true. I love you very much as a sister, your brother’s heart!

Sister Birthday Messages

Wish you love …….. that all your wishes come true and that you master your path for the future in the best possible way. Stay the way you are. Many dear birthday greetings, your brother!

Happy Birthday beautiful. Today, you are a year older, and a candle is placed on your cake. We, your brothers, are proud because you are the light that illuminates our days. We love you very dear little sister.

Big sister always has a place in our hearts. She can sometimes be a temporary enemy, but often becomes like a mother and friend. It doesn’t matter what kind se is, big sister always loves and cares for us.

Being the older brother of a child like you was very easy and I’m happy. Thanks to you, I discovered the true meaning of love because, dear sister, I love you very much, more than I thought. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

My beloved sister I remember the day I saw you for the first time in this delivery room. It was truly an unforgettable moment. Today you took a few more years but you still remain this magnificent being that I saw that day.

The beauty of a lovely and sweet necklace depends entirely on the quality of the selected beautiful pearls. Our family is made up of rare gems like you, which is why we celebrate your birthday because your coming has increased the value of the family. Happy Birthday my sister.

If this day did not exist, God had to create it because he brought a star among the stars who is you my sister. And I am happy to be your big brother since this day which is your day. Happy birthday and best wishes.

I am privileged to have you with me and today more than ever, I want to let you know. May life reward me with the gift of continuing to see you grow and become that exemplary woman that you already are and I know you will be. Happy birthday, soul sister!

Because in you I have not only found a sister, I have also found a mother and a friend. May God give you great health so that you continue to accompany me on the beautiful path that life is. Congratulations on your day and may all the joy come to your door!

Birthday Wishes for Sister From Sister

We can stay in the same boat together because the sisters know how to get along. We can discuss anything and uncover each other’s greatest secrets.

You were born a few years ago and changed my life forever. I learned the meaning of companionship with you. I am always grateful to be your sister.

Congratulations to the best sister I can have. You were and always will be a very important pillar of my life. Without you I stumble never go away again!

Happy Birthday Sister Wishes
Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

Even if we fight a lot sometimes, there is nothing like a sister’s love. Congratulations, I hope your day will be great and you will get a lot of gifts.

The dearest and best birthday wishes from the best sister there is! I wish you satisfaction, joy, happiness and health. Keep having so much fun in life and spreading joy.

We two sisters – not from yesterday! Shrill and loud, well built. Always in shape, and tremendously, in good shape – a pleasure! That’s why there is a big kiss for you on your birthday!

It is difficult to look back and want to remember the most beautiful moment with you, because there are so many. God made us sisters and life partners. Thank you for being an example to me. Happy Birthday!

The fear of being alone left me the day you were born, because you were replacing the void at home. Your birth is the one thing that will always be the biggest event of my life for me. My sister, thank you for being here and Happy Birthday.

Dear sister, today is your birthday and I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. We spend our lives always together, growing up together and often fighting for something together. But, of course, always defending each other. Congratulations for being so special and with such a unique way that captivates everyone.

Long Distance Sister Birthday Wishes

A sister is something special because she shares all family secrets with you, all parties were celebrated together from an early age. Birthdays were always experienced together and that makes the sister’s birthday a very emotional event. If your sister lives far away and can’t celebrate with you, then a flower greeting with a loving birthday card with a perfect birthday message for your sister is a great idea. Here are some long distance sister birthday wishes.

There is no distance, intrigue or difficulty that can break our bond. Happy birthday, sis!

Dear sister, I wish you all the best and I look forward to hugging you soon.

My dear sister, however far we are today, know that my congratulations would cross the seven seas for you. Congratulations!

Long Distance Sister Birthday Wishes
Long Distance Sister Birthday Wishes

We have always been very close and I hope that these kilometers that separate us will not change that. Happy Birthday my sister.

Happy birthday sister and celebrate nicely. Enjoy the day with family and friends and I think of you, even if I can’t be there.

Distance is nothing compared to the love that binds us. I know we’ll stay close forever. I love you my darling sister. Happy birthday!

Dear sister, we followed different paths and today we live far away, but social networks, at these times, are our new form of union. Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful birthday presents itself to you. I hope you will celebrate it with dignity. Think of me who am miles away. Happy Birthday my sister.

Even being far away, I wish you the most sincere happiness, my sister. May your birthday be beautiful wherever you are, but know that I and the whole family miss you very much.

