Happy 40th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes: 40th birthday wishes messages and quotes with images and pictures to share with 40 year olds on their birthday. 40th birthday is an important day in one’s life and worth celebrating! The 40-year-old is the age to reflect on life with high hopes for upcoming events, happiness, and humor. If this special day is your friend, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, or brother’s 40th birthday then don’t forget to wish him/her a happy 40th birthday with some special words of 40th birthday messages.

No matter what your close and dear people think of their 40th birthday, the right birthday message help to make your 40th birthday the most memorable ever and to mark this milestone. Birthday cards and e-cards are one of the best ways to express your greetings, feelings, and love for a celebration.

Here we are offering some examples of funny or sincere 40th birthday wishes and messages which can give you a perfect idea in writing a better 40th birthday message. To send your best wishes and mark this occasion take a look at our happy wishes and sweet messages for 40th birthday. Pick the right wishes and messages from our collection to send your best 40th birthday greetings and make their special day even more special.

Happy 40th Birthday

You are entering one of the best phases of life, enjoy your 40 years!

May this special day, the Lord be in front of you to show you the right path.

I wish you a happy 40th birthday and hope you enjoy the next chapter of life!

Happy 40th Birthday
Happy 40th Birthday

Keep calm and remember that the forties is the new thirties. Happy 40!

Congratulations! I ask God to enlighten you and protect you always. May love, peace and health be always present in your life.

In your forties, you have the opportunity to achieve what you did not achieve in your thirties. You have a great chapter ahead of you. Happy 40th birthday!

You’re not getting old, you’re just getting better, forty years better. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! I wish you a happy day and one that always has love, health and success.

The forties prepare us for new opportunities. More importantly, though, you have enough experience to solve life’s problems, more wisdom. Happy Birthday!

You’re not in your thirties anymore. You are now forty years old! It’s time to make this birthday wonderful. Congratulations!

Even from afar, know that I am available for whatever comes. Have a great day and a new blessed cycle!

The more I grow, the more I realize that, when I think more about age, I feel older.

Happy-Birthday 40-year-old phrases: Happy birthday! May happiness always accompany you, not only today, but every day of your life.

Along with this message, I send all my affection, love and admiration. Have an excellent day! Congratulations!

May all the dreams you’ve had for the past 39 years begin to come true on your 40th birthday! Congratulations!

Wish my dear mother a happy and healthy 40th birthday, all the best and smooth work.

Congratulations today and always for being this amazing person who lights up the lives of people around you. Happy 40th birthday!

You are still at the height of your young days! 40 years is still close to everything you have to live for. Happy Birthday!

40th Birthday Message
40th Birthday Message

Congratulations to the youngest forty-year-old on the block! Don’t think about age, but about experience gained. Few manage to reach that age that well.

Forty winds and rains are boundless, one hundred and eight thousand white clouds are long, and the years of spring and autumn singing and wine pairing. Life and death, wealth and wealth follow the heavens, the sun and the moon will fall in winter.

When a person reaches forty, he is not confused. Looking back at the past, feeling a lot of emotions, sitting and thinking. Three times, I am by the pool, self-turbid and clear. Standing upright, being upright, filial and filial for the son, and respecting for the father.

Forty is not confused, just in the prime of life, although you are young and no longer, but you are my good husband, the good father of the child, I wish you good health and a prosperous career!

Old friend today is your 40th birthday. In a blink of an eye, we are all 50 people. I think we all wore open pants, played in mud, and grew up together after playing in the mud. Now we are all children. The old guy turned his wife, but in my opinion, we are still the scene of the year, OK, let’s not say anything else, happy birthday!

Your blessings are uninvited, your smile is very beautiful, your life is rising day by day, and the days pass by, the better, hurry up and hold your happiness firmly, and be happy every minute! Please read the first word of each sentence aloud, congratulations on having today every year!

Life is like sitting on a sightseeing ladder. Every time you go up one floor, you will see more beautiful and farther scenery. Congratulations, on the Ferris wheel of life, you will be one year old. I hope you will linger in joy and happiness, and wish you a happy birthday!

