200+ Funny Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes: Witty and funny birthday messages and greetings with beautiful images allow you to wish your friends, family, or loved ones a happy birthday in a fun way. Humorous birthday wishes are never boring and customary. Add some sense of humor and a little bit of wisdom to these funny birthday messages to make them more fun.

Along with being funny, these may help you to make your family members, friends, and loved ones laugh and grin. It seems that people have forgotten to laugh in their busy and hurried life, so most people like things that give them a reason to laugh. Some funny happy birthday wishes, messages and quotes can make them laugh on their special day.

But have you ever thought of making the birthday person feel very special, by finding funny things to write in a birthday card to wish him or her rather than just spending this big day uselessly? Funny birthday wishes and messages have another unique effect. If it helps to make people laugh while maintaining its maturity, it is absolutely memorable. Check out these funny birthday wishes.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Your good mood is so contagious, that even the dullest day with you becomes radiant.

My birthday gift to you will be a fan, to help you blow out so many candles! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, I have nothing more to say. I’m here to taste your birthday’s delicious cake.

funny birthday wishes
funny birthday wishes

My birthday gift to you will be a fan, to help you blow out that much candles! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to you, I just came to eat and the gift is good, I forgot to bring it! Happy Birthday.

They say that people get more beautiful over the years. What happened to you? Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is always special to me as it reminds me that I am younger than you. Happy Birthday!

Don’t worry about old age! She is like a second childhood, only hairless and teeth less. Happy Birthday!

I forgot your present, but I didn’t forget you, ok? I think about you more than material things. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations and that on this special date you receive many gifts from others, because mine, I forgot to buy!

Then? Are you starting to feel old age? Because I believe that the weight of the candles exceeds that of the cake.

Today is your birthday, I know you asked for a gift, but forget about it, let’s think about the future! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on the new age! From now on, avoid going to museums, as they might confuse you with an antique.

Congratulations and that on this special date you receive a great number of gifts from others, because mine, I forgot to buy!

It’s your birthday buddy! A match? A lighter? No, but we’re going to need a flamethrower to light all the candles on your cake!

On a date as special as this, more important than giving a gift is being there, that’s why I didn’t bring anything. Happy Birthday!

To succeed in life it is important to be smart, handsome and have real friends. Well, at least real friends you have! Happy Birthday!

I could wish you a lot of things for your birthday, but what I most want is for you to remember that my favorite cake is the chocolate one.

They say that money doesn’t bring happiness, so, as a gift it costs money, I didn’t buy it for you, because I just want your happiness! Happy Birthday.

A hint of gaiety, a tear of tenderness and the accompaniment of spirit friends. This is the perfect cocktail to celebrate a vintage event: Your birthday. Happy birthday!

Today is your birthday, I decided to give you a gift, you can just ask it, as long as you like I will buy it for you, why don’t you mention it, okay, and then I can only give it next year is you.

Funny Birthday Messages

Some people find it very difficult to make others laugh. Considering the significance of the birthday of a loved one, here are some fun ways to say “Happy Birthday” in the form of some funny birthday wishes, messages, and quotes. These funny happy birthday messages will help you to greet your beloved birthday boy or girl on their special day in a funny way.

You are probably getting older now in terms of age. Happy birthday to my young nephew.

Now you are a year older again – you will soon overtake me in age. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to someone who endures your hiccups, farts, scratches, and hogging the remote!

happy birthday funny
happy birthday funny

You are my best nephew, and don’t ever tell anyone, they will be jealous. Happy birthday, nephew.

Now you can ditch the non-alcoholic cocktail and finally have a real cocktail! Greetings to your newfound freedom!

There are certain things in life that are funny. And you are one of trillions of cute creatures. Happy birthday my nephew!

Years go by but you are always a child! But when will you settle down? Maybe never. Happy birthday and be good.

You know I like to stand out? How to be outstanding. May these belated happy birthday blessings be as exceptional as I am!

How fast you grow. One hand is not enough for you to count all your years! But, you still have another hand. Happy Birthday.

I thought of several phrases to write to you for your birthday and in the end after a sleepless night I found this: happy birthday!

