100+ Twins Baby Congratulations Messages – Twins Baby Wishes

Twins Baby Congratulations : Congratulation messages for twins along with beautiful images and pictures to welcome and bless twin babies and congratulate parents for having twins. Having twins is experienced by only a few parents, and this is undoubtedly a beautiful miracle. Becoming parents of newborn twins is indeed a lot of joy and happiness. If anyone in your family, friends, or colleagues welcomes twins by adding two new members to their family, then it is your uttermost duty to congrats them by some twins baby congratulations messages.

These congratulations messages for twins will surely help you to cherish and celebrate this unbelievably happy situation and welcoming the newborn twins in this family. Make the most of this opportunity by making this day of their life more special. Here we have arranged an enormous collection of best twins baby congratulations messages and wishes. These congratulatory messages for the twins can help you extend your best wishes and congratulations to the parents who have two lovely and adorable newborns. Use congratulatory greeting cards to share these wishes for twins. Don’t forget to post sweet and heartfelt words of congrats on Facebook and Pinterest, or write a cute note to send for their babies.

Twins Baby Congratulations Messages

Statistical surveys show that the probability of a twin birth in world is currently around 12 per 1000. Special days, such as birthdays, which do not take place every day, are particularly important for women, which is why they particularly appreciate it if you take a few minutes to write down a short birthday message. Therefore you should choose a nice message for your work colleague, girlfriend, neighbor, acquaintance or especially for your partner. In the following collection of congratulations messages for twins, especially for women, you can get wonderful ideas and suggestions or simply copy a unique birthday wish. So you can definitely show great affection and sympathy.

You are unique, your offspring twice. Congratulations!

The luck came in a double pack, we congratulate you very much!

Parents hold their child’s hand for a period of time. However, they hold his heart forever.

Twins Baby Congratulations Messages
Twins Baby Congratulations Messages

Today I come to the conclusion that I have to congratulate twice. A pair of twins! I am very happy with you!

Three things have remained from Paradise: the flowers of the day, the stars of the night and the eyes of children.

Mother smiles, papa shines, finally the offspring are here. Who would have thought that the stork would have done twice.

Double the noise and double the fun – heaven sent you two little stars. We sincerely congratulate you on the birth of your twins!

Two babies! This is really nice! Double joy will cover up the mountain of work in which you are stuck. Congratulations on the lovely duet!

Double the joy, double the happiness. Gifted love also comes back twice. With all our hearts we wish you all the best for the birth of your twins.

There was a duet for the birth, twins for you – what a rich child’s blessing, from now on you’re only in a quartet. We wish you good luck on all your paths.

We wholeheartedly congratulate you on the birth of your twins. Enjoy the wonderful time for four, combined with love, happiness, security, joy and health. Kind regards from …

Twins Baby Congratulations
Twins Baby Congratulations

We send warmest congratulations to the young parents. We were delighted to hear the arrival of your twins. Enjoy the longest, sleeplessness, loudest and yet most beautiful nights of your life.

Congratulations on being twice as happy as a baby! May you have a wonderful time as a group of four, combined with a lot of love, joy, happiness, security and health. I wish you that with all my heart.

One baby alone would be too boring for both of you, so the rattle stork brought twins with him. Enjoy every step on your new path in life, I am sure that you are made for parenting.

What To Write In Your Twin Baby Congratulations

Of course, babies in a double pack also mean double happiness. It doesn’t matter whether two boys, two girls or a pair of twins see the light of day. It means double work, but also double love and joy. Therefore, congratulate your fellow human beings on the birth of their twins with these congratulations on the birth. Do you find it difficult to find the right words for the birth of a child? Then quotes, poems and other sayings will certainly help you further. We present you the most beautiful sayings for the birth of babies , especially girls or boys , twins and baptismal sayings .

Congratulations Mom and Dad, and welcome to the large family club.

A pair of cute twins! How happy! How cute! You are not blessed by God once, but favored twice!



Each twin has a special bond between them. I am very happy on the arrival of twins. May you both have a happy day every day!

Happy birthday to two people who are one, having them both only doubles the fun. Enjoy the best day of the year. Enjoy your special day.

They were both born at the same time. They both make the world better. May you both have a happy birthday. May you both be very successful.

Congratulations dad and mom! You have just won a double dose of love! What luck! Enjoy your two little loves.