Through thousands of rivers and mountains, there have been hundreds of thousands of times, the road is rough and tortuous, the life experience is ups and downs, the true meaning of life, the father’s love is as heavy as a mountain, I still love you as before, I wish you a happy 40th birthday!

Years are always getting shorter and shorter, and birthdays are always getting faster and faster. The time you can’t keep leads you to the best of life, and the greeting cards that can be kept are what I miss deeply. I sincerely hope that the blessings of the younger generation will bring you joy!

40th Birthday Wishes

A person is forty years old. Looking back, sighing with emotion, sitting and thinking. Three times in the body, by the pool, self-turbid and self-clear. Standing upright and upright. Filial piety for the son, respect for the father.

Although it is just a small greeting, it is my concern; although it is only a gentle blessing, it is my heartfelt voice; although it is just a heart song, it is tied to our friendship, happy 40th birthday!

40th Birthday Wishes
40th Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes to you, good things are chasing you, bosses value you, illnesses avoid you, lover loves you deeply, pain is far away from you, happiness follows you, and everything follows you!

Although you are not an angel, you have the beauty of an angel. Although you are not a princess, you have the temperament of a princess. Ordinary and extraordinary you exudes a charming fragrance. Happy birthday, my friend!

An ordinary day is not ordinary because of you. An ordinary moment, not ordinary because of you. The world today is more exciting because of you. The starry sky tonight is brighter because of you. Happy 40th birthday!

May you always have a slender figure and good lines, always youthful and beautiful and never grow old, forty years old, thirty years old heart, twenty years old image, eighteenth mentality, and eternal youth and a long flowering period.

The splendid fireworks in the sky bloom for you, and the lights in the city shine for you at first, and my sincere blessings sing for you, happy birthday, youth forever, happiness and peace every year.

Time is cut into a relaxed look, and the mood is stamped with a happy stamp. Use the clear sky of July to write you a beautiful poem, and you can sing it! Happy birthday to you, old birthday star!

Use a paintbrush to depict your youth and beauty, use a melody to sing your youthful vigor, use a flower to reflect your innocence and love, and use a drop of thick ink to write your sunny mood. Happy birthday!

When I am sad, when I am depressed, my dear father is always paying attention to me. Your suggestions and encouragement helped me through the difficulties, Dad, thank you for your help and understanding. May your birthday be especially happy!

The face is full of wrinkles, and the hands are thickly callused. The years record your hard work, and people miss your kindness; on this special day, I wish you happiness and prosperity, and wish you health and happiness forever. !

The smile blooms like a flower. I wish you 18 forever, beautiful and powerful, and a good career. I want to ask me why my words are so sweet, because today is your birthday, you will always be there in my heart.

Wisdom and beauty coexist, trend and cutting-edge representatives, and the little birthday star with the devil figure angel face is unmatched by everyone. On behalf of the whole world, I would like to wish you a happy and blissful birthday and always beautiful!

Your noble temperament is like a champagne rose, which makes people admire. Your graceful posture is like a blooming lotus, which is worshipped. The essence of heaven and earth gave birth to a colorful you. On your birthday, wish you a happy birthday!

I received a message on my birthday. Happy and happiness are the number one. Looking at the message, it becomes beautiful. The rose is incomparable to death. The youthful face shines, the agate brilliance recedes, and the thick hair falls on the shoulders. Happy birthday!

On your birthday, I will send you my sincere greetings. I wish my blessings such as spring breeze, summer sun umbrella, autumn tea, and winter sun, to bring you cool, shelter from rain and shade, and refreshing. Nourish the stomach and send warmth. Happy 40th birthday!

The ups and downs of wind and rain, success or failure will all return to the dust and soil, let go and enjoy life, leisurely and enjoy the blessing, children and grandchildren are entangled under the knees, and the joy of family is at this time! I wish my father a happy 40th birthday!

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

When should you use funny 40th birthday messages for a friend or family member? You should choose some funny 40th birthday one liners when the birthday man or woman does not mind laughing at himself/herself or should be very cheerful. Happy 40th birthday funny wishes should just have some fun humor and don’t contain offensive jokes. Here we have listed some funny 40th birthday messages to get you started.