The back is crooked, the hair is shrinking, and shoes can hardly be tied. Nevertheless, we are already looking forward to your next birthday party!

Celebrate today as if there was no tomorrow, after all, now you enter adulthood and irresponsibility will be charged. All kidding aside, enjoy your day!

Look at your little hands. Count on your fingers to three and you will see how many years you have been precious to me. Happy Birthday!

A late birthday message means I know the right date so well that I can forget it and then remember it without any notification from social media!

You are finally old enough to forget the stress and the hustle and bustle. Ok, at your age you will likely forget a lot more. Nevertheless, congratulations!

When your birthday is approaching, I would like to know what gift you should give me. Finally, let me come up with a sentence with a unique content: “Pig” wishes you a happy birthday! Plus the “Almighty” package!

Happy birthday, I wish you look up today and see Cupid, go out to meet a big beauty, bow your head to pick up a bundle of hundred dollar bills, go home and step on stinky shit! Ha Ha!

Hey! Congratulations on winning the first special prize of our company. The prize is a sentence of “Happy Birthday” and a birthday song. Your award will have someone to serve you, thank you for your participation. I wish you “Happy Birthday”.

Today is your birthday. I will send you a bouquet of roses. Rely on it; give you a big peach blossom, it always depends on it; give you a bunch of lilies, hope to be together for a hundred years; give you a bowl of tofu flowers, laugh after eating!

You know well that I am not very romantic, nor do I express my feelings easily, but this time I can make an exception to the rule. Now I should tell you that you are good, wish you the best and blah blah blah etc. etc. and thousands more speeches. Congratulations! Come on, you know that deep down I love you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Him

Party as hard as you want, just don’t lose the ring, please. You aren’t getting a second one. Happy birthday.

You are an amazing person because you are flirtatious, impressive, charming, amazing, and alluring. Happy Birthday.

You annoy me, frustrate me, and piss me off. This is the way I want it for the rest of my life. Happy birthday my love.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Honey, I hope you have a magical birthday because there will be no magical birthdays after marriage. Happy birthday!

On your special day, I wish that you smile from ear to ear as long as you live. Have a blast. Happy birthday.

I always wanted a sassy life partner, but it seems like I have landed up with a saint. Jokes apart, happiest birthday darling!

Until we get married and are officially allowed to forget each other’s birthdays, here’s wishing you a very happy one. I love you.

Happy birthday to the newfound love in my life. I want to grow old with you because we will get double the senior citizen benefits.

I know that no birthday present is enough for you because life has given you the best gift – me. Happy birthday, dear future husband!

Happy birthday, husband. It may be old, but look at the bright side. You have a wonderful and beautiful wife to be with you (until you are old).

Hey baby, do you know that you are the purest person ever walked on the earth, except Jesus? Never mind. I wish you a remarkable happy birthday!

To my husband. You’re getting too old to party hard like we did on your birthday. But I will have double the fun of remembering you. Happy Birthday!

Kids are counting the gray hairs on your beard, but I am counting the lovely moments and unforgettable birthdays we spent together. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Happy birthday, husband! You are a perfect man, and I am the craziest woman. You’re smart enough to save my hand from marriage and I’m crazy enough to say “yes”.

Happy birthday! I want to send you a 100% pure love toffee: Ingredients = sincere + miss + happiness, expiration date = life, nutrition = warmth + happiness + touching.

If I had a magic wand, I would think of a 50-foot-tall birthday cake filled with doritos and beer-scented frosting. For the rest of my life, I’ll give you a lifetime VIP spot for every Super Bowl game. I hope it will be a better year than last year.

If you’re there, I’m excited to see your silly behavior! I like to be angry with your behavior! Sometimes I get annoyed when you make a trivial mistake. Hehe, I’m sorry. There is a big longing in this heart. Happy birthday my dear, you are the best.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Her

If life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my peanut butter. I am crazy about you.

With all the silly tones and fights, I love growing old with you!

funny birthday quotes
funny birthday quotes

Nice people don’t age, they become a classic. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to a person we can never say: died too young!

Happy Birthday! May God give you a gift, because I’m not going.