To be born with your best playmate, isn’t that the most beautiful beginning? Congratulations to all of you!

So much love between you could not bring only one child into the world, smile at life that few have the fortune to become parents of twins, congratulations.

Congratulations because the fruit of your love will come twice, I wish you both good luck, I know that next to your twins you will have a life full of beautiful moments.

Congratulations, my friend, for your twins, they are beautiful like the mother, the greatest happiness for a woman is to be a mother and you are doubly so. I love you very much.

Our joy is our children, we live for their happiness, and today there are more on the planet for two! God sent the kids to twins, and double joy to everyone! Let them live with dignity without despondency and problems!

Bringing twins into the world was perhaps something they did not expect but life is full of surprises and challenges to meet and what better challenge than being parents of precious twins like yours, congratulations.

Now that you will be the parents of twins, you will have to work twice as hard but the love and satisfaction you will feel when you see them grow up with you is worth it.

Congratulation Messages for Twin Boy and Girl
Congratulation Messages for Twin Boy and Girl

Congratulations friends for the arrival of your twins, each day will be unforgettable with your two children and do not worry about what may happen in the future, you have enough qualities to make both of them happy.

Being parents of twins is a great responsibility, from now on they will have to give them the same attention and love to make them feel that both are the most important thing in their lives, luck and congratulations.

Having two children at the same time may seem like a difficult task but with love everything is achieved and that is precisely what you have left over, I congratulate you, I know that your twins will be beautiful babies.

We congratulate your family on a wonderful, solemn and extraordinary event – the birth of twins! Let the little ones bring you double joy, grow up healthy and strong. We wish them a strong guardian angel and a prosperous fate.

Congratulations on your newborn! The stork turned out to be strong and brought you double happiness – your beautiful twins. We wish you strength and patience to raise your children healthy, beautiful and smart. May they be as happy as you are now.

I congratulate you on the next arrival of your twins, you are people with a good heart and I know that you will do your role as parents very well, I recommend patience, dedication and of course I also wish you good luck.

Love and educate your twins with a lot of love so that tomorrow they will have each other and support each other unconditionally, love them very much from the first day of their lives, love them equally and they will be good parents, congratulations.

congratulations message for twins
congratulations message for twins

Double happiness, double joy, congratulations on the birth of twins! May the children be healthy and happy, may they go through life together, may they please their parents and have fun themselves. Family prosperity, health, peace and good luck, as well as double patience and understanding.

Congratulations from the deep of my heart on the birth of your beautiful twins! May two angels give you the meaning of life, may two wonderful crumbs fill your hearts with good emotions and true love, may two lovely children always remain your real pride and joy of the soul. I wish your family well-being and happiness, and your children – health and a happy childhood.

Congratulation Messages for Having Twin Baby Girl

The birth of a child is wonderful, but can you imagine how wonderful it is to have twins? It must be doubly rewarding, but the responsibility of raising two will also come. Always have faith in God and thank him for being a mother twice, and prepare ourselves for the raising of the little ones. These are greetings to those doubly blessed mothers.

Double happiness and double surprises sincere congratulations.

But I see double! Two beautiful little kittens.

Two pleasures for the price of one it’s grandiose! Congratulations to the young parents.

Congratulation Messages for Having Twin Baby Girl
Congratulation Messages for Twins Baby Girl

Twice as much love, hugs, kisses, tenderness, let’s see that the very good side of things.

Two girls! This is really nice! Double joy will cover up the mountain of work in which you are stuck. Congratulations on the lovely duet!

Today there are two more princesses in the world, because you have two beautiful babies! Let your daughters be the happiest in the world, because they got the most wonderful parents! I wish the girls health, beauty, active growth and all the very best! Let the daughters live together and only make you happy!

From the deep of my heart I congratulate you on a stunningly joyful event, with double happiness and beauty of life, with the birth of wonderful twins of girls. I wish the girls health and prosperity, happy destinies and good roads in life. May a double holiday always reign in the house, great happiness and fun.

That’s so lucky, double happiness, congratulations on the birth of beautiful girls. Girls are joy and hope, love and care, tenderness and beauty, so let your life become brighter, more fun, more beautiful, more amazing with the birth of your daughters. I wish your crumbs and you and your whole family health, happiness and prosperity. Let the daughters grow and with every moment please you with their charming smiles, gentle hugs, ringing laughter, first hairstyles, steps and words!

