150+ Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend (Romantic and Emotional)

Birthday wishes for boyfriend : Beautiful happy birthday wishes and cute long birthday messages with beautiful images for the man you love. No other day can be more special than the birthday of a person. And when it comes to your boyfriend’s birthday, you do not want to let this day pass without wishing him a sweet and romantic happy birthday. The man you love deserve some cute and lovely words on his special day. Therefore, you need to find some emotional, most romantic and cute happy birthday messages for boyfriend. No matter how special your plans are to impress your boyfriend, but without wishing him a happy birthday in the first 60 minutes, everything will be meaningless.

Saying “Happy birthday” to him with some special words or funny and romantic birthday wishes can becomes a sweet and unforgettable moment for him, just like you. On your lover’s special day, for your perfect expression, nothing could be better than your funny, emotional, romantic or heartfelt birthday wishes. If you are short of some special words, or don’t know how to write birthday card messages for your boyfriend? Or looking for some special cute and romantic words to wish your boyfriend?

We have here some touchy, impressive and funny birthday wishes for your boyfriend along with cute long birthday phrases for boyfriend that will make your lover feel different and feel the warmth of your love. Say happy birthday to the man you love with these sweet, cute and long birthday wishes. Make the most of this opportunity by using these unique birthday wishes messages and let him know how special this day is to you.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Life is a path that I want to walk with you. Happy Birthday my love!

I wish you a day that is as beautiful and unique as you are: Happy birthday!

Feel firmly kissed and cuddled for your birthday! All the best for your new year of life.

Birthday Wishes for BF
Birthday Wishes for BF

May this beautiful and special day of your birthday be the beginning of a year full of beautiful memories, wonderful moments and bright dreams.

The most magical birthday wishes for a magical lover! All love from the heart; stay healthy and stay yourself!

A year older again? Don’t worry, because you are just a great love who cannot be touched by the years of life. Congratulations!

Congratulations my love! May your life be filled with the same happiness you provide me.

Happy Birthday my love! I wish you a lot of success, achievements, health and peace.

My love. How lucky I am to have you, you who make me so happy! Happy birthday my dear!

Happy Birthday my love! May your life be rich in health, peace, happiness, fulfilled dreams and much prosperity!

I am so proud to share my life with you and to be able to share moments like this. Happy birthday my love!

Happy Birthday my love. Only someone as special and important as you deserves to be celebrated every day!!!

Congratulations my love and never forget how much I love you and how happy I am to be by your side.

Even though we are far away, on your birthday, I pray that God will always take care of you for me and our love. Happy birthday dear!

Congratulations love! Your life is part of mine, your joy also makes me happy. May your victories be enormous and may God’s blessings always behold you!

Happy Birthday Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Boyfriend

Thank you for being in my life and being a wonderful person who accompanies me. I wish you many years of life and I hope that all these years are by my side!

Happy Birthday my Prince. May this day be repeated over and over again and may I continue to say in all of them: Congratulations my love. I love you my angel.

From you I only want what I already have: your love, your company, your affection and support. And may you be very happy, today and always! I love you.

To a great person for whom my love is sincere, on this special day all my thoughts are with you. Happy birthday to you my love who fills me with happiness.

Today is not a day like many others, today is the birthday of the most special person in my world, to whom I want all the good in the world. Best wishes! Happy Birthday my love!

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Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Happy birthday to you with all my love! I will be by your side when you need me. I wish you happiness and love you more year after year!

This birthday greeting expresses how deeply I love you. In my calendar, you are the same young and charming, and this special year seems to make you more beautiful and charming.

No matter how the space changes, you will never get out of my sight; no matter how time changes, you will never escape my thoughts! Happy birthday baby on this special day!

long emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend
long emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend

Because of your arrival, this day has become a beautiful day, and the world has become more attractive since then. Happy birthday to you! With my loyal love, I wish you a happy birthday!

Today with you, the world is more exciting, today with you, the starry sky is more brilliant, today because of you, the world is warmer, today because of you and I feel happier, happy birthday.