Happy birthday, I wish you look up today and see Cupid, go out to meet a big beauty, bow your head to pick up a bundle of hundred dollar bills, go home and step on stinky shit! Ha ha!

Hey! Friends, today is your big birthday! At this moment, I want to send you thousands of exhortations and greetings. This is the most valuable “shabby”!

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes
Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

Today is your birthday. In order to congratulate you, all female toilets and female bathrooms are open to you for free. Welcome!

On the occasion of today’s birthday, I want to tell you a good news. I heard that your price in the market has risen again, “Happy birthday, pig, your worth is getting higher and higher.”

According to the CIA report, today is your birthday. The President of the US of America asked me to tell your Excellency that I wish you a happy birthday and welcome you to visit the White House at your convenience.

40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Friends are an essential part of our life and we all love having fun with them on special occasions. Here are some 40th birthday messages for a friend. You can add some happiness and joy to your friend’s birthday celebration by wishing him or her with these birthday wishes for friend on turning 40.

The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the song is free, love is crazy, the sky is eternal, and you are unforgettable. I sincerely wish you a happy 40th birthday.

The cool breeze is blowing you, the gentle sunshine covers you, the clear dew drops you, the cheerful singing accompanies you, and the sincere blessings are given to you. May the beautiful birthday star be the sweetest, and the happy birthday will always be with you.

40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend
40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

The scenery around you is more beautiful because of your existence, and the long way ahead is full of excitement because of your company. I am no longer lonely because of your love in my life. Today is your birthday. I wish you a happy and happy dear.

It should be said that you have reached the threshold of your fortieth birthday. Then, at this time, what you have reached out and pushed open is a window of the early autumn of your life. A new season of life will come calmly when you gently lift the curtain and open the window.

It’s birthday, it’s so beautiful, the flowers are smiling, the birds are calling, the childlikeness is there, the troubles are eliminated, the life is beautiful, the childlike smile, the joy comes, the sadness runs, the childlike heart is left, the happiness is happy, I wish you good luck, good health, Sweet smile, birthday, happy.

The most beautiful thing in the world is childhood, what I remember most is the past, what I miss most is that year; it is a pity that you and I have not been children for many years, but now I just concentrate on making money; birthday wish you happy like childhood, success forever!

You are the most respected elder in my heart. When I was almost desperate, it helped me out of the trough of life and led me to the light. Whenever your birthday is approaching, I always want to express my most sincere gratitude, a thousand words, and a suspicion: May you be healthy and live a long life!

How long can a cloud float? How long can a shower of rain last? How long can a bunch of flowers bloom? How long can you hang on a smile? If you ask me how long will I bless you? I said: How long is the heartbeat, how long is the blessing! I wish you a happy 40th birthday and happy every day!

On your birthday, I will give you the most beautiful rose in the world! May you have a whole day of happiness, twenty-four hours of wishful thinking, and one thousand four hundred and forty points of happiness! Happy birthday, friends!

I will not forget this special day today. I specially asked the sun to sprinkle happy sunshine on you. I also specially asked the moon to give you a sweet dream tonight. I wish you a happy birthday.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Sister/Sister-in-law

What could be the best 40th birthday messages for sister and brother? We like to congratulate on birthday, which not only celebrates their birthday and milestones but also celebrates them as a brother or sister, his or her mentor, his or her closest friend. First, let’s look at the examples of the birthday wishes for a sister or brother turning 40. If you want to personalize them, then you can use them by combining and changing them according to your choice. Say “Happy 40th Birthday Sister or Brother” using these simple examples.

You are the most beautiful, strong and inspiring sister. Congratulations!

Dear sister, I wish you an ocean of happiness. Happy Birthday!

That today you only have reason to smile and celebrate. Congratulations sister!

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes
Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

Congratulations, my sister. You were and will always be my greatest example.

God is with you and will always light your way. Happy Birthday Sister!

The best gift I ever got from our parents was you. Best wishes, dear sister!

