1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy and Girl

1st Birthday Wishes: 1st birthday of little princess or a cute little prince is very special day for the parents and whole family. Parents blessed with a special opportunity to celebrate, cherish the good times, make a splash, and mark this special day for the future. 1st Birthday messages and wishes for one-year-old baby can make the birthday unforgettable and mark it as a lifetime. The first birthday of a baby boy or baby girl is a huge opportunity for the whole family to celebrate.

No child can truly remember his or her first birthday activities, but to mark this important milestone parents and family need to hold a grand celebration. Nothing can be better than first birthday wishes and messages to make the special day memorable and marked of your little boy or little princess for the rest of their life. Birthday messages for babies are usually made up of lines written by babies because of course they can’t speak and are full of ‘welcome baby’ meaning. Without further ado, welcome to the types of baby birthday messages.

1st Birthday Wishes

To draft your own thoughts and congratulatory messages, take a look at our collection of the best first birthday messages and wishes to wish parents a happy birthday on their baby turning one. We hope that through these first birthday messages, you will surely convey your best wishes for a one-year-old child.

The 1st year is still the best year! Good luck and congratulations.

Whether you turn three, thirteen, or twenty, you will always rule my life. Happy 1st birthday!

You are only a baby, but you know very well how to steal someone’s heart. Happy first birthday!

1st birthday wishes
1st birthday wishes

When you are there all hearts start to shine, for your first birthday, I wish you the best in this world!

Babies make hands busier, nights shorter, love bigger and the future is more energetic and bright! Happy 1st birthday!

You will always be the best gift from heaven! I thank you for coming to our life.

My little baby, you have brought us so much love and happiness to our home and also to our family.

Know that my guaranteed gift to you is all the protection you need until you are able to protect yourself and me.

Today you still don’t understand what it all means, but you will read this message one day and you will understand what true love is.

You filled an emptiness that was still inside us with your smiles and your gaze. I never imagined that one day I would feel love like this.

You must be able to imagine how great my happiness is at this moment when everything sounds good and seems to be complete. That’s the joy of this cute baby’s birthday. Happy 1st birthday.

My little one, today is your day! Exactly a year ago you came into our lives bringing many changes and many joys. Thank you for being a real little angel in our lives. Happy Birthday!

happy 1st birthday wishes
Happy 1st birthday Wishes

May this birthday rite be repeated countless times and may all the happiness generated by it be shared and increased by all. Everything good must be done again as many times as possible. Happiness never hurts.

The 1st birthday is something magical, just like the first steps or the first words. Today is your birthday, a very special date for all of us! We are so grateful to have you with us!

May this celebration also symbolize the union of all the people who love you and come together to celebrate this day that is so special to us. Never walk away from these people who care so much about you.

Today is party day! It’s your birthday! So, smile, feel, love and live as best you can, because that’s life: joy! May you always be the joy that lights up the lives of those around you! Happy one year of life!

Today you are one year old, and I just want to ask God to bless you forever. May the sparkle in your eyes never fade, and may innocence remain in your heart, as does the delicacy of being who you are becoming. Happy Birthday!

1st Birthday Wishes and messages for babies
1st birthday wishes and messages for babies

Today you are one year older. I, by the order of God, sent you a charm, a maturity, and a wisdom. I did not hesitate to disobey the mandate of heaven, and secretly prepared a blessing for you, wishing you a happy birthday and happiness every day.

You can’t even imagine, but a year ago we were all apprehensive about your arrival. Today we celebrate together a year that you are in our lives. Small, even if you don’t understand, happy birthday! May God place His blessings in your little heart forever and ever!

A year ago I found the true meaning of love with your birth. My little one, today is your 1st birthday, but this is all mine! Thank you for having the honor of being your mother and being able to celebrate dates like this with you. Happy birthday, my angel!

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby

Newborn babies are one of the greatest gifts straight from heaven. It brings a huge bundle of joy and enormous happiness in the couples’ life. The next big moment in parent’s life is the celebration of their baby boy or baby girl‘s 1st birthday. No one can remember his or her 1st birthday, but parents of a little princess or little boy remember this moment for sure.

I can’t be more proud of my little sunshine who discovers his world for himself, which is full of surprises. Happy 1st birthday!

If there was a children’s beauty pageant for a one-year-old, you would surely win and be crowned one-year-old Miss Universe. Happy 1st birthday.

Sweetie-Shoo, Cuddle-Coo, Pretty-poo – wishing you a happy and blissful 1st birthday, but I cannot forget how cute and sweet you are!

1st birthday wishes for babies
1st birthday wishes for babies

There will always be ups and downs, twists and turns in life… But your innocent and cute smile will always be a cure for us. Happy 1st birthday!

It seems that you have amazing power, little one. You cannot walk or talk, but the whole family works as you wish. Happy 1st Birthday.

A baby is joy, love, affection… Nothing can equal an innocent smile and eyes full of sparkle! Today is your birthday… I only wish you to carry that essence in your heart for all the years to come. Happy birthday angel!

My angel, today you complete your 1st year of life. It took 12 months to discover life abroad, so it’s time to start counting your birthdays. May you shine and be blessed by Father in Heaven throughout your life! Happy 1 year birthday!

