Advance Birthday Wishes – 90+ Happy Birthday in Advance Quotes

Advance Birthday Wishes: For most people, birthday is one of the most special occasions in life. Only one birthday comes each year that is unique, and no one wants to leave the occasion or celebration without turning it into a happy birthday. If you do this, you will better understand that you are trying to disrupt your relationship. And you will never want to forget the birthday dates associated with the closest or dearest. If your special person’s birthday is approaching, you need some happy birthday wishes in advance. Hope it’s always better than procrastination.

Here we have listed some amazing and unique early birthday wishes and advance birthday messages for you. From here you can choose which you feel better, keeping in mind your needs and the personality of your recipient. Whether it’s family, girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone close to you! Make them feel very special on this great day.

Advance Birthday Wishes

Your birthday is a race … I won, I’m the first! Happy Birthday.

The rising sun is brighter and more joyful than the setting sun. So “Happy Birthday” a little early.

Being the first is always a reward … so “Happy Birthday”! With this lead … I’m sure I won!

Happy Birthday in Advance
Happy Birthday in Advance

It seems that patience is a virtue … but you know me, I can’t wait !! Happy Birthday!

Who said birthdays should only be celebrated on one day? So let’s start the festivities now: Happy Birthday !!!

As you know, I don’t really like competition … so I wish you a happy birthday a few seconds early!

This post is just a little warm-up before tomorrow’s big message rush. I slowly get the adrenaline pumping … Happy birthday!

Your birthday is so important to me that it can only be celebrated one day in the year … Happy birthday in advance.

I know you are desperate to take another year. So allow me to add a layer and say “Happy Birthday” to you in advance!

Some friends remember birthdays on time. Others by chance on Facebook. Others remember it late. But the best are those who wish birthdays in advance! Happy Birthday !

Do you know me ! The first to go on vacation. The first to sit at the table. The first to wish, a little in advance, a happy birthday to his friend …!

I don’t know yet how many times I’m going to wish you a happy birthday, so in my opinion I had better start right away: Happy birthday a little early!

I wish you a happy birthday a little in advance because I want my message to stay anchored in your memory and not to be lost among thousands of other messages. Happy Birthday !

As I know that you can not wait to be tomorrow so that we celebrate you as it should be, I offer you a small gift wishing you a happy birthday in advance … so that the weather seems a little less to you long.

Advance Happy Birthday Messages

From this life, I can only wish you good things! I just want you to find everything you need. Happy almost birthday!

I am always happy to be the first person to wish a happy birthday not only on that day but also in advance.

To be sure, most people have already sent birthday wishes in advance. I want to be the first. Happy and blissful birthday in advance.

Advance Birthday Wishes Quotes
Advance Birthday Wishes Quotes

I just want you to be completely happy, to find everything you need and for your dreams to always come true. Happy almost birthday!

I just want all your dreams to come true and for you to find everything you’re looking for. Congratulations for almost another year of life.

I know I’m sometime early, but that’s okay, right, because it’s a congratulations with love. Happy birthday, my love – all the best today and always!

I’m one of those people who give congratulations in advance just so I don’t forget, so here goes my birthday congratulations, my love. All the best there is in this life!

As your birthday soon will be, I come here to wish you all the best there is, to wish you to find everything you are looking for and to be fully happy.

Happy birthday to you, good things are chasing you, bosses value you, illnesses avoid you, lover loves you deeply, pain is far away from you, happy to follow you, and everything follows you!

May the light of God shine on you and make you healthy and rich. This is the first place on the first day of the five days before your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

You know I’ve never been very good with dates and that’s why I always prefer to wish you a joyous and happy birthday when I remember, even if it’s before. Congratulations on your day!

Happy birthday to you, your kindness makes the world a better place, may this day that belongs to you bring you happiness, and may the days to come be the icing on the cake!

Congratulations on your birthday! Life and health! May the courage always be with you. May joy drive your steps. May the sun always shine on your aspirations. I wish you all happiness. Live the life!

Since you are very attractive, capable and popular in my heart, in order to ensure that my blessings are delivered in time, I wish you a happy and blissful birthday in advance and always happy!

Today, my blessing is a little bit eccentric, a little overweight, a little wordy, just for you who are a little good, a little charming, and a little different. Birthday wish: Happy birthday! Happier than others!

The noisy party covers the joyful face, the mellow wine conveys the sweetness of happiness, the brilliant candlelight reflects the happy smiling face, and the sweet cake expresses my wishes to you: Happy birthday to you!

