20th Birthday Wishes – 150 Birthday Messages for 20 Year Olds

20th Birthday Wishes: Beautiful and fun 20th birthday wishes, messages, greetings, quotes with beautiful images to wish a happy 20th birthday to your loved ones. The 20th birthday is a major achievement and an important milestone for those who are turning 20. As of the happy twenty birthday, entering a new era is always a top priority, and it opens the way and removes the boundaries that are closed to those under 20. Turning 20 brings many opportunities, happiness, decision-making power, the freedom to engage in any legal activities, and wonderful experiences. Wishing a loved one a happy 20th birthday is not rocket science. However, choosing or writing the right 20th birthday card message may not be easy.

If your son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, cousin, friend, or lover are going to celebrate their 20th birthday, then you wish them through some beautiful and heartfelt 20th birthday wishes or 20th birthday quotes. Sending happy 20th birthday wishes or turning 20 quotes is one of the best option to celebrate this special day of the 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes

Wishing you all the best on your 20th birthday, stay the way you are. Happy Birthday!

Well done, you survived your teenage years! The hardest thing is done! Twenties is a piece of cake! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! We wish you a life full of happiness, success and health. Congratulations.

20th Birthday Wishes
20th Birthday Wishes

I wish you all the best: health, happiness and sunshine. And now with fresh, happy cheer into the 20th year of life!

Now you are an adult and free to be whoever you want and do whatever you want. Enjoy your freedom and not just your problems.

20 years – still almost like new, always stay true to your motto: Live, live and enjoy, so that your ego only sprouts! Happy Birthday!

You don’t know who you are and where to go, and you don’t even need to now! Life doesn’t end in your twenties, it just starts.

You’re proud of all the messes you made as a child, all the mistakes you made as a teenager, because everything made you who you are.

Accumulate as much wisdom as you can, risk being smarter than you already are. Don’t think you know everything, and if you do, start learning something new.

You are 20 years old! You will be able to choose how to live your twenties! Wise, crazy, responsible? The best choice may be a mixture of maturity and madness. Happy Birthday!

You want to win the world, but you don’t know how. Relax, that’s how it is. Reaching that age is charging yourself for anything. But that passes… everything passes!

You want to travel to learn something new and see the world. He wants to use his wings and take off into the unknown, too bad he’s not always allowed to.

Sweet 20th Birthday Wishes
Sweet 20th Birthday Wishes

Your money no longer buys a kinder egg, the dollar price starts to worry you. You are no longer supported by your parents, and if you are, you feel terrible about it.

Life will not happen overnight, you need to be calm. Your mid-twenties are there to be enjoyed, you don’t cover more than you should. Enjoy the best of this phase, as this also exists.

It’s time to get my diploma, but now what do I do? If you think it’s easy after college, you can take your horse out of the rain. Adult life is a daily ordeal.

If until now you haven’t known what to do with your life, stay calm and find a focus. Life only starts from the moment you turn the crank. Don’t get so caught up in age!

20th Birthday Messages

It is a matter of great pleasure that your loved ones are about to enter their 20th year, and you are very happy and glad to wish them a 20th birthday with some happy 20th birthday wishes and messages. Finding the right phrases to say “happy 20th birthday” can sometimes be difficult. But here, you may have some right words to write in your birthday card.

A milestone birthday is something very special! So we wish you an unforgettable birthday party that marks a wonderful start to a successful and happy new year! The warmest congratulations on the 20th birthday of…

You’ve reached adulthood, there’s no way to escape. The world starts to charge you more. The responsibilities fall on your back, weigh you down, suffocate. Everyone starts charging you and you don’t know where to run.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes
Happy 20th Birthday Wishes

You discover in your late twenties that some friends will always be there for you. But others… Ah, these others, they’ll change you for dates, they’ll walk away completely, they’ll demonstrate that interest moves the world.

You have just entered your twenties! Do you realize that yesterday … you were still in the ten!! You are finally in the adult world! This is the time to enjoy! Sending you all my blessings and best wishes for your birthday!

Seeing friends married, with children and successful does not cause you envy or sadness. Beats is despair! How to achieve so much in such a short time? Is there still time? Take a deep breath, each one has its own.

Twenty years! The next decade promises to be full of twists and turns! Decisive milestones that I am sure you will be able to cross in the light of your reflections. I wish you a beautiful birthday party, because, before that, you deserve to have fun!

Yes, it seems, we are not 20 every day! Make the most of this great moment to live with the people who matter to you and who will accompany you in all these great stages of life. I wish you to be the happiest in your adult life.