Congratulation Messages for Having Twin Baby Boy

If you know a mother who has had twins, congratulation messages for twins make her feel calm and blessed by God, some mothers get stressed and feel bad about the great responsibility of raising two children at the same time, but with a lot of love, order and patience, everything it will go very well.

Having twins means having more love to give than you thought you had. Congratulations!

Two blessings, two reasons to celebrate: happy birthday guys, now your life is even fuller!

God gave you twins because your love was too vast for a single child. Congratulations!

Congratulation Messages for Having Twin Baby Boys
Congratulation Messages for Twin Baby Boys

That baby bump was actually a casket that held two very precious jewels. Endless wishes to the new family!

For nine months you have been in (sweet) expectation, today you can finally hug them! Double congratulations from all of us.

There will be two diapers to change instead of one. But you will also have four arms to embrace you instead of two.

Best wishes for the birth of the twins. With them, everything is double. Double sleep, double milk, double diapers, but also double cuddles and double love!

Double diapers, double baby food and of course double wishes! The arrival of a pair of twins is always an exceptional event. Be exceptional parents too. Happy congratulations.

The wait is finally over and the two little angels have arrived to fill the house. Congratulations to you and a very big wish for a wonderful life to the two beautiful twins.

Congratulations! Two twins who will light up your life. And then we will see them around the house with the same shirt, the same hat, the same shoes and the same, identical smile: the one you two will certainly be able to print on their face. Congratulations!

Religious Congratulations For Twin Babies

We hope that these congratulations for the birth of new baby express your good wishes to that pair of parents who will have the mission of raising two children at the same time.

A single son is capable of changing our world and I imagine that with two his life will change and it will be extraordinary, I congratulate you and may God protect your twins and you.

You have received a gift from God, therefore you undertake to keep, protect and love it as the apple of your eye. Congratulations on your double happiness, let it only multiply. We wish children to grow up healthy, strong, smart, talented, charming, kind and cheerful. May God keep all your family.

Religious Congratulations For Twin Babies
Religious Congratulations For Twin Babies

Dear cousin, congratulations on the twins, yes you have worked double, cousin we are going to love and care a lot for those babies, you know that I love you very much and therefore my little nephews will be my cocky. Also convey my regards to your husband. May God bless you and the twins.

My friend, many congratulations on the birth of your baby, God has filled you with blessings and you only have to ask him to give you the wisdom to raise them, I know that at first it will be something complicated, but you will see that soon you will adapt and things will be easier. Many kisses for you and your little angels.

Congratulations for the little ones, you are very lucky, you cannot imagine how much I envy you, of course, healthily, you are going to raise your two little babies and you are going to see that soon you will get used to their cries and you will know them so well that you will know what it is what they want, don’t worry, God will always be by your side.

Blessings dear niece, you are very happy to have received God’s grace and become a mother of two beautiful children, although it may seem incredible, it is better to have children two by two…. LOL. So they will grow and play together and keep each other company, otherwise don’t worry, you just have to organize yourself a bit until you get used to it. You can count on me if you need it. Kisses.

My daughter, the happiness of being a mother cannot be compared to any other feeling, and now you know it, having twins is a very great joy that God has sent you so don’t worry, here is your mother who It will help you in everything until you get used to raising the little ones, forgive me if I am a very silly grandmother, but they are beautiful and I want to eat them with kisses. Rest little girl, soon you will go home with the babies and the good things will begin … hahaha.

Congratulation Messages for Twin Boy and Girl

Bringing a child into the world is a blessing but can you imagine what it must be like to bring two at the same time. When a mother finds out that she will be giving birth to twins, she will be both excited and a bit confused as to whether she will be able to be a good mother to both of them.

If you have a friend or family who will have twins, let them know that just like the double effort that will be made to educate them with love, the happiness of seeing them grow will also be double. In this article we will show you a list of congratulations for the birth of twins. Send these congratulations and wish the parents and their wonderful babies luck.

We are very happy with the birth of your twins. We wish you good health and happiness.

The birth of twins is the true symbol of love that unites you and your husband. Warm regards!

Today is a holiday, we are very happy for the birth of long-awaited treasures. Congratulations on your twins.

congratulation message for twin baby boy and girl
congratulation message for twin baby boy and girl

Your family is more numerous today: the twins undoubtedly give twice what to do, but the joy is doubled.

