150+ New Born Baby Wishes and Messages

New Born Baby Wishes: Beautiful and sweet newborn baby wishes and card messages to bless and welcome the new baby boy and girl in the family. Having a baby is a matter of happiness and a precious thing for parents as well as the whole family. The happiness a baby brings with it is endless. As time goes by, the happiness and the bundle of joy increases. To celebrate the joy of the baby taking the first step in the world as a new member of the family, therefore you should welcome a baby with warmly embrace and wishes messages as they are the future creators and valuable assets of this universe.

Joy, emotion, gratitude, and maybe a little anxiety can be felt. The reason is, caring for and raising babies or twins certainly requires everything that is bigger, both in terms of material and non-material. Finding some sweet and right words or new baby wishes and card messages can sometimes be difficult. Keeping your need of newborn baby wishes and messages to welcome the new arrival, here we have provided wishes and new baby boy and girl card messages to welcome new babies. All the new born baby wishes and card messages listed here will effectively welcome the new born.

If you are not feeling great to express your feelings to a baby and its lucky parents through balloons, flowers, or other gifts, you can draft a suitable and elegant message with the correct wording for the newborn baby cards.

New Born Baby Wishes

After 9 months of waiting I am so happy for you. Be happy!

Welcome! Joy and happiness are colored pencils with which the most beautiful pages of life are written.

I hope this world-sweet baby, who opens his eyes to the new world, will always get what they want.

New Born Baby Wishes
New Born Baby Wishes

I imagine the joy that invades you I wish you all the happiness and bliss in the world. Welcome to this little treasure!

Wishing you all the joy in the world for the arrival of your baby. May you experience the greatest joy and peace.

For the birth of your treasure, we wish you all the best, lots of love and strength for the future as a family.

The happiest person in the world is the one who lives day after day the brightness that inspires the arrival of a new baby.

With the arrival of the baby, a new world awaits them to discover. Our best wishes for the start of such a pleasant adventure.

I wish you a healthy and happy birthday, I wish you a healthy and happy every day, and wish all your wishes can be realized.

You have become parents of a beautiful child who will fill with joy every day of your lives. We send you our warmest wishes for happiness.

May you continue to enjoy the best of life with the arrival of your new baby; enjoy all the happiness in the world because you deserve it.

We are all very happy to hear the news of the baby’s birth. What a joy it is to know that life is prolonged in your family.

We look forward to the small package of happiness with you. The tiny handful of warmth, trust and confidence that will always be with you from now on.

When a family grows, even love, joy and happiness grow: May the radiant happiness of this day and its bright light accompany you and your baby throughout life.

Your happiness does not seem to be missing anything: you are young, beautiful, in love and now you have a beautiful baby. What more can you ask of life?

This is the call of love, the crystallization of love, and the hope of love. The birth of a small life is accompanied by happiness, sweetness, and a deep blessing!

Today a flower bloomed in the garden of your love. A flower that will grow with all the colors that life will give it and that will be a rainbow of happiness.

Emotions have their own reasons and their own logic. The most beautiful miracle that could exist has just been born. May every moment of your life be as happy and sweet as this moment.

May his warm smile always warm us and always be our most precious in our life. Good thing you were born baby. No one as you did could make our faces laugh that much.

You two have given a home to a new human life: a tiny person, a huge piece of the most beautiful parental happiness. We are delighted with: How wonderful, there are three of you!

New Born Baby Wishes to Parents
New Born Baby Wishes to Parents

A baby is a flower that blooms in the garden of love. A flower that will grow with all the colors that life wants to give it, and that will be the rainbow of happiness.

A small star shines in the sky, firmly rejoicing in such a happy birth. While two brilliant parents receive with a great salt shaker, a tiny baby that will make the whole world happy. Welcome among us!

Let the sunshine come into your window, and let happiness fly by your side! Drawing a joyful thread in happiness, weaving a piece of good luck clothes for you; grinding a wishful needle in happiness, sewing you forever auspicious!

It’s a miracle, says the heart. It is a big responsibility, says the mind. There is a lot of worry, says fear. The experience says it’s an enormous challenge. It’s the biggest luck, the love says. Unique and precious. Welcome to life!

