100+ Best Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas and Messages

Birthday Invitation Wording: It is the happiest birthday to spend with people we admire and love. Moving into the next year of life and celebrating more mature should be abnormal. No matter whose birthday, it can be the birthday of your son/daughter, brother, sister, husband, or wife. You should have a wonderful birthday party to make it outstanding and iconic. Birthday invitation messages are very important for guests to set the theme and tone of the party. To force your guests to join the party, you need the most creative birthday invitation messages, including the most appropriate and profound words.

Birthday invitation cards add a personal touch to the entire birthday celebration. It’s up to you to make it a little creative, fun, and interesting. The choices are endless. Here is a list of amazing examples of some of the best birthday invitation wording ideas along with birthday invitation messages to use in your birthday invitation card to celebrate the birthday and invite your friends, family, and close people.

Birthday Invitation Wording

Come celebrate my birthday, your presence is important to me.

My favorite guest is you! Come have fun on my birthday!

Today the fun is guaranteed! I wait for you to celebrate my birthday.

Birthday Invitation Wording
Birthday Invitation Wording

A party full of surprises is waiting for you. We count on your presence!

From the bottom of the sea, I invite you to celebrate my birthday together!

I’m waiting for you to celebrate my birthday together, you are my special guest.

My birthday has arrived and I want to celebrate it with you in style!

How good it is to have turned! Now it’s time to celebrate, and you’re invited!

Celebrating my day without your presence will be no fun! Come to my party to make me even happier!

On this special day, the best gift I could have is your presence! Come celebrate with me!

Come have a drink with me in this high-spirited bar where only fine people enter! You are my special guest!

My day has arrived and on that date I just want to be surrounded by people I love. And you are one of them! I invite you to come celebrate with me!

The years don’t go away completely. They are eternalized in everyone’s heart. You are invited to come and eternalize this date with me!

Today is a day of celebration, cake, snacks and lots of games. The guys are all gathered and all that’s missing is you. I’m waiting for you on my birthday!

Today is a day of universal celebration, and this time I have the honor to invite you to the exclusive celebration of this day, where My Birthday brings us together.

For my birthday to be perfect, I just need your presence! Let’s celebrate my life anniversary together and I look forward to you accompanying me this day.

What I love most about my birthday is surrounding myself with beautiful people like you, who complement my happiness and fill my life with beautiful memories. Don’t miss my birthday party.

Because you are always there when need, I am counting once again on your presence to make this day incredible! Come with your good humor and your best outfit at [venue], on [date].

Friendships are one of the few things that improve with age, that’s why we want to share this special day with you, we are waiting for you.

Attention superhero or super heroine: you are invited to my birthday and together we will save the day with lots of adventure and fun!

One more year of life I am about to fulfill, if you want to be a witness of this, you must come to my party. I’ll wait for you!

Your being present on my birthday anniversary would be a luxury, together we are the life of the party and I hope you will not miss it. I will wait for you!

I want to celebrate an unforgettable birthday with unforgettable friends, I chose my best friends well so that this memory remains the best of memories. You are all invited to enjoy!

To succeed in life it is important to be smart, be beautiful, be successful, have money and have real friends. Well, at least real friends I have. I’ll wait for you at my party!

Having a birthday is so exciting! I can’t wait to eat lots of sweets, my favorite foods and the delicious cake that Dad and Mom prepared for me. I invite you to come and enjoy with me these delights and have fun like never before!

Witness a great party, it’s the new year of my life, it’s not that I’m getting old, it’s that I love celebrating and partying with my best friends. Come to my celebration!

Join me to celebrate! Let’s bring more joy to this day to add life to my years and if you like we will make the party continue for the rest of the year.

Life must be celebrated daily, but even more so on the date we arrive in this beautiful world, so I hope you will join me for a night of dinner, dancing and fun, we are counting on your presence.

Today, as I am always determined to continue giving life to the rest of my years, should we start with a coffee or at the bar? Then we just need a cake and to celebrate, I hope you join me.

