100+ Happy 30th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes: 30th birthday messages and quotes with beautiful pictures and images to share with 30-years-old. Turning 30 is a big thing, the age of 30 is a tricky and confusing turn of life. A thirty-year-old birthday is a milestone birthday and it means a lot for birthday boys and girls. For those special people who are going to celebrate their 30th birthday, use funny and inspirational 30th birthday wishes and messages to add more excitement and fun to the day.

If you know the one who is going to celebrate his or her 30th birthday. Don’t forget to send heartfelt 30 years old birthday wishes for husband, wife, brother, sister, or loved ones on his or her 30th birthday. This will help to make his or her birthday remarkable with joy and great happiness, and create beautiful memories for years to come! You can also send a greeting card to him or her writing in funny 30th birthday messages or email these wishes and messages with images.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

Always think that yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, so you only have now. Enjoy each day as if it were your last, do whatever you want and be completely happy. Congratulations!

As time goes by, we learn what is really valuable in life, we also learn to take better care of ourselves, our body and our soul. I wish you to have a life full of joy and great health!

Gone are the days when a person at thirty should be married, with children and a steady career. Who was it that said there is an age for things to happen? What really matters is your happiness. Happy birthday, I love you!

Birthday Message for 30th Birthday
Birthday Message for 30th Birthday

I think the weather has done you good, you look more beautiful than ever. I don’t know if it’s in your looks or in the confidence you now bring with you, but I can see a different beauty that wasn’t always there.

When I look at you, I realize how much you’ve changed over time, and it’s been for the better. Your strengths remain, but you have learned to deal with defects and improve many of them. Congratulations on being such a wonderful person!

And suddenly you’re 30 years old, it doesn’t seem like it, does it? What has changed in you is that you have matured with time and the success that once seemed distant, is now within your reach. Congratulations for another year of life!

Congratulations, I always wish you all the best! I believe in you a lot, and I hope you do too. Never give up on your dreams because you are capable of achieving them. Enjoy every second of your day, set goals and objectives, one step at a time you get where you want.

There are people who fear 30 years old a little, but why? It’s a beautiful stage! You’ve usually already chosen your career path and are reaping the rewards of it. You can live freely and enjoy doing what you like. Congratulations on your day. Wishing you all the best and that you continue living intensely.

It doesn’t even seem like 30 years have passed! You are still young, my daughter, but now a little more mature, with more knowledge about life and what makes you good. Happy birthday, may God bless your way always! You deserve to make all those trips you’ve planned and haven’t been able to do yet, as well as many other dreams!

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

For some, turning 30 is seen as transformative or frightening. That’s because that’s the age when neurons mature and we feel like we’re actually becoming adults. In youth, everyone imagines that at 30, life will already be stabilized and consolidated. Many end up getting anxious because they reflect too much on where they should be, but the reality is that each person has their own time to accomplish their goals. To celebrate the beginning of this new decade, we have prepared inspiring 30th Birthday Wishes and messages. These are messages for you to express your feelings. Check out!

I don’t have time for non-concept dramas or half stories. Today, I am a whole woman in search of my glories.

When you’re 30, the best phrase you can hear is that everything has been paid for and you can have fun.

At 30, everything is different, you don’t give so much importance to things that can stress you out. Your beauty comes first.

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes
Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes

The exuberance of all the decades of our ages makes no difference when, between 20 and 30, we are even more sensational.

I’m 30 or 50, whatever, don’t put the weight of my age on me ever, I’ll always be a child wanting more.

At the age of 30, I bring the joviality of my 20s, the beauty, courage and lucidity that in ten years has only evolved.

At 30, you don’t want to know more about trivial problems, you only value those who come with love and leave all rivals behind.

The greatest wealth between our 20s and 30s is contained in the reality of our vitality, which expresses even greater energies and does not seem fleeting to us.

At 20 years old, I was beautiful. At 30, I remain with the same beauty, which only intensified the development of being and having the superlative of delicacy even greater.

Between phases and faces you get to know yourself, and with the power of maturity you get involved with life, which can be beautiful and rich in love at any age, everything is a matter of simplicity.

If you’re 30 years old and still haven’t found someone special, don’t look bad. You needed to mature to one day meet someone who can involve you in the most serene way without the bullshit of adolescence.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages

The wishes for the birthday of 30 years make it easier to find an original phrase so that everyone can choose a wish that best reflects the character of the birthday boy or girl to make him or her feel the protagonist of his birthday. Many greetings that we have selected here are witty, funny, nice. You will also find birthday wishes for son, boyfriend, man, brother, daughter, sister-in-law, girl who turns 30.

Happy Birthday friend! Thirty years have hit you! Success and good luck in everything! Let life flow like honey!

