100+ Islamic Birthday Wishes Quotes and Prayers

Islamic Birthday Wishes: Islam is one of the largest religions. Celebrating a birthday or wishing someone a “Happy Birthday” in Islam is a very sensitive topic, and some Muftis and Ulma say it is forbidden in Islam. A birthday does not just mean celebrating it, but it is also a day of inspiration, greetings, and blessings. Whenever someone close and dear to us celebrate their birthday, it will be a great way to say happy birthday and bless him or her with some heartfelt birthday messages.

Are you looking for the perfect and exquisite Islamic birthday wishes, message and quotes for your near & dear ones? Use these wonderful Islamic birthday wishes and messages or get ideas for drafting your own Islamic birthday card message. Here have listed some beautifully crafted Islamic birthday wishes, messages, and quotes along with duas, these messages and quotes help you to send your best wishes to your Muslim sister, brothers, friends, relatives or other close and dear people. Let’s take a look at these Islamic birthday duas and best birthday wishes and get ideas of what to write for an Islamic birthday card message and make your birthday blessings unique and full of love.

Islamic Birthday Wishes

Purify yourself with the beginning of ablution, cleanse yourself with prayer, purify your heart with sincerity, happy birthday may blessings always be with you.

May Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the life He has given. May you become a woman that heaven misses. Amen.

May God always bless you in the rest of your life, and encourage you to be a better person and fear Him.

Islamic Birthday Wishes
Islamic Birthday Wishes

My dear sister, hopefully on your birthday this can bring you closer to your soul mate, and always be blessed by Allah SWT.

My husband, may you grow older and have more piety to Allah SWT. May we be given blessings in living this household, yes, Amen.

I will not stop to always love and cherish you. May God always bestow His grace and guidance on our little family. Happy birthday, Husband.

You can say it directly in front of them, send it via chat messages on social media, or upload the words to social media and mention your loved ones.

Happy Birthday, my best friend. Hopefully you can become a more pious person and may you always be given abundant sustenance and safety in this world and the hereafter.

There is nothing wrong with giving birthday wishes to loved ones who are having a birthday. It is also a form of caring and makes them happier on a special day.

Happy birthday, my dear wife, may you always be a mother who can be used as an example for our children, and given heaven by Him in the future.

Happy birthday to my dearest and handsome son. Congratulations on getting old. I hope that you will get older, your maturity will also increase. Keep up the spirit in achieving your dreams and goals.

Happy birthday, son! I hope you become better, more pious, and can be a source of pride for both of us. The sincere prayers of your father and mother accompany your steps.

There is no more beautiful blessing than a long life and the blessings that God has given you. Hopefully at your current age, your age will be more blessed and everything you aspire to can come true.

My wife, may Allah always bestow blessings on the rest of the life He has given, hopefully she can become a woman who is longed for by heaven and become a wife and mother who is bestowed with happiness always. Amen.

My dear teacher, on your birthday, accept this meaningless offering from us. May Allah give you health and spaciousness of sustenance, and may Allah also bless your every step, increasing your Islamic faith.

Eid birthday my best friend, you are one year older now, and only prayer can I give for you. May Allah give you health, abundant sustenance and success, and long life. And don’t forget, may you also be blessed too more and more faith and Islam in your heart, amen.

Allah SWT, your age has increased by one year Mother, only prayer can we give for you. May Allah give you physical and spiritual health, increase in faith and Islam, give blessings in life. And may Allah Allah SWT gives you ample sustenance, and always prays for us, amen.

My husband, my dear, happy birthday. May the age allowance in this diminishing world, we can live a good life and raise children in the protection of Allah SWT. Hopefully what you dream and aspire to can come true. Hopefully Allah always bestows mercy on you. You are the best husband and I am grateful to be your wife.

Happy birthday! May Allah SWT accept all your heart’s wishes and prayers today.

Happy birthday! May Allah SWT continue to shower you with blessings!

May Allah accept your prayers and keep you from all harm and evil. Happy birthday!

Close your eyes, make a request, and I will pray to Allah SWT to make it happen. Happy birthday.

This is a very special day in your life, I wish you a happy birthday. May God bless you with much happiness and blessings on this special day.

May Allah SWT guide you to success with great happiness and blessings, that’s my wish for you on your birthday, happy birthday to you.

Love Allah, and read the Koran, become an example for many Muslims, do not be afraid to tell people the truth, and reveal the happiness of Islam to them. Let the truth open their hearts, there will be no end joy, go ahead and save the rest, live happily with Allah.