I have been planning in great detail, luxurious and incredible birthday party, to celebrate my 28 years … Well, actually it will be something simple but the luxury is that you are present, so I would like you to attend my celebration.

For my birthday tonight, it’s obvious I’ll wear black! And to stay elegant, I’ll add a touch of white! You too come and celebrate my birthday in black and white on Saturday September 19, 2019 from 8 p.m. at my place.

Formal Birthday Invitation Wording

When you formally compose birthday invitation words, don’t forget to compliment or appreciate the birthday boy/girl. Other essential things are the birthday boy/girl’s age, name, and the location and time of the party. While it is not a difficult task to formally write any birthday invitation wording if you still feel the need to help, check out our wide assortment of birthday wishes and messages.

Many things are going to happen tonight. This is my birthday party, you can’t miss it.

Please be our guest and let us have a good time together and make this birthday party unique.

Without you, my party will not be the same. I’m waiting for you to play and have fun!

Formal Birthday Invitation Wording and Messages
Formal Birthday Invitation Wording and Messages

This party is guaranteed fun! Come celebrate another year of my life by my side. I wait for you!

Don’t forget to be present at our child’s birthday celebration and make it full of magic while showering us with the best blessings.

Your presence at our child’s birthday party will fill our hearts with true happiness. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our child’s birthday party.

On the day we celebrate the arrival of our beloved [name] in this world, we would be overjoyed to have you join us for dinner on [date].

If there is no presence of friends, the joy of a big day like a birthday is incomplete. You are invited to attend our child’s birthday party!

My child’s birthday celebration on [date] will be fun and magical. If you just make sure to attend the party and decide to bless us with your magical presence.

Most special day of my life: I am going to throw a grand birthday party at my residence and your name is first on the guest list. Please be my guest.

We hope your presence will add to the joy of the birthday celebrations. It will help to spend some unforgettable moments, enjoy food and make some beautiful memories. Please be sure to present on [Date].

Today is our little star [name]’s birthday, and we are looking forward to hosting you at the magnificent celebration of that day. Please don’t forget to join us on [date] share the joy and make the celebration more spectacular.

We look forward to having the night of our sweetheart’s birthday as we want to make the wonderful celebration of our dear [name]’s birthday to be an unforgettable celebration. We invite you to add more joy to this celebration.

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording for Adults

If you’re a good-humored person, your friends are already waiting for a fun invitation, aren’t they? To make your birthday invitation messages look attractive, add some magnetic and funny words to them, and excite your guests. You can write some funny birthday invitation wording or messages for adults. Choose any message of your choice from the list with funny wordings and take joy before the party even starts!

My birthday is coming! If you want some cake, get there before I blow out the candles.

All heroes came to save us and bring fun. We are waiting for you to celebrate my birthday!

As a birthday present this year, I want your presence at my party! I’m waiting for you, eh!

Funny Birthday Invitation Wording
Funny Birthday Invitation Wording

My birthday party will be a dream in the fairy kingdom. And you will be my special guest!

My special day is coming up and I’m counting on your present on my birthday… oops! With your presence!

Forgot my birthday present last year? Enjoy that I’m giving you one more chance this year. I hope you!

Heroes, adventures and discoveries… Come immerse yourself in a world of magic and experience great emotions on my birthday!

I need you to help me blow out all the candles. That’s why I’m inviting you to my birthday!

They say alcohol conserves, so on my birthday, let’s immortalize it? Come drink them all and celebrate with me!

This is my moment to shine, so don’t come prettier than me. I’m waiting for you on my birthday!

All jungle animals gathered to celebrate with us. I’m waiting for you on my birthday so we can live many adventures!

Weekend is my birthday and you are invited! Our motto will be “Drink moderately, leave your gift honorably and leave friendly!

Candles, cake, DJ, everything is ready for my awesome ‘Oh no! I forgot the guests! Hope you are free on [date]!

I’m like wine, I don’t get older, and I just improve the vintage. I’m waiting for you to celebrate my best age!

Congratulations and I’m having a big party! I’m counting on you, of course! Now I’m going to know who my real friends are.

