150+ Birthday Wishes For Mother – Happy Birthday Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mother: On her birthday, every mom deserves some lovely birthday wishes from her daughter and son. She deserves far more than flowers, far more than any gift any money can buy. There is no measure in the world that can measure the immensity of a mother’s love. Birthday wishes and messages can be the perfect wishing material to return that unconditional feeling and your deep love for her. A mother’s love is an immense love, and even when we try to express our love for that feeling, there are no words to translate the love that unites a mother and her children.

How can you express enough gratitude for the woman who has always dedicated her life to you? By sending some heartfelt birthday wishes you can express your love and gratitude. Find the right words to express your love to the woman who, for so many years, was totally dedicated to you, who loved you with all her strength and taught you to face life. Congratulate your mother, your true queen, the one who deserves your love in her purest form!

Happy Birthday Mom

I love you forever, I wish all the happiness in the world for the woman who makes me the most happy.

The best thing in life is you being in it. The best day in the world is yours. Happy Birthday! I love you mom!

I am so happy to be able to be here with you and live this moment by your side. Congratulations, my beautiful mom!

On this day, I wish you all the prosperity you offer me. May the new cycle be abundant! Love you. Happy birthday mom!

On this very special day, I could not fail to celebrate the life of my greatest inspiration and source of strength! Mom, happy birthday!

Have a happy birthday and may your day be sweet. I’ll be here in a little while to give you a long hug and sweeten this birthday even more!

Today is a very special day: it is the birthday of the person who was essential for me to become who I am today. Congratulations, dear mommy!

I really don’t understand how a human being can be so perfect, but there’s no other word in the world to describe you, Mom. I love you, happy birthday!

I am happy to spend another year at your side. May it always be like this! I am very proud of our entire history. Congratulations to the best mom in the world!

Thank you for being with me at all times, in victories as well as defeats, my warrior! Loving you is still not enough! Best wishes for your life, my love! Happy Birthday Mom.

What would I be without this amazing woman who taught me only the best things in life? Oh mother, I am so grateful for your life and for your greatness. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, my mother from the heart, my greatest love, my friend! May this new year that begins be amazing and full of beautiful surprises for you. You always deserve the best!

Mothers are the most enlightened beings in the world, if I could put you on a pedestal, I would. Therefore, mother, you must be exalted and valued every day. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Congratulations on your day, Mom! May your dreams continue to come true and may you find the strength to continue on this path of personal growth. I will always be with you, I love you!

I always wonder how a person like you can have such a good heart, so full of compassion and good things. I love you more than I can express, your compassion inspires me. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

I wish you good health, many joys and many good times so that your happiness is always full! I love you so much, Mommy, and thank you for being my advisor in this life. Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy birthday, mom! I love you so much, you are essential to my life, I don’t know how my life would be without you. Everything you taught me, I keep in my heart. I became who I am, thanks to you!

May all good things in the universe be directed to you, who are my most precious possession! There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than witnessing your happiness. Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy birthday, mother, you have done so much for me that I will spare no effort to provide you with comfort and rest, congratulations on your day and I wish you only good things and much prosperity in this next cycle.

Of course a wonderful woman like you deserves to be happy every day. But for today, I wish that happiness will intensify with each passing day. I want to see you with a smile on your face and full of health. Happy day, mom!

Mom, I wish I could gather everything good in the world, put it in a box and wrap it up for you for your birthday. On this very important date, I wish your day to be filled with love, affection and a lot of joy! You deserve!

May this new cycle that begins be filled with health, happiness and unforgettable moments alongside the people who love you, and may this date be repeated for many, many years! Happy Birthday Mom.

I can’t show all the gratitude that’s inside me for everything you’ve done. Thank you for loving me so much to the point of taking care of me with all your heart, to the point of just being by my side. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for taking care of me and for being by my side. Thanks for never leaving me! I love you, Mom, and I wish you a happy birthday, today and always. Many years to live!

Only we know how many tears you shed and how many difficulties you had to go through so that, today, we could enjoy what we have. I look up to you, Mom! Happy birthday and May the angels always be here to bless us.

