150 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lovers to Express Deep Love

Romantic Birthday Wishes: Love is the most Ineffable thing in people’s life. You can do incredible things after falling in love, and love has the power to conquer everything. Each of us wants complete love without any conditions and limitations. If you feel loved, you must return your feelings. This is a very beautiful cycle. When it comes to the birthday of your lover, you should cherish him or her with the best romantic birthday love messages on his or her special day.

On this special day, your loved one really expects you on this day to have some special feelings and affection, and you should pay special attention to this special day because you have been waiting for a long time when you express sincere gratitude and warmly love you carry for him or her in your heart. It is very important to let your partner know how valuable your love is. Birthdays are a great opportunity to send them exciting lines of cute and romantic birthday love messages and never miss the opportunity to say him or her “happy birthday, my love”.

Here we have arranged for you an enormous and amazing collection of loving, cute, and romantic birthday messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife, or the love of your life. So that you can express love to your lover. These heart-to-heart birthday messages are perfect for expressing your special and heart-tingling birthday love wishes and help you to say a “happy birthday my love” in an elegant way.

Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • While everyone’s day begins with sunrise, mine begins with your smile. Happy Birthday my love.
  • By your side, even the sun looks dull. Thank you for bringing so many sparks into my life. Sweetheart, have a thunderous birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my beloved prince, love of my heart. May happiness be part of your life now and always!
  • Happy birthday, my love. I will thank God for having the joy of spending another year of your life to wish you to always be my great love.
  • Your love is always there to help me solve my problems. You are the sun of my days and that’s why I wish you a birthday as bright as you.
  • Happy birthday my Queen, I will ask God that this feeling I have for you never leave my heart because after meeting you I would not dare to love anyone else.
  • Love, if I am empty-handed it is because I prefer that you choose your gift yourself, for now the one I want to give you I carry inside my chest. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the best gift God has bestowed on me. And, on this special day, I therefore offer you all my love. Accept it with open arms and hug me tight. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Sweetheart, do you know that my love for you is growing every year? Imagine how much I will love you in 5, 10 or 15 years! I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday…
  • Happy birthday, darling. I Love you. I wish I could write it in heaven so everyone can see it but, instead, I’m going to hug and kiss you so you know how much you are loved.
  • On this special day, I just wanted to promise to always be there for you, to love you unconditionally and to support you in whatever you decide to do. I love you more than anything…
  • You are the blood that runs in my veins, you are this vital part which makes my soul complete… Without you, I could not survive. My precious angel, I wish you a very beautiful day.
  • Words fail me to express how I feel about you. But, my hugs will help you understand how much I love you. I wish you to be happy and fulfilled. Have a blessed day, my love.
  • Even the worst of times pass easily when you hold my hand. Even the darkest thoughts disappear when you smile. And my world starts to shine when you look into my eyes. Happy birthday dear!
  • Thanks to you, my life has meaning. You make me smile and your touch is a delicate proof of all the love you have for me. You are my best friend and my lover. Happy birthday my dear.
  • Happy birthday to the great love of my life. I adore you to infinity and I recognize that I am very happy to have you only to myself. My gift will be my promise to give my best so that you never stop loving me.
  • I am so proud to be your partner. Without your love, I don’t know how I would manage to live. Thank you for always being true to yourself and for supporting me in everything I do. Happy Birthday darling.
  • On this great day, I decided to make a list of all the reasons that make me love you. Then I had to give up because I realized that even if I spent the rest of my life listing your qualities, I would never see the end of them. I wish you a birthday as perfect as you!

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover

Romantic birthday messages for lover to say happy birthday my love in the most romantic way. Everyone in a relationship hopes to receive a romantic message on his or her birthday. Not all gifts, holidays, and friends in the world can replace the warmth and emotion brought by his or her partner’s message of love. If you forget to send a birthday message to your darling, you will hurt him or her a lot because the birthday person will take this as a sign of disinterest or even disenchantment.