Happiness is not about having a perfect life. But to water tolerance with tears. Use loss to hone patience, use shortcomings to carve tranquility, use pain to polish happiness, and use obstacles to open the window of wisdom.

Being happy is not having a perfect life. But to water tolerance with tears. Use loss to hone patience. Use flaws to carve for serenity. Use pain to polish pleasure. Use obstacles to open the windows of intelligence.

Happy birthday, I wish you better and better after you are 21 years old, work hard, lose weight, be yourself, do what you want to do, do your best, and wish you a happy and blissful birthday in advance.

The age they said is only a number, which is why I believe that even if you grow up, you will still remain strong and vigorous. Good luck to you, and good luck to you. Happy birthday in advance.

The big blessings at the beginning of life, the small blessings in a hurry, the new blessings of lighting candles every time, the old blessings of blowing out the candles every time, happy birthday, you have to be happy forever.

It is too much trouble to send all my wishes to you on your birthday, so I will send them one by one from today. First of all, I wish you all your efforts to be higher. Happy birthday in advance!

Every year today, I will send my blessings and wish you a long and happy life; every year today, you will be infinitely happy, and I hope you will continue to tomorrow. A wish, may you stay young and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you, and every day is happier than birthday! The days go by, the happier will be, and every day will be as cheerful as a birthday. I wish you a happy and blissful birthday and good luck again!

Use the chain of time to string healthy beads on your wrists, and you will hold happiness in your hands. Compose the song of life with peaceful poems, and you will let happiness grow in your heart. Happy birthday to you and your dreams come true!

I know it hasn’t arrived on the right date yet, but I’m already here to say that it will be very special and that everything you long for will come true. You deserve all the best in the world and that’s all I wish for you.

Happy Birthday! It is with great pleasure that I come to congratulate you. I wish you great blessings in your life and that God will illuminate you each day more and more. May all your dreams come true and may you continue to be this wonderful person.

Today you are one year older. I, by the order of God, sent you a charm, a maturity, and a wisdom. I did not hesitate to disobey the mandate of heaven, and secretly prepared a blessing for you, wishing you a happy birthday and happiness every day.

Fifteen years! This is the age of original intentions, the age of love and fantasy, the age of dreams, and the age of Juliet; it is life, hope, blue sky, green fields, calm lakes, and a calendar of singing. The last kiss from the morning breeze, and took it to heaven like an echo.

As you are a very important person to me, I wish you a joyous and happy birthday in advance. I know you love surprise and I couldn’t let this date go unnoticed. I wish you every success in your life.

May your star never fail to shine, that you are always surrounded by good people, who motivate you and support you in whatever you need. I also want you to be healthy enough to live the best you can and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Congratulations!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Friend

The sincere friendship is sent into your heart by the birthday candlelight, infiltrating your beating heart, igniting the roots for you, and blooming flowers for you to show.

Good women are simple, good friendship is fresh and refreshing, and good luck will last forever. Wish you beautiful, good-hearted, unstoppable, and youthful for a hundred years! Happy birthday!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Advance Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Let me keep this fragrant memory and treasure this beautiful page of friendship. On your birthday today, please accept my deep blessings. May the future life become a colorful poem.

Having a beautiful friendship is like having a sweet blessing: I wish you health and wish you happiness. I hope my thousands of blessings will always be with you. happy Birthday!

I accept other things in life because I will always be late, but I hope you do it sooner. Dear friend, I wish you a joyous and happy birthday in advance.

Hello, dear friend, you are very dear to me, I just hope that you don’t have much to do the day before your birthday. Grow old gracefully.

Because you are always in my mind, I just waited until your birthday. This is my wish today, happiness and peace will find expression in your life. Happy birthday in advance, friend.

The sunlight plated you with maturity, and the moonlight adds your charm. On the occasion of your birthday, I hope the blessings of your friends will become the source of your happiness.

Happy birthday… Today is your birthday, but I’m the one who celebrates… I want to celebrate the joy of having you among my friends! You be even happier on this bright day! Kiss with love…

The warm candles flicker, the gorgeous flowers are fragrant, the cheerful words and laughter are hearty, the romantic gift friendship is long, and the birthday blessings are full of auspiciousness. Wishes: Happy birthday and happiness!

Planting a seed can make flowers bloom, planting a seedling can make greenery sprout, tearing off a piece of colorful clouds can make dreams take off, sending a blessing can make friendship fragrant. Happy birthday to you!