Today you complete 12 months of discovering life outside my belly. A year of learning, experimenting, sensations and feelings. It’s 365 days of pure transformation from your mother, who loved you long before you were born. Always be very happy, my baby. Congratulations on your 1st year of life!

Today my beautiful baby completes his first year in this world. I am very happy to have followed each step of this trajectory. For me, there is nothing better than my family. And I am very happy to be able to offer a home full of love and affection for my baby. Hope new year begins now will be a very pleasant adventure for all of us. I want to enjoy every second of today. My treasure trove, I wish you’ve a beautiful life ahead of you. Happy birthday, baby.

birthday wishes for baby's 1st birthday
1st birthday wishes for baby’s 1st birthday

A year since I first looked into your little face. Watching you grow up is a privilege that makes up for all the sleepless nights. Giving you a perfect life is all I want most. Happy Birthday my baby! This is the 1st year you have completed an entire road ahead.

This is the greatest joy I’ve ever felt in my life. And I feel even happier to share the joy of this date with so many people who love you too. Never forget that! That there are countless people who love you and who wouldn’t be so happy if you didn’t exist.

My dear, today is more than a special day: it’s your 1st birthday! We’ll celebrate with lots of sweets, lively music and everything we’re entitled to! All this surrounded by people who love you immensely. After all, you, who are the light of our lives, deserve all the affection in the world! Happy Birthday!

I know that you are still not capable, but promise me that you will always be happy as soon as you can and I will guarantee you that you are able to be happy always. This promise will make us feel that all the love and protection we have given you had some concrete and real value.

Nobody is prepared to find happiness like that, in such a small and special being. But it so happens that today I celebrate not just your birthday, but the happiest period of my life! It was a year of tears, laughter… But mostly, a lot of love! Happy birthday!

You came as a blessing, my love, and today you complete your first year of life with us! I want you to know that you will always be loved and surrounded by people who wish you well every day. May your birthday be full of jokes, smiles and hugs. Daddy will always be here to protect you, my little miracle. Happy Birthday!

Birthday image for 1st birthday
happy 1st Birthday image

Today is a day to celebrate and thank God, as my baby completes a year of life. I am a person blessed to be lucky enough to be able to love and care for such a special child. My baby, it’s great to see you grow up full of health and joy. Know that all I want is your happiness and I promise to always be here to give you all my love and protection. Congratulations on the first year of your life and may the next ones come ! Happy 1 year, my baby!

Today you complete your first year of life and even though I still can’t understand what it means, I want to wish you a happy birthday. Your life is just beginning and I am sure that many adventures are waiting for you. May this day be blessed by God, may your family come together and may everyone celebrate the beginning of a very special journey. I am sure that life holds many happiness, countless smiles and a lot of love. May your day be special for you and your whole family! Happy 1st year of life!

Today we celebrate the first year of life of the most important being of my existence. It’s amazing how time started to fly, as it seems like yesterday that I held you in my lap in love. It has been a wonderful, magical experience. There are no words to describe the great act of educating those we love and wish for good. Your smile will continue to excite my mornings and also my nights, my afternoons and all the time of my days. That is how I intend to live; that’s how I live happily and in peace. May your day and your life be blessed. Happy 1st birthday, baby!

happy birthday 1 year old today
happy 1st birthday – wishes for 1 year olds

I would be able to describe what happened on each day of your life. But I can’t define what I felt when you were born. My baby, my great love, congratulations on completing your first year of life! I think happiness is something that happens and always for greater reasons. That is why I am immensely happy: my biggest reason has happened and it is you. My baby, I will take care of you always and with delivery and passion! It’s great to see you grow and adapt to the world and everything around you. It is wonderful to be by your side and witness your evolution. That’s why I feel my chest full of gratitude. May your day be beautiful like your heart.

May your life today and always blessed. This first birthday is also the first major milestone in your existence. And I am very happy to be with you as usual. Congratulations my love! I just want to thank you for every second spent by your side, and for realizing that happiness appears when we least expect it. Mine came with your arrival! In fact, the first time I felt your body in my lap was also the first time that I felt true happiness. This is an unexplainable and unintelligible feeling. Happy birthday baby!

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

It’s a year full of troubles and new challenges for parents with many difficulties, but it’s a year full of joy, happiness and unforgettable lovely moments. Here are some cute 1st birthday messages to send your warmest wishes with these 1st birthday wishes and greeting messages to the happy parents on this special moment!

You are so little, but you bring such great happiness. Happy 1st birthday, honey!

No matter your age, you will always be our little princess. Happy first birthday, girl.

Your life is like a fairy tale, may this fairy tale never end! Happy 1st birthday baby girl.

1st birthday wishes for girl
1st birthday wishes for girl

Our little miracle, you are a year old today, I wish you always remain sincere and childishly naïve. Happy 1st birthday.

Your family is really happy because they have a cute, little angel at their home. Always stay kind, sweet and safe. Happy birthday.

There is great joy. … Her/his 1st birthday, how wonderful! We wish the little birthday girl good luck, love – and always a fresh diaper!