Congratulations on the birth of your twins. Two new babies, two great new parents. May the Lord always guide and protect you.

Oh My God! …It’s like a divine vision. One baby is a blessing, but two babies are a miracle. Best wishes to you and both the babies!

Their family is now more numerous: the twins will surely give them twice as much as you do, but twice the joy. Congratulations on the two births.

You wanted a girl. He wanted a boy. Now you have twins! You are lucky! A beautiful little girl and a beautiful little boy who look like angels! Well done!

Two babies to bathe, two children to dry, two diapers to change. Two perfect answers to all your dreams. Congratulations on the beautiful couple!

I wish a pair of newborns grow up healthily, love each other, smart and lively, and have a bright future to enter a prestigious university in the future!

Once again the illusion of a happy couple culminates in the birth of three beautiful babies. Congratulations and much prosperity in your new lives. !! Congratulations!!

With a little man with a face as radiant as the sun and a little girl with eyes sparkling like the moon, you have the whole universe at your feet. Double congratulations!

Happiness smiled at mom – Twins appeared! Everyone knows in advance, children will be great! We wish them health, appetite, sweet dreams! Luck awaits them ahead and universal love!

Joy, emotion, gratitude, and maybe a little anxiety can be felt. The reason is, caring for and raising twins certainly requires everything that is bigger, both in terms of material and non-material.

Happy twins! The family has increased by two people at once. Double problems, but double happiness, double joy at the success of children and the confidence that any of the kids will always have the best and closest friend possible in this world.

Twin Baby Congratulations Messages for Mother

Instead of one apple, life gives you two, instead of one bill – 2, instead of one kiss – 2. This is not an accidental sign of fate and heaven, this is not just a coincidence and the result of your tenderness, it is rare luck and good luck on the path of life because love is rare gives 2 fruits at once to one loving hands. May from this day luck knock on your home more often, may joy give you many interesting minutes and pleasant surprises, and may the kids give you twice as much joy and happy minutes than all other children, delighting you with their talents and bright dreams, new discoveries in life and great success.

Twins can be a surprise, even a scare, but with double babies comes double joy, love, happiness and special moments! Celebrate this wonderful moment by sending a special message to Mom!

I wonder when you found out you were pregnant. The thoughts directed to buy a crib, a bed set, a stroller… Until the surprise comes: there are two! There are two children, two cribs, two bed games, two loves, two responsibilities… What a thrill! The change is double, and the happiness and the dose of love too!

I know these children are very much wanted and loved from the day they were discovered. I know that the youngest mother’s heart breaks with joy! So, enjoy every moment of this new stage. It goes by quickly and soon our little angels will be in our laps. Congratulations to the family that gains two new members at once.

Twin Baby Congratulations Messages for Mother
Twin Baby Congratulations Messages for Mother

I want to congratulate you for the biggest and best change that begins today in your life: motherhood! What a delight at the moment! Even more when you become a mother of two at once… I imagine the emotion and the turmoil of feelings that must go through you. Enjoy every minute of this phase that passes so quickly!

I confess that I was surprised by the news. I would become auntie, but two babies at once! What happiness! I am sure you will be a wonderful mother and I will strive to be the best aunt in the world for these unborn children who are already watered with a lot of love. Congratulations on this so important moment!

Your children will be the continuation of your essence. These are people who will always be connected to you. And most importantly, they are people who will always count on you. So I wish you lots of love and patience to raise two new babies. I know you will be an excellent mother! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

When I heard the news, it was like I was discovering a pregnancy. Seeing one of the most important people in my life being doubly blessed was such a joy for me. Mother of twins! Who would say? I’m so thrilled and happy that I can’t describe it. I can only give you my sincerest congratulations and say that I already love you.

How happy to be presented with two beautiful babies at once, right? I wish a lot of happiness and joy to this family that is born now. By the way, for a father and a mother who were officially born today, along with their little children… Congratulations! May you be very blessed and that you live always united under a lot of love.

Twin Baby Congratulations Messages for Mother
Twin Baby Congratulations Messages for Mother

Following your journey from the discovery of pregnancy until today shows me that you have always been a very brave woman. Prepared to receive two babies at once, while some were frightened by the news, you just celebrated with emotion the pair of love that would come. You are an example of a woman, a friend and I am sure you will also be a mother.

