125+ Birthday Wishes for Aunty – Happy Birthday Aunty

Birthday Wishes for Aunt: There are several types of aunts. There are aunts who are practically second mothers, there are also those who are strict, there are those who pinch our cheeks no matter how old we are, there are also those aunts who are gastronomic masters, not to mention the rich aunts, isn’t that right?

But, there are also those aunts who are all of this together and mixed up. But, no matter what kind of aunt your aunt is, you know you love her deeply and you know how important it is to always strengthen the bonds between you, right? So now that your aunt’s birthday has arrived, all you want to do is send the most suitable message to make her day even more special and get that smile that only a very happy aunt can give.

Having an aunt is like having a second mother. She is always by your side supporting you, loving you, taking care of you and teaching you the things in life. Having an aunt at your side who does all this for you is synonymous with privilege, as such faithful unions are something we don’t see so much around. So, on this day of celebration, take the time to send birthday messages to your aunt and show all the love you have for her. Nephews are reasons for happiness, and honors like birthday messages for aunt make them even more special. Still don’t know what to send? Come with us and enjoy the most beautiful birthday phrases for aunt and celebrate!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Aunt dear, may you have a happy birthday. Kisses.

Happy Birthday! May happiness always accompany you, not only today, but every day of your life.

Congratulations and may God enlighten you. May your birthday be beautiful and full of love, because you deserve it.

Congratulations aunt of my heart. Receive a kiss from me full of love and my wish for a wonderful day

Aunt, this is your birthday! You for like a second mother to me, I keep you forever in my heart. Happy Birthday!

Because today is your feast day, I wish you to celebrate with joy and that your life is filled with blessing. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! I wish you affection, health, laughter and words as wise as the ones you dedicated to me in your aunt’s advice. Thanks for everything!

Aunt, you are one of the most special women in my life. Remembering you only brings back good memories and I am very grateful for that. Happy Birthday!

I hope that today you celebrate your special day with those you love the most, and that your heart will warm up with all the love you receive. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, my aunt! Know that the distance does not allow me to give you a hug as I would like, but that these words are enough to fill your heart with the good feeling I have for you.

Birthday Messages for Aunt

I wish that on your birthday you are surrounded by good people and have an incredible time, because you deserve it. You deserve this and much more.

Aunt, thanks for being my advisor and for all the conversations we’ve had. May your birthday be full of love, because love is the word that best represents you.

Tia, in addition to being a confidant, is that person who knows how to have fun! On her birthday, take her to places she likes and have fun together.

Aunt is like a second mother. The affection she offers us is the size of the universe. So, on her birthday, give her all the love she deserves and make her feel special.

Tia is the person who follows our steps and advises us. On her birthday, take the time to tell yours how much she is valuable to you and how much you admire her.

Aunt, you are one of the most special people in my life. He taught me a lot of what I know, and on your birthday I come to leave my tribute to you here!

They say we have only one love in our life. In mine there are several, and my aunt is one of them. Therefore, I leave my most sincere congratulations to her on her birthday.

On this very special date that is your aunt’s birthday, I want to leave my simple tribute to you. I also thank you for being able to celebrate another year of life with you.

Aunt, nothing moves me more than being able to be with you on another birthday of yours. You are the person I most admire and I hope one day to be as strong as you.

Aunt, on your birthday, I wish you the best of everything in life. May the birds sing in your name and may the flowers bloom in your honor! You are sensational and I hope you enjoy your day.

Auntie, it seems like yesterday that you held me in your lap. Time passes so quickly, and too bad we can’t go back to it. I hope your birthday is filled with many joys and celebrations.

Aunt is not just a relative. Aunt is the person who will be by your side when your parents scold you. So, on her birthday, be by her side, giving her all the love she deserves.

I wish a warm happy birthday to my aunt, who, more than aunt, was also a mother to me, giving me advice and lots of love. The affection I have for her is greater than the universe!

Today a very special person in my life is on her birthday. Aunt, you are an example to be followed. I am very proud to have you by my side and have the honor of being part of your family.

