99 Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas, Examples & Messages

Baby Shower Invitation Wording: Beautiful and interesting wording ideas and examples for baby shower invitations, announcing a pregnancy, or wishing the unborn baby and mother good health. These wording ideas and examples for baby shower invitations for boys and girls can help you write the perfect message for baby shower invitations. When a mother-to-be receives good news about pregnancy for the first time, she will feel wonderful and magical. If you have just received the news of conception and are considering announcing the pregnancy, then you need to create some custom baby shower invitation templates.

Before giving a baby shower party, you should send invitations to your friends, relatives, colleague, and loved ones. The baby shower is a very beautiful ceremony, and it is an endless memorable moment for a mother-to-be. This is a golden time to celebrate the great happiness and joy of expectant mothers and, of course, expectant fathers, and to bring many love and blessings to the baby who is about to be born.

Keep in mind the feelings of prospective parents. Here, we have arranged some special and unique examples of baby shower invitations, as well as example wording tips for baby shower invitations for baby boy and girl. We hope you will get the perfect message or wording idea from these baby girl or baby boy invitations to write a perfect baby shower invitation.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A little meeting, it makes me happy. Baby shower (mother’s name).

(Mother’s name) Ready to explode! Maybe it takes time to jump! Respect the baby shower mother’s name.

(Mother’s name) Waiting, she doesn’t know anything! Surprise her in the shower for the little blue baby!

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas
Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Soak your baby in bottles, booties, bibs and much more! Come to the baby shower (mother’s name).

Someone special Someone important Someone join the shower where new love is here (mother’s name) Baby shower.

10 little fingers and 10 little fingers, 2 small ears and a small nose! Take a baby shower.

Butterfly kisses and baby wishes! Small things are approaching! Take a baby shower in honor of (mother’s name).

When the girls and boys are ready, let’s share the joy of (mother’s name) together! Baby shower and lunch.

A new baby is approaching, so let’s celebrate on a special day! Please participate in the baby shower (mother’s name).

A small pumpkin is approaching. Celebrate on a special day! Take a baby shower in honor of your mother’s name.

Shining, sparkling, little light Very bright and shining little eyes To fill your precious baby’s heart from heaven with love.

(Mother’s name) I almost owe it! (Father’s name) I don’t know … but they want to see you! Shower and dinner.

Love came first, then marriage. See who is pushing the pram now. Participate in honor of the baby shower (mother’s name).

Expect babies, new bunch of joy, very special gifts, whether it’s a girl or a boy! It’s a baby shower for (mother’s name).

I don’t know if it’s a prince or a princess. Immediately to steal the show! Take a shower for the next mom (mother’s name).

Hello Diddle Diddle, did you see your middle name (mother’s name)? The baby will come soon! Take a baby shower in honor of (mother’s full name).

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording
Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Girls need pink and boys need blue. (Mother’s name) What will your baby be? do not know! Now get her clothes and toys, good for girls and boys!

Very sweet, cute, cute and fun It’s a shower (baby name) Your new life has begun! They invited you to the shower in honor of your mother (mother’s name).

Soft like a whisper, very precious and sweet A little perfection of the head at your feet Leave the shower (mother’s name) In a baby shower with love and the best wishes.

When a baby comes, toys, a world of joy, and all sorts of fun happen. Laughter comes with the baby and I love you forever. A sweet dream comes true with your baby.

A little yawning and sleepy sigh, babysitter and babysitter lab. A new life that rejoices Oh, how fun it is to wait for a child! Please join us while taking a shower (mother’s full name).

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for A Girl

Girls are like princesses, but these days they are both tough and adventurous. When writing a baby shower invitation for girls, you can choose from princesses and dolls to sports, adventures and games. Pink yet stylish and spicy.

Very precious and sweet, whisper-soft, head-to-toe tiny perfection! Come see me (baby’s name) in the shower (mother’s name)

There is a girl in the frills, bows and skirts spinning (parent’s name)! Please participate in the baby shower lunch.

A little princess is coming! To brighten the lives of all 1bored people! Take a baby shower in honor of (mother’s name).

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Girls
Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Girls

They tickled us pink, and I’m glad to say: a beautiful girl is approaching! Take a baby shower in honor of (mother’s name).

A sweet girl is approaching, so let’s take a bath with mom before giving birth. Join us in honoring the baby shower (mother’s name).

Blankets, baby bottles, dolls and clothes, hats, ribbons, curly hair (mother’s name) are expecting girls. Take a baby shower.

(Mother’s name) The girl is approaching, we help her prepare for a big day. Now, fill it with gifts for the little ones and don’t miss all the fun!

(Mother’s name) Her mind is set on a girl, one is in her way of completing her world. Showers are very carefully planned, so please join us. Share cakes and good times.

A new girl who hugs and loves, spoils herself a little, thinks about the world of packaging from heaven, and just begins to worship. Participate in honor of the baby shower (mother’s name).