For two decades you have made us laugh, smile, smile, sigh, shake our heads, roll our eyes, wink and get up in the middle of the night. Even if there were one or two worries, we are always very proud of you and wish you a phenomenal new year!

So now a two is coming back into your life. Quickly looked it up: In numerology, the two stands for serenity, self-confidence and feeling. That doesn’t sound bad! With this in mind, I wish you a relaxed, intuitive, soulful and simply grandiose new decade of life! Congratulations on your 20th birthday…

So it’s finally a big birthday for ten years! Your tenth birthday will seem like forever! The twenties are an exciting time of change and opportunity. A lot will happen and I wish that most of it will be positive, successful and good and that it will bring you a little closer to your dreams of life!

Here you are propelled into adult life! Do not forget this little thing: you must always keep in your heart and your mind this child that you once were. Being an adult will help you resolve your difficulties and your conflicts, but the child who still sleeps in you will give you the joy of living and that little grain of madness that will make your life magical and magnificent! Happy birthday for your 20th birthday!

20th Birthday Wishes for Friend

A 20th birthday is a major achievement and an important milestone for anyone who is going to celebrate it. The 20-year-old is awesome, it officially marks the end of adolescence and leads people to adulthood. This section is solely for 20th birthday wishes for friends to wish them on turning 20.

Today is your day and I know that reasons to celebrate will never be lacking! Keep that spirit young and happy throughout your life. Happy 20th Birthday!

And adulthood finally knocks on your door. I know that 20 years were very well celebrated and that from now on everything will be even better. Happy Birthday!

20th Birthday Wishes for Friend
20th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Enjoy your day a lot, as you have reached the peak of your life! Enjoy all the vitality and allow yourself to be happy without limits, because you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

On this twentieth birthday of yours, I wish you the wisdom you need to follow your path. Adulthood is approaching and I know you are ready for another change. Happy Birthday my dear!

You know you deserve all the best the world has to offer. Enjoy your party to commemorate these first 20 years of your life. The best is yet to come, I assure you! Congratulations!

May your smile be even truer on your face today. May you have the guts and courage to keep fighting for everything you want. May adulthood make you someone even better. Happy 20th Birthday!

It’s time to say goodbye to youth and dive headlong into adulthood. But don’t worry, I know you will always keep that sparkle in your eyes and that childlike freshness in your soul. Be happy and enjoy your 20th birthday!

Today, you enter a new phase and it is natural for changes to take place. Adolescence begins to say goodbye and adulthood approaches. Responsibilities increase, but so do achievements, just knowing how to choose… And I know you will! Happy Birthday!

Today is the day to celebrate another birthday of someone so special in my life. Someone who soon becomes more of a responsible adult, but who until then has a lot to celebrate. Enjoy your day like there is no tomorrow!

May you accept only as many things as you want today and be wise enough to select only the very good ones, just as you are. Be very happy in your day and enjoy the end of your adolescence. Happy 20th Birthday!

The day is all yours and, therefore, I ask you to commit to doing only what makes you happy. You are already an adult and you can now free yourself from everything that imprisons you. Be free and be immensely grateful. Happy 20th Birthday!

It may sound cliché, but you look like me at your age. At 20 I was exactly like that, I wish I knew everything I know today… If you want, you can count on me to guide you and help guide your steps. Adult life awaits you. Enjoy your day and be happy!

If there’s one thing I want to wish you, that thing is intensity! Be intense in everything you do, feel or think. Give yourself totally to life and enjoy this adult life that starts very soon. It’s not because you’re no longer a teenager that you need to be boring. Always be happy and enjoy this 20th birthday!

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20th Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter

The following are some 20th birthday messages for daughter with beautiful images to share and wish your 20-year-old daughter a very happy and blissful birthday.

A young girl who becomes a woman… I wish you the most beautiful birthdays for your 20 years!

We have been sharing joy and laughter with you for 20 years. So on your special day we let it rip properly.

20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter
20th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

For your 20th birthday, I always wish you the right amount of energy to face every situation with ease. Good luck and success with your own groove in everyday life!

I wish you to make all your dreams come true and especially enjoy your young age and all its advantages. I will explain to you later why we regret our 20 years …

Carrying you for 9 months was magical. Watching you growing up with us was the most beautiful of adventures. Finding yourself out as a young woman in the adult world is going to be just as great. I wish you the most beautiful birthdays!

Your early twenties change your life forever. A phase comes full of discoveries, surprises, twists and, of course, a good deal of drama. You have to be successful, have a home of your own, a nice car, a boyfriend, plan for the kids and, of course, despair if none of this is close to happening.