I will not forget this special day today. I specifically asked the sun to sprinkle happiness on you. I also specifically asked the moon to give you a sweet dream tonight. I wish you a happy birthday.

Relaxation means not being tired; carefree means, letting go of tiredness; happiness means beautiful mood; happiness means eating more and sleeping more; friendship means, greetings follow: it’s your birthday, I wish you a new year, and Successful meeting!

The dawn of dawn, happiness is by your side, the sun is shining brightly, and the smile is in your heart. Friends who care about you sincerely wish you a happy and always happy birthday on this day.

At this very warm moment, I would like to offer you a glass of wine, together with my heartfelt blessings, the gifts are not expensive but the love is precious. I wish you a sweet, warm and happy birthday.

Love you don’t need words, let your thoughts float in the sky, your figure drifts in your dreams, your caring mood is entangled with sweetness, even if you wait for a century, I will still stand in place and love you as always! Happy birthday!

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Everything I love loses half of its pleasure if you are not there to share it with me.

I can’t imagine a single second of my life without you. You’re perfect. Happy Birthday!

The more the years go by, the more I love you. Have a great birthday my love!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend
Romantic Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

All the wonders of this world are worth nothing compared to what my heart feels for you. Happy Birthday my love.

If there’s one good thing about getting older, it’s doing it with you. Happy Birthday my love!

Wish your birthday is wonderful, beautiful, and full of love… just like you! Celebrate, you deserve the best.

I love you my princess and wish you a happy birthday with sincerity and simplicity with this tender romantic birthday message.

Happy Birthday my love. You are the smartest man I’ve ever known… at least since you chose me! Joke… happy birthday!

Congratulations my love! You are a special boyfriend and I just wish your life would be filled with everything that makes you feel good.

Happy birthday Love of my life, you will always be in my heart, no matter how strong the storm will hit our relationship.

A thousand cuddles to my beloved life that today turns [–] years! I wish you a splendid future. A magical future and with me!

As you celebrate your arrival in the world, know that no one will ever take your place in my heart. Happy Birthday my love!

My love, I wish you a very happy birthday, you are my source of happiness, you bring me sweetness and you fill my heart with love.

Happy birthday to my life. Before I met you it was all dark and shady, since you entered me there is only light, love, and happiness.

birthday wish for boyfriend
birthday wish for boyfriend

The best word I hear from you every night is: I love you. I wish I could live the rest of my life with your love and affection. Happy Birthday my love!

I could not forget this day, especially since the day I met you, your birthday is not a normal day, because you were born, who are so special.

Even if you are getting old to me you will always remain the most wonderful, charming and sweetest man on the face of the earth. Happy Birthday my love!

A year that passes full of memories and emotions. A year lived in full happiness and in the embrace of one whom I love. Best wishes for this day and for a thousand like this.

Maybe I can’t give you the most beautiful gift, but these sincere words and prayers from the heart can make us love each other and be together forever. Happy birthday to you.

The best day of my life is not when I met you: the most beautiful day of my life is when you were born, when the person who manages to give me new emotions, joy and happiness was born. Happy Birthday my love!

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Long Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Because of you, the birthday fireworks are particularly beautiful, because of you, the birthday dinner is particularly sweet, and because of you, the birthday bell is particularly loud. Because of you, birthday becomes more meaningful, my dear, happy birthday, happiness forever.

The warm candlelight lights up for you, and the old days emerge in your mind; hold your hands tightly on your chest; silently make a wish for yourself; wish the blessing text messages come true; wish the happy birthday forever.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

You are a warm lotus pond, and I am a rushing creek. In order to be affectionate, we have combined sweetness; the nutrition you give you leaves me friendship; the beauty of your blooming, I harvest is joy! Happy birthday dear!

Blessings are like a cool elixir, driving irritability in the dark; greetings are romantic sails, which will show gentleness to your heart’s content; friendship is boundless sweetness, signing a happy order for you, greetings. Words will render your mood; Happy birthday!

Because of you, love never leaves; because of you, life has miracles. There is no need for affectionate words to love you, as long as we keep walking hand in hand, it is enough. Happy birthday, dear wife, let love accompany us forever.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Nice people don’t age, they become a classic. Happy Birthday!