Aunt, on this special date that is your birthday, I came to remind you of how happy I am to have an aunt just like you and that I wish you all the joys in the world. I love you so much!

Birthday Wishes for Aunty like Mother

Dear aunt, congratulations on your birthday! May your happiness come first! Love you!

Congratulations on another year of strong emotions, battles and victories. Happy Birthday Aunt!

Happy Birthday Aunt! May your day be bright, blessed and clear, well spent!

Dear aunt, today is your birthday. May thousands of smiles brighten your day!

Dear aunt, congratulations on your birthday! May your happiness come first! Love you!

Happy Birthday Aunt! May peace, love and joy arise in every moment of today.

Have a happy, exciting day full of surprises just the way you deserve. Congratulations aunt!

My greatest gift for today is a kiss directly on your heart, auntie. Happy Birthday!

Aunt, may the Lord protect you, today and forever. Have a happy and blessed birthday!

Auntie, enjoy your day! Celebrate your birthday with intensity and lots of love and joy.

Have a happy, exciting day full of surprises just the way you deserve. Congratulations aunt!

Aunt, today is your birthday and I hope it is a special day like you! Congratulations!

For the best aunt in the world, a birthday filled with light, smiles and love. Congratulations!

Aunt, today is your birthday and I hope it is a special day like you! Congratulations!

Congratulations, auntie! Surround yourself with everything that brings you joy and be very happy on your birthday.

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Aunt

May God bless this special day with love, peace and joy, dear aunt. Have a happy birthday!

Auntie, have a magical birthday full of surprises with the one you love the most. Congratulations! ??

Happy birthday, my dear aunt! And may God bless your life with much joy, love and health.

May it be a blessed day where joy and togetherness are abundant at all times. Happy Birthday Aunt!

Congratulations, my aunt! May this be a happy birthday and your life blessed with much joy, health and love.

Enjoy your birthday in the way you like best and with the one you love the most. Congratulations, auntie!

Aunt, today is your day to celebrate another year of life, so I hope you can enjoy it! Congratulations!

Auntie of my heart, may your birthday be blessed with much joy and you will always be very happy!

Aunt, enjoy the day, smile a lot, be enchanted by the beauty of life and above all, enjoy! Happy Birthday!

My beloved auntie, I hope you have a happy birthday and that joy will come to stay in your heart!

Congratulations, auntie! Focus on the joy of living, strive to make your dreams come true and be happy today and always.

Today we celebrate another year of your life, aunt. I have a lot of pride and admiration in you. Happy Birthday! ??

Have an amazing day, aunt, with the one you love the most and far from what weighs you in life. Happy Birthday!

You are this aunt’s most beloved nephew and you deserve all the happiness in the world! A happy birthday, lots of love, success and health!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Happy Birthday Aunt! All the happiness in the world for those who always make our lives happier.

Dear and beloved aunt of my heart, happy birthday! Know that in addition to aunt I consider you a dear friend in whom I fully trust, and whom I always look forward to. It is a great privilege and joy to be able to count on you in my life. You are a blessing and a wonderful person. Have a beautiful day filled with beautiful smiles and surprises. May love, friendship, peace and health never run out in your life. Be happy today and always!

Today is the day of the best aunt and of course it could only be mine! Aunt, I have such affection for you that it is even difficult to put everything in one message. You have taken care of me so much in this life and we have been through moments that are kept in my memory until today.

So I hope your birthday is extremely happy, that you can celebrate as you wish and enjoy every second. You deserve all the good you can imagine in this life and know I’ll always be here to give you a hug and celebrate your days!

Congratulations aunt! I hope that your day is marked by the best reasons, the best smiles; for much love, joy and health. You are a wonderful friend and an exemplary aunt, and so you deserve all that is good in the world. Celebrate this date with a heart full of unique and memorable sensations. Have fun: dance, jump, and laugh without stopping. I like you very much, aunt! Happy Birthday.