God blessed me a lot when he put you in my life. Happy Birthday Sister!

There is no distance, intrigue or difficulty that can break our bond. Happy Birthday Sister!

I hope that daddy in heaven continues to bless your life and light your way. Congratulations sister.

You are more than a sister… You are also a friend I have for life. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, sister! Enjoy your day with joy and start another year of your life in style.

May you have faith and don’t let anything shake you, neither today nor ever. Happy Birthday my sister!

Congratulations, my sister! You are my friend and companion, and living with you is a gift from God.

You deserve all the praise in the world, sister. Continue to be that real, honest and amazing woman.

Enjoy your birthday a lot, sister. And every day make the most of all the good things life gives you.

A lot of people have a sister, but having a sister and a friend is a privilege for a few.

There is nothing greater than the love of a dear sister. On this day, I hope you have the best birthday!

The best gift our parents could have given me was a sister as nice as you. Best wishes in this new cycle!

And now I’m fully grown, and I’m seeing everything clearer… I’m watching life unfold. Every dawn I know, I see you by my side dividing the path. Congratulations on your day, sister!

Congratulations on completing 40 year of life, sister! I am sure that this new cycle that begins today will be full of wonderful things, as you are the best friend and best sister anyone could have.

40th Birthday Messages and Quotes
40th Birthday Messages and Quotes

I offer my love to you. I wish you a warm birthday, thank you for your warmth of love and care for me all the time, and wish my beautiful, optimistic, enthusiastic, healthy, confident and energetic sister happy birthday!

Give you a cream chocolate cake. The cake is my soft care, the cream is my sweet blessing, and the chocolate decorates your journey of life. Together, I want you to be delicious, beautiful and happy.

Your birthday is coming soon, I will give you a long-lasting love and lasting gift, diamonds, can’t afford it! Preservatives, boring! Don’t guess, let me tell you, it’s a blessing from my heart!

Sending you my blessing, and the deep feelings that are in my sincere heart. May your birthday be filled with infinite happiness, may your memories tomorrow be warm, and may you dream in a new year come true!

Today is your birthday. What I can do for you is limited, but my blessings to you are unlimited. Now I want to say to you: my dear, happy birthday to you! I always want to give you the happiest thing!

On this special day, on behalf of the person who loves you the most, I would like to extend the most affectionate blessings and warmest greetings to my dearest and lovable sister. Happy birthday forever.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

You are entering one of the best phases of life, enjoy your 40 years!

You can still do anything you want, age is only a restriction for the weakest!

Today, someone gets older and that someone is turning 40! Congratulations, may you enjoy this new phase of wisdom even more.

You are still at the height of your young days! 40 years is still close to everything you have to live for.

Happy 40th Birthday It is Just a Beginning
Happy 40th Birthday It is Just a Beginning

With each passing year you get more experienced, not older. Enjoy this new phase of life, 40 years is not for everyone.

Congratulations to the youngest forty-year-old on the block! Don’t think about age, but about experience gained. Few manage to reach that age as well.

It’s all experience… The more years you have, the more things to tell. Face your 40 years naturally, it’s so good to get old!

It must be nice to look back on your 40s and see the wonderful things you’ve done. Be proud of the age you carry. Congratulations!

The greatest gift we have is your presence. Don’t mind the jokes, we love you anyway and turning 40 is a milestone in everyone’s life.

Life was meant to be lived! I hope you can look back at the height of your 40s and just be proud of everything you’ve done. Happy Birthday!

Embrace the time you are living in, as every opportunity is unique. Don’t look at 40 years as a bad thing, think of all your achievements so far!

Enthusiasm and willingness need to be the same as 20 years old, life doesn’t stop or change as you get older. Understand this and you will be eternally happy!

40 years! Sometimes, we don’t think about how time passes quickly, from one day to the next we already have 40 years and a lot of stories to tell. Enjoy your moment as it is unique!

It passed fast, right!? You’re turning 40 and until yesterday we didn’t even know what to do with our life… What a great moment! I hope you enjoy this new stage and enjoy everything you can!