Happy birthday mom! I hope your paths are always light, Mother, there are always a million reasons to smile. Continue to impress everyone with your smile, and always bring love to those around you. I wish these years to multiply. Happy Birthday!

If all children had a mother like you, we would certainly live in a perfect and unique world, surrounded by love, generosity and caring. Mom, I wish you a happy birthday, already waiting for others to come: congratulating your life is never enough.

Today is a special day for my protector and guide, my mother. If I am what I am today, I owe you everything. Your care and your love made me an amazing and unique person, but it couldn’t be different, because you are also special and unique. Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, you are my life! Without a doubt, it is simply the most important thing in my world. If I could make a single request directly to God, I would ask for it to be eternal. I always want to be by your side and have your hug every day. Happy birthday, you deserve the world!

What would I be without you, right, Mom? Without your lap to smile and cry on, without your morning hugs… I would be nothing! You are a warrior woman who deserves the most beautiful experiences, people and achievements in the world. Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy birthday, mother, I wish you all the happiness in the world. You are an example of a human being, you love everything and everyone, spreads joy wherever you go, you are kind and affectionate. I love having someone like you in my life, I love being able to call you mom.

Mommy, my dear, happy birthday! May all the happiness in the world be in your paths, may there be peace and, above all, health! Because I want to keep celebrating your birthdays here, by my side, forever! You are the best mother anyone could have! I love you! Congratulations!

You are the example of a woman in my life. On this special date I just have to thank you for giving me life, for being so affectionate and for being around at all times I need. I wish you all the best, my queen! You deserve a lot of health, peace, joy, achievements and, of course, lots of celebration!

Mom, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you. You are my great passion, my safe haven, my best friend. Even far away I never feel alone because I have you, my mother. Thank you for always trying so hard for me. Be very happy on your birthday! Congratulations!

Birthday Messages for Mother

Having you in my life is a gift. Gratitude for everything, for you existing and for making me happy and evolving. I love you deeply. Happy birthday mom!

I take this day to thank you for always being my safe haven. Know that you can count on me for everything! Congratulations for another year of life and be very happy today and always. Happy Birthday.

I don’t even know if you were the one who taught me to sing Happy Birthday, but I feel my heart warm to remember how many you’ve sung for me. So today, my singing goes all to you! …! Happy birthday mom!

You chose to be my mother, and I think it was God who chose you to bring into my life. I always wish you the best, you are a wonderful person and, therefore, you only deserve to receive good things in life! Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, your day has come! And I want to take this dear date to tell you that you are the most important person in my life! Because you saw me grow, but it also gives me strength to continue growing and evolving. Happy Birthday!

If you ever feel lost and hopeless, look to the sky. Somewhere there will always be a light to remind us that there is a way out. Life is a box of surprises, and I’m sure you’ll only find good things. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday mom.

Today is the day to celebrate and wish happy birthday to the one who has always been by my side, dedicating her time and love. Mother, even though distance physically separates us today, I would never forget this very important date.

There is no truer feeling in the world than a mother’s love, and I was lucky to have the best mother in the world! Today, on your birthday, I feel eternal gratitude for having you, your teachings, your laughs and all your affection in my life. Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy birthday mom! I wish health, peace of heart, pleasant emotions, good energy and a high soul. May we go together on our path of love, discoveries and learning! I am very proud of you, who are extraordinary but humble; elegant in simplicity; a strong and true person.

Happy birthday mom! I wish that on this special day you can be with the people you love the most. You are my greatest asset and an example of a struggling woman. May this date be repeated for many years, always with health and joy. Congratulations, my queen!

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world! I love you so much and I wish your day to be unforgettable. Thank you for every moment you were by my side both to support me and to alert me when I was wrong. You deserve all the best. Congratulations!

I think it goes without saying that I always wish you the best in this life, you deserve all the good things the world has to offer. I thank you for everything you’ve always done for me and for always being by my side. Congratulations, Mom, celebrate this day a lot!

Nothing in the world can materialize my love for you, Mom! I would like that, on your birthday, I could show all the gratitude I feel for being raised by an exemplary woman, determined and happy with life like you. Congratulations not only for your day, but for everything you are!

