4th Birthday Wishes! 100+ Ways to Say Happy 4th Birthday

4th Birthday Wishes : Happy 4th birthday messages and wishes with beautiful images to share with 4 year olds. Find a cute and sweet message and send it to a boy or girl who is about to turn 4 years old! Beautiful and cool 4th birthday messages are waiting for you! For children, a birthday celebration is synonymous with cakes, candies, gifts, friends… In short, it is an exciting and unforgettable day! For the adults who are the lucky guests at this event, things are a little more complicated. You have to find the right gift that will please and especially write a birthday note to the lucky chosen of the day!

It is never easy to write birthday wishes for a 4-year-old child. In fact, 4 years olds are no longer babies, but not adults yet, we must find the right words to please them (and their parents). This delicate age indeed demands words that they can understand easily. Don’t go into lengthy words, the most important thing at this age is cakes and gifts! If you want to write a small card or send text messages or emails to a child’s 4-year-old parents, we provide a few examples of messages.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

Wishing you the grandly 4th birthday anyone could wish for. Congratulations!

Congratulations on turning 4. May you got all the gifts you deserve.

Congratulations on turning 4. May your 365 days full of joy and fun!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes
Happy 4th Birthday Wishes

Happy 4th birthday. We wish you lots of great gifts and lots of fun!

You grow so fast! My, time does fly when we’re having fun! Happy 4th birthday!

Today is a special day because today is your birthday. Wishing you a fabulous 4th birthday!

Now that you are four – you are great, beautiful, wild, extraordinary, and energetic. Happy 4th birthday!

On your 4th birthday, wishing you fantastic birthday gifts and a great birthday with your friends.

I hope your birthday cake will be 4 times better than the previous years! Happy Birthday!

For your 4th birthday I send you my best regards and wishing you have an unforgettable day.

On your 4th birthday, wishing you fabulous day full of great gifts, joy and fun. Congratulations!

The number “4” is magical. Do you know why? Because today you are 4 years old. Happy 4th birthday, baby.

Like a 4 leaf clover, I wish this 4th birthday brings you great luck and happiness! Happy Birthday!

My darling, Happy 4th birthday. You have the gift of putting a smile on everyone’s face!

Happy Birthday! I wish you 4 candles, at least 4 gifts, 4 hugs and 4 big slices of cake!

4 years and already so big! I wish you a huge bundle of bliss and happiness on your special day.

Happy 4th Birthday
Happy 4th Birthday

Happy 4th birthday! I wish that all your dreams for the fifth year of life will come true.

Happy 4th birthday. May your 5th birthday be a great adventure full of great experiences and lots of fun.

On your 4th birthday, May you all the luck in this universe and of course the greatest gifts! Congratulations!

For your 4th birthday I am sending you 4 cuddles and hope all your needs and wishes for today will come true!

Happy Birthday! Today is your 4th birthday and you’re celebrating with all your friends. I wish you a lot of fun!

I wish you an unforgettable birthday party with all your friends. All the luck in the world for your 4th birthday!

I wish you many great gifts for your 4th birthday and that every wish you have for today will come true.

Today is your big day because it‘s your 4th birthday. There are so many amazing things you can do. Happy Birthday!

When you turning the age of four; everything about the world becomes four times as lovely and wonderful. Happy 4th birthday.

Wishing you all the best for your 4th birthday, my sunshine. In the world there are no such wonderful people a second time.

For your 4th birthday I send you my best wishes and of course wishing you the greatest birthday gifts in the whole world.

4th Birthday Messages

Here are some best birthday messages for 4 year olds to send your best wishes on their special days. Check out these 4th birthday wishes and messages.

It’s hard to believe, but now you’ve been a whole year cooler than you were last year! Happy forth birthday, my little darling!

For your 4th birthday I’m sending you a loving hug and I wish you huge, fantastic gifts and a great day with your friends!

Dear … (name), little by little you are getting a little older, now you are even 4, and I wish you the best of luck!

4th Birthday Messages
4th Birthday Messages

Dear … (Name), you are finally 4, that’s why everyone comes to you today and brings in great presents, that’s exactly how it should be!

We congratulate you on your 4th birthday and wish you all the best, today you will be hugged by all of us, and with great cheer!

There are 364 days a year when you get presents just like that, but only one day when you get birthday presents! Congratulations on your 4th birthday!

You are four and four is fun. Let’s celebrate the cake and ice cream. Let’s have a party that everyone will worship because you have reached amazing number 4!

May your birthday cake covered in ice and sprinkled with bubbles with 4 candles. It’s the best way to make celebration of 4 years old! Happy Birthday!

On your 4th birthday, May you all the luck in this universe and that you can celebrate the most beautiful children’s birthday party of all time today.