Today is your day and nobody else’s. Have a very special and happy birthday! You are the most charming aunt the world has ever seen. I just want love, joy and health to be present at the big birthday party. Remember that I will always be close to ensure that nothing positive is missing in your life today and forever. You are more than just an aunt. You are a friend and almost a second mother. I adore you, aunt. Congratulations on another year of existence in this stunning world.

Happy birthday, dear aunt! I hope your day is full of light like you. Its high spirits are captivating and I hope you birthday is filled with this good energy. Enjoy a lot, celebrate with friends, family and whoever you want. This day is yours, so enjoy every moment of the joy of having a birthday. Congratulations aunt! I love you so much!

Happy birthday, dear aunt! May your day be the reflection of all the love we feel for you. Best wishes!

My dear aunt, happy birthday! May this special day come to remind you of the beauty of life. I hope you never lack love and health and that this date is full of affection. You are a wonderful person who taught me a lot in life. My love for you is huge, and I always want to be around to give you a warm hug and wish you a happy birthday every year! Always be happy, my heart’s aunt!

This day is my favorite aunt’s day in this world! That’s right, today is your birthday and I want to say that I will be here to celebrate every second of that special day with you. I hope you enjoy every second and be very happy, today and on the other days of your new year. Grab opportunities, chase your goals and never forget to smile a lot! Happy Birthday Aunt!

Birthday Message For Distant Aunt

Distance always prevents you from giving that warm hug to loved ones who are having birthdays from afar. It is at this moment that we resort to the facilities offered by technology to bring us closer on this special day. With a message for a distant aunt, you can compensate for the distance and make her smile even when she’s not around.

The important thing is to show that you remembered this person and that you wish them all the best for their life, it’s a simple but grand act. Be sure to send a birthday message to your distant aunt on this important date for her. We separated the most affectionate phrases for a beautiful birthday message for a distant aunt. Celebrate with her!

Ah, how nice it would be if I could magically be with you on this special day, beloved aunt. As I can’t, I just have to wish you many joys and achievements, because you are deserving and I love you so much!

Another year that we spent away from you, aunt, without being able to congratulate you closely. We wish you a beautiful birthday. May you celebrate alongside those who do you good.

Aunt, how can anyone be as simple and yet as valuable as you? A warm celebration is what we wish you on your birthday and that we will soon be close to each other!

Aunt, I may not be with you on your birthday, but know that every day you are in my thoughts. Also know that you are very important to me and I wish you many congratulations!

Aunt, I’m counting the days to meet you and we can celebrate your birthday in high style: with a lot of excitement, good music and nice people! Everything that is good and that represents you.

Aunt, not even distance can diminish all the affection I have for you. I wish that your birthday is as special as you are and that we will soon meet again so that I can hold you tight. Congratulations!

Auntie, you were and are one of the people I love most in life. If on the one hand I’m sad that I can’t be with you today, I’m glad to know that I have someone like you in my life. Congratulations!

Beloved aunt, your birthday is a sign of maturing of a special person, who accompanied my childhood. Although distance is our biggest challenge, the love I feel for you continues unabated. Congratulations!

Celebrating the birthday of someone we love and who is far away has a special taste. And that’s how I feel, aunt, on this special date for you and for all of us! We wish you a beautiful birthday!

Living far away from each other does not prevent me from celebrating with you such a special date, which is your birthday. I wish many joys to come today and always, for you are deserving.

The longing I have for you seems to increase every year, aunt. But it soothes my heart to know that we’ll be together soon. I wish you a happy birthday full of singing, sweets and joy!

This day cannot go unnoticed without honoring that very important person who would have her birthday today: my aunt. That soon we can be together to blow out the candles in a very special way and kill the nostalgia.

This day cannot go unnoticed without honoring that very important person who would have her birthday today: my aunt. That soon we can be together to blow out the candles in a very special way and kill the nostalgia.

This is the first birthday I’ve been away from you, my dear aunt. But even distance cannot stop me from congratulating you on this unique date. May you have many other celebrations like this! Congratulations!