Child of Islam! Happy Birthday! Kiss on the mouth! May your spiritual beauty flourish. May your spiritual development flourish, may Allah send you an inspiration today! Let your heart be full of love. Let your body shine with health, let your faith be greater than the Universe, let God’s mercy for you be immeasurable!

The Almighty, will forgive people for their sins, give faith in the truth to Muslims. May the heart not be sad on this holiday, we will shout with you: Glory to Allah! Love and happiness, like a candle burns, but only never runs out, the Almighty helps you to live, and in difficult times teaches.

Patience and faith, like a Prophet, save hope in a person, read the Koran, memorizing the lines, and save those close to you from sinfulness. Do not skip prayer, and believe in power, Allah will reward you for the truth, so we will be related, united, in the unity of those who keep the truth.

Good health, and great love, so that joy never excites. May it be with you: happiness, faith, pride. And the Almighty always keeps from trouble. Let the relatives live and keep the covenants, the truth and the truth that the Koran bears, take more often advice from the relatives, and bring our glorious Islam to the masses.

Let the Koran always lie in your hand, namaz will show you the happy path, and Islam flames up in your heart, Allah will tell you the right way. A great example for many Muslims, the Almighty is a beautiful creation, the Prophet Muhammad gave people a gift, so that they smile more often on their birthday.

Happy Birthday honey! Glory be to Allah! That your soul knows no fear, that your heart is filled with love, that you are full of energy and health! And let your faith never fade away, and let your eyes not know tears, and all these blessings with the help of God, and before temptations, be careful anyway!

May you not feel fear with your soul, believe, hope and love Allah alone, and may your legs not tire, follow him on the right path! After all, only he will lead you to success, and he will save your soul from grave trouble, And only he will save you from excitement, we congratulate you on your birthday!

We feel love and happiness on a holiday, and it became a little warmer in my soul, today we celebrate our birthday, give the guests smiles, give me. The Almighty protect you from care, take care of the family from the evil world, and let the mountain waters wash away envy, there will be no obstacles on the way again.

The whole world lies as if in the palm of your hand, as the stars shine again in the eyes. May Allah fill the heart with joy, show what heaven is. I like to be next to you, and I know there are miracles, I wish you to live with love on your birthday, I send you happiness and good on your holiday.

Let your life not be like a sunset, let the stars fall on you, let the taste of life be sweet, like baklava. Let deeds be kind, solid – words! We wish you joy from every day, we wish you to live your earthly life not in vain, and may our Creator help you in everything, may resentment and sorrow not gnaw you!

Our lovely birthday boy, dear birthday boy! Happy Birthday! May Allah be with you, day and night, evening and day, may faith in him burn with eternal fire in your soul! We wish you not to doubt your faith. And to remain faithful to Allah through the years, let him accept your fasts and abstinence, let him fulfill all your ideas and desires!

We wish Allah to give you wings, and so that you are not tired of flying after him, and let your soul strive upward, and let no one tell her: Stop! May she be free, like a bird, after all, every soul has something to strive for, may the Almighty direct you to the true path, do not forget to thank him in prayer!

Allah is with you! In my soul and in my thoughts! In the sun, in the grass, in the sky, and in thoughts, he prepares paradise for you on earth, you never betray your faith! Never forget for our God, he sees everything, knows everything, so know, and may a good deed be rewarded to you, and your soul and body will be healthy!

Today I met a rich table of guests, praise to Allah for a happy moment, may children give you happiness more often, and the almighty sends joy and a lot of strength. Islam lives in the soul, and in our heart, for us he is always the most important thing. Let him take the main place in life, and we will forever honor and love him!

Birthday is the beginning, not the end, may the Great Creator strengthen your faith, give you health and life for long years. May there be no sunsets, but only dawn! May life on earth seem to you like paradise, may you not have to be punished for your sins, may a ray of light in your life shine forever, may Allah wisely answer all your questions!

We wish you a righteous life, on your birthday, on this wonderful day, let every corner of the earth seem like paradise to you, and even a shadow does not fall on you sins! We wish you to be faithful to God, and he will show you the right path, if you stumble, he will help you rise, the main thing is to remain faithful to your faith!

May your soul not yearn on this day, may it sing and rejoice with Allah, After all, today is your birthday, Remember! The Almighty is always by your side! Neither in this world nor in this world, we wish you not to sin, we wish you to live in peace according to the laws of God, and let spiritual impotence not visit you. Let wings be given to you as a gift today!