With your thirtieth birthday, my dear friend! Three dozen behind the shoulders now there! Have fun, dance and sing!

The world just opens up before you, after all, you are only 30 years old! You wish you success in everything!

Funny 30th Birthday Messages
Funny 30th Birthday Messages

Thirty years is not yet a hundred, marks them carefree! So many beautiful things still await you, my friend! Best wishes!

Remember the basic rule, always do the best for your partner on your birthday-because I’m that cool and you know that, right?

Husband, you are old enough to party as usual. But I’m still young, so I’ll just party, you’re doing well at home! Happy birthday!

The kids have started counting the gray hairs that appear on your face, but I’m counting the unforgettable birthdays we’ve spent together. Wishing you a long and healthy life!

Happy birthday, honey! You don’t look like the first time we met. But since today is your birthday, I’m not going to comment on that big belly of yours.

The most beautiful and important thing in life you already have: a loving wife, children and parents. And the rest you will get with confidence. I wish you to remain a reliable shoulder for your loved ones!

30th Birthday Messages for Friend

For the thirtieth birthday of a friend of yours, we offer you a list with happy birthday wishes and messages for 30 year olds. You can choose a message to write on a greeting card to share the joy of this interesting 30 year old birthday. Not only is the gift received a pleasure but also the beautiful thought that accompanies it makes us feel the protagonist of taste on an important day.

Share with a friend or a best friend the deep and beautiful feelings at any age. By customizing the sentence a little with happy birthday wishes for the birthday boy or girl at 30, you can send it in a couple of minutes on WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber.

It’s time to turn the calendar around and welcome not just another year of life, but a whole new decade. Friend, welcome to 30!

The big day has arrived, friend! Today you complete 3 decades of life and I just want to say that the celebration will be unforgettable.

Today is a big day. Turning 30 is an unforgettable moment, my friend, and you deserve all the best for this new phase of life.

30th Birthday Wishes for Friends
30th Birthday Wishes for Friends

Today is the 30th birthday of one of the most amazing people I know. Friend, it’s good to be by your side to celebrate this very important moment.

So today, we celebrate your 30th birthday, friend! I remember that we always planned what to do when this day came, because you deserve to enjoy it intensely.

Turning 30 is an important moment. It’s a beautiful age, and in your case even more, because you’re turning 30, but it looks like you’re only 20. Happy birthday, friend!

May it be a magical moment for you to celebrate in style. Know that I will always be by your side, whether to celebrate or when you need to let off steam.

May your 30 years be amazing! They say this is the best age in life, so it’s time to take advantage. May your new year come full of success and dreams come true.

Today is the day to celebrate. I want to toast your life and your 30 years. You are a very special friend and I always want to be around for whatever comes and goes.

Turning 30 is a milestone and they say it’s the best time. I know that you have already achieved a lot in these three decades of life and I wish you to achieve even more.

30 years of life and millions of reasons to celebrate. Completing 3 decades of life is plenty of reason to celebrate, my friend, and know that I will be by your side in this very important moment.

Friend, I can’t help but be thrilled to see her turn 30 years old. Our friendship is old and we live many things side by side and that’s why I really want to celebrate this date with you.

You will see how this is the best time in life, how everything seems to have a new meaning and how your place in the world will feel even more your own. Friend, this decade will be all good!

Happy birthday to a truly extraordinary woman! Reaching thirty is a mark in any woman’s life, but not everyone reaches that age with the same grace and delicacy that you do. Enjoy it a lot, friend! Today is all yours!

Turning 30 is a milestone in anyone’s life, so I want to propose a toast to the amazing person you are. Your friendship is very important to me and I don’t know what my life would be like without your presence.

Honey, more than ever today you are to be congratulated! I am very proud of his strength and courage, for all he has accomplished over the first thirty years of his life. You are an example of a woman, a reference of friendship. Congratulations!

You deserve all the best in this new stage, because you are an incredible best and best friend I could ever wish for. Above all, what I wish for you is joy. May this new year be always squandering your smile that is so beautiful to see.

Turning 30 years old is an incredible milestone in anyone’s life, so I want to congratulate you, my dear friend, for the long road traveled and, on top of that, with such elegance and joy. I hope you have a lot of fun and have a mega special day! Happy Birthday!

Every day you become more beautiful, more fantastic, and I like to see you like this, happy, fulfilled, splendid. Darling, always smile, and never let any age rob you of the illusion of life or stop you from dreaming. I adore you. Congratulations, my friend!

Thank you for being my advisor, you are like a light when I feel completely lost. I learned by your side to believe more in me and be braver. Congratulations, friend, and thank you for everything!

I know you look at a lot of your friends and compare your life to theirs, but remember what your mom always said: “you’re not everybody.” Your life is as it should be, you’re amazing and unique, I wouldn’t wish you were any different for a single second. Happy Birthday!