See if you don’t miss it, or on [next day] I’m knocking on your door to find out why you weren’t at my party!

The biggest gift will be you at my party, but if you’re too keen, you can buy a little gift that I won’t complain.

They say that a person becomes more beautiful over the years. And that’s what happened to me. Come celebrate another year of beauty by my side!

Published the result of a very interesting survey. They concluded, after years of study, that those who celebrate many birthdays live longer. So let’s celebrate together. I hope you!

Well done! You have been selected from among a large number of applicants to be one of the few VIPs invited to my very select birthday. I will therefore be expecting you on [date] in my castle.

Buckle up, let’s go for a great birthday party! No passport needed for this trip: you just need to come with your best smile (and outfit) on [date] at my place [time]. The captain thanks you in advance for flying with me to new horizons!

I am looking for people with a high capacity for celebration, I have seen your profile and you meet all the requirements. So you are hired to celebrate my birthday!

Usually I drink on two occasions: when it’s my birthday and when it’s not. In this case, today we are left with the first option, okay? I count on you!

Don’t panic, it’s only my birthday! For this evening, you will just have to find an outfit, accessories, a GPS, possibly a gift, shoes, a nanny, a limousine and … No, I’m kidding! Just Keep Calm and Let’s Party! See you on [date]!

Dear, my birthday is coming soon. We are so familiar, don’t need to mention the money to congratulate me, it’s OK to come to the birthday party on time. If you miss the appointment, Humph; your phone number will appear on major dating sites, you can figure it out!

My Birthday Invitation Wording

If you want to create your own birthday party invitation, it’s one thing to come up with a color scheme and theme, but finding the right wording for your birthday invitation can be difficult. I want to balance cute, funny and informative, but it’s easy to say and hard to do. And the last thing you don’t want to do is cripples or clichés. If you’re struggling to wait for the best birthday invitation wording and messages to strike, we’ve put together 30 birthday invitations. Check out these birthday invitation wording ideas and messages.

Let’s celebrate my birthday together in a bar atmosphere, the beer may not be lacking.

I’m growing up fast and my birthday is here! Come live a great adventure at my party.

These are years well lived that deserve to be celebrated, so I’m waiting for you on my birthday!

format birthday invitation wording
format birthday invitation wording

Happy moments are shared with loved ones in our life, that is why you are cordially invited to my birthday party.

All Backyardigans have already confirmed their presence on my birthday. Now all that’s missing is you, that is, the most special one!

Today is a very special day and you cannot be left out. I’m counting on you to have fun on my birthday!

You are summoned to my birthday party. Your presence is essential for the trial to begin. Please come, I’m waiting for you!

Another cycle begins! And, for everything the other left me, the celebration is necessary. I’ll be waiting for you on my birthday lunch.

The most special day of the year is coming, my birthday. I hear you can’t be left out, I’m counting on your presence.

Being a child is living in a world where there is only fantasy, adventure and lots of fun. Come celebrate my birthday with me!

One more cycle is ending and another one is coming into my life. Come celebrate my birthday and share this special moment with me.

Something is going to happen that will remain forever in our memories: My birthday! I want you there to perpetuate this moment with me!

To live… to love… to make it count! Come celebrate life with me! My birthday will be on __, at __ hours, at __.

Tonight, we will have a few drinks, cake, and excellent company, because today we celebrate my birthday, we will be delighted to have your presence.

Every year it’s the same … my birthday! So as long as I celebrate, you will be cordially invited. Meet on (Saturday June 5 at 8 p.m.) at [venue].

A special date deserves to be celebrated with special people! My birthday will happen on: _//, at __ hours and with your presence it will be even better! Address __.

Good friends know your best stories, the best ones live by your side! So come celebrate my birthday with me! It will be on _/_/_, at __ hours, at __.

It’s almost my birthday and to mark the occasion I’m inviting you to a party that has many surprises in store for you. So don’t hesitate, sensations guaranteed on [date].

Today is my big day and I invite you to play and have fun with me, after all, your friendship and your presence are very important to me. I hope you!