Happy Birthday and strong faith in your soul, follow the call of your heart and do not listen to anyone, and even if the whole planet is against your faith, ask Allah for an answer to your question! He will tell you correctly, and believe me, he will not be mistaken, after all, the truth always remains the truth, and may it be easy for you to live in the world, and may your thread not break with faith!

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Islamic Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Birthday is a special moment for most people who are celebrating it. At that moment they are grateful for the blessings of increasing age. There is nothing wrong with giving birthday wishes to loved ones who are having a birthday. It is also a form of caring and makes them happier on a special day.

My friend. May you always be in blessings.

On this cold day, your age is increasing. May you always be in the shade of the blessings of Allah SWT. Good luck to you, friend.

Allah SWT is truly amazing to have sent an amazing friend like you to all of us. I pray that this special day is filled with beautiful and happy moments.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Friend
Islamic Birthday Wishes for Friend

I decided to congratulate my friend on his birthday in an original way: champagne – so that there is a lot of happiness in life, and condoms – for a lot of sex. I go to the store and buy. The saleswoman smiles: “Maybe a box of chocolates then?” Me: “No, he doesn’t like sweets.”

Hope you have a wonderful birthday with your friends and family. I send you lots of love and blessings. I hope this birthday will be a special day for yourself.

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Islamic Birthday Wishes for Sister

Giving birthday wishes can be in any way. For those of you who are Muslim, you can send Islamic birthday wishes, to fellow Muslims. You can say it directly in front of them, send it via chat messages on social media, or upload the words to social media and mention your loved ones.

Sister, may you always be given health, always given a blessed life, and success always, amen.

My dear little sister! I want to congratulate you. Yes, happy birthday to you! Let it be unique.

My dear sweet sister! Birthday starts in the morning! Birthday begins with a smile, Ringing songs and violin sounding in the soul!

Islamic Birthday Wishes Messages
Islamic Birthday Wishes Messages

FOR LOVE – FOR THE MOST FAVORITE I am lucky in this life that I have such a sister! You give joy and warmth, warming your soul with a smile.

Do you hear rustling, saying goodbye, Last year? You celebrate your birthday, your turn has come to receive flowers, gifts and the warmth of your relatives! The brightest, sweetest, hottest my short verse!

Beloved sister, I congratulate you! I wish you love, health, happiness. May success await you in life, and more often your cheerful laughter will be heard. My dear, happy birthday! And good mood to you!

Sister, my dear! I want you to learn more often for yourself, what does the word “Happiness” mean! For the generosity, beauty of the soul. Let life give you all the best that life is. And the light will become more beautiful!

Dear, beloved sister! Happy holiday to you. Glorious, my dear bird, how much you mean to me! I wish you to be healthy and full of kindness, So that fate does not deal with you harshly, So that all your dreams come true.

You are the decoration of the family, everything is harmonious – the look, the manners. Sister, may you be lucky in love, your career will be successful! Let unity and cordiality reign among friends! Let entertainment and leisure Bring happiness to longevity!

Dear, beloved sister! Among the many days in the year, Allah chose the best one and made it your birthday. May this day be filled with light and joy! Let the sky be azure, the sun golden, the flowers fragrant, and the wishes kind!

A golden ray of sun in the morning Shines for you, sister! Gifts and flowers to you, Today you are the queen! Blossom, little sister, smile and believe that dreams will come true! And never doubt that you are the best in the world!

Beloved sister! Today is your birthday! May your big and kind heart always be open to Allah! Let love and purity live in him! May the power of faith protect your home, and the peace and warmth of your friendly family bloom like a luxurious flower!

My beloved sister, you are the embodiment of good. I appreciate the high light from the first childhood years of your soul. Launching in the fate of a beautiful, bright, your dreams come true. I wish your health, happiness and love on your birthday!

Congratulations very personally, loving everyone with my heart: Happy birthday, sister! Love to look at you: Naughty, smart, lovely, packed, slim. Yes, in “envy”, to be honest, the whole huge country! The house is clean, and the soul is calm. Always be like this, my sister.

With you, we ate so much salt, that the dishes cannot be salted: We reconciled, fought, and managed to harm each other a lot. Sister on her birthday I want to give a smile! Let’s forget all the battles and we will live together!