Give you a bowl of longevity noodles, plus a few poached eggs. Eating it for health and longevity, happiness is not enough. Lucky and good luck come every day, and life is sweet forever. Happy birthday, my friend!

Although you are not an angel, you have the beauty of an angel. Although you are not a princess, you have the temperament of a princess. Ordinary and extraordinary you exudes a charming fragrance. Happy birthday, my friend!

Old friends, have you received a lot of blessings? The gifts are already filled up in the hut. Is there something missing? Yes, it is my blessing! I wish you double your happiness and double your health. Happy birthday!

What can’t be kept is time, what can’t be taken away is thoughts. What can’t be forgotten is friendship, and what is constantly cut is blessing. Every year there is a special day, and every year I have my most sincere blessing: Happy birthday, my friend.

After today, you are one year older. I hope you, who is one year older, will have a very calm mood, the friendship of the golden partner, the love of crystal love, the family affection of the blue and gold combination in the next year! Happy birthday!

When I got up this morning, I heard a magpie chirping. It turned out to be good news. It said that my friend was celebrating his birthday and sent blessings specially. Haha, i wish you a joyous and happy birthday, good health and all the best. Don’t forget old friends!

No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they are not as beautiful as you, and no matter how sweet the preserves are, they are not as sweet as your birthday cake today. Your birthday is the moment, and your friends wish you a happy and joyous birthday! Forever young and energetic!

Blessing others is a kind of warmth, and being blessed by others is a kind of happiness. A confidant is a close tacit understanding, a confidant is a sincere affection, and a friend is the concern of life. In order to express my concern, I spend a dime wishing you a happy birthday!

Years are like poetry, friendship is like wine, southern geese fly to the north and the summer is hot; life is hurried, the four seasons change, the lotus and red beauty are still there; a glass of thin wine, dark fragrance and full sleeves, take advantage of your birthday to write greetings: Happy birthday to you!

Find a lake with clear water, catch a few idle fish, and count those beautiful memories in your heart; forget a piece of dust, taste a few sips of tea, and let your heart wander in the world. Drink a pot of old wine, bless your old friends, happy birthday, and happy life is always the same.

The years are quiet, but very real; greetings are only a few words, but very affectionate; missing, clear in the heart, but very turbulent; friends, far or near, will be concerned. Time has passed yesterday, and some tedious things may be forgotten in my mind, but I will always remember your birthday. Happy birthday, I wish you a long and happy life!

You in life: honest and handsome! You in friendship: sincere and powerful! You in your birthday: happiness and sweetness! I want to deliver my special blessings to you, just wish you happiness and joy today! Confidant and confidant, share the warmth of the cake, the beauty of the flowers, and the whispers and whispers in the ear! Dear, happy birthday, and wish you good luck and luck!

Burning the hope in your heart and letting your future bloom, this is the goal of every boy; with light in your heart, there will be a front, believe in yourself, in the new year, the stars in the distance can shine for you! There may be thorns on the road to growth, but one more friend will give you more strength. Today is your birthday. I wish you all your wishes come true and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday in Advance For Best Friend

Best friends are relatives, you are so precious to me, because I only wish you a happy and joyous birthday. This is one of the awesome wishes before today. Grow gracefully, grow peacefully.

Many people will only make sure to greet you on your birthday, but as my best friend, I can’t help but send my wishes from now on. Happy birthday to you in advance. kiss!

I am honored to be your best friend, just as I am happy to send you my heartfelt blessings from now on. Happy birthday to you in advance.

advance happy birthday
advance happy birthday

I know your birthday hasn’t arrived yet, but since it’s close, I already want to start wishing you the best things in life. It gives me great joy to be part of your story, because someone as special as you makes all the difference in the lives of others.

I wish that not only your day, but also your whole life, is marked by the best memories, the best smiles and the best friendships. May this new year that begins in your life bring you much wisdom, success and maturity. Happy birthday in advance to you!

A candle, a wish, a true feeling, I wish you a joyous and happy birthday! I wish me a beautiful, enthusiastic, healthy, optimistic, confident and energetic big friend. Happy birthday!

Unforgettable is the pure friendship between you and me! Valuable is the true love that will never change! I am happy to meet you! I offer my favorite carnations and wish you a happy and blissful birthday!

You and I have known each other for a long time! Unforgettable is the pure friendship between you and me! Valuable is the true love that will never change! I am glad to know you! I offer my favorite red rose to wish you birthday.