A first birthday like this reminds us of values ​​that are important to us and that will be valuable to our beloved birthday girl as well.

Your innocent eyes and divine smile support my belief life is worth living in spite of all difficulties. Happy 1st birthday my daughter.

You’ve been lighting up our lives for 12 months, 12 months hearing your laughter, reveling in your smiles, 12 months during which, each passing day, Papa and I savor the immense chance to have you with us… Happy 1 year old my angel!

Little princess, today ‘you’ve been living at home for 1 year’. You can crawl and turn, we want to see a lot more of you. So let’s celebrate your day today because everyone likes you so much. We wish happiness and sunshine, time to dream and be a baby.

It seems that just yesterday we heard her first cry, which awakened in us new strength and spirit to live. This first year in which you are part of our lives was filled with many joys and surprises and we didn’t even see how quickly everything went by. But, yes, you complete your 1st year today!

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

As to-be parents, there is nothing more meaningful and overwhelming joy than having a child and his or her first birthday. Another thing is that no one remembers what happened on his first birthday. This marks this special moment when family, friends and dearest people celebrate the 1st birthday of this little child together. The 1st birthday wishes and messages are nothing but a magical way to express heartfelt feelings and love.

You will never be such a little boy again, enjoy the carefree years and be obedient. Happy 1st birthday!

Happy birthday, dear baby. All the selfies today are taken with the most handsome boy!

Happy birthday to the lovely and adorable one-year-old baby. You are the perfect family, the cutest child, and the kindest parents.

1st birthday wishes for boy
1st birthday wishes for boy

Your life may full of ups. Wish you to courageously handle all these challenges and remain positive at all times. Happy 1st birthday!

You are only a year old, but one look is enough to make people laugh and smile. Even one minute with you is the real happiness. Happy birthday!

After a long wait, you have entered this world, a real miracle for your parents. Always keep them happy and be an outstanding person. Happy first birthday!

Dear baby, your life will be full of finds, losses, and discoveries. I hope you never lose the nobility of your soul and kind heart. Happy 1st birthday!

May this date be a reason for sharing the bliss and happiness of the birthday boy and everyone around him.

My dear, I cannot say that the life’s hard times won’t touch you, but I promise that when life gets hard, I’ll always be there for you. Happy 1st birthday!

Today is your first birthday, a holiday just for you. I’m so glad to be able to share this with you and your family. You are our little sunshine that illuminates our lives. Happy birthday dear.

On your big day, I would love to congratulate you my cute little angel, we are two hearts, one soul. I want to know you that from now to forever, my heart will beat only for you. Happy 1st birthday!

You are growing every minute. I want you to always remain a baby, but I know that this is impossible. I am happy to be here for you and help you on your life’s journey around the world. Happy first birthday!

Congratulations to my baby who is now completing his first year of life. Time is passing too quickly and this is already scaring me. You’ve started to take your first little steps and very soon you’ll be running around the house and getting ready with your brothers. I am so grateful to God for the blessing of having you. Best wishes, my prince! Your queen will always look after and protect you.

You haven’t even completed your first year of life and I already feel that we have a lot in common. It looks like we can read each other’s minds! When tiredness hits and I can only think of lying down, you look at me with those huge, round eyes and it’s as if I received an injection of energy. You give me strength that I didn’t even know you had. Soon you will start to walk everywhere, talk and learn about the world and, at that time, we will finally spend hours talking about everything that comes to mind. I love you very much, son and I will do everything so that you have the best life possible. Congratulations on your first birthday!

Funny 1st Birthday Messages

What about the fun-free birthday? In a real sense, a birthday really means fun, food, drinks, and joy! These are some sweet and funny birthday wishes for 1 year olds, they may tickle the bones of the reader. Best wishes come from the bottom of the heart. You get a warm touch to all our wishes. You can use these messages and wishes as they are, or you can use them as inspiration for writing card messages for little one. We hope that with these 1st birthday wishes, your baby’s 1st birthday will be very spectacular and memorable. Happy birthday to your aspiring one-year-old baby, and congratulations to the parents on their first-year successes.

‘Hi to the first age, continue to be naughty …’ Happy birthday.

Forget about the newest iPhone. You are the whole family’s final obsession. Happy 1st birthday!

May this birthday be the best you’ve ever had … but wait … it’s the first!! Happy Birthday.

funny wishes for 1st birthday
funny wishes for 1st birthday

Well done … you’ve been supporting your parents for a year now! Another 17 years and you can finally move! Happy Birthday!

I am sending you an angel who will protect you all your life and make sure that you are always happy. Happy 1st Birthday!

Full hair and muscular body, young at heart and popular with women, enough about me, first of all about you: best congratulations – raise your beer!

‘When you were born, you became joy in our house, you became blessed and filled with happiness. I am glad you came to us, my dear baby. Happy birthday.

There is no other perfect gift for a baby who has already received the wonderful gift of the perfect genes. Happy 1st birthday to the little and cute one and the proud mom and dad!