There is an inexplicable bond between us, greater than even a blood bond. Our lives didn’t cross by chance, we needed to be in each other’s lives. Congratulations Mom, I hope we have many more years of life together and that we can always grow and evolve side by side! Happy Birthday.

With each passing year, I have more reasons to smile and celebrate. It’s important for me to always be by your side, especially on the day you celebrate another year of life. Our life has never been easy, but it has always been worth it because we have the most important thing of all: love.

Mother, a small word with immense meaning. You taught me everything I am today. You were the one who held my hands and taught me to walk. You were the one who helped me up on every tumble I took. Thanks, Mom, for everything. Today is your day, you are deserving of all love. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my dear mother! All that I am I owe you. You taught me that, even in difficult times, there is still love, there is room to be resilient. Thank you for being my example. Thank you for taking such good care of me and being so good to me. Many blessings in your life and many years of life, so that I can give back some of what you’ve done for me!

Mom, I’m spending this birthday away from you, but it’s for good reason. I miss you a lot, but when you least expect it I’ll be back to give you a scent. Despite the distance, my love will never change and I will always take all your teachings into my life. Mother, I wish you to have a very blessed day, full of light and happiness. I miss you and I love you!

The one who always trusted me, protected me and loved me, without fear and without hesitation. The mother who was always by my side, with her soothing caress, her sweet words, but also with that hardness that was needed. With tenderness or hardness, you are the queen who builds me up, you are the one who has the throne of my life: to my queen, happy birthday.

Congratulations to the best friend, confidant and teacher that God could give me! Mom, you are the most amazing woman in this universe. I’m very inspired by you and I’m so grateful for all the sacrifices you’ve made for your children’s happiness. May you be happy, keep yourself healthy and in peace and may this date be repeated for many, many years. Happy birthday mom! Enjoy your day.

Mother, unfortunately I cannot give you a better gift than the one you gave birth to me. All kidding aside, being your child is too good! There isn’t a day that I don’t thank the heavenly daddy for allowing me such honor, for letting me be taken care of by a goddess in the form of a woman, an intelligent and shrewd warrior who goes to great lengths to see her family fulfill her dreams. Happy birthday mom!

Birthday Wishes For Mom from Daughter

Thanks for being just the way you are, Mom. I wish you a happy birthday and may your new year be filled with amazing things.

Today you are the one who makes another year of life, and I hope that you will stay by my side for many more years. Love you mom! Happy Birthday.

Mother, may you have another unforgettable birthday, may your heart be replenished with love, joy, gratitude, strength and faith! Happy Birthday, mom!

May this new cycle not lack health, peace, love, money, protection, faith, focus, hope, positivity and all the best so that you can continue to be the warrior that you are! Congratulations!

The years go by and I still want to be like you when I grow up, your love inspires me to be a better person and I want to wish you a happy birthday today and for many years to come, Mom!

Happy birthday mom, all the best today and always in your life. May you never lack health, peace, love, money, protection, faith and hope! May God continue to bless you and guide you every step!

I am so grateful that I was raised by you, I am proud to say that I am your daughter. Congratulations, know that you are my most precious possession! I hope to celebrate with you many more years of your life!

Day after day you teach me to be a better woman. I hope that one day I can be half the mother you are to my children! Thank you for existing and making my existence happier! You are wonderful! Happy Birthday!

I have an admiration and pride for you that are immeasurable! I recognize everything you did and do for our family, a warrior mother and wife with a beautiful and special life story! Congratulations, Mommy!

Mom, I believe that God always has great blessings for your life, because you deserve so much! It is full of faith and a heart full of love. Thanks for everything, I love you! Wishing you an amazing birthday, Mom.

Mom, I thank God every day for your life, for being your daughter and for learning so much from your mother’s love! You are a strong woman, fighter, conquered everything we have today with your warrior way of being.

My mother faced several obstacles in this life, she is a true warrior woman who struggled to conquer her space… my heart overflows with pride, gratitude and, above all, love for her! Congratulations for another year of life, mother!