No matter the distance or the fights, I’m sure we will always be together. Thank you for existing, sister, I don’t know what would become of me without you. Happy birthday, miss you!

You are my sister, my friend and my confidante. And today you are in the spotlight. I pay tribute to you on this day when you were born because I will not be present and I wish you all my best wishes because you deserve it.

Today is a special day for you. I know I cannot be present, but as they say far from the eyes close to the heart. Know that I am proud of the adult that you become that I carry you in my heart today as every day besides.

My beloved sister, today is your birthday and I am writing these words to you so that you know that I always have you in mind, even in the distance. It is impossible for me to accompany you on your day, but my heart is with you today and always. Happy Birthday Sister!

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Happy birthday little sister! May joy be present today and every day of your life.

Another birthday, another year that I thank for your company. Congratulations, little sister, and best wishes!

Little sister, you are something special in my life, that’s why we’re celebrating your birthday today.

Birthday Wishes for Sister
Birthday Wishes for Sister

May your birthday bring all the happiness you deserve to live content and smiling, little sister. Congratulations!

If I could choose the best sister in the world, I would choose you! Happy birthday little sister!

We even fight from time to time, but sisterly love is second to none. Happy birthday, little sister!

My dear little sister, enjoy your day! And always count on us to celebrate the beauty of your life.

Congratulations, little sister! I fill your bag because I love you and because you are too perfect! Happy birthday, bastard!

Congratulations, little sister! Never forget that I love you so much, you deserve all the years in the world to live!

Happy birthday my little sister! I promise to always be here to protect you, take care of you, and love you!

For you, little sister, I wish you a year of great light and happiness so that you can always smile. Happy Birthday!

You are still my little sister. I will always be there, have an open ear. For all your worries today and tomorrow!

On this birthday, little sister, I can only thank you for existing and for choosing to be my youngest in heaven. Happy Birthday!

When the candles don’t all fit on the cake, you will notice that you are slowly getting old. Happy birthday, my little sister.

How often have you pissed at me, looking at me angry, crying, and yet, dear little sister, you will always be the best! Happy Birthday!

‘No matter what I write to you, it still cannot express my love for you. So in short, happy birthday to my little sister. ‘

On this very special day, little sister, I want to remind you that you are bigger than you imagine, you are the size of your dreams!

Happy Birthday! How fast the time flies, how the year goes. You know I’m sparse with words. But little sister, I haven’t slept through your birthday again.

Little sister, today is your birthday. I want to tell you, I love you and I think of you. May all your wishes and dreams come true!

One day I thought to myself that it would be fun to have a little sister… now your birthday reminds me that I am old. Happy birthday!

Congratulations little sister! I want to see you overflowing with joy and having a lot of fun on your birthday. Many kisses and all the happiness in the world!

It’s the sister’s birthday today. It will be a great party, when friends and relatives come to dance and laugh, that will also give my little sister great pleasure.

Today is the day of my person, who I love the most in this world, my little sister. May your paths be illuminated, just as you illuminate the people you live with.

Happy Birthday Sisters
Happy Birthday Sisters

I am grateful for all that we have lived together, even for the disagreements that have made us grow and be more loving to each other. You deserve the world, little sister! Happy Birthday!

Cool sayings, dear little sister, always need a rhyme. The whole world that you like so much rhymes with you. So just make the most of your birthday and let only joy in your house.

You are the light of my life, little sister, and I love you so much. On this birthday, I wish all your dreams come true and that you will always be that dear girl you already are.

I hope we continue this fellowship for a lifetime, you are my little sister and I want us to remain friends even when you grow up. On this birthday, I love you and wish you all the best!

It was a great experience to be able to grow up with such a funny and crazy girl as you. I cherish all of our sweet childhood memories, great as they are. You will forever be my adorable little sister. Happy birthday!

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The siblings bond is truly unique, irreplaceable, and very strong. No matter what changes happen in your life, you can always trust your sisters. Despite the countless battles and differences, an unbreakable, particular bond between the two of you remains. There’s no doubt that you want to make your beloved sister’s birthday memorable and mark it for the future. Birthday celebrations are always the right time to mark special family moments forever.

If you are tired while looking for the right words for birthday wishes for your sister, don’t panic! You can get the best birthday messages from here to make your sister’s birthday special. Tell her how important she is in your life and show her gratitude for being in your life. We hope that you will find a best message to say “happy birthday” to your sister from these effective messages. Don’t forget to share these wishes and messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.