Baby Shower Invitation Wording for A Boy

Babies are strong and tough. However, they are also adventurous and sporty. So why not make it the theme? Try the blue theme and get rich about it. We ask for popular opinions, but it can also be a little softer and easier.

A basket full of sun A house full of joy Amazing baby!

It’s raining, it’s spilling, it’s a baby, I love it! Join the baby shower brunch (mother’s name).

The more precious than gold, a beautiful treasure-trove. A precious baby to love and hug (mother’s name).

Guess what little fingers, little toes, little little clothes boats, cars, wooden toys boys are waiting for! Bless our baby with.

Ah! A little man is approaching. If you can style a baby shower in honor of (mother’s name), it tickles our mustache.

We were all jumping for joy. Join us in the shower (mother’s name) in honor of the existence of your new baby.

Trucks, tractors, trains, OMG! It’s time to meet the smaller one (mother’s name)! Take a baby shower in honor of (mother’s full name).

A little rat-friendly baby will soon live at home (parents’ surnames), so soak him in books, clothes, and toys before seeing this baby. Take a baby shower.

For boys with plump cheeks and chunky fingers, this is how this works. And that’s what (name) expects, come to the shower ceremony so we can celebrate with you.

The baby (baby’s name) is almost here and we are proud to say that he bathed his mother in a special way. Diapers, clothes, sweet baby toys, everything you need for your new baby.

It is wrapped in a sweet gift from Hess (mother’s name), a packet of love, and blue from above. Your baby (or your baby’s name if you decide) is here and it’s time to take a shower! Please take a shower.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Twin Babies

What can we say about twins? Include all the ideas you might have and all the perfect and sweet adjectives you can add. Make the theme multiverse and add all the baby flavors!

Let the twins take a bath for the twins for the nursery (parent’s name).

Double joy, double love, double blessing from above! (Mother’s name) Join us to celebrate the baby shower.

It takes two to get it right. Take a twin baby shower in honor of (mother’s name).

Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Twins
Baby Shower Invitation Wording For Twins

Two little peanuts are almost here! Participate in a twin baby shower in honor of your uterine partner (mother’s name).

(Mother’s name) I’m excited and have twins! Give her a gift before her new life begins. Baby shower (mother’s name).

Two little peas in the peas pod, double happiness okay! Join us in a twin baby shower (mother’s name).

They were expecting two babies, a bunch of two little joys, a very special gift from two precious little boys

20 fingers, 20 toes, lots of work, God knows! 4 small arms to hug, 4 small cheeks to kiss at night! I am happy to announce the birth of the twins.

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Classic Invitation Wording for Baby Shower

Invitation to the upcoming baby shower, soon the time will come, the baby will come. Before that, however, we will let it rip together and hopefully you will be there. On [date] the party really starts at [time]. Because with this invitation you can come to the most exclusive baby shower for me. Let’s celebrate, play games and celebrate the upcoming birth. We, my baby and I, would be delighted if you didn’t let us down to this great party. See you soon.

Dear [name],
As you already know, the hot phase of my pregnancy is now beginning.
In a few weeks the offspring will come and then the partying will be over for the time being. But on [date] at [exact time] I would like to celebrate again with you! We celebrate a classic baby shower with food and drink, but also some varied games. If you can’t wait for the little party just as little as I can, I would be happy if you plan on doing anything for the baby shower and take part.
I’m happy for you,
Your name]

Invitation to a baby shower for you!
With this invitation you are warmly to my upcoming baby shower on…. invited. I would love to have you with me to celebrate again really exuberantly and to solemnly underpin the imminent birth. Around…. the time has come and the party can begin, but only if you are there. Without you I would be only half as happy, and you don’t want to risk that, do you? I would be happy if you soon celebrate the last weeks of the upcoming birth with me at my baby shower.
See you soon your [name]

Dearest [name],
let’s start a very special party together, namely my baby shower. This should be on … around …. start and you could be there exclusively when you find the time for us. We just celebrate the imminent birth with lots of nice games and enjoy the time that we can still enjoy without my beloved little tormentor. I would be very happy if you would support me at the baby shower, because I simply cannot imagine a celebration without you.
Best regards

Baby Shower Invitation Wording from Child’s Point of View

Dear [name / aunt / grandma etc.],
not much longer and I’m finally here! You can hardly wait to cuddle and toddle me, can you? So that the time goes by quickly, my mom is celebrating a great baby shower, where you are welcome to be there.
The baby shower takes place on [day] and at [time]. So don’t go ahead, because this is all about me. Maybe then you will also find out whether I am a boy or a girl?

You should not miss this!
Baby shower invitation with me on the board!
I’m not born yet, but I can already celebrate like the grown-ups. Because on [day / date] it’s all about me, my dearest mum celebrates my upcoming birth at [time], and hopefully you will be there.
So the two of us can finally get to know each other and I can hear your voice before I see the light of day in a few weeks.
My mom is sure to be really happy when you come to the baby shower.
See you soon, your little one.