Turning 30 can be quite confusing and distressing. Some of your friends are already married and having children. Still others are finishing college or remaking plans. So don’t compare yourself to anyone! The only valid comparison to your now self is your past self. You’ve grown a lot in these three decades of life and today you are someone who enchants everyone around you. Happy Birthday. May you be even happier in this new cycle.

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Sincere 30th Birthday Messages

The 30th birthday is a very special one for many people. Of course, life doesn’t change from one day to the next. You are the person than when you were 29, but it’s still a different one feeling when there is a three instead of a two. Some suddenly feel terribly old, look for the first wrinkles and gray hair and worry that they haven’t done enough.

Others are happy that they are being taken more seriously as they get older and are proud of what they have achieved in their early years. It is always a question of perspective, how you evaluate your life so far and how you look to the future. So if you know someone who is about to celebrate their 30th birthday celebrates, then help him with these nice and sincere 30th birthday wishes and messages!

Leave the bindings behind. In every way and for all people. Feel like a bird flying over a big forest and don’t accept being trapped in any cage. The world is yours, you can fly!

Be aware that you are deserving of everything you have. Don’t play the modest fake. There are no more reasons for that. Receive with open arms what life gives you and make the best of everything.

Get rid of any fantasy that is not yours, let go of any concept that you do not agree with. Assume what you like, what you are and what you believe. Be yourself and don’t be ashamed of anything you believe.

Happy 30th Birthday Messages
Happy 30th Birthday Messages

Choice is with us throughout life, but it is only with maturity that we become aware of it. Always choose to be happy, regardless of the consequences. Be aware of your actions and always seek the path of good. Happiness will come to you, just wait.

It can be therapy or self-analysis. What matters is that when you reach 30 you know yourself fully. Know who you really are and what you truly want. Understand your head and your thoughts. Know your desires and know why you don’t want certain things. Keep your innermost complex in mind.

Maturity comes and with it you learn to accept yourself. Don’t waste time wanting to be who you aren’t or looking up to models of unattainable beauty. Look in the mirror and find that sexy fold, laugh at your clumsiness and allow yourself to wear only flat shoes. You can be unique!

Love is the best way. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your love. Love your friends. Love your life. Spread love wherever you go and get the same energy back. Learn to love everything you have and be ready to say goodbye to what you can’t love. Be surrounded only by love and nothing else.

Smiling is one of the best advice I can give you. But laughing, laughing, smiling without fear, this is incomparable. By the time you reach 30, you should have already realized this power. A good laugh solves anything, illuminates any situation. Don’t worry about wrinkles or any strange noise you make, laugh like there’s no tomorrow!

There is no longer any reason to force friendships or loves. At this point in life you already know who is truly by your side and who will remain. Value these people and discard everyone who will not make a difference to you. Choose the best companies and be happy with them. Exchange experiences and share smiles.

30 years is a unique age. Yes, all others are. But I believe that at 30 something changes. It is necessary to celebrate the adult stage that finally arrives. The maturity that knocks on your door. The long-awaited freedom. The beginning of a new phase. Celebrate each day that has passed and all that will come. Be happy!

Far be it from me to say that 30 is an advanced age, but it is a fact that it is a time when we cannot put off decisions too long. It’s time to really chase your goals. Search for what you want at all costs and get it as quickly as possible. Work for it and conquer it.

Don’t put off anything you think about doing for yourself. Take care of yourself every moment, like it’s the most important thing you can do. In the most diverse fields, invest in your happiness. Take care of your body, your health, your self-esteem and your growth. Only you can do this for you, don’t let this chance pass you by.

30th Birthday Messages

The 30th birthday is something very special. You have reached a third of your age and have now outgrown your infancy at the latest. Reason enough to consider the jubilee with a few words. Many sayings for a 30th birthday, whether about age or youth, can be found in this section the best wishes for a 30th birthday. The age of 30 shows that you have been hardworking. At 30, you know about dangers, you know luck, even if only a little. From now on you will draw your circles and from now on you will become wise, that is clear to me. All the best, jubilee!

Now begins the third decade! The time has come for a new time that of building, realizing and making dreams come true based on the learning of twenty years. May your new year be one of success, prosperity and abundant health, peace, love and happiness. Congratulations on turning 30!

I look back and feel proud of your trajectory here. It’s been 30 years of battle, of searching for personal and professional growth. Hope you never stop being that determined person. Congratulations on your birthday and best wishes always!

Most likely your tastes have changed a lot over time, you should look back and laugh at certain things. But guess what, ten years from now you’ll look back on that moment and laugh too. We change over time, we grow and mature, but the important thing is to always be happy!