  • Since you came to this world you were like an envoy from God to enlighten your family and now mine. I love you and wish you everything you deserve. Happy birthday!
  • Today, you are celebrating another birthday, and I thank God for being able to spend it with my love and enjoy your kisses and our wonderful relationship.
  • The best gift I can give you on your birthday is my eternal love, my infinite caresses, my hugs to protect you and my kisses to sweeten you. Happy Birthday love!
  • The more birthdays we spend together, our love grows stronger. Wish you all the best, and I am grateful for your presence because you make my life better.
  • Today, which is your birthday, I will make it the happiest day of your life. You deserve only the best for being the cute girl that you are. Thank you for being my love.
  • Happy Birthday my love! Since I don’t have much to give you, I give myself as a gift and I will be there to love you as long as you allow me. I love you!
  • So many love songs and none can express exactly what I feel about you. I can only say it with the clearest and most direct phrase there is: I love you my love, happy birthday!
  • All the flowers in the world would not be enough to show my love for you. Today that is your birthday, together with the chocolates that you like so much, I give you all my love.
  • A day like this cannot be the same as the others. Your birthday, my angel, is an important day that we will celebrate until dawn because you deserve fireworks and much more. Thank you for being born.
  • Your birthday is a very important day for me and I only wish the best in the world for you. I will be by your side to celebrate it and to give you all my love. Happy birthday my heart!
  • The day of your birth the angels gave you the beauty that you possess and with each birthday you celebrate your beauty only increases. I wish you only the best on your birthday and I give you all my kisses and hugs.
  • I want to give you my love as a birthday present along with my devotion and my loyalty. You are the man I want to have now and always in my life and I am happy to spend one more birthday with you.
  • Many kisses await you today that is your birthday my love. I wait for you with open arms and with my heart in my hand as the greatest gift I can offer you. You are my only love and you always will be.
  • Today that you celebrate one more year of my life, it is a joy for me to be able to have your love and share this special day with you. You are the love of my life and I hope to celebrate 100 more birthdays with you.
  • I know that you do not care about material things but you still deserve the best that I can offer you. I love you my queen and I wish you the best birthday ever. I will be with you so that we can both celebrate it properly.

Romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

To wish your boyfriend congratulations is much more special than in any other situation. For our love, the happy birthday comes loaded with love, affection and romanticism! To help you on this very special day, we’ve crafted some beautiful and most romantic birthday messages for your boyfriend. Be sure to congratulate your love! A congratulations full of feeling melts the heart of even the toughest boyfriends! Those who make us so happy deserve a special statement! With that in mind, here are some romantic birthday wishes for boyfriends that will make your great love sigh!

  • I can’t imagine a single second of my life without you. You’re perfect. Happy Birthday!
  • If there’s one good thing about getting older, it’s doing it with you. Happy Birthday my love!
  • The more the years go by, the more I love you. Have a great birthday my love!
  • Everything I love loses half of its pleasure if you are not there to share it with me.
  • Wish your birthday is wonderful, beautiful, and full of love… just like you! Celebrate, you deserve the best.
  • Happy Birthday my love. You are the smartest man I’ve ever known… at least since you chose me! Joke… happy birthday!
  • I love you my princess and wish you a happy birthday with sincerity and simplicity with this tender romantic birthday message.
  • All the wonders of this world are worth nothing compared to what my heart feels for you. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Happy birthday Love of my life, you will always be in my heart, no matter how strong the storm will hit our relationship.
  • Congratulations my love! You are a special boyfriend and I just wish your life would be filled with everything that makes you feel good.
  • A thousand cuddles to my beloved life that today turns [–] years! I wish you a splendid future. A magical future and with me!
  • As you celebrate your arrival in the world, know that no one will ever take your place in my heart. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Happy birthday to my life. Before I met you it was all dark and shady, since you entered me there is only light, love, and happiness.
  • My love, I wish you a very happy birthday, you are my source of happiness, you bring me sweetness and you fill my heart with love.
  • I could not forget this day, especially since the day I met you, your birthday is not a normal day, because you were born, who are so special.
  • Even if you are getting old to me you will always remain the most wonderful, charming and sweetest man on the face of the earth. Happy Birthday my love!
  • The best word I hear from you every night is: I love you. I wish I could live the rest of my life with your love and affection. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Maybe I can’t give you the most beautiful gift, but these sincere words and prayers from the heart can make us love each other and be together forever. Happy birthday to you.
  • A year that passes full of memories and emotions. A year lived in full happiness and in the embrace of one whom I love. Best wishes for this day and for a thousand like this.
  • The best day of my life is not when I met you: the most beautiful day of my life is when you were born, when the person who manages to give me new emotions, joy and happiness was born. Happy Birthday my love!