My dear sister! Well, what would you wish. I wish you happiness and strength So that you could find everything. So that she walked with a proud gait, so that your friend was a match for you. Be the same beautiful, cheerful, and never dare to grieve!

I could talk endlessly, how glad I am that I have you. I wish you eternal love – Night from night and day after day. I wish you infinitely health, for the sun to shine in the morning, Inspiration and happiness with love for you, dear sister!

You taught me to read, write, and braid pigtails. I confided to you secrets that I could not entrust to my mother. Now we are adults already, we have both children and husbands, but again, as in childhood, for me there is no person closer than my sister!

Though life has thrown us far, and we rarely see each other, But in my heart you always be happy, my sister! Let the sun, with every ray of its, embrace tenderly for me. Let your star shine brighter on this day, I congratulate you on your birthday!

You are cute, funny, good! I am very lucky to have such a sister! Let everything work out perfectly for you. Luck and success go with you! You give so much warmth, participation, Support and kindness! I wish you joy and happiness. May your cherished dreams come true!

Sister dear, I congratulate you. All I wish is. So that the sun is clear every morning the window knocked briskly. What happiness would spin, spin, strive and a smile from the lips did not fall off Dear sister! Happy birthday to you. Today I congratulate you.

I value your friendship, it is so easy for me to always be with you. Believe me, I really, really need, So that you go through life with me! My dear sister, May your path lead to success! And on this day I wish you: Always, always be happy!

Congratulations on your birthday, Let, sister, friendship live in us, Let sorrow, excitement, Happiness, joy go from year to year, It’s all the same to me that my dear, For you on this day, all flowers, Earthly blessings and good luck , All yours to make your dreams come true!.

Happy cooking day, little sister! I know you from the cradle. As a child, as an elder brother, I myself fed you porridge. And now, as an older brother, I am glad to come to the rescue. So you keep in mind, if anything happens, Call and I’ll come. Happy birthday, sister!

How good the moments are, happy two. Sister, happy birthday, Darling, yours! The sun shines brighter for everyone on such a wonderful day; I drink it to the bottom, and peace in my heart. Be slim, smart, and sweet, take care of your honour. Know that only I love you with all my might!

Dear little sister, happy birthday to you! You always love yourself. Joyful dear to you Live without fear and anxiety, Happiness and love and your family. And also a bag of flowers and a pot of coins. Bright, clear days in life and shining eyes. You are beautiful like a rose like a spring mimosa. .

Sunsets and twilight cannot be compared with you, and a smile flutters with the tenderness of words. Let my sister, Today hug and wish you the foundations of happiness. What would you bloom, and did not know grief and gladden your surroundings. And a lot of love give everyone around and that all life would bloom flowers…

Dear sister, smile wider! You still have your whole life ahead of you! Only even better, brighter than it was – On the tail of the forty brought the news. And she also said – happiness awaits you, Joy and wealth will fall just about! Believe me, everything will be so – I say for sure! Happy birthday, bunny, I love you!

I have a holiday today – my birthday sister! In honor of such an event I do not sleep in the morning since the very beginning. For my beloved sister, I hung up the balloons, I decorated the room, I slightly tinted myself, I turned on the music loudly, I laid the table with a treat. Let your beloved sister have fun until the morning!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Brother

At special moments such as birthday celebrations, of course those who are celebrating want to be considered someone special. There are many things you can do to make them special. Not only sending greetings, but you can also give them gifts. Especially for us Muslims, caring for others is something that must be prioritized, in addition to relating to Allah, relating to others is one of the keys to entering heaven.

May every step of your feet always be blessed by Allah SWT.

My beloved brother. May you always be healthy, live long, and be happy.

Hopefully as you get older, you will be given more intelligence, patience, and maturity. My brother.

Islamic Birthday Messages
Islamic Birthday Messages

Brother. May you always be in the protection of Allah. Health is always with you with his blessings.

Happy birthday, Sis. May you always be strong and strong in facing the twists and turns of this life.

My dear sister! Hopefully on your birthday you can reach your goals and always be blessed by Allah SWT.

May you always be in the protection of Allah SWT. May health always be with you and his blessings.

Happy birthday, sister. I wish you a long life, good health and good fortune. Brother will always wish the best for you, Sis.

My dear sister. Hopefully on your birthday this year it is a sign that you are getting closer to your soul mate. Blessings will always be with you.

Faithfulness does not have to increase as you get older. But piety must always increase every second. My brother. May you become God’s people who are increasingly pious.