The best gift I can have on my birthday is being surrounded by the people I really appreciate. If you want to collaborate with my present please join me in my celebration party!

Join me to celebrate my birthday, there will be a great feast, music, dances and cake awaits us to have fun, I wait for your company, there is no excuse to miss here today.

After so much living and learning, I complete another year of life and I invite you to celebrate it with me! My birthday will be on ___/___/___ at ___ hrs. I’m already waiting!

I cordially invite you to my birthday party, this is the best day of the year and I want to celebrate it with those I really love, come to my party, it’s time to dance!

I’m waiting for you (Saturday December 9 at 8 p.m.) at my place to celebrate my birthday. Champagne, cake, music, fun and best friends will be there, so you have no choice but to accept!

The best things in life aren’t the things I’ve achieved… But the people I’ve been able to share every moment with so far! You are invited to celebrate my birthday on ___/___/___ at ___ hrs.

You have the mission to come at my place on Saturday January 9 at 6, to celebrate my birthday and have fun. Do you accept this mission worthy of the best friends on this earth?

What better thing than turning _ years old? Being with people who are part of my story! That’s why I invite you to another special moment, my birthday! It will be on _/_/_, at __ hours, at__.

Without your presence, it is like the sweetness of no cake; no warmth of candlelight; no surprise of gifts; no feeling of happiness. If you don’t come to my birthday, just take care of it. Be sure to come.

Better than completing another year of life is being able to share this moment alongside the people who share their lives with me! Your presence is essential on my birthday, which will take place on: _//, at __ hours, at __.

Grow up together for more than 20 years, taste the ups and downs together, hold each other through the wind and rain together, it is you, my iron buddy. Today is my birthday. I invite you to my birthday party. It won’t work without you, remember to come!

Son’s Birthday Invitation Wording

Our little superhero will be one, please join us at [Baby name] birthday celebration.

The birthday boy doesn’t know it yet, but he will have the best surprise ever! Only you are missing!

You can have some wild animals to show your excitement. Be excited and wild! [Baby’s name] is one! Please join us!

son birthday invitation wording
son birthday invitation wording

I would be delighted to invite you to my son’s birthday party. Bless us, double the excitement and fun with your presence.

Yes, already 12 months of joy 52 weeks of smiles 365 days of love. It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to come and celebrate the first birthday of our little prince.

With immense pleasure, we would like you to know that our son is turning [age] on [date]. As we celebrate this day with our family and friends, you are invited to share this joyful moment.

Daughter’s Birthday Invitation Wording

Do you want to send birthday invitation wording and messages to celebrate your daughter’s birthday? Check out our birthday invitation messages for daughter.

She’s cute, sweet, so much fun, and she’ll be one! Join us to celebrate baby’s birthday.

I am planning for a birthday party for my lovely daughter’s first birthday. You are invited to bless with your presence and be part of the celebration.

From the core of my heart, I am cordially inviting you in the birthday party celebration of my daughter. Your presence will surely add the joy to the celebration.

With immense pleasure, we would like you to know that our daughter is turning [age] on [date]. As we celebrate this day with our family and friends, you are invited to add much joy to this special event.

Birthday of our little angel [Name]. Yes, already a year of joy, smiles, discoveries and love. It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you for being here and celebrate the 1st birthday of our little daughter.

You can dream, design, and create the most fun and beautiful place in the world. But you will need God and special people to make your dream come true. I count on your presence at my daughter’s birthday party!

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

Like various countries, the people of India have their own special style of fulfilling all their obligations in an effective manner. But here is another trend in people, in which birthday invitation is sent and it becomes even more special when it comes to your first birthday. In India, a child’s first birthday is celebrated in a very exciting and fun way. Here are some of the best birthday invitation wording and messages for the first birthday.

Just yesterday, my baby was crying in the nursery, and today he will be one year old. On this birthday, we cordially invite you.

Cute, sweet and naughty; this is our little prince and we want your presence for his 1st birthday and have fun.

The host and cake are small, but the fun will be great. Come on, join us to celebrate our baby’s first birthday!