Happy 30th Birthday
Happy 30th Birthday

It’s the turn of the decade for you, which is starting your third decade today. Enjoy all the maturation of the previous ones and throw yourself into life with the enthusiasm that is your brand. Live intensely because what counts is enjoying and being happy without hurting anyone. Congratulations on your 30th birthday. Lots of happiness!

I think you became the one you feared the most, that person who says, “in my time…”. All kidding aside, I’m happy to be able to celebrate another year of life with you, you are very important to me and you know it. I always wish you the best and that time only brings you amazing things.

Nobody is great at absolutely everything they do, each one brings with them a unique talent, and everyone knows which one is theirs. Don’t waste time trying to be great at what you’re bad at, invest your time improving what you’re good at, because that’s where success lies. I wish you have many, many years to live!

I hope that time will bring you more and more wisdom and that your young soul will never grow old. The joy you bring to our life is like that of a child, and at the same time you are extremely wise, just like an older person. You are a set of everything that really matters. Congratulations and best wishes!

A lot of people talk about the 30s crisis, but don’t let it get to you. It’s another year of life, just like the others were. There are no obligations to have achieved things or to be in such a place, your obligation is to be happy always. Don’t cover yourself so much, you’re already amazing. Celebrate more and worry less.

Congratulations on such a special day! After all, it’s not every day that you turn 30! But don’t let that number weigh so much, because as much as the body starts to go through some changes, perhaps the biggest transformation with the arrival of this age is internal. Value your achievements and be proud of the person you have become. Continue to be this incredible, light-filled human being and enjoy every second, as this is just the beginning of your life.

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30th Birthday Messages for Wife – 30 Year Old woman

Birthday is a special moment for everyone. Not only women who want to give special gifts for their partners on their birthdays, but husbands also like to do romantic things to impress their wives on their birthdays. In addition to cakes and gifts, simple sweet words can be a special thing on your partner’s birthday, you know. Because the sincerity expressed in words makes a wife feel that she is valuable and cared for by her husband. Well, for husbands who are looking for a reference on a collection of birthday wishes for their beloved wife.

Everything I ever wanted in life was you, my dear wife. You are my treasure-trove, and I will cherish you every day of my life. I hope today is your happiest birthday, my love.

To me, your birthday is like any other day. Because when you’re with me, every day is a celebration. Thank you so much for coming into my life and making it so meaningful. Happy birthday!

I don’t feel ashamed to tell all my friends that you are in control of my life. I am blessed and proud to have a woman who works hard and focuses like you, my wife. Happy birthday.

Romantic 30th Birthday Wishes Her or Him
Romantic 30th Birthday Wishes Her or Him

Today is all about you, my beloved wife. So let’s eat at your favorite restaurant, open a bottle of your favorite wine and watch your favorite movie. Today is all about pampering yourself with what you love! Happy birthday!

I am the luckiest man to ever live on this earth because I can hug the most beautiful woman in this world in my arms and plant a kiss on her lips. I love you very much, my beloved wife. Happy birthday.

Honey, I thank you very much for completing me. I never felt complete before you entered in my life and blessed me with your love. You will always be the only woman whose lips I will kiss. Happy birthday!

If I had to choose a life partner again, you would still be the first one I chose. You are the reason of my life and I love you so much. My beloved wife, wishing you a happy birthday.

When you blow out the candles, I want to tell you what a great wife you are. Without you in my life, I will feel empty. With you, I look forward to a beautiful life in the future. Happy Birthday darling.

30th Birthday Wishes for Husband – 30 Year Old Man

Meaningful, sincere and romantic birthday messages for your beloved husband, guaranteed to make your husband to love you more! In a marriage, difficult moments should often be taken lightly. Humor is the healer of all the trials and tribulations of a marriage. Giving a romantic birthday greeting to your husband is normal, try to spice it up with a little sense of humor.

You are like chocolate. Sweet and addictive! Happy birthday, honey!

Husband, I love you as much as I love wine. The older it is, the sweeter it is. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my husband. Even though you’re getting old, it’s good to have me accompany you to grow old together.

Honey, you’re getting old! But don’t worry, I want to accompany you to grow old even though I’m still young.

Happy birthday to the man who can be everything in my life. I hope this year will be a happier year for you!

May this day be a special day for you, I offer thousands of prayers to continue to keep you happy forever.

Thank you for being a man who is patient with everything with me. Happy birthday, may God always bless all your steps in goodness.

Every breath I take, every step I take, everything I want to go through with you. Happy birthday, long life and happiness always, my husband!

All the jewelry in the world will not be able to replace your presence. Happy birthday, I hope we have a long time to spend happily together.

For me you can never be replaced. The perfection that you have presented has always succeeded in completing my happiness. I hope you also feel the same way.