Life is made up of cycles and we have to go through them all. Don’t think of them as an obligation or that getting old is a bad thing. See just how much you’ve been through in these 40 years!

Being forty isn’t bad if you understand some truths, as those years give you more perspective, style, experience and intelligence. Learn to value these things. Happy 40 years!

Today is a good day to say how much you are important to me. I wish you a happy and joyous birthday and hope that all your dreams come true. Congratulations!

Even though you are forty years old, being young is a state of mind. Free yourself from tomorrow’s worries and ties, loving what others offer you today. Happy 40th birthday!

Happy Birthday! At 40, your body doesn’t always do what it wants to do, but your mind is sharper than ever. That’s why you only need to exercise your mind and not your body.

40th Birthday Wishes For Wife/Her

Happy 40th Birthday to your Wife : Modern women of today do not want to grow old or simply refuse to accept this truth of nature. As she sees that some celebrities who look very good despite being over 40, they decide to follow them. Although “stars” use cosmetic surgery, fillers and a lot of cosmetics, they remain vibrant, optimistic, and luxurious. This is a quiet trend. You can be 40 years old just like you are 20 years old! By the way, due to good health, it is not much adjusted. Begin the new phase of your life by adopting the process of turning forty. Here are listed 40th birthday wishes for wife.

I wish you more and more beautiful face, more and more devilish body, more and more feminine, more charming smile, more and more elegant temperament, happy 40th birthday!

May you always have a slim figure and good lines, always youthful and beautiful and never grow old, forty years old, thirty years old heart, twenty years old image, eighteen mentality, and eternal youth and long flowering period.

40th Birthday Wishes For Her
40th Birthday Wishes For Her

My dear, today is your 40th birthday. Great wife, I wish you a happy birthday, and I wish you a beloved wife for the rest of your life… Haha Happy birthday!

Wish you a happy birthday with my full of love. It is you who make my life meaningful. My love for you cannot be expressed in words. Spend my life with you every day.

Today is a happy day. Today, after you have worked hard for decades, your children and grandchildren will gather together and enjoy the happiness of family. I wish you a happy birthday and a better tomorrow!

For your daily meaning in my life, for the happiness you bring to me, for our mutual love and good memories, for my unchanging admiration for you, I wish you the best in the world Birthday!

The wife of the chaff is deep and serious; the acquaintance of adversity, thinks of life; the grace of dripping, the spring of love; when people help me, I know it well; when I help others, the clouds fly and smoke lightly.

Wrap gifts with happiness, make cakes with sweetness, make red wine with romance, and light candles with happiness. Today is your birthday dear. May my heartbeat become a shooting star and make all your wishes come true.

The wife of the chaff is deep and serious; when you are in trouble, you will think about your life; the grace of dripping, the spring of love; when people help me, I know my heart; when I help others, the clouds fly and smoke lightly.

The wife of the chaff, the love is deep and the meaning is heavy; the friend in trouble, thinks of the whole life; the grace of dripping, the spring of the love; when people help me, I know my heart; when I help others, the clouds are light! Happy birthday!

I wish you are not tired from work, earning tickets is not wasted, finding a wife is not stinking, giving birth to a child, not retreating, living in a house is not too expensive, and driving in a car is not to fly. With enough money to sleep and sleep, we are catching up with a well-off society.

40th Birthday Wishes for Husband/Him

Husband often hide their fear of their age and try to laugh at the 40th birthday, but they’re still afraid of aging (turning 40). They do not want to leave their daughter or wife without protection and support. Actually it is love for their wife and children. On this special occasion, men are entitled to 40th birthday wishes for husband with a special card. You can also add a few naughty words to your greeting card with wishes — make your husband believe that he is still enthusiastic and beautiful. Here are some wishes and messages to say happy 40th birthday husband.

You were and will always be a very important pillar of my life. Best wishes in this new cycle that begins!

Forty is not confused, just in the prime of life, although you are young and no longer, but you are my good husband, a good father of the child, I wish you good health and a prosperous career!