It seems like yesterday when we learned the good news of the arrival of your baby, nine months have passed quickly and today a little star has brought between us, bringing joy and happiness to all. Thank you for making us immensely happy.

I hope life always goes on like this, as you see it now. I wish you the aroma of spring. I wish you the vertigo of the first kiss. I wish you the thrill of victory. And, I hope that you still have a long way to go to be able to accompany such a beautiful baby as yours. Kisses from your friend!

New Baby Girl Wishes

A couple’s family cannot be considered complete until a daughter is born. If your near and dear one is going to celebrate the arrival of a daughter in their family, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make your relationship even stronger. Send them the most sincere “newborn baby wishes” to express your happiness and congratulate the family.

Your little daughter is really gorgeous. We are very happy with you. Congratulations and all the best!

Hurray hurray, the little princess is here! Best wishes from all of us on the birth of your daughter.

Although I haven’t seen this beautiful baby yet, I can guess how beautiful she is. I kiss her tiny eyes big.

Congratulations on The Birth of Your Daughter
Congratulations on The Birth of Your Daughter

This baby, now tiny, will never lose her beauty when she’s big tomorrow. It will always continue to give us happiness.

Hooray, it’s a girl. Long awaited and finally here. We thank the hard-working rattle stork and wish you all the best.

When it comes to size, your daughter is still very small. When it comes to luck, she is sure to be the greatest!

The only truth of my life, you are the last queen of my heart. Today is very special because you were born. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, that beautiful little angel is really beautiful. Nothing better than a cute little girl to make their hearts happy. Have a nice day.

It’s a little girl! Congratulations on the arrival of this little wonder which we are sure will bring you all the happiness and bliss you deserve.

From the day you are born, the days get more exciting and the nights shorter. Your princess is finally here and puts a smile on your face. Enjoy every moment together.

What nice news! We sincerely wish you lots of love, happiness and joy for the birth of your magical child. Let yourself be enchanted by your treasure every day. Best regards.

For the birth of your wonderful little princess, we are sending you a huge bouquet of best and warmest wishes to your palace. We look forward to an audience full of anticipation.

I can imagine the joy and feelings of parents at this unique moment in their life. Knowing that birth will have the wonderful and gratifying love of her parents and her beautiful little sister. Congratulations!

To the luckiest parents in the world, I want to congratulate you today for having brought into the world a beautiful girl who will be a great hope of life for you. We love you very much, always be happy.

Welcome! We had to wait a long time, but now you are there. I wish you a lot of love, serenity and joy with your little sparrow. Enjoy every day as a small family and look forward to a wonderful future together. Kind regards.

Every time I look at that beautiful little face, I remember that we have a beautiful blessing. A blessing that is celebrating its birthday today and that I want to celebrate for all the love and happiness it has brought us. Happy Birthday my little girl!

New Baby Boy Wishes

For married couples, their family is considered complete only if they have a son and a daughter. It is very important to have a son in the family to escalating lineage. If a son has been born in the family of your dear and close person, then congratulate the family with the wishes message and give best wishes to the newborn.

We are happy. It’s a little prince. Congratulations. Enjoy your new parenting happiness to the full.

We have gladly applauded the great news of the birth of your son. Congratulations with all my heart.

Stay happy and always healthy, carefree at all times; you should be granted luck and lots of sunshine.

Messages For New Born Baby Boy
Messages For New Born Baby Boy

A child is what makes a house happier, patience greater, love stronger, days longer, nights shorter, and the future brighter.

Wishing these tiny hands to add the most beautiful colors to your life, I say a big welcome to the baby.

I say hello to this baby who says hello to the world and I congratulate his parents in the most sincere way.

Congratulations! Your baby boy must be very happy to see you so soon, right? You have to take care of your little baby!

Your little boy is the answer to your prayers throughout the day. He is destined to be a little angel in your life.

Happy Newborn! On this bright day, a new person appeared on our planet! May happiness and good luck accompany his entire life path!

Hello little baby! Now you’re looking confused, but never forget that these people will be the people who love you the most, welcome to u

Health is always paramount. You need to be happy for your baby to be born in such a healthy way. I share your joy and happiness.

I wish this beautiful baby, which shows us the moments when time must stop, always preserves its beauty and continues to give us feelings beyond time.