1st birthday invitation wording
1st birthday invitation wording

In the life of a child, everything is a party, everything is joy. Celebrating my baby’s 1st birthday with you would be a real magic!

Cakes, food, games, and fun. Congratulate him on the first birthday of our baby. I’m sure there will be a lot of laughter! Come and have fun with him.

We are toasting to survive the baby’s first year. We are celebrating the 1st birthday of [baby’s name], so please join us. Have fun.

A year ago we were blessed with a precious gift, only in a year she became the most precious treasure for us. [Baby’s name] becomes one, Please join us.

The treasure trove of our life is our little one. He is turning one. We’re celebrating our little prince’s first birthday, so please join us.

Sleepless nights and tons of diapers, but nothing beats being the parent of the [baby’s name]. Join us for the first birthday celebration of him/her.

He smiled, rolled, crawled, and walked. It was a great year to see our baby grow up. It’s his first birthday, so please join us.

The year has passed in no time. It was fun to grow up. Our baby is now one, and we are rocking it at the party. Please join us.

Cakes, lots of fun, and little toddlers who change it! Join us on the 1st birthday of Baby Name. We are confident that you have a lot of fun.

The first year passed in no time. The baby grew up better, a year full of joy, love and fun was exciting and our little baby will be one! Please join us in our celebration.

Yes, already 12 months of joy 52 weeks of smiles 365 days of love. It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to come and celebrate the first birthday of our little prince.

Our little princess is growing exponentially. First bunny teeth, first steps of our baby, he’s already walking, There is another first celebration; our little [baby name] turning one on [date]. Join us for our baby’s first birthday celebration.

2nd birthday invitations wording

Parents have to make a lot of preparations to celebrate their child’s birthdays. On such a special and busy occasion, parents do not have enough time to write birthday invitations message. To help you out, we have listed here a series of beautiful and fabulous 2nd birthday invitation wording that you can use to share information with your guests.

Our little princess is two. Join us for the baby’s 2nd birthday celebration.

She’s cute, sweet, so much fun, and she’ll be one! Join us to celebrate baby’s 2nd birthday.

A little fairy with a magic wand. One sunny day, the fairy blessed us with a small fairy. The little fairy is turning two by [date and time]. Join us to celebrate the fairy’s 2nd birthday.

2nd birthday invitation wording
2nd birthday invitation wording

She’s cute, sweet and so much fun, our little mistake is to turn two! Please participate in the celebration.

It’s our little angel’s birthday! And yes, already 2 year that he/she has filled our lives with joy, smiles, love and discoveries. It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to come and celebrate her first birthday.

7th birthday invitations wording

The apple of your eyes is going to celebrate his 7th birthday, you must be planning his birthday party, and he must be happy to see it all. To mark your birthday, do not forget to give a birthday invitation wording or messages to invite all of your relatives and the friends of the child to the party. We have listed here some of the best 7th birthday invitations, choose one and send it to all.

To be part of a dream, I’m counting on you to celebrate my 7th birthday.

The party is only one night, but may the good moments lived there be unforgettable. Come celebrate my daughter’s 7th birthday with her!

The most beautiful flower in the garden is turning 7 years old. Come celebrate his 7th birthday with him on this very special date!

Another cycle begins in my child’s life and there is nothing better than celebrating this special date with friends. Come celebrate his/her 7th birthday!

My 7 years! To live the emotions of this very important day, I want to be with special people like you. I count on your presence!

7 years ago, my parents were overjoyed at my arrival. Today I thank God for giving me life and allowing me to celebrate with my best friends and family my big night!

Celebrating with the people we love is the best thing in the world. That’s why I really want you to be present at my 7th birthday party. It will be a unique moment that I will keep for the rest of my life!

18th Birthday Invitation Wording

To welcome coming of age, check out our 18th birthday invitation wording and messages and celebrate in the best style with those who were and still are part of your history!

Come celebrate my 18th birthday with me! The future starts now!

You are summoned to my 18th birthday party! Come celebrate with me!

I’m going to celebrate my 18th birthday and I want to see you there!