Maybe our life in this world passes too quickly. But for me, every moment I spend with you is always proud because I have the greatest husband. Happy birthday Dad!

I love you more than anything. I don’t want your love to die because that’s the only thing that made me the person I am today. Happy birthday, my husband.

A lot of times you drive me crazy, but that’s okay as long as you have me going crazy with you. Happy birthday, honey!

If only I had a magic wand, I would have made you a birthday cake as tall as a building with your favorite flavor. Give you more time to do your hobbies and make your days better than last year.

Husband, your birthday is a reminder that the years to come will be a pleasant journey as long as it is spent with you. Happy birthday to the best husband and father to our children.

Honey, you are my reflection. The place where I reflect from all the good and bad things that are in me. Whatever happens, promise to always be by my side. Happy birthday my dear husband!

Your presence in my life makes everything more colorful, without you I’m sure everything will not be the same. The years we have gone through are unforgettable memories. Happy birthday my dear husband, I hope whatever you want we can achieve together.

My husband is the best, smartest, most handsome. There is no gift that can match the prayers I say and the gratitude I feel because God has entrusted you to be your companion. Happy birthday, may happiness always be with you.

It’s great to have someone who can make us laugh out loud, cry until we gulp, and often make me angry but want to cry but also laugh. Whatever it is, I still love you because you are my dear husband!

30th Birthday Wishes for Son or Daughter

Here you will find a list of 30th birthday wishes for son or daughter. These happy birthday wishes and messages for 30 year olds. These will help you find a better and suitable message for your son or daughter. It is a moment of enormous joy for parents the birth of a son or daughter who does not decrease even at 30 years of age and is always an opportunity to indulge in reflections on their own lives and that of their children. Whatever message you want to send to your children, it is very likely that you will find a useful idea in order to incorporate the perfect wishes and messages.

Thirty years ago you appeared and the whole family became happy. Live with dignity for many years!

You look beautiful on your birthday! Today you are 30 years old, you shine clearly like the sun! We love you so much! Best wishes!

Be happy in your thirties! Find the path through the streets, which will soon lead you to a desired goal! We are proud of you, honey!

Your star rose thirty years ago, and has been long awaited. With the light of your heart you have brought joy. May the soul shine full of generosity, care, kindness!

You’re 30 today! How fast time goes, like a train. Don’t be angry, look into the future. We all wish from the heart that you live at least one hundred years!

In the heyday of the thirty there are so many splendid goals, it’s time to dream, build and fight. The way to great success is open! We are happy to be your parents.

How wonderful – our daughter is thirty years old. We wish you much happiness! It’s time to decide for yourself what’s most important in the world and get it. That’s why it’s worth living!

Best wishes for your 30 years, my dear! I recently gave birth to a beautiful boy! I didn’t notice how a strong man grew up! We are proud of you and wish you all your dreams come true.

You’re thirty today, it’s no secret to your mother! And I understand that you are already very old … But somewhere deep in my heart you look like a child to me. From the first days I wish you a happy life!

Millions of people are born every day. But among them there are not many that I can talk about indefinitely. You turned 30 today. And you are a person that I can praise consistently, every day and every minute. I wish you good health so that you live a long time.

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30th Birthday Messages for a Cousin

You increase one year old, increase charm, increase maturity, and increase wisdom. Happy 30th birthday!

Hot tea can warm the body, passionate stories can inspire the soul, and blessings can convey my feelings for you my dear cousin. Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!

Today is the day I care about you most every year. May my blessing, like a ray of bright sunshine, flow in your eyes, happy birthday!

Fly to your birthday party with an affectionate little gift and turn it into a glass of wine to respect you, wish you happiness, and toast!

Vigorous you, youthful you, bring us hopeful vitality! I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy life, and drive the fast lane of happiness, joy and freedom!

Squeeze happiness into juice, stir warm flour, add joyful seasonings, bake with a sincere low fire, add joyful cream, decorate sweet floral decorations, make a cake for you, happy birthday!

Only those who know how to live can appreciate the beauty of flowers, and only those who know how to love can appreciate the fragrance in the heart. Happy birthday to you.

Let this sky full of stars illuminate your starry sky, let this spring breeze bathe in happiness, your life will be different, only happiness is around, only the future is good, cousin, happy birthday.

My cousin, it’s your birthday again, I wish you a happy mood every year! Cousin, this is a new beginning, and I hope you have new hope every morning! Happy birthday to you and always happy!

Happy birthday, my little angel, willing to give you bright sunshine and bring you happiness every day. Under your cheeks, although there is a beautiful poem, there are endless joys, and my gentle blessings.

There is no gorgeous text, no beautiful music, no jubilant birthday party, nor can I give you your favorite gift, only this text message, I wish you the most sincere blessings, happy birthday, be happy every day!