May all happiness, peace and beauty always be with you with your baby. Being a family has a special value now and always look after this special gift.

I wish this beautiful baby to have a life like him and I wish him all the happiness. I share the joy of birth and congratulate mom and dad separately.

I know that this beautiful baby, who has added the greatest happiness to your life, will always bring you the greatest happiness and I congratulate his parents with my sincere feelings.

Congratulations on the birth of a boy! We wish the baby to grow up as a real man, like his father. Let him grow up healthy, strong, active, successful and smart. And to parents – happiness and patience!

I congratulate you today, where your life has entered a different path, and I want you to know that the path you have entered contains much greater happiness than before. These special feelings will always be with you.

Parents! Congratulations on the birth of a boy! We wish this very good, kind and the best! May he grow up to be a handsome prince with good health! So that in your old age he will become you a reliable support!

Dear friend, you have been expecting your baby for a long time and now you are happy to have it in your arms. I understand how happy you are and I am very happy with your happiness. Let your baby always bring us such great joys.

New Baby Messages

Welcome to the world, little baby. Know that you are loved by many.

I wish you a successful, healthy and happy life, and I welcome you and kiss your cheeks.

Thank you for showing us that life is once again a special miracle. Happy birthday, glad you joined us!

New Born Baby Wishes and Messages
New Born Baby Wishes and Messages

We’ve been waiting for you for a long time and even started to fear that you wouldn’t come. Welcome!

Who could have guessed that this little baby who just joined us would create such great happiness! Happy Birthday!

Let the baby’s future be brighter than the sun’s rays, and all their dreams come true. Everything you get your heart desires!

We are so delighted that you have joined us, I wish you had joined us long ago and gave us this happiness.

I sincerely share your joy of birth, just like you, and I am surprised how excited this special baby is. Happy birthday beautiful baby!

I would like to welcome the newest member of our family. Hope you always make us smile like this, all happiness be with you.

I kiss the cheeks and eyes of the beautiful little baby and wish him a healthy life knowing that he will always preserve his sweetness.

Hope you live a life in which peace and happiness will always be forever …… Baby. May all happiness be yours, you made us very happy.

We were waiting for you, but we never guessed it would give you such happiness May the most beautiful and great happiness always be with you!

You made us very happy with your coming to the world. We always wish you to make us happy and say that we love you very much.

It means that the expected tiny was finally born. As soon as we got the news, we had great happiness. We always hope to give us these happiness.

Your journey, which started as two people, will now continue as three people, but believe me, it will be much more enjoyable and happier. May your baby always be with joy, peace and happiness.

We would love to see your beautiful baby up close like you now, but we are happy to share your happiness by hoping that we will see this cute baby up close as soon as possible.

We know that your joy is great and we live it just like you. How no joy can there be for this lovely baby who came to the world! May it always create such joys for us!

New Born Baby Wishes for Twins

The arrival of a baby is a very important event. Share your joy with messages and congratulations for the newest member of the family! There are many words for twins that can describe how it feels to have twins. You who are twins, may relate to the words below. However, the joy and blessings received will certainly be multiplied so that caring for and raising twins is not a burdensome thing. In fact, many of us want twins.

The luck came in a double pack, we congratulate you very much!

Two pleasures for the price of one it’s grandiose! Congratulations to the young parents.

Having twins means having more love to give than you thought you had. Congratulations!

New Born Baby Messages for Twins
New Born Baby Messages for Twins

God gave you twins because your love was too vast for a single child. Congratulations!

A pair of cute twins! How happy! How cute! You are not blessed by God once, but favored twice!

To be born with your best playmate, isn’t that the most beautiful beginning? Congratulations to all of you!

The birth of twins is the true symbol of love that unites you and your husband. Warm regards!

Your family is more numerous today: the twins undoubtedly give twice what to do, but the joy is doubled.

Mother smiles, papa shines, finally the offspring are here. Who would have thought that the stork would have done twice.

For nine months you have been in (sweet) expectation, today you can finally hug them! Double congratulations from all of us.

Today I come to the conclusion that I have to congratulate twice. A pair of twins! I am very happy with you!

Two babies! This is really nice! Double joy will cover up the mountain of work in which you are stuck. Congratulations on the lovely duet!