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Romantic happy birthday messages for a boyfriend can be your reference for wishing a happy birthday to a girlfriend who is full of love. Birthday is a special moment for everyone, including your loved ones, namely your girlfriend. Feel like wishing a happy birthday with that special touch of love and affection? So come see this selection of romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend. Your girlfriend will love it!

  • I crossed the oceans of time to find you. Happy birthday love.
  • Another hundred birthdays like this. With me. With you. With our love. Where I have to sign?
  • Do you believe in miracles? I do, because I found you! Happy birthday to my special love.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find enough words to exalt the wonderful person you are. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Today is your day, and just like you, everything will be beautiful and special. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Congratulations love, you deserve all the good that life has to offer. I’m grateful to be my boyfriend. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, love of my life! My biggest wish is to make you happy every day, especially on your birthday. Love you!
  • When I think of happiness, I think of you. Happy birthday to the person who made me better. I love you!
  • Congratulations my love! Today is your day, but every day is special to you. Thanks for completing me. Have a great birthday.
  • I’m not very good with words, but know that I love you with a true and sincere love. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Congratulations, future mother of my children! May fate continue working in our favor and reserve many good surprises for us. I love you more every day.
  • Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you. Loving you is a privilege, being loved by you is a dream come true. Happy Birthday my love!
  • It’s so easy to love you, with your always affectionate way and with that smile that makes me in love. Congratulations on your birthday, I love you more every day!
  • Happy birthday, my princess. May this day be repeated over and over again and may I continue to say in all of them: congratulations, my love. I love you my angel.
  • Do not tell me your years, do not remind me of your days, just tell me that you love me, the rest does not matter because for me you are eternal. Happy Birthday.
  • I know you pretend nothing has happened and you don’t like celebrating your birthday, but you can’t stop my heart from beating fast for you on this special day. Happy Birthday my love!
  • May this wonderful night full of shining stars make you have the best birthday of your life, together with the person who loves you most in the world, that is me. Happy birthday!
  • The whole world should celebrate today the good fortune of having you … but I more than any other, because I love you and you love me! Happy birthday wishes with all my heart!
  • Happy birthday, honey! I’m the luckiest person in the world to date you; for having your hand caress my face when I need it most; to get your eye’s attention when my ego screams lack!
  • The owner of my happiness is you, my smile is yours. I will do everything to make this day very special for you, just as you make all my days special. Happy birthday, my life!
  • It is impossible to find the right words to make you understand how much I love you, but know that you are the person I care about the most in the world. Happy Birthday my love!
  • You are an angel who came down from heaven to make my life happier. Today, on your birthday, I hope I can repay at least a little bit of that happiness. Congratulations, love of my life!
  • Happy Birthday, my eternal girlfriend! You made me wake up to the most intense and incredible sensations of this life and I’ll never get tired of thanking God for you exist and for having you for me.
  • Today I thank heaven for your existence, after all, without you I would not have become the man I am today. I ask God to give you many years of life, and that we can achieve our dreams together. Congratulations love!
  • It is dawn and I am awake, sitting on the bed and my thoughts are all for you. Today is your birthday and I want to give you a unique and special gift, I want to promise you that I will always be by your side, that this can be the most romantic of birthdays.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Happy birthday my best friend, my love, my accomplice, my confidant, my soul mate, my everything.
  • To the woman who revolutionized my life, to my partner and my greatest love, many happy birthday wishes!
  • I would like to turn back the clock so that I have more time to love you. Happy Birthday my love!
  • We will continue to grow old together and I believe there is nothing more beautiful! Happy birthday love of my life.
  • To the one I love, to the one I hope to live with until my last breath, to you, happy birthday.
  • I wish you all the love, kisses and hugs you deserve! See you tonight to receive all this from me! Happy birthday!
  • When we are together, an hour is like a minute. But when we are apart, one minute is like a year! Happy birthday, my dear prince.
  • You know you are always in my heart but today even more than the other days! Happy birthday. See you tonight to celebrate together!
  • My birthday recipe: A big kiss and intense hug, a little reminder, I love you every day of the year more than words can express.
  • Happy birthday to the person who made my life a wonderful romance. You are the love of my life. I wish you the most fabulous of days.
  • Happy Birthday my love. It is impossible to express in a few words all the love I feel for you … I can only thank you for all the smiles you give me.
  • They say that love has no age: I love you today, I loved you yesterday, I will love you tomorrow and in 30 years! Happy birthday to the best man in the world.
  • I just wanted to tell you that I am happy to have found the man who managed to make my heart beat every time I think of you… even by writing this message. Happy birthday!
  • One more birthday for you and one more year of happiness by your side. You are the best gift that God has bestowed on me. I only hope to accompany you on all the birthdays that lie ahead.