True friendship will not stop because of distance and time barriers. I cannot spend your birthday for you, and there is even no reason why I am not so happy for you. So this is my blessing for the five-day countdown. Happy birthday in advance.

This is the reincarnation of time. I hope you will have no regrets in your life. This is the exchange of the four seasons. I wish you a bright life forever. This is a sincere prayer. I wish my friends a happy birthday and all wishes come true.

The clouds are floating in the blue sky, the birds are screaming and flying freely, the friendship is slowly growing in the true love, and I hope that life will be bright and brilliant. The text message is a blessing for your birthday: I hope you are happy and auspicious!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

If you have kept your lover in good mood around his birthday. And you have won half the battle. Now you can send him early gifts, or you can send advance birthday wishes one day before his birthday. Here we have listed some special advance birthday messages and early birthday wishes, Check out these birthday wishes for boyfriend in advance.

Although I can’t accompany you through this extraordinary day today, in a faraway place, I also wish you a happy and joyous birthday!

Before you kiss and hug on your birthday, this is a special wish for my dear. Live in God and shine brighter. Happy birthday in advance.

May your birthday be filled with endless joy, may your memories today be warm, may all your dreams be sweet, and may you be happy this year!

A soft wish is worth a thousand words. When the bell rings for your birthday, don’t forget my blessings and wish you a happy and blissful birthday!

In the depths of your heart, good flowers will always bloom, good times will always be there, and good luck will always be full of your mind! Happy birthday!

I use rolling wealth as flour, sweet love as butter sugar, successful career as eggs, plus joy and happiness to make a big cake for you. Happy birthday to you!

Give you my special blessing, and may it bring you health, good luck and happiness every minute and every second. Hope this is the best birthday you have ever had!

Now there are no gifts for birthdays, just write a blessing to you, if you don’t think the gifts are not enough, then you can also get me up. Happy birthday to you!

Advance Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Wish your sweetheart the best and appropriate, more appreciative and more romantic wishes with a few deep words. Start sending some advance birthday wishes and wordings to your girlfriend a day before her birthday, and continuously on the exact day. Here we have listed some of the most suitable early birthday wishes and advance birthday messages for girlfriend, choose the best and send to make this day even more special.

Maybe you are not born for me, but I am fortunate to be with you. May I light your birthday candles every year in my life.

My love for you is increasing day by day. You are my most beloved person in this world. Happy birthday to you and happy every day!

Time will never change my deep love for you. The passage of time will only make it deeper and deeper. Happy birthday to you, my love!

Advance Romantic Birthday Messages Images
Advance Romantic Birthday Messages Images

Let me be your washing machine-save electricity; let me be your bank card-save money; let me be your chef-save effort; let me be your love-save worry. Happy birthday, baby!

Thank God, thank you, thank your parents for nurturing you, thank the wind, thank you for the rain, thank JIO for letting me send you blessings, happy birthday, dear, I love you forever.

Red wine gifts must be opened with candlelight to be romantic, happy gifts must be opened with happiness to be happy, birthday gifts must be opened with blessings to be sweet, dear, happy birthday.

I really don’t mind if your birthday is still ten days later. I will send my blessings every day. This is part of today, I wish you a lifelong pursuit of elegance and prosperity.

The sun and the moon continue to cycle, and if the love is sincere and long-lasting, no matter where you are at the end of the world, I will always remember this day. Happy birthday to you!

I haven’t seen you for a long time, but the pre-set time telling me earlier told me that for your birthday today, I would like to tell you: Happy birthday to you! Young and beautiful!

Let the romantic spring rain slowly nourish your dreams, let the splendid spring flowers dress up your life well, and let the warm spring bless you a lot, I wish you a happy and blissful birthday and always!

The sweet and melodious singing will always sing for you, and the true happiness will always embrace you. On this special day that belongs to you, please accept my sincere blessings and wish you a happy and blissful birthday!

I will not forget this special day today. I specifically asked the sun to sprinkle happiness on you. I also specifically asked the moon to give you a sweet dream tonight. I wish you a happy and joyous birthday!

Ignite the candlelight of birthday, ignite the hope of happiness; taste the birthday cake, taste the taste of happiness; accept birthday blessings, accept the good wishes, may happiness surround you forever, and you know the taste of happiness best. Happy birthday!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Wife

Wife! Happy and joyous birthday! Thank you for spending so many happy days with me for so many years. Thank you for beautify my life with a smart and lovely son. I will always love you.