Two girls! This is really nice! Double joy will cover up the mountain of work in which you are stuck. Congratulations on the lovely duet!

Best wishes for the birth of the twins. With them, everything is double. Double sleep, double milk, double diapers, but also double cuddles and double love!

They were both born at the same time. They both make the world better. May you both have a happy birthday. May you both be very successful.

So much love between you could not bring only one child into the world, smile at life that few have the fortune to become parents of twins, congratulations.

There was a duet for the birth, twins for you – what a rich child’s blessing, from now on you’re only in a quartet. We wish you good luck on all your paths.

The wait is finally over and the two little angels have arrived to fill the house. Congratulations to you and a very big wish for a wonderful life to the two beautiful twins.

New Born Baby Congratulation Message

If you want to congratulate your special, dear, and close person for the arrival of a newborn and a small guest in their life, then you should know whether a newborn is a boy or a girl. Here we have listed some thoughtful and wonderful newborn baby boy wishes messages. You can use these greetings as a starting point to send the best wishes and congratulatory messages to the family or parents for having a loving baby.

Congratulations on this beautiful baby full of happiness.

I join you in this unique moment of your life. Sincere congratulations!

My sincere congratulations, because each baby brings a new blessing to the world. Congratulations!

New Born Baby Congratulation Messages
New Born Baby Congratulation Messages

I can’t wait to say “hello” to the new member of the family. Congratulations!

There is nothing beautiful than a baby’s smile. Welcome to the most exhausting paradise on earth. Congratulations!

Congratulations on the happiness you get. May your future be filled with happiness, love and laughter from your baby.

All the best for the birth, good health and the warmest congratulations to the best parents in the world.

Our best wishes and congratulations on the happy event. Receive this little gift that expresses the joy we share with you.

We welcome your little baby, and we hope to see baby’s mother in great shape again soon. Congratulations on the happy event!

We send you our sincere congratulations on the happy birth of your beautiful baby. Receive a warm greeting and more than deserved congratulations.

Congratulations on such a fabulous event, the birth of your baby. It is “surprising” and “overwhelming”. Enjoy your huge bundle of bliss and happiness.

I congratulate the birth of this adorable baby who is worth what mom and dad have been waiting for and say hello to him!

Only you can understand how joyful I am. I share your feelings when this beautiful baby is born and I congratulate you very much.

The baby is born, I am here to congratulate you. I wish the newborn baby will bring you countless happiness. I wish the baby good health and thrive…

Not every wave comes for the beach, not every star comes for the night, not every drizzle comes for the young wheat, but your cute baby comes for your happiness! Congratulations!

A star has fallen from the sky to illuminate their lives and their home. A star that fills you with warmth and joy with its brilliance. A beautiful baby that birthday today, so we must celebrate. Congratulations!

We have all been blessed in the birth of this new baby. We share your joy and will always be there for you when you need us. This baby belongs to all of us. Congratulations on your new baby.

I wanted to come to you as soon as I got the news, but my words arrived before me. I congratulate the new baby to come to us, and I always wish it to create such great excitement for us.

We all know that children are the flowers of life. How wonderful that on earth, in your family, another beautiful flower has appeared! I congratulate you, dear young parents! I would like to wish you to have a huge and beautiful bouquet in front of you in old age!

A new man came to earth like a bright ray – joy and hope for relatives, for a family. Congratulations from the deep of our hearts on the birth of your child! Let the mischievous eyes look at the world with delight and see beauty and kindness, let the little heart feel care, tenderness and love, let the baby be led through life by angels along the long road of joy and happiness.

New Born Baby Wishes to Mother

Of course, the birth of a son or daughter is not only a holiday for the father. Their newly minted mom deserves to receive even more congratulations! If you are looking for some new born baby wishes for mother to welcome the new baby, then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of them here, so choose the best new born wishes for mom on the birth of son and send it right now!

You will be a great mother, you know? Congratulations!

I am grateful to you for making me the father of such a beautiful family.

I wish you a daughter (boy), upgrade to become a mother. Happy family! Baby grows up healthy!

Congratulations on The Birth of Your Son
Congratulations on The Birth of Your Son

Being my wife was a gift I’ve ever had, but being my child’s mother is a blessing.

There are now two beautiful women in my life. I hope you won’t be jealous of each other.