Becoming a mother of twins is a unique blessing. You asked for one, but God gave you two! God gave him a double dose of love and happiness. Enjoy every moment, as time passes quickly and life flies… May you be very happy! I already love this family so much. I put myself at your disposal for whatever you need to take care of the babies.

Being a mother means being a safe haven for your children. Being a mother is caring, loving, educating and protecting. It’s a unique experience. It will be different for you, as it will be a unique experience, but divided between two. Congratulations, Mommy! May you be very happy in this new stage that is beginning. May your little children come into the world full of health and energy!

Mother of twins, who knew? You, who always dreamed of being a mother of a girl, just won two at once! Ah, what happiness! When I heard that we would have two little girls in the family, my heart filled with joy and I began to cry, as if I were feeling the same emotions and happiness as you. I am very happy! Congratulations to the new family.

Today I want to congratulate you for this very important moment, the discovery of double motherhood! What a joy to become a mother of two. Everything was thought out and planned for one, but God wanted to bless her twice. Congratulations to the new family that starts from now on! May you be very happy, united and blessed. I’m already looking forward to the arrival of the little ones.

Congratulations on a double dose, Mom! Now begins the most beautiful and important stage of her life, full of responsibilities, but filled with a lot of love. I trust in your potential and in the dedication you will have with the little ones… I can already imagine you being a great mother. I can’t wait to meet them and help you with the first care. Count on me for everything!

Being a mother is not an easy task and I say this from experience. It takes work, but every minute is worth it. You will discover this in the next few days. You won’t be able to sleep and you won’t have time to take care of yourself, but every time you pick up your two new loves, you’ll feel something so special and so big that it will make up for anything.

Her biggest dream was always to be a mother. I remember when we were younger and you said that when you became a mother to a couple, you would be the most accomplished person in the universe. And this moment has arrived! All at once, his dream was fulfilled. This was for sure the greatest gift that life could have given you. I am very happy for you! I Love you with all my heart.

Funny Words about Twins

The birth of a child is certainly one of the most wonderful and beautiful moments that you can experience as a person in your life and it often leaves everyone involved simply speechless. But don’t worry! In our lovingly compiled article you will find all the information you need for more than just happy birthday wishes. Here are some funny words for twins.

Not double trouble, but blessed twice.

Being twins is like being born with best friends.

Two blessings, twice as much fun. Two miracles, not one!

congratulations messages for twins with picture
congratulations messages for twins with picture

Two little blessings, sent from above. Double smiles, double love.

Twins. God’s way of saying ‘buy one get one free’.

Yes, I have twin brothers. No, we don’t switch places.

Initially, we had no clue. Nothing prepared you for twins.

God created twins when he made the face he really liked.

Twins problem: when you get the same gift in different colors.

Some twins invented their own language known as “cryptophagia” which only they can understand!

That doubles the laughs and grins, and doubles the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”

Are they twins? No. There’s a third, but we’re just keeping it for spare parts!

Even identical twins can’t have exactly the same experiences, and their brains aren’t wired in the same way.

You can’t understand why other people can’t tell you apart from your twin because you know all the differences.

Congratulations! The advantage with twins is that neither parent has to fight to hold the baby in their arms!

Well done! You’ve just won the deal of the month: two for the price of one. You will be able to benefit from it today! Congratulations to you two!

At least you won’t have to go crazy for two birthday parties: congratulations guys!

Congratulations and best wishes guys. Now we just have to find out which of the two is the bad twin.

Best wishes mom and dad, a big hug and a big encouragement for the biggest difficulty you will have to face: the jokes about twins!

When you told me they were twins, I hoped you were talking about zodiac signs, but seeing how happy you are, it’s much better that way. Congratulations.

When one will cry, the other will be hungry, when one wants to play, the other will need attention, when one wants the moped, the other will ask you for new shoes: best wishes … everything!

Congratulations! Congratulations! Bravo for this beautiful baby! Well done for this beautiful baby too! You must be thrilled! You must be thrilled! Good things always come in pairs! Good things always come in pairs!

Congratulations! Congratulations! You must be fulfilled! You must be fulfilled! They are magnificent! They are magnificent! From now on you will see everything in duplicate! From now on you will see everything in duplicate!