What to Write In Daughter’s 1st Birthday Card

The attainment of a child, a couple changes their outlook towards life. It brings little happiness, emotions and sweet moments every day. Here we have prepared a list of some special and wonderful birthday wishes for 1 year old daughter. To congratulate your little princess on her first birthday, you choose the best message from the 1st birthday messages included in this list. When your daughter grows up and will be able to read them, then she will know their value and the love she has got on her 1st birthday.

A year has passed and you have arrived bringing joy, light, hope and a lot of love to the world! What a joy I feel to be able to see your evolution, your first achievements, your first discovery and your first perception of the world… Happy birthday, cute! May God bless you, may you be in good health and be surrounded by good-hearted people. May your life be full of happiness!

1st birthday wishes for baby girl
1st birthday wishes for baby girl

Wow! We left the era of the monthversaries to finally celebrate the years of life. But every month was very important, baby! Because it was the sum of them that brought you to your first year of life. Little daughter, may all your birthdays be reasons for much celebration and joy and may the little angels protect you every day, keeping your happiness and your smiling way. We love you so much. Happy Birthday Princess!

It’s her first year of life and everything enchants me, even what I’ve known all my life. It’s an adventure to have to explain which fruits are, teach the words and names of each color. Our family is very happy to have you by our side, and to bring so much delicacy to our lives. Happy Birthday my love! May you continue to be that person full of love to give!

1st Birthday Wishes for Son

Birthday gives parents an amazing opportunity to express their deep love and heartfelt feelings for their little boys. Here we have listed some of the most unique and wonderful 1st birthday message for son. These first birthday wishes for son from mother help you to send your best wishes and write a perfect birthday card message saying happy 1st birthday to my son.

A year ago, the happiest day of my life was when you were born. After that, my every day with your company became a part of the best phase of my life. happy Birthday my son.

It’s funny how time goes by and we don’t even notice, isn’t it? It seems that just yesterday we were waiting for your arrival, and today you are already completing a year in our lives! Happy 1st birthday, my love!

How lucky for me to have you as my angel for the rest of my life! Happy one year birthday, my son. May you grow up with great health and love to understand the true meaning of life and its joys.

As much as I wish you never really grew up, we’re here today, celebrating your first birthday! My son, may a true smile full of joy accompany you for many, many years. May you always be blessed with divine graces! Happy birthday, my angel!

My dear son, today we celebrate your first year in our lives. You came and changed us all. Your way of being teaches us a lot about life and about love. May you always be very accomplished in all your growth, my little one, my child. Happy Birthday!

Son, you were so desired, we are waiting for you with so much anxiety and love. Time passes very quickly. It seems like yesterday that you opened your eyes for the first time and then today you have completed your first year of life. May your paths be always illuminated and filled with love. Congratulations, beauty!

My son, today we celebrate a year that you have arrived in our lives, bringing love, light and hope to the whole family. Today is the day that joy took the form of an angel and descended from heaven for me to have the honor of calling it my son. Today is your birthday, my dear! Congratulations!

Son, since you were born a year ago, I was sure that I was meeting a being who would be my angel for the rest of my life. You are my peace and my strength. I will do anything for you, know that. May you be very happy and enjoy your moments with your family. We love you!

Son, today we complete one year with you by our side! A year since you were born and we have entered the best phase of our lives. Each new discovery of yours enchants our world to the full. I am your mother, so I will be your safe haven forever. May your life be beautiful, my son. Happy Birthday!

A year ago you were born and I was already the happiest mother in the world. Now that I have you healthy and happy in my arms I’m full and grateful to be able to reciprocate so much affection. Grow up well, remain a sweet, peaceful and active child. I’m still learning about what motherhood really is, but I found out from you that it’s wonderful. Congratulations my love! A big kiss, Mom!

Time passes so quickly that sometimes we don’t even notice it. Like today, son, for example, the day you’re completing your first year of life, and then I realize that time has just flown by pretty quickly. Thank God we always try to make the most of you, your moments and your development. Best wishes, my love! Today and always!

A year… My God, how quickly passes! I remember as if today was the first time we were able to contemplate his pretty face… It was one of the best sensations of our life! You are a gift straight from heaven! You are the prince who came to complete the family. May God bless and give you great health and infinite joy. Mom and Dad will always be by your side, ALWAYS! We love you!

Son, today is the happiest day of your life and mine too. It’s your birthday, a day to celebrate and give thanks. We raised a wonderful son, full of drive and courage, generous and who looks at the world without fear. That’s why we’re grateful. We didn’t do this work alone. You were the main actor, being the pride of any father and mother. Happy birthday, my son! And thank you for being such an amazing person.

I always dreamed of being a mother and decorating the first year of the love of my life. Look at us here, my son! Today it’s been 365 days since you came into the world. For exactly 8,760 hours I have felt like the most blessed woman in the world. You are a dream come true, my little big love! I wish you many achievements, many discoveries and may God also make the dreams you will have! Happy birthday, son!

My son, your one-year birthday is just the starting point for a long life full of joy. Time practically flies, and I want to fly this flight together with you. As long as you still don’t know how to guide your path, I’ll be by your side to help you every step of the way. And, even when you are able to take care of yourself, I will remain ready to help you with whatever it takes. Happy Birthday my baby. I love you!