You were the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen, now you will be the most beautiful mother I have ever seen.

I have just heard about the happy event and I would like to congratulate you, because you have become the mother of a beautiful girl. Congratulations!

A touch of summer blessings for newborn babies, a ray of breeze brings sweetness to beautiful new mothers, wish new mothers and beloved babies healthy and healthy, and happiness has no limits!

Did your baby meet you so soon? Thinking of it, there is a child who wants to call your mother, what a happy thing that should be! Be sure to rest more and pay attention to your body!

Congratulations on your promotion from a mother-to-be to a “mother”. You seem to have fallen into honey and the sun is dim. May good luck always spare you, may joy always kiss you, and may your baby grow up quickly!

Nothing in life can compare to the wonderful experience of being a Mom. A child is the greatest treasure a person can have. I have no doubt that you will love and care for him for the rest of your life.

Congratulations that you have finally been promoted from a mother-to-be to a “mother”. You seem to have fallen into honey, and the sun is dim. May good luck always spare you, may joy always kiss you, and may your baby grow up quickly!

We know that the love of a Mom is a feeling that has no limits. That a Mom is capable of giving her life for her little one and more. I have no doubt that you will be the best Mom in the world. Congratulations.”

Congratulations that you have finally been promoted from a mother-to-be to a “mother”. You seem to have fallen into honey, and the scorching sun is also dim. May good luck always spare you, may joy always kiss you, and wish your baby grow up quickly.

In your face I can see how happy you are feeling right now that you know you are going to be Mom. I am sure that being able to have your little one in your arms after nine months is an indescribable feeling of love. Luck.”

When God created woman, he saw that she was good in every way and that is why he made her the mother of his children. He saw in her, the ability, grace and strength to be a mother. The warmest and most heartfelt congratulations on such a happy event!

What a wonderful vision this is a woman with a child in her arms. This small warm lump trustingly clings to the mother’s chest and knows that it is protected from all troubles and hardships. I want to wish a happy mother, good health and patience in this difficult task, raising a child.

New Born Baby Wishes to Father

Congratulations on the birth of a boy or girl should be short and clear. It doesn’t matter how you use it: send it as a text message, email it or, say it in person or write on a postcard – in any case, any of these congratulations will be a great option for a newly-made father.

I heard that you have recently become a father, so congratulations.

It was allowed to annoy mom for nine months … Now it’s finally dad’s turn!

A new angel is among us and the wait has turned into sweet reality. Congratulations to the new dad!

New Born Baby Wishes to father and mother
New Born Baby Wishes to father and mother

Today an immaculate angel has been born, who will make all your sorrows happy for life, turning them into precious emotions. Congratulations dad!

Because a birth represents the most beautiful emotion that can enrich hearts. I wish a lot of joy and happiness for the new dad.

The innocent smile of a child is the most vivid expression of love. Congratulations and best wishes to the new dad and their beautiful baby.

From today you are now dad and you will always be, that is very clear. Enjoy the time. Being a father is a beautiful gift.

Soon we’ll meet again! Then your baby will get a kiss – until then we will send you these lovely greetings. Congratulations on the birth!

Congratulations daddy! Looks like the family is going to grow and I couldn’t be happier for you! I’m sure it will be very special to live all these adventures again.

Baby, Dad wants to say too much to you. I hope you come to this world soon and have a safe and healthy birth. Dad and Mom have prepared a warm and happy home for you!

From today on you have a lot to do, after all you are dad now. We wish you health, happiness and courage. Should it get difficult: We are happy to help! Everything will always be fine.

Being a father is a gift, not just a disgraceful fashion. Now you have a lot to do, after all, you’re dad now. We wish you all the best, luck, health and a lot of courage.

Congratulations. Become a father. Please remember: a child is a treasure and parents take good care of it; a child is a tree, and parents must be upright; a child is a genius, and parents must encourage; wish your little one grow up healthily, happy and may a happy life!

Becoming a father is not difficult, but being a father is very difficult. With this well-known quote from Wilhelm Busch, in which there is so much truth, we would like to congratulate you and your wife on the birth of your first child. You are now facing new challenges. You are now new parents and we wish you a lot of joy, strength, patience, strength and love to accompany this new citizen on his way into the wide world.