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Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

  • This day just for you, I will spend it covering you with kisses. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Since we met, my life has changed, you my love have given meaning to my existence. Happy Birthday darling.
  • On this birthday, I would like to cover you with loving smiles, sweetness and soften your heart with all my sensitivity as a loving man.
  • Best birthday wishes to my wife, mother of my children and princess of my nights. I love you passionately my wife so sweet and intelligent.
  • I will love you more every year. Remember that your most beautiful years are still ahead of you. I will be all up and down and in between. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday my love, to you who are special and unique. Even if time passes, you remain unique and beautiful, and I can only love you more every day!
  • Celebrating the years that pass is important, because it means remembering the time that has passed together. Another new year for you, which becomes more and more extraordinarily beautiful! Happy Birthday!
  • This humble admirer wishes you the best on your birthday. You know that you have my heart and that as long as I live you will have my full attention. Happy birthday, Beauty!
  • It warms my heart to think that your birthdays mark not only your life, but also mine, today and again for many, many years. Best wishes my love and a thousand of these days, together!
  • Happy birthday my angel. You are a special being, one of the truest and most sensitive souls I have ever known. I can’t put into words how you are important to me. Happy birthday love.
  • You are the reason why life makes sense. My love, I love you and I hope you have a thousand more birthdays, I want to celebrate them all with you and make you as happy as you make me. Happy Birthday love!
  • Happy birthday sweetie! You know I love you? You are the true gift this day. I will strive to make this birthday unforgettable, because you are. May God take care of you today and always and allow us to continue living our love.
  • You are the woman of my life, I have no doubts about that, and celebrating one of your birthdays is one of the things that I thank God most for. Happy birthday, my Queen, none of the gifts I have prepared compares to the great love I feel for you.
  • Love, celebrating your birthday is a gift because you are the person I love the most. I know that many more years await you to live and I want to be in each of them to love you and make you happy. May God allow me, never forget how much I love you, happy birthday.

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Him

  • Life is a path that I want to walk with you. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Happy Birthday my love! I wish you a lot of success, achievements, health and peace.
  • Congratulations my love! May your life be filled with the same happiness you provide me.
  • Happy Birthday my love. Only someone as special and important as you deserves to be celebrated every day!!!
  • Happy Birthday my love! May your life be rich in health, peace, happiness, fulfilled dreams and much prosperity!
  • My love. How lucky I am to have you, you who make me so happy! Happy birthday my dear!
  • I am so proud to share my life with you and to be able to share moments like this. Happy birthday my love!
  • Congratulations my love and never forget how much I love you and how happy I am to be by your side.
  • Congratulations love! Your life is part of mine, your joy also makes me happy. May your victories be enormous and may God’s blessings always behold you!
  • Even though we are far away, on your birthday, I pray that God will always take care of you for me and our love. Happy birthday dear!
  • From you I only want what I already have: your love, your company, your affection and support. And may you be very happy, today and always! I love you.
  • Happy Birthday my Prince. May this day be repeated over and over again and may I continue to say in all of them: Congratulations my love. I love you my angel.
  • To a great person for whom my love is sincere, on this special day all my thoughts are with you. Happy birthday to you my love who fills me with happiness.
  • Thank you for being in my life and being a wonderful person who accompanies me. I wish you many years of life and I hope that all these years are by my side!
  • Today is not a day like many others, today is the birthday of the most special person in my world, to whom I want all the good in the world. Best wishes! Happy Birthday my love!