Beautiful son, today it’s been a year since you arrived and changed my life and for that, I thank you every day. I celebrate your birthday as if it were mine, because that is how I feel when I look into your eyes and see the wonderful gift that God has given me. Know that I will do everything in my power to make your life a wonderful experience and be able to give you all the moments of joy that you so deserve. I love you very much and I will always be by your side for whatever you need!

Happy 1st Birthday Messages For Niece

1st birthday Wishes for Niece : The niece has a special place in the hearts of uncles and aunts. They are very dear to their niece. Do not let this opportunity go without celebrating your niece first birthday by expressing your love and heartfelt feelings. Here are the most beautiful and sweet 1st birthday wishes for niece to express your love:

You are one year old, time passed in an instant! Get bigger, keep growing, and stay happy and cheerful.

Your birthday should be full of bliss and sunshine today. And besides, be wonderful, you’re whole New Year of life!

A thousand colorful butterflies only wish you good things. Today is a special day on which happiness can be given to you!

It’s been a year since a little baby came along. Today full happiness shines back a thousand times to the 1st birthday.

Congratulations on your 1st birthday, my little miracle. Let me know if mom and dad aren’t particularly nice to you today, then I’ll scold them!

You are still a little boy. But the growth spurt is coming soon! Today I say it in one sentence: You are our greatest treasure.

The sun should shine for you today, and not a cloud of rain should cry. We wish you the very best for your birthday party today.

You are 1 year old now and have grown so much. But for me you’ll always remain the cute little rabbit that you are now. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations on completing 12 months of your little bundle of bliss and joy. I wish him and of course his parents a great start into their second year of life!

I wish you all the luck in the world and fantastic gifts for your 1st birthday. Is there actually baby food with the taste of a birthday cake?

With your sweet smile you get around everyone, joke, play and often fool around. May the New Year go on so that we always see you so happy.

The first year is already over, you don’t just walk and kick around. I can only congratulate you on your first birthday, you’ll continue to study the colorful world.

Your development is progressing rapidly, everyone in the family can only marvel at it. We wish you for the 2nd year of life the same curiosity as it was in the first.

I wish the sweet little bundle of joy all the best for her first birthday and I am sure that you will get lots of great gifts. Let mom and dad and grandma and grandpa pamper you today!

I’m not sure yet if you will travel to Mars or become a professional soccer player later, but I am already sure that you can do anything you want. You are a so special little boy. Congratulations on your 1st birthday!

1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt and Uncle

The bond between uncle / aunt and nephew is amazing. They share the most special moments with each other. Here are some special and best 1st birthday wishes for nephew.

Happy birthday, my coolest and cutest nephew I know!

Nephew is candor, the rest is excitement. Happy 1 year old.

I pray for a bright future on my little niece’s birthday.

You will be one of your aunt. Happy 1 year old nephew.

Hello to my nephew and hello to his new age. Happy 1 birthday.

The first year was fast, my nephew. Please try not to grow too fast!

A happy birthday for our little angel niece, we value you very much.

May you have healthy, happy and joyful lives. Happy 1 birthday to my nephew.

You were born into our world like the sun, my nephew. Happy birthday .

Happy birthday to the most beautiful nephew of this universe, with love and best wishes.

You’re like a princess, nephew. May all the beauties be with you. Happy 1st birthday.

You are a wingless angel sent to the world, nephew. Happy birthday my dear nephew.

I think we started to end the crying period slowly, my nephew. Happy 1 birthday.

I believe it’ll always be number one, no matter what you will be in life!

Your uncle will love you every day, not one day. Happy 1 birthday to my nephew.

Happy birthday to the cutest niece in the world! On this occasion, you all the best!

It is very nice to be with you in the first year, my nephew. Happy 1 year old.

You are the light of my life and my pride and joy. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece.

Good luck with your new age, little pasha. I hope you have a long life. Happy 1 birthday.

May your new age be beneficial, my nephew. I hope you will make us happier as you grow over time.

The joy of the house, the young man of your nephew, everything goes well as you wish throughout your life.

My nephew, you should walk, beautiful girls are waiting for you, where do they say this handsome man? Happy 1 birthday.

My nephew, your healthy birth made us very happy, you gave us joy. I hope you have peaceful days, happy 1 year.

No more crawling, let the walking era begin. After that, show us the power to blow the candle, my nephew. Happy 1 birthday.

I do not want you to know as my nephew does not know evil when he grows up. Happy 1 year old little man.

My niece, I would like to buy you a gift, but the real gift is that we see that you are healthy. Happy 1 birthday.

Congratulations on your new age, my nephew. Your crawling era is over now. Start the walk and see you walk and be excited and happy.

When you were born saying you were not tired of crying, you stepped into the age of 1, my nephew. Happy birthday you made us happy.

Let your best days pass happily and your parents educate you in the best way. You have become a big plane tree, little man. Happy 1 birthday.

Life is lived with a niece. A nephew is like a beloved, makes you laugh, makes you happy, a nephew is like medicine for boredom. Happy 1 birthday

Before you were born, you killed us out of excitement, my nephew. Though not as much as your mother and father, you brought us happiness even on the day I took you in my arms.