For each of the birthday candles on your 4th birthday cake, I give a birthday wish. Hope all these birthday wishes come true for you. Happy fourth birthday!

Hello, did you sleep well, my child, come quickly to the living room. There are birthday presents waiting for you, unpack them, we celebrate and are all happy.

It happened 4 years ago, then the last one had understood that we parents will now be three, because a child is the most beautiful thing on earth.

I believe that every year you get a little cuter. Wishing you all the best for your 4th birthday and that you will receive lots of great gifts today.

For your 4th birthday we would like to give you our very dearest blessing. May you get everything you want and that you will always meet the sunny side in life.

Hope your birthday cake is 4 times larger than the largest cake in the world. That’s the only way to celebrate your favorite 4 year old’s birthday in the world. Happy 4th birthday!

You really are the very coolest four year old guy I know. I wish you a fantastic birthday and that when you blow out the candles, all your dreams and wishes will come true.

4th Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Old Kid
4th Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Old Kid

Dear … (Name), on your 4th birthday I tell you that I like you very much, you should also know that I think of you a lot, that’s why there are especially great gifts today!

For your 4th birthday there are particularly delicious cakes and many gifts that you don’t even have to look for. We congratulate you and hug you very tightly and wish you a nice birthday party!

Dear …, for your 4th birthday, wishing you all the best with all our hearts! May many capable guardian angels accompany you on all your paths and let you go through life happy and full of energy.

For the next twelve months, you’ll get the greatest thing… 4 years old. You should enjoy everyone for the next 365 days journey. Jump in the pool, get messy, spill milk, and have fun! Happy fourth birthday!

The kindergarten is calling, now you are 4 years old, on your birthday there is a crown on your hair. You will be lifted high in the air, then you children can romp to their hearts’ content.

You are 4 years old now, that’s great. I’m sure you’re already looking forward to all the presents. We have also brought you something great, we have come up with something nice for you. Happy birthday to the birthday child.

The fourth birthday is a real celebration, for your age you’re already far and tall, but still to cuddle, I’ll take you on my lap. Let’s count 1 and 2 and 3 and four together, I wish you a happy birthday.

Who will blow out the candles today? Who brings presents into the house? The birthday child can hardly wait, it is waiting eagerly at the laid table in the garden. 4 years young, the celebration can begin, the long wait is over.

Your 4th birthday is today, so a whole pack of guests is coming soon. They wants to celebrate, dance, laugh, sing with you and bring you lots of presents. That’s going to be very splendid – so let’s go … Happy Birthday!

4th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Here are some beautiful and sweet birthday wishes for boy that will help you to wish your little champ a very happy birthday.

I wish my little superstar a great birthday and have fun with his friends.

Today you are the super start! Actually, you’re always the superstar! Congratulations on your 4th birthday!

You will be 4 years today – a year smarter, a year cooler and a year bolder! Happy 4th birthday, little bully!

4th Birthday Wishes For Boy
4th Birthday Wishes For Boy

The sun is shining when you wake up and smile at mom and dad joyfully. Today is your 4th birthday. We warmly congratulate our dear son.

The years go by quickly and we see the phases unfold. Four years mean a lot, they are part of a path that deserves to be celebrated! Happy four years!

Who knows today what the future will bring us? Maybe you will become president, maybe just a happy family man in the prime of his life. With wonderful parents by your side, you can do anything. Congratulations, my sweet angel!

Happy 4th birthday to the coolest boy in kindergarten! You’re 4 now. Four is fun, four is fantastic. four is fab. four is freaky. But four goes fast, so you should really love 4! Happy 4th birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday Son
Happy 4th Birthday Son

Today you blow out 4 candles, my sweet little mouse. Your birthday is so wonderful, a large crowd of children have been invited. We celebrate and laugh and play a lot. You should always be happy – that is our goal.

Now you are getting bigger, a total of 4 years old, you will soon have to go to school and then work. But until then you are a child, enjoy this time. I would like to wish you all the love far and wide.

4th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Congratulations on the 4th birthday of the cutest princess you can imagine!

I send a very nice birthday greeting to the cutest little big girl in the world!

Congratulations to the cutest princess in the world. Wishing you a great day and unlimited fun on your birthday.

4th Birthday Wishes for Girl
4th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Congratulations to my princess! On your special 4th birthday, today you can rejoice as the great queen. Have fun with friends!

Cheers to the sweet birthday girl, hair swirling in the wind 4 years old and yet so small, you will soon be bigger.

I wish the little princess all the luck in the world for her 4th birthday and that all your dreams will come true.

Happy 4th birthday. You are almost big now, but to me you are and always will be my little princess. Congratulations on the 4th birthday.

On your 4th birthday I would like to tell you that I am especially proud of you because you are a clever and lovely girl.