40th Birthday Wishes for him
40th Birthday Wishes for him

Husband, today is your birthday. The first moment you turn on your phone, I will give you the first blessing of today. May all happiness accompany you, looking up is spring, bowing down is autumn; wishing all Joy follows you, the full moon is a poem, and the lack of a moon is a painting!

In a blink of an eye, you are all 40 years old, I really feel that time flies too fast; I don’t remember where we are, living a naive, happy, and happy life; unexpectedly, we are all 40 years old; my husband, Pay attention to your body, happy birthday!

Husband, you are a thick novel, worthy of my whole life to read carefully; worthy of my whole life to taste; it is my honor to be your wife. Today is your 40th birthday, and I wish you a happy birthday! Safe and sound.

Husband, you used 40 years of youth to compose a new song for our family; you have put in countless efforts on this new song; I really feel guilty, because I can only watch but not Ability to help you; husband, sorry, happy birthday to you!

My dear, on the road of life, you are a solid bridge for me, no matter how much I can walk on it; my dear, on the road of life, you are a beautiful landscape in my eyes, and I use it all my life Not enough appreciation; husband, your 40th birthday is here, you have to take care of your body, pay attention to your health, and happy birthday!

Husband today is your birthday. You are the big tree of our family, sheltering us from the ups and downs; you are the sun of our family, bringing light to our lives. I wish you health and longevity. Happy birthday, I hope you can love us forever, you husband, thank you for your contribution to your family!

40th Birthday Quotes

The 40th birthday is the turning point in the life of every person, because these birthday are in the middle of their life’s path, in which they already have a part behind them, but also have a long journey to go. This new phase of life is connected with many wishes, hopes and dreams. Delight the person celebrating this special day with warm or funny birthday quotes. An original, short birthday quote is also ideal for the greeting card, for a greeting e-mail, an SMS message or for very original congratulations via WhatsApp. Hope you have a lot of fun and a wonderful birthday party while looking for and finding your favorite quote!

Forty to fifty is the best time to live.

40 is the new 30. Maybe even 50 is the new 30.

At twenty, the will rules, at thirty, the mind, and at forty, judgment.

40th Birthday Quotes
40th Birthday Quotes

Anyone who retains the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old.

At twenty, the will rules, at thirty, the mind, and at forty, judgment.

40 years is the age of youth, 50 is the youth of old age.

After turning 40, you have the choice between a belly without wrinkles or wrinkles without a belly.

It took 40 years to reach this level of perfection! Congratulations on this and another 40 great years!

30 years are you today? No problem, calm down – you are far from old! Happy birthday and let us celebrate properly!

Life begins at 30 and quickly casts a spell over you. You will be blessed with zest for action and energy like never before!

Birthday is by no means a reason to get older. And certainly not the 40th! Best wishes and all the best for the next 40 years!

Happy 40th! The secret of eternal youth is: eat healthily, move around a lot, go to bed early and lie about your actual age ;-)) Happy 40th!

From 40 it is our duty to do all the nonsense that we didn’t have the money for when we were 20! Happy Birthday and let us celebrate properly!

The first 40 years of our life make up the text, and the next 30 years – comments on this text, allowing us to understand its true meaning. Arthur Schopenhauer

Congratulations and happy 40 birthday to your loved ones! If there is any of your friends, family member and dear ones for reaching the next milestone of 40th birthday after the age of 30. Some people feel depressed after reaching the age of 40 or they do not look happy after 40. That’s why using funny 40th birthday one-liners messages or sincere 40th birthday greetings help you to add some humor to your birthday wishes. It should be remembered as a celebration of friends, family and new friends.

It is not easy to get middle-aged. You can make your near and dear ones a good thing by celebrating the 40th birthday, to help them enjoy the best things of every past year. Whether you want to wish your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, close and dear friends and relatives, you can express your feelings and love and thank them by sending them the 40th birthday message with the most special words for your 40th birthday.

Enjoying the age of 40, embrace the future, learn new skills, and make new plans. In any case, decide to please yourself. Above mentioned 40th birthday wishes for brother, sister, husband, wife, or your loved one 40-year-old man or woman, help you to get an idea for what to say to someone turning 40.