Just like a good wine, you are aging better and better. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The day is yours, but the party is ours, let’s celebrate!

In the absence of love and affection: lots of beer and wine. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. And remember: if you have cake at your party, I’ll stay longer!

You are like wine: it doesn’t get old, it just improves in the vintage! Congratulations!

Did you know? No matter how old you get, you’ll never catch up with me. Happy birthday.

Congratulations to you, I just came to eat and the gift is good, I forgot to bring it! Happy Birthday.

Don’t forget to check your blood sugar. I’m about to give you the sweetest birthday gift. Happy birthday!

Wish I could bring down the moon for you on your birthday. But I can’t, so here’s a wish: Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

Congratulations bro! If you’re happy, I am. If you are sad, I am. So, get rich soon!

With money short, the only option is to offer my brotherhood as a gift. Congratulations!

Congratulations! If you feel like the years have passed and you haven’t even seen it, you may need glasses.

Funny Birthday Messages For Brother
Funny Birthday Messages For Brother

365 days, I’ve been waiting so long for this birthday that I forgot to buy your present. I promise that in 365 days I will buy.

Congratulations! When everything goes wrong, stay calm and have a glass of wine. If it doesn’t work, drink the entire bottle.

The family has already reunited, today there is no way for you to run. Wherever you go, we are all going to celebrate this year of your life. And your day.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy Birthday Sister!  The older you are, the more boring you get, right?

You’re crazy like that, but I love you more than I know how to describe. Happy birthday, shorty!

Well, they say that if it’s not boring it’s not a sister, right? Happy birthday, little bugger! Love you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister
Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

I love to bother you so much! Too anxious to be able to do it even more in the future. Happy birthday sister!

You are our little one and we love you, even when you do unnecessary drama, like, every day! Happy birthday, shorty!

You are the best part of me, you little annoying. I love you more than I can describe, even when you borrow my stuff without even asking me.

Sometimes you piss me off more than I can describe it, but it’s okay, at least I know we’re together and I can’t live without you. Happy birthday, little one!

You know I’m good at photo retouching… But now, sorry: I can’t do anything for you anymore. Wrinkles, fewer teeth, puffy eyes: you’ll have to get used to it!!! Happy Birthday my sister.

Happy birthday my dear. It’s silly, but I think I already told you to your face this morning when I woke up. It’s your day, and make the most of it. Especially no stupidity. Your big brother who loves you very much.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Friend, they say that aging is an art. That is why, for me, you are a true masterpiece. Happy Birthday!

You are crazy, friend, but today I want to see you even more crazy. Enjoy your day a lot. Happy Birthday!

Crazy, crazy, crazy; it seems that I am describing you, but in truth it is what I feel for you, friend! Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages For Friend
Funny Birthday Messages For Friend

You are so special that I bet even the candles fight between them to be extinguished by you. Happy Birthday friend!

You are the craziest friend I have ever met and you deserve a crazy, happy and intense birthday. Congratulations, my friend!

Look who’s getting older today … Congratulations! I wish you a lot of health and many years to come. Always be very happy!

Roses tulips all flowers fade. Steel and iron break, but solid friendship neither fade nor break. Happy birthday my dear friend …

May your madness never stop evolving with each new year, friend, because this is your brand image. Happy birthday, you crazy!

An ordinary friend will never see you cry. Your true friend’s shoulders are drenched in your tears. Happy birthday my dear friend…

It takes a certain amount of madness to be happy like you! Friend, have an amazing birthday and never change your personality!

Today is your birthday. In order to congratulate you, all female toilets and female bathrooms are open to you for free. Welcome!

My friend, there were so many sleepless nights because we talked until late. Only you are more important than my sleep! Happy Birthday!

Hey! Friend, today is your big birthday! At this moment, I want to send you thousands of exhortations and greetings. This is the most valuable “shabby”!

Short Funny Birthday Wishes

You are not old, you are vintage! Happy Birthday!

Welcome the new strands of white hair! Happy Birthday!

If life becomes a bar, let it be chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Wishing for a birthday makes you grow old, so I don’t wish you that.