The longer the tree of youth and the greener it is, the more blooming and gorgeous the flower of life. On your birthday, please accept my deep blessings. May you be full of vitality and youth!

Two green leaves are full of friendship that grows from the same root; a message of congratulations, to convey my blessings to you. On this special day that belongs to you, hug you and happy birthday!

Take off the blessing rope, sing the most wonderful birthday song in the world for you, light up the candlelight of happiness, and give you exquisite gifts and cakes. Happy birthday to you and all the best!

To say exaggeratedly, today’s world is beautiful because of you, and this day is special because of you, lighting up the candlelight of happiness, and giving you exquisite gifts and cakes. Happy birthday to you and never worry.

Little blessings on the road to happiness, waiting for good news to warm people’s hearts. You are not alone, you must cherish every day of change. Go forward fast and steadily, don’t worry, optimistic and healthy cross ideals.

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30th Birthday Messages for Him or Her

You turned 30 today, congratulations! Spread your wings.

Man loves more intensely at 20, but they love better at 30 than it even thinks.

Happy 30th! I wish you so much fun, joy and no worries about old age. They come by themselves.

30th Birthday Wishes for Her
30th Birthday Wishes for Her

Let me tell you, 30 is not stupid, from 40 it gets bad, oh no ! The other way round!

I wish you all the best for your 30th year, so that it will be even better, like the last one.

Today you will be 30 and we will be celebrating very hard, tomorrow you will be in bed, it was fat!

When there are more candles than cake, you know that you are getting old. Fortunately, it is not there yet! Happy Birthday!

A beautiful woman up to the age of thirty, a successful general up to the age of sixty – and then a cardinal.

My dear young, you are old now. I wish you a lot more time, indulgence in abundance and not a minute of regret!

Should start grooming yourself at 30. So that you can hold yourself really well from today on, we’d best put you in alcohol!

When you are twenty you have solved the world riddle; at thirty you start thinking about it and at forty you find it unsolvable.

I don’t know what you want for your 30th … But I know what I wish you: love, happiness, satisfaction and an unforgettable time!

For your 30th birthday, I wish you thirty times as much good as you have already experienced in the last years of your life!

Until 20 eat as much as you can, until 30 eat as much as you have to, above 30 as little you can. Happy Birthday!

A straight 10 in the posture, a 10 for the performance and a 10 for the previous way. Such a result is impressive! Happy 30th!

You are probably already wise at 30, but you still have a long journey ahead of you. So use the wisdom and enjoy the trip!

When you are twenty you have solved the world riddle; at thirty you start thinking about it and at forty you find it unsolvable. Happy Birthday!

30 years, time flies, but you can decide where it will take you. Take the wheel in your hands, because the journey is far from over!

30 years are behind you, of which you spent … with me. I am very grateful for every year and hope for more highlights, of course!

30 years have passed, but life has only just started. Therefore do not indulge in the past, but always look forward to what is to come.

The 30th time we are celebrating the special day, also known as your birthday. We all like to come together and wish you the best of everything!

For your 30th birthday I wish you triple happiness, triple joy, triple satisfaction. And that you will probably live to be at least three times as old!

No matter whether you are 10, 20 or 30, you are a birthday child on your birthday and deserve a cake, a crown and a great party!

Anyone who is not beautiful in the twentieth year, not strong in the thirtieth year, not clever in the fortieth year, not rich in the fiftieth year must not hope afterwards.

You are not too young and not too old. You stand firmly in life and give the rest of us support. Today we want to return the favour and congratulate you on your 30th birthday!

Who was lazy and who was hardworking? That shows up at the age of thirty, I guess. With you I see that you are successful and that you deserve it. I congratulate you on that!

You are turning 30 today and everyone wants to celebrate with you. Friends and family have come to congratulate you and turn night into day with you. So let’s laugh and celebrate and toast to the previous 30 and the next 30!

At twenty-five everyone considers himself a genius and turns the world around, if he only knew how! At thirty or forty things get quieter and quieter on the horizon, and finally he admits that Schiller and Goethe could have done something too.

You have been part of your life for 30 years, time flies here. You have seen a lot, experienced a lot, you are someone who strives for great things. I wish you the best of luck for the future and a great deal of everything that is good!

For your 30th birthday I want to leave you thirty wishes. I wish you: love, happiness, contentment, health, beauty, joy, happiness, courage, … Phew, not so easy to find 30 wishes. So I summarize it in one thing: I wish you that you will continue to lead an all-round fulfilling life!

Until the morning we will meet your thirty years. We will loudly celebrate this milestone, my friend! Best wishes!

Happy Birthday! Don’t get sick and don’t get fat. And always remember, in life you need to look at everything with humor!