New Baby Wishes to Grandparents

For grandparents, the birth of a new baby in the family is a wonderful experience and a long-awaited milestone for new grandparents. In order to add more happiness to the family and melt the heart of grandparents check the newborn baby wishes for grandparents and new baby messages to congratulate the parents and family.

Well done! Your grandson is born! You have become “Grandma” and “Grandpa”! Congratulations

Becoming a grandparent means finally finding someone who will listen to our boring stories with attention and amazement. Congratulations.

Being a grandparent is truly breathtaking … and not just because you are going to be chasing your grandson!

Your children are the seeds of life that you have planted. Your grandchildren are the fruits of these grown trees. Congratulations.

Congratulations! I don’t know who is luckier; you to have a little girl or your little girl to have you as grandparents!

Congratulations! I would have loved to have you as my grandparents when I know how your grandson is going to be spoiled!

Congratulations to the new Grandpa and Grandpa! Little children are the gifts of yesterday, the pride of today and the joy of tomorrow.

Well done for your new role … and the most perfect! A parent with the hard work of judging, correcting and motivating while a grandparent with the hard work of spoiling and cuddling!

Short New Born Baby Wishes

Warm congratulations on this wonderful gift of life.

Nice job mom and dad! He is magnificent!

Sincere congratulations dear parents your little one is beautiful

Welcome to this little one and congratulations to you young parents.

Welcome to this little prince as handsome as mom and dad.

A small family that is growing for our greatest happiness. Congratulations.

A star is Born! Well done parents and welcome to this star.

A wagon of happiness awaits you with the arrival of this little being.

Well done to both of you! Wonderful moments await you with this little piece.

Congratulations! Great job mom and dad! This little baby is a wonder. Well done.

All our best wishes in this magical moment. A unique experience to live fully. Congratulation!

Welcome to little Louis! May life be sweet to you and may it be pure happiness on a daily basis.

Congratulations to you two! We are so excited to meet this beautiful little angel. In the meantime, we hug you very hard.

New Baby Quotes

Sending or writing newborn baby wishes quotes on a card to wish someone special and dear to you, we have an enormous collection of newborn baby quotes ranging from interesting to emotional. These quotes may help you to express your feelings in an effective way.

Children are a bridge to heaven

A child is love that has become visible.

When love becomes life, happiness has a name.

Three things have remained from paradise: stars, flowers and children.

The smallest people always have the greatest place in our hearts.

Two things should be given to children by their parents: roots and wings.

Birth is a miracle and children are a gift. You grow with them. Inspire and enrich children.

Three things have remained from Paradise: the flowers of the day, the stars of the night and the eyes of children.

I congratulate you on the most wonderful thing that nature produces. Only the very best wishes to your child and you.

The day of your birth is the only blind date on which you can be sure that you will find love for life.

Enjoy every second and let yourself be carried away by the new adventures and chapters that lie in your future together. Congratulations on the birth!

A little girl knocked and now it has come into your life. We send you our best wishes for the path that you have before you together.

You only realize the true meaning of life when you hold your child in your arms for the first time. Congratulations to the young parents on the birth.

There will be hands to carry you and arms in which you are safe and people who will show you without question that you are welcome in this world.

Your tracks for two in the sand, feet large to medium-small! But if you go hand in hand in the future, there will soon be tiny feet in between.

Now a new heart begins to beat, we wish sunshine every day, May your son always give you moments of joy in life. We warmly congratulate you on the birth of your sweet sparrow!

A child is love in human form! We warmly welcome the new citizen and wish you all the best for the birth of your daughter / son! Enjoy the family time together and look forward to your sweet baby every day!

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The journey from conceiving a baby to hospitalization is very emotional and thrilling. There is no way to describe the baby’s arrival home, the first cry, the happiness of holding them in hands. However, you must express how happy you are for the parents and for the baby born in that happy family with one of the above-mentioned new baby wishes and messages. Whether it is a newborn baby boy or a baby girl, the sweet and hearty greetings from you can melt the parents’ heart.

Most people forget to wish a happy birthday to the newborn, or they do not do knowingly due to a lack of proper and profound words. Start finding the desired newborn baby wishes and messages to congratulate the whole family. We hope that the greetings or wordings listed here will help you in giving your best wishes to a newborn baby.