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Her

  • Congratulations love. Happiness, health, money and many good moments for us to share together!
  • The greatest gift I ever received was you! You are a dream come true! Happy Birthday!
  • Even if flowers don’t celebrate birthdays, you are the only exception! Happy birthday, my delicate little flower.
  • Time makes us grow and shapes us to make us more beautiful every day. Happy Birthday love.
  • Happy Birthday my love! I wish your days to be very happy, especially with me by your side.
  • May you keep that beautiful smile always and never lose that sparkle in your eyes. Congratulations my princess!
  • Time passes, but to a woman like you, it can only make you more and more beautiful and fascinating. Congratulations!
  • My happiness begins with your smile. I hope I can spend many more wonderful moments with you like this. Happy Birthday my love!
  • My love, I wish you much peace, happiness and many years of life. Have a happy birthday, I love you with all my heart!
  • Happy Birthday my love! I wish you a happy birthday and a long and happy life; and that I am always part of it, of course.
  • The years we spend together are like a piggy bank: the more time passes, the more it becomes more precious. Happy Birthday my love!
  • I collected my happiness, wrapped it in magic paper and put it on the wings of my love so that it can fly to you! Happy birthday!
  • You are my first thought in the morning and the last in the evening. I wish you a happy future and possibly with me. Happy Birthday my love!
  • Angels also celebrate birthdays, the proof of that is you. Congratulations my love! Congratulations for another year, congratulations for brightening the day of all the people who are by your side!
  • Happy Birthday my love! My feeling for you is so big and intense, so strong my heart beats just thinking about you, it’s hard to believe that our relationship is so recent.
  • Today is a day of celebration. I want to give you all my love, my fidelity, the years of my life and the hand that will support you forever. I love you.
  • I am very happy with you, more than I ever imagined I would be. All I want is for you to be as happy or happier than that, today and forever! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my love! Today is a great day and I take this opportunity to say how much I wish you always in my life, may God pour out all his blessings on you today and always.
  • You complete me. I love you. And more than by your side, I want you in my life. I’m with you. Today. Tomorrow. Ever. Congratulations my love, not only for being your birthday, but for being who you are.
  • Today the sky has dawned bluer, the sun is shining brighter and the roses perfume the air with their sweetest scent, all because it’s your day. Even nature wanted to give you a gift! I wish you a very happy and loving day! Congratulations!
  • I have a warm heart just thinking that your birthdays also mark my life, and make it full of joy and I consider myself happy to be together with a beautiful person like you. Best wishes my love and a hundred of these days together.

Final Thoughts on Romantic Birthday Wishes

Not everyone is so lucky to have a selfless love and a romantic partner. In fact, you are very lucky that you have been blessed to have such a loving partner in your life. Having such a person always means being with you in your difficult times. A person who can make your life meaningful and worth living. Your lover is someone who always puts some extra effort to ensure your happiness. There may be many ups and downs in the journey of life with your loved one, many failures along the way. To make this relationship infinite, let your love flow into your life and ensure to fill it with some romantic memories.

Take the opportunity to add more sweetness to life by incorporating some romance into your relationship on each other’s special days, such as birthdays. Never give people who love life a chance to let them know that they already know their special day. Never give any opportunity to know your partner that you already know about his or her special day. We hope that these romantic birthday love messages will help you to express the most sincere and heartiest feelings and venerable love to the most precious people in your life, who are the most loved ones in your life.

We hope you have enjoyed these happy birthday love messages and got ideas for what to write in a birthday love card message to say happy birthday my love on the special day of your lover. Have a special happy time together!