Time passed very quickly, and today, since you are no longer here, aunt, I miss you immensely. I sincerely hope that you are well and celebrate your birthday to the fullest. Congratulations!

Today what I most wanted was to be by your side, my aunt. Being able to congratulate you closely on your birthday. Since I can’t, I register here my simple tribute to that unique person who is you. Happy Birthday!

Today, an important part of me that accompanied my trajectory is on my birthday: you, aunt. I wish you good health so that we can continue celebrating for many years to come, even if we are away from each other.

Very few days make me as happy as my aunt’s birthday. Although she is not close to me, I take this opportunity to congratulate her and say that I really miss being by her side.

You are so special to me that I don’t even consider you an aunt, but another mother. That on your birthday you receive all the love and affection you deserve and that soon we can meet and celebrate together, like old times.

Your birthday is a special date, aunt, because even far from you, I celebrate as if I were by your side. May you continue to be this amazing woman, who captivates everyone with this special way of being.

Sweet Birthday Messages For Aunt

A person’s aunt is his mother’s or father’s sister. It can also be someone who is very fond of, even if they are not part of the same family or share the same blood. When this affectionate, funny, beautiful and special woman has her birthday, we need to show her all our love and thank her for always being by our side, in the best adventures. To do this, you just need birthday messages for the aunt. Praise the best qualities she has and use all the optimism in your heart to make her very happy on this sweetheart date. Celebrate and delight!

The greatest gift of this life you have ever given us: your presence. Happy Birthday Aunt!

Aunt, let’s celebrate! I want you to be very happy and enjoy your day. I wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world!

Someone is getting older today… Auntie, enjoy your day too much and don’t forget how much we love you! Congratulations!

What a great day! Finally, the birthday of this person I love so much has arrived. Happy birthday, my dear aunt! I love you so much!

Today is your day, aunt! Congratulations, many happiness and many years of life, may we be side by side for all eternity. We love you!

Aunt, you deserve all the good life can offer you and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. Enjoy your day, we love you so much!

Aunt, you are like a second mother to me! I just want you to be happy in this life and to be able to celebrate your birthdays with lots of love and peace.

Today is the day to celebrate another birthday of a person so dear… My favorite aunt, congratulations! May your life be full of joys and accomplishments!

A big cheer for the best person I know! Congratulations aunt! I wish you all the best things life can give you. Take every opportunity on your way and be very happy!

Aunt, you make our life more complete! It’s an immense joy to be able to have you around. We love you and wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world! Congratulations!

Let’s celebrate the birthday of this dear and special person! Dear aunt, congratulations! We all love you so much and wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world in your life.

I just wanted to congratulate one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for always taking care of me, like a son. I love you aunt! Congratulations on your day!

If there is a person in this world who deserves to be very happy, that person is you, aunt! For all the happiness you give us and for all the advice you give us. May your day be amazing!

Today is a big party, as it is the birthday of a very dear person. Auntie, my life wouldn’t be the same without you by my side. Therefore, I wish only good things in your path. Happy Birthday!

Today is all her day! Only those who know my aunt know what a warrior, determined and loving woman she is. Affectionate, but with a firm hand and always helping to raise her nephews. I love you! Happy Birthday!

One of the most amazing women I know is having her birthday today! My aunt, what I can wish for you doesn’t even come close to expressing everything you deserve. Congratulations! May the lady always be enlightened!

Aunt, you are an example of a woman to me. I really admire your positive energy, your strength and your way of always being enchanted with the world. Joyfully celebrate another year of this wonderful life. My most loving congratulations!

Aunt, happy birthday! I wish you all the bliss and happiness in the world, because you deserve it, since you are the best aunt there is! It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth: the birthday is yours, but the present is ours!

Today is the special day of the best aunt in the world! Let’s have a party to celebrate this amazing person, who takes joy wherever he goes. Congratulations, aunt, may your day be filled with bliss and happiness, love and all the good you deserve!