You were a small baby, time passes so fast that you are 1 year old now. As the age increases, the problems increase, God willing, God will not put you under any burden that you cannot bear. Happy 1 birthday.

Who is the cutest nephew in the family and who is having his first birthday? And who is the most owlish aunt on Earth? It will be a feast, for sure, with lots of sweets, but all in moderation, right? Just let’s not moderate the joy, kisses and wishes for happiness! Congratulations, my little reason! Auntie loves you very much.

1st Birthday Wishes for Friends’ Daughter

As we all know, one-year-olds cannot read and write, so you should focus on picking some 1st birthday wishes and messages, including words of appreciation to mom and dad. You can choose to tell the parents in the first birthday message that you found the child wonderful and interesting, or you can add some fun and humor to these messages to say happy birthday little princess to your friend’s daughter when his or her little princess turning one.

Today I am deeply happy, because my daughter celebrates her first birthday. I feel that life has been very much my friend for giving me such a beautiful girl. Congratulations to you, baby! I know it sounds strange, but I miss the time that I took you in my arms and loved your face. Time passes and a year is gone! Happy 1st birthday, my love!

1st birthday wishes for daughter
1st birthday wishes for daughter

Beautiful little baby, a year has passed since you came into our lives and made them rich with joy and love. Today you still cannot understand everything it means to us, nor why today we will all sing together for you. But what matters is that through your sweet smile we know that you feel loved and protected. Happy birthday, daughter! It is the first of many, and that is why it is so special, but we will be the ones who truly celebrate this first birthday. It was a wonderful, perfect, happy year, and now that the next ones come. We love you so much!

A year ago you arrived and so small and helpless, you were completely change my life for the better. Today I am another woman; today I am a happy mother. A year ago my whole world was transformed and in my heart was born a greater love than anything. For the moment I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, it was as if I too had been born again. Everything is different and better today, and everything for you, my angel, my baby. I love you today and forever. Happy 1st birthday, my love!

A year ago I finally met the face of the great love of my life. My daughter was born and a new woman and mother was born with her. There’s no way to explain what I felt, all the happiness and infinite love that settled in my heart. There are no words, just joy and so much happiness during that first year. My princess completes her first year of life, and I celebrate. She is my greatest gift in this life, and for her, for her happiness, I do anything. Congratulations, princess of my life! Mom loves you!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

As grandchildren, grandparents discovered a new way of life. The granddaughter’s first birthday is one of the most memorable moments and occasions of their life. The granddaughter may not remember anything about her first birthday, but as she grows up, she can be told through a few wishes, sermons, photos, and videotapes to make her feel how much she got loved on this special occasion. You can wish your granddaughter with messages on her first birthday. To write the first birthday messages on your card, take a look here at the 1st birthday wishes and messages for granddaughter from grandparents.

My dear grandchild, I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for your 1st birthday, good luck, and God’s blessings! May angels protect you in all your ways and keep every disaster away from you. I, too, will always hold my protective hand over you and try to always be there for you when you need me. Your grandma/grandpa…

Today you are one year old, little one. The first of a happy life surrounded by a lot of love. May you always keep that pure heart that enchants everyone and may you always be that happy and playful child we fell in love with. As your godmother, I wish you always the best, but today the congratulations are double! May your day be bright, my little one. Happy Birthday!

It has been nine months waiting for your arrival with your parents, and now it’s been a year since you’ve been bringing us joy every day. I was honored to be designated your godmother and I promise to be by your side for life. I wish you good health, and that your glow in your eyes never disappears. I wish that you always find happiness & you never lack for reasons to smile. Happy Birthday!

My little granddaughter completes the first twelve months of her life. How beautiful, wonderful, and charming she is! The light of my life, the greatest revelry of my days. Happy birthday, my angel! May joy always smile at you. May the God be constantly by your side and protect you. Grow healthy, well with everything around you. Having a granddaughter like you is the best thing that could have happened to me. Congratulations baby!

My dear grandchild, today the first candle is burning on your birthday cake! You will unpack your first birthday presents and marvel at them with big eyes. From now on you are no longer a little baby, but a one-year-old who learns and understands something new every day. Life is coming towards you in great strides and I am looking forward to being at your side. Enjoy this beautiful day in your own way and be sure that many more beautiful birthdays will follow. Wishing you all the best, good luck, and sunshine for your 1st birthday! Your grandmother/grandfather.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Baby

Birthday wishes and messages should come from the heart. With all your love, your 1st birthday wishes should be able to express how you feel about your friend’s one-year-old daughter or son and show that he or she is cute, beautiful, and respectful to you.

Chocolate cake and mountain of toys … the first birthday is always the best! Happy Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to the cute little one with the most devastating smile in the area!

I can’t believe you’re one year old. Be nice and curious and don’t bother your parent.

Congratulations, little fairy! You used your magic wand to successfully make all of us under your spell. Happy 1st birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday. 1 year old today
Happy 1st Birthday wishes, 1 year old today

When did a little pixie come and steal time, it seems that you are already one-year-old, so I wish you a wonderful birthday!