If life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to a person we can never say: died too young!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy Birthday! May God give you a gift, because I’m not going.

Just like a good wine, you are aging better and better. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The day is yours, but the party is ours, let’s celebrate!

In the absence of love and affection: lots of beer and wine. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. And remember: if you have cake at your party, I’ll stay longer!

You are like wine: it doesn’t get old, it just improves in the vintage! Congratulations!

Congratulations to you, I just came to eat and the gift is good, I forgot to bring it! Happy Birthday.

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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Today, you are celebrating another birthday, and I thank God for being able to spend it with my love and enjoy your kisses and our wonderful relationship.

Since you came to this world you were like an envoy from God to enlighten your family and now mine. I love you and wish you everything you deserve. Happy birthday!

Emotional Birthday Messages for Boyfriend
Emotional Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

The best gift I can give you on your birthday is my eternal love, my infinite caresses, my hugs to protect you and my kisses to sweeten you. Happy Birthday love!

Today, which is your birthday, I will make it the happiest day of your life. You deserve only the best for being the cute girl that you are. Thank you for being my love.

The more birthdays we spend together, our love grows stronger. Wish you all the best, and I am grateful for your presence because you make my life better.

Happy Birthday my love! Since I don’t have much to give you, I give myself as a gift and I will be there to love you as long as you allow me. I love you!

All the flowers in the world would not be enough to show my love for you. Today that is your birthday, together with the chocolates that you like so much, I give you all my love.

So many love songs and none can express exactly what I feel about you. I can only say it with the clearest and most direct phrase there is: I love you my love, happy birthday!

A day like this cannot be the same as the others. Your birthday, my angel, is an important day that we will celebrate until dawn because you deserve fireworks and much more. Thank you for being born.

The day of your birth the angels gave you the beauty that you possess and with each birthday you celebrate your beauty only increases. I wish you only the best on your birthday and I give you all my kisses and hugs.

Your birthday is a very important day for me and I only wish the best in the world for you. I will be by your side to celebrate it and to give you all my love. Happy birthday my heart!

I want to give you my love as a birthday present along with my devotion and my loyalty. You are the man I want to have now and always in my life and I am happy to spend one more birthday with you.

Today that you celebrate one more year of my life, it is a joy for me to be able to have your love and share this special day with you. I hope to celebrate 100 more birthdays with you.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Many kisses await you today that is your birthday my love. I wait for you with open arms and with my heart in my hand as the greatest gift I can offer you. You are my only love and you always will be.

I know that you do not care about material things but you still deserve the best that I can offer you. I love you my queen and I wish you the best birthday ever. I will be with you so that we can both celebrate it properly.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I think you are the most lingering, no matter how far apart we are, how bumpy the road ahead is, I just want to say: You are the love and greatest happiness of my life. Happy birthday to you.

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There can be no better way than these sweet, beautiful, and romantic birthday wishes to make your lover feel your genuine, candid love. Keeping in mind your needs of these birthday wishes messages, nothing can be simpler, surprising and effective than these romantic happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend. No matter how near or far you are, these long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend help you to send your best wishes to your boyfriend who is far away from you.

There are many ways to make your boyfriend feel more special on his birthday. Beautiful Happy Birthday wishes, Quotes, messages and images for your boyfriend. There are some special ways to celebrate the birthdays of your boyfriend. The most elementary way is to bless him with the most suitable, emotional, funny, cute long happy birthday wishes messages. These wordings has a special power to express your heartfelt feelings and make them feel the warmth of love. Don’t forget to use these sweet and unique birthday wishes messages for boyfriend to say happy birthday the man you love in the most touching and romantic way.

On the birthday of the man you love, express your heartfelt feelings, reverential love with these happy birthday text messages for boyfriend and make your lover feel happy and hug, as the special words have the potential to touch a person’s soul. We hope you have enjoyed these cute long birthday messages for boyfriend and you may have better know what to write in birthday card messages to say happy birthday to the man you love. You can share these massages through facebook, twitter, whatsaap etc.