Happy birthday on your 20th birthday! I can’t believe this little baby that I held in my arms yesterday has grown into such a pretty young girl! Although it is impossible for me to hold you in my arms again, know that you will always hold one of the most beautiful places in my heart.

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20th Birthday Wishes for Your Son

Father and son share a unique bond. Sometimes due to a tight schedule and busy life, we forget to express our gratitude and love or don’t feel it necessary to express it and forget to tell our son or grandson how important they are in our lives. Birthdays are only once a year in everyone’s life. If this is your son’s 20th birthday, the importance of birthdays will increase further.

Mark happy 20 birthday of your son or grandson with interesting birthday memories. 20th Birthday wishes for your son are a great way to say happy twenty birthday son and express your heartfelt feelings to your loving son about how much you love and care for him. Send your best wishes to your son with these birthday quotes for your 20-year-old son or 20th birthday messages for your son.

At 20, anything goes and we can refuse you anything, so take advantage of it before you become an old jerk!

We wish you: joy every day, an angel as a companion, a light in the darkness and people who love you. Congratulations on turning 20!

20th Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom
20th Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

You remind me of the time when I too was 20 years old. Handsome, strong, muscular, athletic, powerful… And look at what I have become. So take advantage of it!

Time goes by, sometimes it goes by too quickly… My baby is already a graduated man and today celebrates 20 years of a beautiful trajectory. Be very happy and allow yourself to make the most of this last year of your adolescence. Congratulations, my dear son!

Today is the day to celebrate the twentieth year that has passed since you came to make this world happy. I remember that day perfectly and I can still see in you the traces of that helpless baby that came into my life. From baby to child, then teenager and now adult. The good thing about being your mother is that I got to see her whole stateroom transformation. Be happy birthday, my son!

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20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Here, we have listed 20th birthday wishes and messages for your boyfriend. You can send it to your boyfriend on turning 20. With these 20 birthday messages, you can wish your boyfriend a happy 20th birthday and express your heartfelt feelings and love on this special birthday. This will undoubtedly put a smile on your boyfriend’s face and help you make his special day more memorable and exciting.

Happy birthday my dear, may happiness will always be with you.

I promise to keep falling in love with you, again and again. No matter how far apart we are. Here I wish you a memorable birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
20th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Birthdays make us one year older. But with me, I hope you will stay like this. Still love me with all your heart. Happy birthday my sweetheart!

Thousands of miles apart can’t change my romance for you. My heart can’t seem to let you go just like that. Enjoy this special moment and enjoy your day!

Even though we are far away, on this birthday of yours, I pray that God will always take care of you for me and our love. Happy Birthday darling.

Happy birthday to the most special one in my life. May your dreams come true.

My hand will not reach to gently caress your cheek. My legs won’t be strong enough to run to your place. But, my prayers will always greet you. Happy Birthday darling. I hope we meet soon and happiness continues to accompany your steps.

Happy Birthday darling. Even though I can’t always hug you, not always be by your side, but on this special day I will express how much I will always hug you in my prayers. Be in the forefront of the people who always love you.

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20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

I believe that God has sent you to accompany my days. Happy birthday love.

Happy birthday to the lover I hope is in my heart forever.

Hopefully this special day can bring abundant happiness and have precious memories.

20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Hopefully, as your age increases, your faith and morals will also be more perfect.

Happy birthday, may you get many blessings and can quickly achieve all your goals.

Count your life by laughter, not tears. Count your age by friendship, not years. Happy birthday!

Everything in this world has a limit, but my love for you is limitless. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my love, I hope I can be the one you won’t be looking for anymore.

May your birthday be as sweet as a smile and as charming as your thoughts. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, may God always give you His mercy and protection. May your faith and morals become more perfect.

There is no more special gift than prayer, may you always be happy, blessed and protected by God.

Many things have changed during this year, but you are still the greatest person I have ever known. Happy birthday!

If your goals, dreams, and desires are only dreams, I hope that at this age you can quickly realize everything.

A brilliant age, life is just getting started, at 20 it’s really great! Happy birthday!

For your 20th birthday I’ll send you 20 kisses, 20 hugs and 20 good wishes for your future.

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Funny 20th Birthday Wishes

It is always a catchy idea to write something funny on a twentieth birthday card. Sending funny 20th birthday messages is the best way to celebrate one’s 20th birthday. Here are some great ideas that can help you:

19 was still very nice, but now at 20 life is getting really fat.

You are not 20 years old. You’re just a ten year old kid with ten years of experience.