Today is your birthday. Let these memories of your 1st birthday become the brightest and sweetest for you. Happy 1st birthday!

You are only a year old, but all the women’s eyes in this room are riveted on you. Happy birthday, dear!

Happy birthday to the little magician… the one who, with a smile, takes all worries away! Happy birthday for your 1 year.

You can’t understand what others are telling you, but you can definitely feel the vibration of kindness, and goodness. Happy first birthday baby!

You won’t taste the birthday cake today, but I assure you that it was prepared with motherly care and fatherly warmth. Happy 1st birthday!

12 months ago, I was privileged to be the proud mother of a cutest baby. Please don’t grow slowly and always smile. Happy first birthday

My love for you is limitless, I am so happy I can watch you get older. Happy 1st birthday, let it be fun and healthy.

Today you can’t appreciate a real party, but as you get older and can view the photos, you will realize how cool your party was! Happy birthday baby.

Baby, you came into this world 12 months ago. May it always treat you kindly. May you only see the good and bright side of life. Happy birthday!

Your face is the cutest, eyes are filled with innocence. Let this innocence go deep into your soul, turn it into strength, and touch everyone’s heart. Happy first year.

Enjoy your first birthday my darling. This is the only one where you will be allowed to eat your cake with your hands, your face, and your feet … Happy birthday!

Dear baby, you are the biggest gift in our life from God, we all love you, cherish you and looking forward to see what a wonderful character you will become.

It seems to me, you were a newborn yesterday, and today you are one year old. As time goes by, my only wish is to live a fulfilling life! Happy birthday!

Little man/little princess. You will definitely never remember the taste of your 1st birthday cake…but I’m sure you will always be able to feel the tenderness and love of your parents who baked it affectionately. Happy 1st birthday.

Slowly, you will become a teenager, and there will be more and more problems. You can be obedient, amiable, considerate, or funny, but until then, I can enjoy your smile and hugs whenever I want. Happy first birthday.

All major holidays and all seasons hold no secrets for you. You have just experienced the craziest and most extraordinary 365 days of your life. Walking, teeth, language, love … so many discoveries! And I’m very happy to celebrate this important first anniversary by your side!

Birthday indicates the importance of the birthday person on that day, but the importance of some special people remains the same every day of life. We recognize the importance of that person every day, not just their birthday. Happy Birthday!

What to write in a 1st birthday card?

Do you think that through some sweet first birthday messages or wordings, you will be able to wrap your heartfelt love for the toddler in a greeting card, which can be preserved this day forever in the memory of this child’s parents? Here, we have listed some examples of sweetest 1st birthday messages for babies. You should share some lovely 1st birthday messages with a one-year-old baby and its parents possibly giving priority.

Today I get emotional when I celebrate the first year of my little one’s life. Happy birthday to the greatest love of my life! None of the gifts I give you can show even one percent the size of my love. You arrived and changed everything for the better! Thank you for that, my baby. I love you so much and I give my life for yours!

Congratulations on your first year of life, most beautiful baby! I wish you have so many things to celebrate and celebrate throughout your life… May your days be light, that your laughs remain spontaneous and that you have the health to give and sell! Happy one year. It’s exciting to see this little human being living in the purest and most innocent way!

Looking at you like that, so tiny and so innocent, I celebrate your first year of life wishing the world wasn’t so cruel to you. Looking deep into your eyes, I dream the best dreams for your life and hope that your feet travel the best paths. I will do everything to give you the best, because you are the best part of me. Happy birthday, my beloved baby!

I can’t believe how fast time went by. This year was very intense, it was such a beautiful year! Being able to accompany your growth is one of the greatest happiness of my life. Today you complete a year and I can only wish that time does not pass so fast so that I can accompany you every day. May you be very happy in this life that is beginning!

Today is your first birthday, it’s the first candle to be lit, although you still don’t understand anything about this celebration. You’ve just started to crawl, to feel things, and you’re starting to learn the syllables of words. This is the beginning of everything that you will build with the foundation and the love that your parents will give you. Happy one year of life!

May your first year be filled with love and care. You came into the world illuminating the lives of everyone around you. Now you have a whole life ahead of you and I’m sure it will be a beautiful life, with a lot of peace, health and happiness. May today’s day be celebrated, because you are a blessed baby who deserves all the love and affection in the world. Congratulations!

The cutest baby in the universe is having her first birthday today! It seems that it was yesterday that this blessing arrived and now it is beginning to try the first words and the first steps. Soon she’ll be running around the house and talking to everyone. I am very happy to be part of the growth of such a special being. Much health and may this be the first of many years of happiness.

1 year ago, you came into my life and brightened up all my days. Celebrating my baby’s first year has been one emotion after another. It’s great to see you grow up healthy and it’s been quite an adventure. You changed my life, my baby, and my love just grows more and more with each new day. I am very happy to be able to follow each of your steps. May your life be incredible and know that I will always be here. Congratulations!

A year of this enlightened child and how life took a turn and took on a meaning that no one had foreseen. We are celebrating not only this angel’s one year birthday, but also all the wonderful achievements and changes that came with baby’s arrival. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this child’s life will be filled with lots of love, health and incredible events. Celebrate this birthday a lot and live intensely every second of the life. Congratulations!