No matter what happens, we will always be together, in health or illness, in wealth or poverty, it is a relationship of mother and daughter who have chosen each other. A thousand years might pass, we’ll still be together somehow!

Mother, You a wonderful woman! You gave me life, love me and protect me like no one else! May your day be as beautiful as you are! Your strength and your life story are examples to all those around you! Happy Birthday Mom.

You are my example, you know? Of strength, persistence, optimism and the will to win! Your disposition inspires me, your hope moves me! Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true and have many, many years to live!

Let’s celebrate, together, another year of life for the true owner of my heart, my mother! Mother, may your new year be one of light, peace, love, lots of health, money, union and may your life be surrounded by good people! Have an amazing birthday.

Today is the day of my best friend, my faithful confidant, the greatest advisor I have and the best mother in the world! I would like to wish you a lot of health, a lot of happiness, success and a lot of wisdom in everything you do! Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, it’s your birthday, but you’re the one who gives it to me every day. How blessed I am to have you as a friend and mother who cares, advises, reprimands at the right time and makes me feel like the most beloved daughter in the world!  Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, the more time passes, the more I feel close to you. While you think the years bring you wrinkles, I see the years give you more smiles. I feel privileged to have you as a mother, and I want to be just like you when I have a child. Wishing you a great day.

Today is the day of the woman in my life, the biggest and best example I’ve ever had, my dear mother. It’s hard to put into words everything I feel for you, I don’t even know if I can explain it. You are more than my mother, you are my best friend, my safe haven.

Mommy, happy birthday! Words are lacking to define the size of the love I feel for you, but in short, it is comparable to all the immensity of the sea. I want to tell you that I have the honor and immeasurable pride to be your fruit. I wish you much, much happiness and health.

Mom, no matter how much time passes, you always keep that jovial, curious, and devoted spirit to what you love. May your qualities be multiplied, as well as your love for life! I want to see that radiant smile of yours color your face for years and years to come. Happy Birthday!

They say that children choose their mothers. I’m sure I made the best choice ever! My mother is a warrior, is fair, is faithful to her values ​​and is an example of a wonderful person! Happy day, my beloved mother, you deserve the world of good, happy, healthy and positive things!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Know that my greatest wish for today is your happiness! You are such a warrior woman, so focused and so good that you set an example to all those around you! I feel privileged to be your daughter, to have received your teachings! Congratulations, Mom, happy day!

My beloved and warrior mother, congratulations! May we, together, celebrate for another year of life, for another stage that, for sure, will be one of victory, peace, love, health and far from all harm! You are my safe haven and my point of peace, I admire you from my first day of life! I love you! Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Mom From Son

May your day be immensely blessed and happy, after all you deserve all this and more! Happy birthday, dear little mother.

I wish you never lack health and strength to fight. You are an amazing woman. Congratulations! Love you and Happy Birthday Mom.

You are present in the best moments of my life and today I wish you an unforgettable day. Happy birthday I love you! With love, your son!

The comfort I find in you is impossible to translate into entries, but I swear I try. May your birthday be as special as you are! Have an amazing day.

Mom, it was you who taught me to have all the kindness and love that I carry in my chest, so I couldn’t help wishing for anything different on this special day.

Today is the day of the woman in my life, the woman who is my greatest example in life: my mother. I can only wish you the best things the world has to offer. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Dear Mom, congratulations on your day! God bless you and grant you many years of life so that we can enjoy your love and company for many long years. Hope you have an amazing day.

May your day be very happy and celebrated with peace, love, affection and a lot of unity, in the presence of Him and everyone who loves you! I love you so much mom. Happy Birthday.

I hope you will always be such an inspiring woman, not just for me, but for everyone around you. Congratulations mom on your day! I hope it is full of good energy and that you enjoy it a lot.

May your birthday be filled with love, peace, prosperity and above all health so that we can celebrate this date for many, many years! May this new cycle bring you many achievements, happy birthday!

You are my example for everything and I just love you with all my heart. I know I don’t always say this kind of thing so directly, but you are my inspiration to be someone better. I love you mom, happy birthday!