Wife, today is your birthday. I am sending you the best blessing of the day: Wife, happy birthday, all wishes come true!

I offer my love to you, I wish you a warm birthday, thank you for your care and care for me all the time, I wish my beautiful, healthy, optimistic, enthusiastic, confident and energetic wife happy birthday!

Advance Birthday Wishes for Husband

Treasure a ray of sunshine, let warmth fill the heart; Treasure a fallen leaf, fill the heart with touch; Treasure a smiling face, fill the heart with happiness; Treasure a care, let happiness wait for the heart. Happy birthday to you!

Today is your birthday, I hope you will spend it happily! It is you who gave me the care and true love without regrets. You are the person I always need to repay. I hope you take care of your health and spend every day happily!

advance happy birthday images
advance happy birthday images

Looking at the bright sun today, that is the candle I lighted for you; watching the birds fly, that is the wings that I bless you; I look up at the blue sky, make a birthday wish, and wish you good dreams with auspiciousness. Happy time blooming! Happy birthday!

There is always a longing lingering in my heart, there is always a memory that blooms in my heart, there is always a dream to spread its wings, there is always a desire to look forward to, there is always a day to really wait. Today, the candlelight is beautiful for you, and I wish you a happy and blissful birthday!

Advance Birthday Quotes For Sister

Here are some sweet and beautiful advance birthday wishes for sister.

My sister is going to school, so I wish you a happy and blissful birthday in advance! Be happy every day and everything goes well. Sister supports you and walks with you.

Oh my god, what day is today? It is broad daylight. Someday twenty years ago, you were born in the mountains and rivers, three hundred days earlier than me. I have to call you: sister, happy birthday, invite me to dinner.

The story of the stars hangs in the night sky; sister Chang’e is also concerned; the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl talk about love; the heaven and the earth become a good story; you do not speak when you read the text messages; watch the phone attentively; Da: Happy birthday, laugh every day, remember to forward the text message!

Romantic Advance Birthday Wishes

May my heart be a flower blooming under your sky, adding a warm atmosphere to your birthday, and adding a beautiful brilliance to your happiness!

Today is a special, romantic and warm day. I wish my forever love, joyous and happiness. You must be happily looking at the phone screen now, right? Happy birthday!

You are a beautiful person and you deserve all the best in the universe, my love! So, I come in advance to wish you the best birthday ever – with lots of cheese balls, party hats and soda!

I want to be the shining eyes of the stars, watching you through the quiet night, flying in the ocean of your dreams with blessings and true feelings. May your future dreams come true after all, happy birthday!

I will personally play the song “Happy Birthday” for you, I will personally light candles for you, I will cut the cake for you myself, I will cook a table of good dishes for you personally, and I will tell you personally: Wish you happy birthday, full of happiness.

I use the blue sky as a drawing paper and the breeze as a paintbrush to draw happy birthday wishes for you; I hold the white clouds and give the stars to you who are reading the text messages. I wish you a happy and joyous birthday and good deeds.

Funny Happy Birthday in Advance Messages

I wrote your name in the sky to wish you a happy and blissful birthday but was taken away by the wind; I wrote your name in the street to wish you a happy and joyous birthday, but I was taken away by the police. Please bring my birthday red envelope to the police station and release me.

Advance Birthday Wishes Messages
Advance Birthday Wishes Messages

Tomorrow is your birthday. I still don’t know what to give you as a gift. I thought today before I went to sleep about giving you heaven. But it’s so big it wouldn’t fit in a box. I could manage, but I still haven’t found a good place to put the stars.

Advance Birthday Quotes for Brother

Have a look at these early birthday wishes for brother to send him advance birthday wishes.

Dreams have the power to make them come true – of course, with a lot of work towards it. So, I wish you the strength to go in search of what you believe and make it all happen. Happy almost birthday, bro!

advance happy birthday wishes for brother
advance happy birthday wishes for brother

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Really cute early birthday wishes with images can help recipients remember their special day. Sometimes you cannot attend their birthday party or gatherings during their birthday due to bad circumstances and a busy schedule, so you want to wish them a happy birthday in advance. Above-mentioned early birthday wishes and advance birthday messages for cards with some special, appropriate, and deep words. Don’t miss the special opportunity to wish a happy birthday in advance, and don’t forget to send your early birthday wishes to the people closest to you. Because they can really feel very special by receiving your early wishes. You will definitely make them realize how important they are to you and your life.