My precious little brother! You are not a modest man: You have schooled me gloriously – How else with your sister? Yes, even different sexes: How to play, how to walk? Childhood was difficult, but youth is good! Oh, what moments we lived then. Dear brother! Happy birthday! Always be my brother!

I wish my elder brother Long life and love, Happy birthday congratulations, Greetings from my sister, For you, my brother, I am always, As behind a stone wall, I wish you happiness, Be healthy, my dear!

You, brother, forgive me, if you offended with something, I tried to always be a good sister, Brother, believe me, I love you dearly, I wish you happiness on your birthday.

Dear brother! Congratulations from your sister on your birthday. I wish you, my good, that in your work there was God’s talent, and in your personal life – happy days, And you keep them in your memory, Let your friends indulge with visits, and life – with continuous positives.

My dear and beloved brother! I congratulate you on your birthday! May Birds of happiness, good luck, luck fly to you from everywhere, I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart in this life, only good, “Happy birthday!” – I will shout to you loudly. Congratulations! Love, sister.

In unity with Allah, level your step, who sows gossip, let there be an enemy for you, may faith give you inspiration to life, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, Happy Birthday! And we wish you to believe, pray, love. We wish you to live this life righteously, may your spiritual wealth flourish, may the brotherhood be bound by faith alone!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Son/Daughter

My dear son, happy birthday! May Allah protect you! God’s blessing, be like a magnet for money! I wish to live according to the Koran, observe the Commandments! Do not be idle, and may allah reward you with the desired ones!

My son, congratulations today! I wish you earthly blessings on your birthday. May your house be full of souls of relatives, happy days, and joyful children! Allah will send you health and success, walk the path marked for everyone, to goodness and peace, joy, love. Only faith in your soul, keep purity!

Short Islamic Birthday Wishes
Short Islamic Birthday Wishes

I wish you on your birthday, son, you pray, believe in happiness and good luck, fire in your soul and heart, shine in your eyes, reliable Friends and hot love! I wish, son, today is your holiday: be proud and courageous, go the straight path! May Allah grant you peace in your family, health, a lot of strength, peace and prosperity at home!

My dear son, life is given to you by God, accept it, love it, appreciate it and use it in full. Happy birthday, darling, congratulations from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely wish you: Let the Guardian Angel guide you, and loyal friends and associates surround you. May the Almighty Creator give warmth, so that you are always lucky in everything.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Wife

My wife, the mother of my children, happy birthday. May the age allowance in this diminishing world, we can live a good life and raise children in the protection of Allah SWT. dreams can come true. May Allah always bestow mercy on you. Ameen.

Ah, my dear wife, you are not a simple riddle, the beauty of your hair ,your femininity is a question, your femininity is the answer, Image, mystery and plot You are death and salvation! Happy Birthday!

Muslim birthday wishes messages
Muslim birthday wishes messages

Wife, today I congratulate you, I will praise you very bright and active you have made my life. Remain that motor that pushes you to business you are not a woman – a goddess, I was given by fate itself.

Today’s your birthday, Accept, beloved wife, greetings, happiness, joy, wish you from the heart. Let come true all dreams come true stay long young, same vigorous, combative, strong health wish for many years, Live, not knowing the grief and troubles.

Day and night I need you, my beloved wife! Thank you for our meeting, I adore you and love you, like spring is bright and good. Everything about you is beautiful: appearance and soul, Happy birthday congratulations! Accept all the compliments and flowers …

My dear and wonderful wife, I need you like air, the kindest, gentlest, and beautiful. Thanks to you and happy birthday. I sincerely congratulate you, I wish you always in excellent shape, strong health, good luck, and a wonderful mood in to add.

Who is the loveliest in the world? It’s you, my wife! Happy Birthday! I need you as before! Without you I am nothing, without your beloved hands, that will warm in any cold, and the comfort that they create! May your sweet smile always remain, be the same you are beautiful!

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Oh God, thank you for sending the best man in my life. May your life always be in God’s blessing and pleasure.

Happy birthday to the person who cares about me the most. I hope you keep your faith, your taqwa, and your religion.

Being with you is the greatest gift for me, my husband. Yes, dear. May you continue to be my proud husband.

Islamic Birthday Quotes
Islamic Birthday Quotes

Yes, dear. May you continue to be my proud husband, my imam, father to my children. Long life and good health always.