Are the three dozen many or few? Let the fountain of energy boil in your chest as before. Have fun as you know, from the heart!

30 is a wonderful age. There is already something to be proud of, but there is something to strive for. There is still energy to reach ever more new heights. Let these thirty years brought only new hits, impressions.

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30th Birthday Messages for My Sister

Every year is a poem, a picture of beautiful faces, and every day is a smiling face with melody. Have a nice day, happy birthday to you, and hope you can find peace and happiness every minute and every second.

There is always a place worthy of your nostalgia, there is always someone worthy of your attention, there is always a life worth looking forward to, and one day worth waiting; just today, candlelight is beautiful for you, happy birthday!

You are the lotus flower in my heart, elegant and pure; you are my eternal concern, missed day and night; although I cannot light birthday candles with you, I can extend my sincerest blessings and wish you a happy birthday!

Today, the sun radiates heat for you, the bird sings for you, the breeze lays down the bag for you, happiness is on your wings, luck is all armed for you, I wish you a happy birthday, and happiness lasts forever.

The distant greetings will warm people’s hearts, and the good times will last forever. This kind of love still exists, sadness is no longer, happiness is running; your greetings, I will stay forever, hope my blessing can bring you a happy heart!

If you are happy, you will become more beautiful. If you are happy, you will have more friends; if you are happy, your face will be radiant; if you are happy, you will handle things more and more smoothly! Have fun every day!

May your birthday be filled with infinite happiness, may your memories today be warm, may all your dreams be sweet, may your loved ones be happy and happy, and those who love you are healthy and happy, and wish you a happy year!

Nobody who sees you realizes that you are already 30 years old! Looks like she’s still about 20, full of life and joy wherever she goes. Having you in life is a gift, the secret to happiness! Happy Birthday Sister! May this new cycle come with much peace in your heart, love and patience to continue supporting me. Love you!

30th Birthday Messages for My Brother

Here are some wonderful 30th birthday wishes and messages for your brother. Each message is suitable to be written on the greeting card to be combined with the gift. The brother is one of the most important people in life and for this reason there is a strong desire to wish him in a special way. After receiving wishes, messages, and gifts for his 30th birthday, his happy smile will definitely be a better thing to receive on this special day. Discover the fantastic happy birthday wishes for 30-year-olds in this section and share them with your brother and save your time for other beautiful things.

To you, brother, I’ll just tell you to appreciate these moments! Keep heart every day, which is better in the world for you! Congratulations!

I wish with all my heart that my brother is always lucky and happy. You are only 30, the world is open and lies at your feet.

You are already 30! But this age is the best, believe me. With your hands you can move the clouds, you can let the sun enter your door.

30th Birthday Wishes for Him
30th Birthday Wishes for Him

I am happy to congratulate my brother on a wonderful date: thirty years! And why is this date wonderful? Yes, because it is a ticket to a lucky and successful life!

Brother, thirty is not much. And an age full of experience, of mistakes is the beginning of life. Good luck and family happiness! Long years and of course, everything is in your power.

My brother, you turned 30 today! I wish you to fight for the best. Good luck awaits you in life. I wish you happiness, love and that your plans will come true. Best wishes!

Happy 30th birthday, brother! Do not be afraid, so many beautiful things are still waiting for you in this life, try to be able to enjoy every day as if it were the best for you!

My brother, you have achieved many goals up to these 30 years and I am proud of you! You have always been an example for me! Stay healthy, alert and increase your authority. Don’t stray from friends! Be faithful to them for hundreds of years!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to do everything you dreamed of in your 30s! You are smart, active, young! Brother, you are strong as metal! All friends are proud of you, at work, you are an example! All the girls will admire you! I wish you to always stay like that!

Celebrate my brother’s thirtieth anniversary today! I hasten to congratulate you as soon as possible. I miss you! I wish you new cheerful pages, there will be many of them in your life. Do not believe the predictions of the pessimists, walk confidently in life and you will find the way of love!

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30th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

30th birthday messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend to wish them on their 30th birthday and make them feel blessed and special.

Happy Birthday darling! 30 years is your anniversary and whatever you want, ask dear, I will execute smoothly.

Happy thirtieth, love! Let the strength of the spirit grow to win, don’t give up and move on. Congratulations!

Happy thirtieth, honey. I wish you, darling, to shine day after day, to burn with the fire of love and charm.

Wonderful life, wonderful life at 30: good luck pampers and all dreams come true! Let each day start with a smile. my love!

Dearest, best wishes on your thirtieth birthday. I wish you to remain a winner in life, confidently achieve your goals and be proud of your achievements, my love!

You keep flying, you still have fun, my love… And you are already thirty years old, but you are cheerful, playful, beautiful, the spirit of good in you is indestructible… This is how I need you.