Invitation to my baby shower for you,
place there, now i’m coming! Okay, there is still some time before I am born, but you still can’t miss a party in my honor.
I would like to like to invite you, because my mom is so fond of inviting you to solemnly represent me at the baby shower, where I can only wait for you in mom’s belly.
Where I will blow up every party in the future, you should on…. around …. represent me, and make the baby shower a success.
Do you have the desire and time?

My baby shower is coming soon!
At the …. My baby shower rises in my absence, but you can represent me properly so that my mommy can enjoy a great day with you and friends.
I’m sure you’re happy that I’ll be there soon so that you can finally hold me in your arms, aren’t you? That’s why you’re celebrating with my mom … again left out before I come soon and blow up every solemnity with whining, screaming, sleeping and the search for attention.
Will you be at my baby shower?

Funny Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Whether you’re planning your own baby shower ceremony for a loved one, creating a memorable baby shower invitation with beautiful wordings can make a huge impression on your guests. Using funny baby shower invitation wording is the perfect choice for a more light hearted party.

Baby shower invitation for you!
Before the baby whines and screams soon,
and every night of partying,
I have to see you partying again,
and my baby shower will be by your side
if you are ready for a real baby break,
of course only with non-alcoholic soda for me,
then you are I cordially invite you
to have fun at the baby shower.

Dearest friend [name],
soon the partying will come to an end,
because the big turning point will come with my baby.
It’ll scream and whine, it ‘ll rob me of my last nerves, that kid.
So I let it pop again properly
and would like to claw you at the baby shower.
Let’s party again like we used to,
or nag, whine and scream,
because I won’t have to be a full-time mom for a few weeks.
I’m happy for you

Warning – this is an invitation to the baby shower,
do not come forbidden!
No wind and no weather will stop you,
I will not accept any excuses,
because now my exclusive baby shower will follow, it
is definitely from other worlds,
use the unique opportunity to celebrate it,
because soon my offspring will be at the door,
we are celebrating right again and let the walls shake
before I have to go to the supermarket for diapers.

A baby shower is calling for you!
It is time for you to come to me on … at … to
ring in the baby shower.
Even if it’s about my baby,
you never miss a party anyway.
I just have to have my loved one around,
and the baby is sure to be happy about the great gifts.
If you want to find out the gender or name,
then you must not do anything on that day!

Baby Shower Invitation Messages

An all-round successful baby shower party naturally also includes the right wording for baby shower invitations. Whether by mail or by post with cute invitation cards, a beautiful invitation wording will make your guests curious. Are you looking for a text idea or template? We even offer you some! Just choose the style that suits you.

Bring on the diapers, burp cloths, wipes, and more- Join us as we shower (parent(s)’ name) with gifts galore!

Two is better than one?! Please join us in celebrating the (insert last name) babies soon to be arrival and let’s have some fun!

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Baby Shower Invitation Wording Idea

If the baby shower is not supposed to be a surprise party, a few explanatory words at the beginning of the invitation won’t hurt. Apart from that, there are of course various ideas on how you can formulate your invitation. We have prepared some baby shower invitation wording samples for you, each with a different focus. If you should organize your baby shower yourself, all you have to do is adjust the content accordingly:

Factual Baby Shower Invitation Wording:

Dear * Name of the guest *, On the * date * we want to organize a baby shower in honor of * the name of the pregnant woman *. We surprise her with useful gifts for herself and the baby, play fun games in which she can prove her mom skills and spend a few nice hours together with delicious food. It starts at * time * at * location * and it will take about * number of hours * hours. Please let me know by * date * whether you will be there. We look forward to you! Your name*

Loving Baby Shower Invitation Wording:

Dear * Name of the guest *, Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary times in life. Our dear * name of the pregnant woman * will soon be mom! Let’s show her how happy we are for her. You are cordially invited to their surprise baby shower on * date and place *. What is the baby shower about? We’re playing some fun pregnancy and baby-themed games, spending a few good hours just nibbling and chatting, and show * pregnant woman’s name * that we love and support her. Let’s go at * time *. It would be nice if you could plan around * number of hours *. Please let me know by * date * whether you will be there.

If you are wondering what * name of the pregnant woman * could still need for the baby shower, you can contact me at * Contact . I look forward to hearing from you! Your name.

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So, a few days left for the birth of your little prince or princess, congratulations to you on this wonderful milestone in your life. You can find the perfect baby shower invitation wording ideas for the invitation card for your baby shower ceremony from here. These elegant baby shower invitation wording are exactly the same that you are looking for online. We hope you will enjoy inviting your guest for baby showers with these Baby Shower Invitation sample Wording and text messages templates.

Make this day more special, precious, and memorable with these unique and funny baby shower invitations and cute wording for girls or boys, and mark this special day for the future. Hopefully, the above-mentioned baby shower invitation examples to invite your near and dear or close relatives by sending the invitation for baby shower helps you to write a perfect and unique message for baby shower invitation.