The most important woman in my life completes another year of life today, congratulations, mother. I have you as a mirror, I will always follow in your footsteps, I have you as my greatest inspiration. Happy Birthday.

I love you so much that this love does not fit me, for you I would give my life and if I could choose, for sure, I would always be born of you. Mom, my best friend, my greatest love. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

My life has already started being blessed, because I have you as a mother. An amazing woman, strong, loving, independent and very intelligent. The woman I’m inspired by and who is the foundation of my life. Happy Birthday Mom.

You are my great love, mother, I couldn’t be happier to celebrate another year of your life! Today I want to thank you for everything, for each teaching, each scolding and each learning that I took throughout my life. Happy Birthday Mom.

If I could choose who my mother would be a thousand more times, a thousand more times I would choose you! You, Mom, are simply one of the most enlightened, intelligent, and beautiful people I’ve ever met. Congratulations on your day, Mom!

Today is the day to celebrate the life of the most important person in my life: you, Mom. Instead of wishing you things, I want to thank you first. Thank you for being such an example of being human, for raising me and taking care of me so well.

Mom. Instead of wishing you things, I want to thank you first. Thank you for being my best friend and for all the values ​​you’ve taught me. I wish you to find happiness every day and that your plans take shape and your dreams come true.

Mom, there are no words to express how grateful I am that you exist. “I love you forever” simply says what I feel. On this special day, I am the one being presented, having another year of your company, friendship and love. Happy Birthday.

Mom, thanks for being the biggest supporter of my dreams, without you none of this would be possible. I want to wish you a happy birthday, I’m proud of the wonderful warrior you’ve always been, yeah, and I know you always will be. Happy Birthday Mom.

My queen, my goddess! Today is your day, so it should even be a holiday. You are that brave woman who does everything for your children, so you deserve more than congratulations. Happy birthday mom! I love you with all the strength that constitutes me and I am very proud to be your son.

Mom, I owe you everything I am, it was your love that made me grow. And on your birthday I couldn’t help but congratulate you for the wonderful person you are. Congratulations on your simple and pure way of loving. I wish that all this comes back to you multiplied and that all pain turns into a smile.

I know I’m often a complicated child, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a good mother. In fact, it makes you even better. I’ve never seen a woman so patient and so steady a pulse as you. May you continue to be that girl of fiber, with the strength of a warrior and the sweetness of a princess! Happy Birthday Mom, I love you so much!

Happy birthday my dear mother, all the best in your life! I thought about giving you a gift in various ways, but nothing could represent the size of my love and gratitude. So I chose to speak what I feel, and with the intensity of the words show how much I want you to be happy and fulfill all your wishes. Best wishes Mom! Love you!

Mother, no word I utter will come close to expressing how happy I am to have you as a guide, friend, responsible, and confidant. In your lap I still find the same welcoming feeling I found when I was younger and it’s when I hug you that I feel all the worries, fears and anguish getting smaller. Wishing you an unforgettable day.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. There is no better mother than you. May your days be full of light and happiness! Happy Birthday! I love you!

You are a gift from God in my life. Thank you for always believing in me and for being my foundation. I love you and wish you all the best. Happy Birthday my queen!

I know it sounds like a cliché to say this, especially about an amazing person like you, but the truth is that you are, yes, the best mom in the world and that I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, warrior!

Mom, I know you always dreamed of me, in the best and worst moments of my life you were by my side. Now, I dream of the day when you and the whole world know I’d be nothing without you. Congratulations on your day!

No matter what happens, we will always be together, in health or illness, in wealth or poverty, it is a relationship of mother and daughter who have chosen each other. A thousand years might pass, we’ll still be together somehow!

If I could choose who my mother would be a thousand more times, a thousand more times I would choose you! You, Mom, are simply one of the most enlightened, intelligent, and beautiful people I’ve ever met. Congratulations on your day, Mom!

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your family, thank you for always being the best mom in the world. I don’t even have words to describe the size of the love I feel for you. Congratulations not only on your birthday, but especially on the woman you are.