Happy Birthday! May God give you a gift, because I’m not buying you!

Just like a good wine, you are aging better and better. Happy Birthday!

Don’t worry about old age, antiques are very valuable. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! The day is yours, but the party is ours, let’s celebrate!

I did a little quest for your birthday, we drank it for you. Happy birthday!

In the absence of affection and love: lots of beer and wine. Happy Birthday!

You would have liked the present that I didn’t bother to buy – Happy Birthday!

We are starting to have more candles than cakes for more!! Happy birthday old.

Blow, blow on your candles and see your last year gone up in smoke. Happy birthday.

In life, many things can come and go, but age always stays with you. Happy Birthday!

You are like wine: it doesn’t get old, it just improves in the vintage! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Today is your birthday, enjoy smiling a lot while you still have teeth.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

For your birthday good luck, satisfaction and joy and have fun with your birthday pack!

How come your birthday is the same every year? What’s not boring? I’m really surprised. Hehe. Alright, it’s your birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Colleague! Working with you is really a joy. You are the second best colleague here (I am the first, of course).

funny birthday wishes to colleague
funny birthday wishes to colleague

We like you as a colleague, but stay away from us today! It’s your birthday, so you’re free. Contradiction is pointless – it stays that way!

I like your smile, your scent, there is never a bad air between us. You are helpful, I can ask you anything. Who can say that about a colleague?

Why don’t you take the rest of the day, I’ll cover you. This is what colleagues do among themselves. (Remember, when it’s my birthday) Happy birthday.

You deserve to have a day off. That’s why I decided to do your job for you today. Tomorrow we will go back to our ways, you will do my job. Happy birthday.

I am sending birthday greetings to you today, dear colleague. Have a nice party and get presents and nothing – not even the boss – should distract you from your cake.

We wish you continued success on your birthday and are also thinking a little about relaxation, because those who work with power like you need a little rest now and then.

Happy birthday, brother. It seems that nothing has changed for you this year. You are still single and have no money, plus you are still not handsome. But don’t worry, I’m the same, hehe. Although today is your birthday, tomorrow’s tasks will be completed now, so tomorrow we can share as usual.

We’re leaving work today, I invite you to fly away. From the office out into nature, there is a one-day treatment waiting for you. Relaxation is the order of the day, the meeting has been postponed until tomorrow. After all, a birthday is only once a year to relax and feel good – how wonderful. Take a good rest and return to work with new strength. Happy birthday greetings!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Milestone Birthdays

Happy 21st birthday! I just came to see if you can hold your liquor.

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. Happy 60th birthday!

Don’t let 18 years stop your inner child from shining! Happy 18th Birthday!

I wish you a good party and a good hangover day for tomorrow. Happy 21 years!

You are not 20 years old. You’re just a ten year old kid with ten years of experience.

50 years! Let’s be honest, it’s still a young age … for a tree! Happy birthday old branch!

Fight the tiredness of age and today celebrate your 18th birthday! Happy 18th Birthday!

My solidarity for you who know how to age happily! Congratulations on turning 18 years!

From today you are in the twenties, don’t be sad, life goes on. Congratulations on your 20th birthday…

The world just opens up before you, after all, you are only 30 years old! You wish you success in everything!

Happy Birthday friend! Thirty years have hit you! Success and good luck in everything! Let life flow like honey!

Happy 21st! You now have a legitimate birthday hangover! In any case, I recommend that you take your own time.

If life were a sport you would enter the senior category now! You are starting to get old! Happy birthday anyway!

Congratulations on turning 18 years, but beware: now everyone will think you are a matured and responsible person.

With your thirtieth birthday, my dear friend! Three dozen behind the shoulders now there! Have fun, dance and sing!

Thirty years is not yet a hundred, marks them carefree! So many beautiful things still await you, my friend! Best wishes!

Remember the basic rule, always do the best for your partner on your birthday-because I’m that cool and you know that, right?

Husband, you are old enough to party as usual. But I’m still young, so I’ll just party, you’re doing well at home! Happy birthday!

At 20 if you still don’t know what to do with your life, don’t worry you’re on the right track. Happy 20th birthday and enjoy your life!