I am so happy to see you grow up that I would do it all again and go through everything I went through again. Honey, it’s been a year since this world came into existence. Congratulations on completing your first birthday! How is it possible that you have already known the four seasons? And the cold and the heat? Rain and sun? My baby, it seems that just yesterday I saw you being born and today you are already taking your first steps. May life always smile on you and also be your great friend. Adore you!

1 year ago, I got the greatest gift that God has given me. My baby came into the world, bringing with tremendous joy and happiness that I can hardly express. My baby arrived turning my world upside down. It was often difficult and required a lot from me, but everything is worth it when I look at my baby’s pretty face. You are the most important thing, my little baby and it is with great emotion that I celebrate your first year of life. I love you with all my heart! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your first year of life, my great little love! You are the cutest baby on the entire planet. I have no words to describe what I feel today. I just want to promise you that happiness will never be lacking as long as I exist. I want to see you play and have a lot of fun, not only today but every day of your long and beautiful life. I need to see you happy to find my own happiness too. Baby, there’s no way, I’m a mirror of what you are. Happy birthday, baby!

What to Write in Grandsons 1st Birthday Card

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Grandson: Celebrating a one-year-old baby’s first birthday is a very unique and special occasion. If you are a grandfather and grandmother, this occasion is even more important to you. It doesn’t matter that your grandson doesn’t remember his first birthday, can’t enjoy or even feel it, because he doesn’t know what is happening. However, after he grows up, your 1st birthday wishes can be read. Get the first birthday message to write in a birthday card from the list including some appropriate and profound words.

Today you are one year old, little one. The first of a happy life surrounded by a lot of love. May you always keep that pure heart that enchants everyone and may you always be that happy and playful child we fell in love with. As your godmother, I wish you always the best, but today the congratulations are double! May your day be bright, my little one. Happy Birthday!

Yes, son, it’s been a year since you came into this world. And you have been learning, getting to know yourself and discovering new things. The first year of life is perhaps the one with the greatest evolution in our life – there are many changes in a short time. Today we’re going to celebrate your life with great joy and think about many good energies for your new year. In your life, I will never let you lack love and support. Congratulations, my son!

You are the coolest baby I know. You are fun, curious, you play a lot and you are about to walk. Today is your 1st birthday and I know you still don’t understand this date, let alone what it means to all of us. When you read this message in the future you will know that we love you from the beginning and each day more and so it will be until beyond eternity. Congratulations! Be very happy, my son. Love you, your grandparents.

Just 1 year ago, God gave me a new reason to live—I would say it’s the biggest and the most important. My son, I vibrate with every new thing you learn and cry every tear that flows from your little bright eyes. Yes, I am a doting grandmother. I dedicate all my time to you, I make your wishes and I am delighted to see your smile. No problem, my biggest retribution is to see your little smile on your little face. Happy Birthday my love!

Congratulations to the great love of my life! Yes, my grandson, since your were born, my life has gained a new light, a renewed hope. Happy birthday, baby! I hope that your life is always a sea of happiness and joy, just the way you deserve. It’s just that you’re not just a wonderful grandson, it’s also the reason for seeing life with such generosity. Have a lot of fun today and remember that I will always be here. I hope you like your gift and that you play a lot, smile, laugh and jump until you fall asleep at the end of the day. Congratulations love!

It seems that it was in the blink of an eye that a year has passed and with it all the changes you have brought with you. In an instant you arrived and in the next it was the reason for my life. When I think about the day I received the news that you would come to the world and the changes that have happened since then, I hardly recognize the person you were. I am much happier because of you. This is the first of many birthdays and I hope that in all of you have only reason to celebrate. I love you very much, my baby.

Birthday Images for 1st Birthday

1st birthday wishes images and pictures to share with one year olds on their first birthday. Share these beautiful and amazing happy 1st birthday wishes images with your little one year old.

Birthday image for 1st birthday
Happy 1st Birthday images
Happy 1st Birthday Boy Wishes
Happy 1st Birthday, Boy Wishes
Birthday image for first birthday
Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Image
first birthday image for 1st birthday
1st birthday image for one year olds
first birthday wishes for babies
1st birthday wishes for babies
Happy 1st Birthday. 1 year old today
Happy 1st Birthday. 1 year old today
1st birthday wishes for boy girl
happy 1st birthday wishes for babies

A one-year-old child does not have enough sense to understand what happened on his or her first birthday, so for parents, the child’s 1st birthday is very special. Such children may not remember these celebrations, but when they grow up, they will certainly be able to read the greeting card messages and wishes given by you. Use these wishes and messages to write on a greeting card, or as text messages.

We hope you get the best first birthday messages out of these funniest and heart-melting 1st birthday wishes. If you are looking for happy 1st birthday messages to wish your daughter, son, nephew, niece, friend’s baby on his or her first birthday messages above-mentioned, help you to find the best first birthday message or get ideas to write a perfect first birthday greeting card message. Hopefully you have enjoyed these 1st birthday wishes and messages and shared with your one year old boy or girl.