The princess turns 4 today! I wish the little ladies many great gifts and that all of your friends come to the children’s birthday party!

Congratulations to the cutest little girl in the whole kindergarten on her 4th birthday. Have a great day and a lot of fun with your friends!

Light the candles, cut the cake, this is a big day. A little angel turns four. Here are birthday blessings for someone I pray for. Happy 4th birthday!

Let’s dance and be happy, our daughter is no longer small. With the 4th birthday she is a kindergarten child. How time goes by, like leaves in the wind.

I don’t know if you’re going to be an astronaut, a nuclear physicist or a famous artist, but I know that you are a very special girl. Happy 4th birthday.

4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter
4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

A birthday opens up many possibilities, new dreams to dream and new things to discover. And you’re that little girl that can do all of these exciting things. Wishing you a great 4th birthday!

I don’t know yet whether you will become a Federal President or a veterinarian, but I am sure that a very special girl will embark on a very special life. Happy 4th birthday my darling!

Congratulations we would all wish you today, our greetings to the birthday boy from the whole crowd, you are the cutest girl in the whole wide world. Our gifts for you are better than a lot of money.

Happy 4th birthday to the cutest little princess in the whole world! Funny how fast the time flies, at some point old age always wins. Then you are old, slow and gray. Now don’t think about tomorrow, just celebrate your birthday without worries!

4th Birthday Wishes From Mom

You are my little rainbow! Without you my life would be colorless and dull. I love you! Happy birthday my little heart!

May this date be full of joy. May this four-year birthday mark a cycle of evolution and much happiness! Congratulations!

I wish you had 4 shining candles because, since you were born, you made this world a brighter place. I love you! Happy Birthday!

4th Birthday Wishes From Mom
4th Birthday Wishes From Mom

I wish you have the brightest candles in the world on your cake! Thanks to you, for 4 years now, our lives have all become brighter and more radiant. Happy Birthday!

May this fourth year be filled with light, good energy, health and a lot of peace. That represents a cycle of achievements and joys and start more happy years in your life!

You’re only four years old, but you’re big. You are a huge pool of tenderness. I hope you can always be a happy person, and I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday!

Breathe life, inhale joy and exhale sadness! So your life will always be the best it can be. Never stop playing, even when you are no longer a child. Celebrate your 4 years a lot. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! Always be that little thing full of happiness. Wake up with a smile and curl up to sleep in my lap. Every moment of these four years that you have lived is engraved in my heart.

That this year you can smile even more, without ever ceasing to learn and grow at all times. We will be by your side every day, just as we were these first four years. Congratulations for being born close to us!

Life at 4 years old is great! Cool activities at school, friends to play and have fun with, snacks every day… enjoy them while you still can, before you become a boring adult like mom and dad! Happy birthday from your coolest uncle in the world!

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Princess
Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Princess

I also wish you a delicious cake for your birthday, and funny games, have fun with your birthday guests and don’t make too many words, just one more thing: I congratulate you very much, because when you are 4 you need that much, much more!

4 years young and already so big, only yesterday you were lying on mum’s lap. You were breastfed, you crawled and you could soon walk, now you’re helping mom with the shopping. Greetings from me on your birthday. I’m sure to be with you on time.

Let it live high, the birthday child! Get it here for me, very quickly. I want to cuddle and hug you and give you a gift. After all, you don’t turn 4 every day, that has to be celebrated – no question about it! We wish you all the best on your 4th birthday …

Celebrating a birthday is a hit, the whole family takes part. Whoever decides on this day is – very clearly – the birthday child! That’s why you, dear …, are the focus today and celebrate your 4th birthday in a wild and colorful way. May you have all the best in the world and a really great day.

Funny 4th Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday! May all of your wishes and dreams – a pony, a real tractor or a dog?

Happy Birthday! I think every little girl should have her own pony at the age of 4, or mom and dad?

I think every four year old girl should have her own pony. I’ll try to persuade mom and dad, right? Congratulations on your 4th birthday.

Funny 4th Birthday Wishes
Funny 4th Birthday Wishes

Old in numbers you are four today, we wish you all the best! Sing, have fun and let it rip, we’ve brought you great things.

You’re 4. 4 is fun. 4 is fantastic. 4 is fab. 4 is freaky. But 4 goes fast. You will definitely love 4! Happy fourth birthday!

Rule # 1: every 4 year old have fun on their birthday … and all 365 days of the year. Rule # 2: Do not interrupt rule # 1. Happy 4th birthday!

Today you will be 4 years old and you are a bit bigger than yesterday. If this continues, you will be taller than your papa in a few years! Congratulations my darling.

This is your big day and may every second of it be joyous and happy. Anyway, it’s your birthday so let me hear you shout I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th birthday!