On our happy 30th birthday wishes for boyfriend or girlfriend: love phrases you can base yourself to give your happy birthday to those you love. When your soul mate has a birthday, you can wish her well by writing a message on WhatsApp but also with a romantic letter or a tender note that will accompany your gift.

In order not to be limited to a simple happy birthday my love, it is possible to enrich the message by adding phrases or images perfect for the occasion, in order to make the boyfriend or girlfriend understand how important it is for us and make him feel our closeness in a important occasion such as birthday.

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30th Birthday Messages for Brother-In-Law

May your birthday be filled with infinite happiness, may your memories today be warm, may all your dreams be sweet, may your loved ones be happy and blissful, and those who love you are healthy and happy, and wish you a happy year!

Spring, summer, autumn and winter flow only because of today, day and night change because of today, the sun, moon and stars are shining only because of today, and blessings only appear because of today. Angels were born in the world. Let me wish from the bottom of my heart: Happy birthday!

Light a candle, sound a song, and slap your palms. The world today is beautiful because of you, and my blessings descend on you. Without flowers to accompany you, you are the most colorful now. Without sweet words, you are the happiest now. You are the favorite in my heart and will never change. My dear, happy birthday to you!

30th Birthday Wishes for Sister-In-Law

In the section of 30th birthday wishes for sister-in-law you can find that wish that is most suitable for her. It is important for family harmony that relationships are affectionate and cordial, for this reason, you need to write a happy birthday sentence worthy of her, in order to show her all your affection, giving her moments of pure joy.

You will always remain a young girl, I have no doubts! At 30 years old, life just begins! Congratulations!

Today we celebrate your 30th birthday, my dear! And the time when women blossom and the soul is full of warmth. Congratulations!

For you today, all the compliments and flowers! You deserve only admiration! Happy anniversary, best wishes! Let everything you dream of can come true.

A sincere phrase for her 30th birthday can be a pleasant surprise that will make the luckiest sister-in-law in the world feel!

You, like spring, are beautiful and bright, you always have an open soul. Loving wife and caring mother, best wishes for your 30th birthday!

Smile today and become more joyful! This is your solemn thirtieth anniversary! I kiss you, I hug you and for many years I wish you health!

You’re exactly 30 today, and that’s not a problem at all. Don’t be sad on this anniversary day because life is still ahead! Go to your intended goal!

Thirty years, wonderful anniversary, little sister! It is a golden time, when the soul is full of gods! Let there be pure light in the heart and the soul reveals itself for completion.

Let the sun warm your eyes and hands, let the warm wind bring all the sadness. It’s been three decades since you came into this world. Always be happy and lucky in everything!

Today you are 30 years old. You’re still a young girl, little sister! I would like you to keep laughing loud, like when we were little. Your laughter lights up the hearts of all who are close to you.

The 30 years are a great start for important accomplishments and ideas, it means that not little has been done. Let the plans come true to enjoy a vibrant life and feel the sweet taste of victories!

Quotes on 30th Birthday

At twenty, the will rules, at thirty, the mind, and at forty, judgment.

30 years are you today? No problem, calm down – you are far from old! Happy birthday and let us celebrate properly!

Life begins at 30 and quickly casts a spell over you. You will be blessed with zest for action and energy like never before!

30th Birthday Wishes Images and Pictures

Here you will find many images with nice and funny 30th birthday wishes to send to friends, boyfriends and family. Choose a best wish for the birthday boy or birthday girl to express your emotions and feeling on their special day of his 30th birthday. A beautiful image can be sent to WhatsApp, Facebook in a couple of minutes without having to waste time searching for it.

30th Birthday Quotes
30th Birthday Quotes
Happy 30th Birthday Wishes
Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

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These 30-year-old birthday wishes or 30th birthday messages are the same you are looking to wish your dear one a happy birthday, who is going to celebrate his or her 30th birthday. Whether it is for your son, daughter, friend, or niece, now it’s super easy for you to send happy 30 birthday wishes, and celebrate this fateful life stage with a sincere or funny 30th birthday message. You don’t need to strain your mind too much to wish your 30-year-old daughter, son, sister, brother, cousin or friends to say happy birthday.

From the above-mentioned 30th birthday wishes messages, you can make your daughter, son, friend or niece feel happy and encouraged on his or her special day by sending an inspirational and funny 30th birthday message.

This article is full of all inspirational 30th birthday wishes and greetings. These comic and funny 30th birthday wishes help you in wishing “a happy birthday to your loved one”. Hope you have enjoyed these 30th birthday messages and you may have a better idea of what to write in a 30th birthday card message to wish your son, daughter, friend, and niece or your loved ones a happy 30th birthday. We hope you have enjoyed these birthday 30, wishes and messages.