Tips for Writing Your Own Lines to Congratulate Twins

When the stork delivers its delivery in duplicate, the excitement is huge. Double the joy, which is multiplied thanks to the congratulations from grandparents, friends and acquaintances! Finding the right words is a breeze with the right tips. And if the greeting cards in the shop are not tailored to the birth of twins, you can easily design a blank folded card yourself.

Just write the names of the babies and their date of birth on the front and draw on four baby feet. Or decorate the card with other ideas, and the unique item is ready to be labeled. Would you rather be creative yourself and formulate your own congratulations? Then these suggestions and tips for writing your own lines to congratulate twins.

Play a Little with Numbers!

Two in one go – so lucky! A healthy, happy and wonderful family life for the happy shamrock!

1 + 1 = 4? Dear [mother’s name], dear [father’s name], your love overrides even mathematical laws. Congratulations on your sweet twins!

One great love, two great people, nine months of eating for three, a life of four! We wish you all the best for your family adventure!

Two Girls, Two Boys or a Pair of Twins? Take Up the Constellation!

[Name of the girls], a pair of girls: Will papa ever be able to sleep peacefully again?

Hurray, [name of girl and boy] are here – we ask for an audience with the little prince couple!

[Name of girl and boy] – a pair of twins, how wonderful! Prince and princess in one fell swoop, we are celebrating a lucky day!

Sign of the Zodiac: Always Good for a Few Personal Lines!

Two little fish: We wish them an ocean of happiness, health and joy.

Two proud lion cubs – they are already in the spotlight! Congratulations on the birth of your twins.

A Taurus, a Capricorn and now two little Aries: More assertiveness can hardly be united in a family. Congratulations on your sweet twins!

Twins Baby Quotes

Twin births have inspired many famous people to use wise words that are great for a greeting card. While rhymes and poems seem rather playful, you are always right with quotations, even if you hardly know the parents or the contact with them is not quite as familiar and familiar. If they value conventions or are very culturally interested, quotes about the birth of the twin are wonderful. You round off the congratulations with a few lines of your own. For example like this:

There are two things in life that we will never be prepared for: twins.

Twins have a special bond. They feel safer among themselves than with their peers.

It’s not that bad to have twins. When one cries, one cannot hear the other.

Twins Baby Quotes
Twins Baby Quotes

There are two to wash, two to dry / there are two arguing, two crying / there are two to kiss, two to hug / and above all, there are two to love!

So we grew together, like a double cherry. Separated in appearance, but one in the separation.

The relationship of twins, as William Shakespeare describes it, is unique.

You gave birth to two children who are forever blessed with a special bond. All the best for your life as a four!

If you want to enjoy joy, you have to share it. Happiness was born as a twin.

Life loves you – now there are four of you! Congratulations on the sweet double pack.

A little sun rises with every newborn child.

… and thus the light of life is now twice as bright for you. Congratulations and all the best!

Twins Baby Congratulations Messages with Images

Twins baby congratulations messages with beautiful images and pictures to share with your twins. Check out these congratulations messages for twins with beautiful images.

congratulations messages for having twins with Images
congratulations messages for twins with Images
Congratulations on Twin Baby Boy or Girl
Congratulations on Twin Baby Boy or Girl
congratulations messages for twins with Images
congratulations messages for twins with Images
Congratulations on Twins
Congratulations on Twins
congratulations messages on having twins with Images
congratulations messages on having twins with Images
Twin Babies Congratulations
Twin Babies Congratulations
congratulations on having twins with Images
congratulations on having twins with Images
Twins Baby Congratulations
Twins Baby Congratulations

Hopefully, these sample congratulation messages and wishes for twins will surely guide you with the most suitable and special words to write a perfect congratulations message and wishes for having twins. We hope you will surely find a perfect congratulation card message to send your best wishes for the mother’s health and wholeheartedly wishes to have healthy twins. We hope you have enjoyed these heartfelt congratulation wishes for twin babies and congratulation wordings for twins and have got amazing ideas for what to write in a greeting card.

We hope these beautiful and sweet newborn baby wishes for twins will surely help you to welcome and bless the twin babies and congratulate their parents on having twins. You should get ready to write a perfect congratulation message for your greeting card to bless twins and congratulate and appreciate the parents for having twins. Hope you have enjoyed these twins baby congratulations messages and beautiful images and pictures.