Turning 18 and saying hello to adulthood requires a worthy invitation. Celebrate this special date with me!

Another cycle begins! And, for everything the other left me, the celebration is necessary. Anyway, 18 years old!

Good friends know the best stories, the best live by your side. Come celebrate my 18th birthday with me!

Turning 18 is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in style! I invite you to be a part of this celebration.

New cycles start every year, but this one is even more special. After all, 18 years old is only done once, right?

May gratitude be my greatest companion in these 18 years! May we never lack a good reason to smile and celebrate. You are invited.

About to turn 18, I am grateful for who I have become and for having so many reasons to smile. Come toast with me!??

Finally 18! To me the driving license and the beers without hiding! 😉 I invite you to celebrate this milestone with me on Saturday March 9 at 8 p.m. at my place.

40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Oh, really! It’s your 40th birthday. The 40th birthday invitation wordings should also be ambitious. If you are tired of looking for new ideas, check out the latest, funny, cute and impressive list of invitation wordings for your 40th birthday listed here.

I’m waiting for you to celebrate my 40th birthday, it will be an important day for me and your presence will be the best gift!

Celebrating with the people we love is the best thing in life, so I really want you and your family to be present at my 40th birthday party.

If life really starts at 40, it’s with your presence that I want to take the first steps, the best laughs and the strongest hugs. You are indispensable that day!

You are invited to come and celebrate my new decade! For my 40th birthday, I’m going out of the game, and meet you on [date]. Please confirm your presence before April 14th.

Every story has an ending, but in life every ending is a new beginning. Come celebrate with me the end of a cycle and the beginning of another year of light for me!

You have to add life to years and not years to life. For my 40th birthday, I decided to add one more candle to my cake by inviting you to come and celebrate it with me!

This year I am forty years old, and I am not confused when I reach forty. Friends have been with each other for many years, and today we gather together to talk about the past through a birthday party. Sincerely invite and don’t refuse!

50th Birthday Invitation Wording

Because at all special moments and occasions (such as a birthday) in your life, you want to invite your dearest and closest person. By inviting them, you just want to let them know that you have remembered them on special occasions to join their happiness and be authorized to participate in the celebration. Here are some birthday invitation text messages to help solve this problem.

Suddenly 50! Come have fun and celebrate my new age with me!

It’s been 50 years very well lived… Come and toast with me!

50 years old with a little body of 25! How to stop celebrating?

50th Birthday invitation wording
50th Birthday invitation wording

50 years is just the beginning… I’m waiting for you on this special date!

Better than turning 50 is being with people who are part of my history. Come celebrate with me!

My 50 years are fast approaching and I invite you to come and help me pass this half-century milestone in style. More the merrier, the merrier.

The best age for a woman is when she stops turning her birthday and starts fulfilling dreams! Come participate in this special moment by my side.

A super handsome man is celebrating his 50th birthday soon … When? [Date] from 8:30 p.m. until the end of the night. With your best smile!

Maturity phase, 50 years are proof that everything should be celebrated with responsibility, but lots of fun! See our suggestions for birthday invitations for that date.

To celebrate my approaching 50th birthday, I invite you all to a hell of a night at home on [date]. Go to bed early to refrain. Thank you for confirming your presence before [date].

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Traditional and old birthday invitation messages are no longer as effective as before. We have collected the latest birthday invitations messages using the most engaging, creative, appropriate and profound words. You will be definitely able to attract the guests’ attention. After reading the birthday invitation messages appearing on the birthday invitation card, it will not be easy to forget them, and no guest can stay without joining the party. If you want to see your loved ones present at your birthday party, then you must choose one from our birthday invitation messages list and use it on your birthday invitation card.

Note: Although these birthday invitation wording are perfect to invite your friends and loved ones. But you can customize these birthday invitation wording as per your preference. These birthday invitation wording can be easily adapted for any age of girls and boys. If you are involved in the planning of any birthday celebration, then you can take help from these beautiful birthday invitation wordings and notes given in this article to invite your friend relatives and near and dear ones.