Mom, you took care of me my whole life and you still do, even when I’m away. Therefore, I can only tell you that: I will always take care of you, I will always be by your side and I will always make sure that your dreams continue to come true. I love you! Happy Birthday!

No matter where I go, I always carry you in my heart. I think you’re the best person I know, but sometimes it seems like you don’t even realize it. Perfect, that’s what you are to me! Congratulations on being exactly the way you are! Happy Birthday, Mom.

Mom is the first example we have in life and probably the most important forever. You’ve always been like a mirror to me, if I’m half of what you are, I’ll be happy already. Congratulations on your birthday, for the person you are and for being the best mom in the world!

When blowing out the candles on your cake, remember that none of the glowing flames can outshine you. You shine more than all the stars that exist in the sky and, among all that exist on Earth, you are certainly the most beautiful of them. Happy Birthday, mom!

Look, if it wasn’t for that day, I don’t think I would even be here, calling you mom, right?! So I wanted you to know how much love and admiration I have for you and how much I want you to be happy on this particular day, but also on all others. Congratulations!

Since I was a child, I ran to you when I scraped my knee. You who have been by my side in all achievements and challenges. My foster mom, I would like to wish you lots of love, happiness and health on this special day! May your birthday be as amazing as you are!

Mom, happy birthday! You deserve all the happiness and love there is. Today I recognize all your efforts. If I am what I am, it’s thanks to you, who took care of me with great dedication and affection, always with the best advice and being my best friend. Happy Birthday!

I am privileged to have on my journey the most loving and warrior woman anyone could ever want. With a helping hand on a strong wrist, you always guided me with care and attention. You are light in my life, present at all times. My best confidant. My sky and my ground. Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, you deserve congratulations every day at the expense of your strength and dedication every day. It’s cliché to say that every mom is special, but I know you’re the best I could have, the most perfect for me. My gratitude for you is infinite and I will always do everything in my power to repay you for everything, I love you.

You are more than a mother, you are my best friend too. I’m so grateful for everything you did for me, for all the education and teaching you gave me, you raised me so well. Happy birthday, I wish your day was amazing and that you could have a lot of fun. Let’s celebrate life together, always side by side!

Some religions and beliefs say that we choose the family we are born into. Well, even if that might not be true, I would always choose you to be my mother. Congratulations for another year of life. May you fulfill all your dreams and may this new cycle be filled with light, love and happiness, just as you are. Happy birthday mom.

The best gift I ever got was being able to call you Mom. On this very special day, there is no gift in the world that will repay everything you’ve already offered me, all the love that hugs me every day. Take this love into words as a way to show how much I love you and wish the best mother that life could give me a happy birthday. I love you!

Dear little mother, even though they are far away, my heart rejoices in being able to congratulate you on this very special day. No words will be enough to express the admiration and pride I feel for you. A world of good things is still too little for what you deserve. I thank you for everything. You are the meaning of true love for me. Happy Birthday!

Mom, your birthday should be a holiday on every calendar! Celebrating another year of your life should be a mandatory requirement in all cultures and traditions in the world! Only then would you be able to understand how important it is to me. Congratulations, Mom! You deserve all the applause and congratulations in the universe. Love you!

Mom, what would I do without you? Even without knowing me, you already took care of me and loved me. Today I thank you for choosing me to be your child and I will be eternally grateful for every moment. You were my greatest gift, so I wish your birthday to be very special, just like you. Thanks for everything and so much! I love you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom

Mom, I miss you. I know you are in a better place, surrounded by guardian angels who protect me. But today is your birthday and I really wish I could tell you how much I love you, losing you still hurts every day, but I’m being strong for you to be proud of me. The longing is eternal and my love too. Congratulations!

Mommy, today you would complete another year, but you are no longer with us. Unfortunately I need to congratulate you from afar, hoping that wherever you are, keep looking out for me. I know you found happiness, so I don’t need to wish you, know that my heart will always be yours and that I miss you every day. I love you so much, congratulations.