From 60 it is our duty to do all the nonsense that we didn’t have the money for when we were 20. Happy 60th birthday and let it rip!

Happy birthday, honey! You don’t look like the first time we met. But since today is your birthday, I’m not going to comment on that big belly of yours.

You think that you are very special just because it is your birthday today? That’s not true! You are always special! Congratulations on your 20th birthday!

Now you are 60, not so young anymore, your bones are cracking, the momentum is missing. The doctor comes almost every day, the time to retirement is not long.

I hope your birthday will be marked by the best gifts your heart desires, the friendliest friends your head craves and the most awesome walker your legs desire. I wish you a happy birthday!

Tiredness every day, the muscles are no longer so strong, old age has overtaken you long ago, many ailments have already healed. So don’t take 60 so hard, that one year doesn’t matter anymore!

The kids have started counting the gray hairs that appear on your face, but I’m counting the unforgettable birthdays we’ve spent together. Wishing you a long and healthy life!

16th is the official license to do a lot of things unofficially, you know what I mean if you got my point so don’t waste your time and go enjoy! Happy 16th birthday to you!

To be 50 years old is to ask yourself a lot of relevant questions? “Where did I park the car?” What should I buy in this store again? “Why is everyone talking so quietly?” Happy Birthday!

The most beautiful and important thing in life you already have: a loving wife, children and parents. And the rest you will get with confidence. I wish you to remain a reliable shoulder for your loved ones!

On your 16th birthday, the devil is laughing and the angel is crying! Haha, are you angry? Don’t get me wrong, isn’t the angel I’m talking about you? Have you laughed, hope I can make you cry again!

Today is your sixteenth birthday. To congratulate you, all female toilets and female bathrooms are open to you for free. Welcome! Pig, you grow up soon! Pig, you got out of the bar early! Happy sixteenth birthday, pig!

Today is your sixteenth birthday, I wish you a happy sixteenth birthday. Why don’t you believe it? You will understand right away, look down, look down and then look down, well, an obedient fool is born. Happy sixteenth birthday.

Today we take out the middle finger for a nice middle finger in adolescence because today the middle finger at 18! Happy Birthday! What do golf, Argon and the Cher department have in common? Number 18 … now for you to guess why? Happy Birthday!

20 years old and not a bit wise … – never mind! The birthday cake tastes just as delicious as a 20-year-old as it is as a child, unwrapping presents is just as exciting and the celebration is just as fun! We wish you eternal youth, stay as you are.

Hooray, you are not a teenager anymore! From today you are sensible, level-headed, conscientious, hard-working, punctual, go to bed early and drive a maximum of 32 km / h in the 30 zone! … right? Oh, just stay the way you are, because that’s exactly how you are perfect for us!

Recipe of the majority: Gently mix 1 kg of happiness, a few spoons of self-confidence, 600 grams of optimism, add a little grain of madness, sprinkle with some giggles, let stand then heat everything for 18 years (yes that’s long!) at high temperature. Ding! The dish is ready! Take it out … (preferably in a box) and enjoy! Happy 18th Birthday!

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Sometimes it is very difficult to find some wonderful and truly funny birthday wishes online to make the birthday special. In most cases, you get conventional and usual birthday wishes which are not that effective. On this special day, everyone expects their closest and dearest people to wish them something remarkable birthday wishes. Moreover, they expect you to express your heartfelt feelings in some special way. When drafting funny birthday wishes, you should keep in mind the personality of the recipient as well as those ways that you are going to adopt to greet them.

If you choose a fun way, sometimes funny birthday messages may seem outrageous. If you are going to draft these funny birthday wishes for your comic, most loved, and closest person, they will truly enjoy these comic and funny birthday messages and understand the real magic of these birthday greetings funny messages. The Above- mentioned, “funny ways to say happy birthday” have a special emotional and comic effect on the birthday boy or girl.

By using these funny birthday wishes in a creative and fun way, you can have a huge impact on the recipient. By personalizing them, you can make these “funny happy birthday” messages spicier. We hope that you will definitely get the funniest thing to write in a birthday card, add some spice of fun and see the magic.