Intelligent, funny, charming and sexy – you really have what it takes. Congratulations on your 20th birthday …

Funny 20th Birthday Wishes
Funny 20th Birthday Wishes

From today you are in the twenties, don’t be sad, life goes on. Congratulations on your 20th birthday…

If life were a sport you would enter the senior category now! You are starting to get old! Happy birthday anyway!

At 20 if you still don’t know what to do with your life, don’t worry you’re on the right track. Happy 20th birthday and enjoy your life!

You think that you are very special just because it is your birthday today? That’s not true! You are always special! Congratulations on your 20th birthday!

20 years old and not a bit wise … – never mind! The birthday cake tastes just as delicious as a 20-year-old as it is as a child, unwrapping presents is just as exciting and the celebration is just as fun! We wish you eternal youth, stay as you are.

Hooray, you are not a teenager anymore! From today you are sensible, level-headed, conscientious, hard-working, punctual, go to bed early and drive a maximum of 32 km / h in the 30 zone! … right? Oh, just stay the way you are, because that’s exactly how you are perfect for us!

20th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Congratulations on turning 20th! Wish you all the best and best of luck for the future.

We would like to wish you all the best on your 20th birthday. Happiness and bliss should accompany you for a lifetime.

For your 20th birthday, we wish you all the very best and best of luck for the future. Happy Birthday!

happy 20th birthday
happy 20th birthday

All the best for your 20th birthday. We wish you success, many happy moments and real friends for the future. The warmest congratulations from…

For your 20th birthday we wish you luck times 2 and bad luck times 0! All the best and warm birthday hugs from us too!

20 small tartlets with 20 small candles and 20 nice guests, I wish them from my heart! Happy birthday! Best wishes on the 20th birthday of …

It’s been 20 years since you plopped into the world – thank God! We are happy that you exist and we wish you all the best for your 20th birthday!

May the new year of life be fulfilled but not overcrowded, sunny but not too hot, harmonious but not boring. Feel hugged, we think of you on your 20th birthday!

As of today you are 20 years old and have finally left the ten years behind you – you can feel a bit grown up and be a little proud of yourself! Happy Birthday!

We are very happy that you can celebrate your 20th birthday today! The twenties are an exciting and happy time, so take it easy and start it with a great birthday party! Congratulations from …

I congratulate you on your 20th birthday from the bottom of my heart. My heart beats for you, my thoughts are with you. I am so happy that you exist, because you are simply wonderful! Happy Birthday!

We wish you the very best on your 20th birthday. May all of your wishes fulfilled and new ones keep coming so that you can enjoy your life full of joy and excitement! Best regards on your 20th birthday!

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20th Birthday Wishes for Sister

We wish you all the best on your 20th birthday, stay the way you are. Best regards.

20 is the start of the best years of your life, so happy birthday and don’t waste a second!

Today is an important day for all those who know you and love the extraordinary person that you are. For your birthday and forever I wish you lots of beautiful things!

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20th Birthday Wishes for Myself

I wish you a happy and prosperous 20th birthday.

May each of your dreams come true. Happy 20th birthday.

Happy Birthday to someone who is beautiful, funny, athletic, powerful and perfect in every way and who reminds me a lot of myself.

Congratulation. From now on you are officially old. Happy birthday.

20th Birthday Quotes

Quotes are a great way to give someone an inspiring, sincere, or meaningful message on someone’s 20th birthday. Use your own words or one of the quotes provided here to effectively celebrate the 20th birthday by wishing your loving one on turning 20.

Welcome to your twenties! Hope you have the best decade of your life!

Joy should shape your life, in all your ways. Happy 20, let’s celebrate!

20th Birthday Quotes
20th Birthday Quotes

I hope your 20 years will be as rich as the last 10 years! Happy Birthday!

For your 20th birthday I wish you an unforgettable, wonderful and funny day.

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Turning 20 is an important milestone between the ages of 18 and 21, marking a new decade. You can send birthday messages to loved ones who are turning 20. By making a wish with these wishes and messages for 20-year-olds, you can let them know that you are thinking about them. There is no doubt that some special and right words of birthday greetings will put a bright smile on his or her face, bring joy to the ceremony, and make their days more memorable and exciting. If you want to go on the sincere side, these birthday messages will help you to wish a happy 20th birthday in a sincere way to the one who is turning 20.

If you want something meaningful or serious to write on a birthday card, you can take inspiration from these great ideas. Happy Birthday wishes and messages for 20-year-olds can help you let your dear ones know how much you love and care for them. As of the 20th birthday, entering a new era is always a top priority, and it opens the way and removes the boundaries that are closed to those under 20. The above-mentioned 20th birthday wishes and messages for 20-year-olds can be sent to your loving people who are about to enter their twenties.