Mommy, today you would complete another year of life and my heart breaks just thinking that you left. Happy birthday, I will always remember you with affection and love in my heart. I am grateful for everything you taught me and for what you left most valuable, your greatest heritage is my life and I want you to know that I will always honor you! Love you.

Oh Mom, the longing tightens my chest every day more. Despite knowing that I was lucky to have a mother like you in my life, losing you was one of the biggest pains in the world. Today I follow firm just because I know what you wanted, but my heart will always be with you, congratulations and thank you for having done me the honor of being my mother.

I wanted to wish you happy birthday, even if you are no longer celebrating it. Because your life was one of the most valuable things that ever happened. I love you.

Mommy. I said goodbye to you and it was one of the biggest pains of my life. I still feel you guiding my steps and doing everything for me. Today, your birthday, the longing is inevitable, but my heart tells me that I need to celebrate you. You’ve had an amazing life and been loved until the end, or rather, beyond it. I love you, congratulations.

Today is your birthday mom. I know that you lived fully, conquered great friends, a family that still worships you today. One day I’ll hug you again just to kill this longing that your departure left me. Congratulations, wherever you are. Happy birthday mom.

Today my mother would celebrate another year if she were among us, but in fact she is, in me and in everything around me. I live for her, for what she taught me, for the courage she gave me, for the life she conceived. Happy birthday mom.

Congratulations Mom, wherever you are I know you look out for me and wish me well. I also know that you must be in a place full of light, because you were an enlightened woman worthy of all the happiness in the world. I miss you, but I learned to deal with grief and let you go. Part of you lives in me and makes me do my best. On this birthday I just wanted to thank you for everything and say that I love you.

Today my heart is small, in a way it never was before. That’s because it’s the birthday of the person I loved the most in my life and still do, my mother. Today I am not pain, I am gratitude. I am grateful for all that this amazing woman has done for me and I am happy to carry her legacy. Congratulations Mom, I miss you so much.

Today the woman of my life would complete another year, mom, you are not here to celebrate, you went early. Every day I thank God that I had such an amazing woman as you to guide me. I love you from here to infinity and I will love you forever. Until the day of our reunion, this is not a farewell. Have great day in heaven, mom.

Happy birthday mom, right there in heaven I celebrate your day. I wish it were still around, I have so much to tell you. I miss you, a longing for those who press your chest. If I could go back in time I would hug you more often, as I can’t, I wait for the day of our reunion. Look at me from up there, okay? I feel your presence here, I want your birthday to be a time of good memories. You are still the woman of my life!

Today is my mother’s birthday, who is no longer on that planet, but who will always be part of my life. It was an honor to live with you all these years. It was an honor to know that you carried me in your womb, guided my steps and made me what I am today. And your existence will always be eternal as long as I exist. Thanks for everything mom, happy birthday.

Losing you hurt me a lot, it still hurts, but I know I need strength. You taught me to walk and be strong. No matter that you are no longer with us, you live in me. Happy birthday, I would like to hug you, but instead I will look in the mirror and remember that if I am who I am, it’s thanks to your love. I love you.

Mom, today is your birthday and it’s with regret that we can’t celebrate your life. Since you’ve been gone, I’ve lost part of myself and tried to get back on my feet because I know that was your wish. Seeing myself happy has always been your top priority and I’m doing my best to keep it that way. Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy birthday in heaven mom. I miss you and my heart still wants to be close to yours, I miss lying on your lap and smelling your scent. Today I miss you, congratulations wherever you are and I know you always look after me.

When I lost you mother, I gained a guardian angel who began to take care of every step I took in this life. I feel you taking care of me, even though I can’t see you. I feel your embrace when I’m sad, even though you’re not here physically. And your smell, it still invades the hallways of the house and leaves a good nostalgia. Today is your birthday and I just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart, even though you are taking care of me from heaven. Longing.

Today is the birthday of the most amazing person I’ve had the chance to meet in my life, my mother. A warrior who never lost heart, who always did everything for me and for those I loved. I don’t have words to thank you for everything and I don’t even miss it, mom. I love you to the end of the world and celebrating your life, even after the farewell, is a pleasure.