May your life always be in the blessings and pleasure of Allah. Being with you is the greatest gift to me, my husband.

Thank God I pray as a form of my happiness because of your age today. My dear husband. Hopefully all your hard work is a blessing for the family.

Happy birthday, my Imam. There is nothing I can say but wish you happiness. May you always be healthy and given a long life. Hopefully we can carry this household ark until the end of life.

Thank you for bestowing a lot of love and affection on me and the children. I am very grateful and thank to Allah for everything. My husband. May happiness and blessings always be with you. Amen.

In every breath I take, I always sing my best prayers for your health and the achievement of your life. My husband. It’s not just looks that make me fall in love with you every time, but because of your morals.

My husband, hopefully he will grow older and increase his piety to Allah SWT. May we be given blessings in living this household, yes, Amen.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Mother / Father

Dear mother. May you always be healthy, live long and happy.

May Allah give you health physically and mentally. May Allah SWT give you ample sustenance and health.

Beloved mother. I pray that you will always be given health and always in the protection of Allah SWT.

Islamic Birthday Wishes messages and blessings
Islamic Birthday Wishes messages and blessings

To my beloved and only mother, happy birthday. May Allah always love you, be blessed with age and kindness. Always be healthy, Mother.

Believe me you are always in my prayers. Happy birthday, my mother. May you always be given health and blessings from Allah SWT.

Today I wish you a happy birthday, Father. May God always bless you with health and happiness. I am happy to be your son.

Father. Your sincere struggle for the sake of your family will not be repaid with anything. May you always be healthy, successful and happy.

Thank you very much for the love you gave me. On this father’s birthday, I wish you a long life, always healthy, and always happy.

Mother.. I can’t possibly repay all your kindness. You are my angel. I can only pray for you, so that you are always in Allah’s love and protection. Happy birthday my dear mother.

There is no expensive gift that I can give you, Father. Only prayers accompany your special day. May you always be in the protection of Allah SWT and always receive abundant blessings from Him.

Islamic Birthday Greetings for Loved Ones

Birthday Mubarak. Success, good health, and blessings.

My friend. May you always be in blessings.

Happy Birthday. Always think positive and increase your devotion to Him.

Happy Birthday. May your dreams come true, always in the grace of Allah.

Happy Birthday May Allah Bless You
Happy Birthday May Allah Bless You

May Allah SWT always provide convenience in all worldly affairs and the affairs of the hereafter.

My friend. Stay strong and get stronger for the sake of continuing the da’wah on Allah’s Earth.

May you become a more charming person with the beauty that radiates from the purity of a clear heart.

Happy Birthday! May you be blessed throughout your life, always given health, blessings, and, more and more useful for others.

Happy Birthday, friend. Hopefully in the following days you can be wiser. May you always get abundant blessings throughout this year.

Repeating the date of birth every year is a form of your gratitude to Him. May you be more consistent in doing every good thing.

Today we will be in the company of our relatives, we will not shout “Happy birthday”. The Almighty, our act, after all, will condemn, if we allow feelings to give will. I wish only the Almighty to admire, and to kiss loved ones tightly, to gain patience and joy, and you should not forget about Namaz.

We are children of Allah, happy people, our Prophet Muhammad is a great saint. We will always appreciate Sharia law, and we will fight sinful ideas right there. Let the birthday pass quietly, I wish your loved ones and loved ones to hug. The family never let you down, after all, you will always respect her.

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The custom of celebrating a birthday is supported in all countries. Islamic countries have a very original approach to this celebration. Although it is rare, birthday is still celebrated. According to Sharia law, only Allah and his Messenger Muhammad can celebrate the holidays that occur once a year. They do not suit a magnificent celebration of the date of birth, but upon the arrival of the 52nd year of life, like in Muhammad, they make a real holiday with treats and festivities. But the warm words of wishes on your birthday will be pleasant to any Muslim to hear.

If one of your dear person or Muslim friends is going to celebrate his or her birthday, then you must to know his fasting season, tradition to wish him or her a happy birthday. These birthday wishes and messages will surely cause him/her to smile. It would be better to use holy messages to add more life to your wishes. Above-mentioned religious and spiritual birthday wishes, messages and quotes for your father, mother, daughter, son, wife, husband, brother, sister, and best friend. We hope, you enjoyed these exquisite and fabulous Islamic birthday wishes and greeting quotes with your loved ones on their happiest birthday, or share one of your choices Islamic birthday duas with your loved ones.