On your 4th birthday, we all warmly congratulate you. I love you and you mean a lot to me. But you are not only the best child for me, everyone else knows you are great, even without make-up.

4th Birthday Wishes for Niece/Nephew

Here are some best birthday wishes for your niece or nephew that will help you to show their importance in your life.

Be happy and keep those cheeks up to date for your aunt! Don’t let that curious look off your face and remember to always be happy, no matter what others say. Today is your fourth birthday, let’s all celebrate!

Celebrate in joy for these four years. See just how many good things and good moments have happened during this period. Your birthday is a time for celebration and reflection so that you can follow through on many years of achievement.

4th Birthday Wishes for Niece
4th Birthday Wishes for Niece

The birthday marks a good moment, the moment to look back and see everything that has been done, all the dreams fulfilled and the steps fulfilled. These four years show how much you’ve done! And how much you deserve these sincere congratulations!

On this special date, I wish you to always keep that curious eye and that fertile imagination. May they remain within you even with time! Happy birthday, little one, you deserve the world of joy. Play a lot and enjoy your 4 years!

May all your wishes be fulfilled on that day. May you get the best toys and that your family members’ feelings of affection are attended to. Today is the time to play and sing even when you have the strength. Happy four years old!

I love watching you play carefree and not thinking about anything. I love to see you sleep peaceful and full of dreams. I wish you never get tired of smiling. Know that life holds the best opportunities for you. Congratulations on the four years!

For this day, I wish you to have a lot of strength, health and joy and the constant affection of everyone who loves you. Four years is still too little, but for the rest of your life, happiness reigns in your days. Happy Birthday!

You recently came into the world, it’s only been four years, but you’ve already managed to fill our lives with extreme happiness. It’s wonderful how something so small can elicit so much love. Today is the birthday of those who make us happy every day!

Today, you won’t be able to read my happy birthday card because you haven’t learned how, too bad. What matters is that the card will come with a teddy bear you will love. Since these four years now, it will be with you every night!

Happy 4th Birthday 4 Year Old
Happy 4th Birthday 4 Year Old

Don’t ever let sadness touch your life. There must always be a new tomorrow. Smile at him the same way you do now, with your pure childish ways. Never lose the soul that has been with you for these four years. The future is yours! Happy Birthday!

Four years seems like a short time, but it was enough to experience all the good things you’ve experienced so far! Congratulations on that! Congratulations for these years of achievements and joys. Celebrate these four years with great pride and look forward to new and good prospects!

How many good memories are built in four years! How nice it is to remember all this and celebrate this birthday. Even better is knowing that these four years are just the beginning of many others that will make new memories and will be new good memories.

Greetings to my niece on 4th birthday. I wish you tons of gifts that put a huge and bright smile on your charming face and a particularly delicious birthday cake. Have fun with your friends and look to the future positively, because there are many great things to discover on earth.

4th Birthday Wishes from Grandma

Now you’re a year older again … if you keep going like this, you’ll soon overtake me. Your grandma wishing you a joyous and happy birthday.

For my fourth birthday I let you know that I’m the proudest grandma in this universe because I’ve the greatest grandson in the world. Happy Birthday!

4th Birthday Wishes for Son
4th Birthday Wishes for Son

On my 4th birthday I would like to tell you that I am the proudest grandma in this universe because I have the world’s best granddaughter! Congratulations!

My dear grandchild, hard to believe, but true – you are really already 4 years old today! It seems to me as if it was only yesterday when I had you in my arms for the very first time since you were born. The small, helpless baby from back then has now become a really big boy / girl.

4th Birthday Wishes Images and Pictures

Here are some beautiful and attractive 4th birthday images and pictures to share with your 4 years old.

Happy 4th Birthday
Happy 4th Birthday
Happy 4th Birthday, Turning 4 Today
Happy 4th Birthday, Turning 4 Today
4th Happy Birthday Wishes
4th Happy Birthday Wishes
4 and Fabulous Happy Birthday
4 and Fabulous Happy Birthday
Look Who's four Happy 4th Birthday
Look Who’s four Happy 4th Birthday

The little one who today celebrates four years of life does not even know how to read yet, but he already knows how to receive, on his birthday, the love and affection of the people who love him! Gifts, cards, hugs and kisses are part of this beloved date that, for a child, is usually the happiest day of the entire year. After all, a four-year birthday is always accompanied by a good party, sweets and the presence of dear friends. So, if you are looking for a special message that, at the end of the day, will be read by you personally to the child, keep reading this page and discover the best birthday messages for 4 years!

Childhood is the stage of life when we are happiest, when the whole world is magical and fantastic. For this reason, birthdays are even more special dates for the little ones. Check the above-mentioned beautiful 4th birthday messages for those who are turning four years old!