Happy birthday mom, you will always be my eternal best friend. It hurts me so much to say goodbye to you, I wish I had the chance to spend a few more years by your side. My chest tightens with longing, but I don’t want to be sad, you didn’t like to see me like this. He always did everything for me to be the most accomplished person, I’m still in this process to make you proud. I wanted you to know that I will never forget you, even if time passes. I love you with all my heart.

Today my mother would complete another year, I would very much like her to be here to celebrate. Since she’s not here, I’ll do it on her behalf. I will always celebrate the lives of those who inspired me to be better. I will always love the woman who made me what I am. My heart is entirely hers, the love she has reserved for me. I could always count on her for everything and I feel that way even now. I know wherever she is, she looks out for me. I also look out for you mom, happy birthday and I will always love you.

Birthday Quotes for Mother

There is nothing more certain than the phrase: “mother is the one who creates”. Our bond is much greater than a blood bond, as our souls are linked. I love you so much and am extremely happy that you have been placed in my life.

Milestone Birthday Wishes (40th, 50th, 60th, 70th)

Nothing and no one will break our connection, Mom! I am very proud to be able to call you mother. Your hug is the safest and loveliest place in the world! Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy birthday mom! May your day and your life be full of good, beautiful and happy things! Lots of health, peace, love, money and protection! Wishing you an amazing 30th birthday.

May this date be repeated for many years and may you continue on your path of good, facing all the battles of life… we will go together forever! Wishing you an unforgettable 40th birthday.

I want to hug you and wish you all that is good, the best and the most beautiful that the world has to offer, my warrior, my source of wisdom and love! Congratulations for another year of life! Happy 70th birthday.

You are and always will be the example of our family, our pride and will have all our admiration, forever! You are a warrior, you are unique and very special! I love you mom, congratulations and happy 60th birthday.

Happy birthday, beloved, warrior, exemplary mother! I want to congratulate you for being who you are, for the strong and hardworking woman you have always been, for the sweet, caring and loving mother that you are! Happy 30th birthday!

May you continue to have a beautiful smile on your face, may all protection be with you and may God continue to light your way, giving you strength, for you are the most warrior woman I know! Congratulations, and happy 70th birthday mother!

Happy Birthday, Mommy! I wish with all my heart that you are as happy as you make me, that you can feel good, positive, content and proud with another year of life! And especially that you continue with this unshakable faith and hope! Happy 50th Birthday.

You deserve everything the most beautiful and happiest in this new cycle! May you have health, many years of life, protection, peace, that good people are always by your side and that you continue to fulfill all your dreams! I love you mom, congratulations and happy 50th birthday.

Mom, happy birthday! I am very happy to have you in my life. I wish you today and always, lots of health, love, many years of happy life, faith, focus and strength to continue being a warrior, a fighter and our heroine! I love you and I know that our friendship, partnership and union will be eternal! Congratulations, have an amazing 40th birthday!!

Funny Birthday Messages For Mom

Today is the most special day of all… It’s the birthday of this cat, who was also a lion many times to defend her children. Happy Birthday Mom.

Mom, you are like wine: the more time passes, the more beautiful and elegant you become! I greatly admire your wisdom and I am very proud to have you as my mother. Thanks for everything you’ve always done for me. Happy birthday mom!

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Mom is a true superhero, a guardian who does everything for her children. She is our foundation, the person who does everything to make the family happy. Mother, the one who always pleases us even on her own birthdays. Today is her day, let’s celebrate! Let’s celebrate this special date, the day the world won a real treasure. Your mom deserves the best wish on her birthday from you.

So, don’t measure efforts when pleasing her on her birthday! On her day, honor her the way she really deserves. After all, she taught you everything you know, didn’t she? So, what does it cost to repay all these years of care and dedication? To make it look nice on your mother’s birthday, send the above-mentioned best birthday wishes and messages to her and surprise her with declarations full of love and gratitude! What are you waiting for to pay your tribute in style? Pick a perfect messages to write on a birthday card and make a million dollar smile on her face. Hope you have enjoyed above mentioned birthday wishes for mother.