Today is her birthday: my aunt! It’s not easy to put into words my wishes for someone so special. I want you to remain just as you are: a wonderful person who lights up the lives of everyone you meet. May this new cycle of life bring a lot of peace, love and tranquillity to your heart? Happy birthday, dear aunt!

Since I was very small, I already told everyone: one day I will be as smart as my aunt! I think I’m still far from that, but my biggest inspiration is still you. Always so sensible, so affectionate and so partnering, it’s impossible to meet someone who doesn’t admire her qualities. I am so grateful for being you in my life. Happy birthday, my dear aunt!

You’ve always been one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. He helped my mom take care of me, taught me manners, and introduced me to love. Aunt, on your birthday, all I can wish you is that you are happier and healthier every day and that your life is filled with incredible moments, preferably with me. I love her and admire her so much. Congratulations on your day!

Today is a day to celebrate the life of one of the dreamiest people I know: my aunt. In this new year of life I hope that God will bring you new dreams and a lot of strength to make each one of them a reality. May you continue to be graced by great company, blessed family and special friends. I wish your day to be memorable and that we can share many birthdays together. Congratulations aunt!

Birthday Wishes For Aunt From Niece

We all commonly express the love we feel for our mother, for our father… But have you ever experienced declaring your affection and your love for an aunt? Having an aunt is like having a second mother, a best friend and even a sister. Some aunts are more present, others simply live in our hearts. But regardless of the proximity, the relationship between niece and aunt is provided by a very strong love that surpasses any generation, and needs no explanation. Don’t forget to impress your aunt on September 21st! Be inspired by these messages from niece to aunt and thrill her on Aunt’s Day!

It’s blood, it’s meant to be, it’s accurate and it’s forever… Aunt and niece love is something unique! Happy aunts day!

Aunt, I miss you intensely and infinitely here inside me. I want you to know that, even far away, I still have a huge love for you and for everything we live. Happy Aunts’ Day!

There is love that we don’t explain, we just feel it. And that’s how I feel about you. As much as I try to explain, I have no words to say, it’s an endless affection! Happy aunts day!

I grew up seeing you being the best example of a human being I could have! You’ve always been someone I look up to and aspire to be the same. Thanks for showing me how awesome I can be. Happy aunts day!

Being born into a family with so many amazing aunts was the best gift that life could give me. When I arrived I loved my mother right away and when I met you, the love and joy were even greater! Happy aunts day!

On that day I just have to thank you, dear aunt… For everything you’ve done for me, for the love you’ve always shown me and for everything I know we’ll still go through. You are very special to me, rest assured!

Our games always brought out the best in me, with them I laughed, had fun and even formed my personality. Thank you for always being willing to play with me and teach me so many good things! Happy aunts day!

I’ve always had you as a kind of best friend, only family. Our blood bond makes the relationship even stronger and longer lasting. Thank you for always being by my side and showing me the right way to go! Happy aunts day!

One day is too little to celebrate and honor someone so special! Know that every day is yours, my dear aunt. You deserve all the bliss and happiness in the world and especially the one I can give you. I love you and happy Aunt’s Day!

You are better than a mother because you educate without fighting, better than a grandmother because you pamper without exaggerating, better than a friend because you love me without waiting for anything in return! Happy aunts day!

You are my mother too, even though I call you aunt… You are a mother for the way you love me, care and guide me through life. But she is also a friend, a sister and my best example. Thank you for being who you are to me! Happy aunts day!

When I was born my mother spoke to me and I knew who she was, I heard that voice a lot before I came into the world. But it was only when I heard you that I was sure I came into the world lucky enough to have two mothers. Thanks for being my aunt!

If there’s one thing I’m proud of in this life, it’s being your niece. I know that anyone would like to have this privilege of having someone so special to share the best moments. Thank you for always being there and for being my aunt. Happy Aunts’ Day!

On this Aunt’s Day and every other day of your life you can be sure that you will always have someone wishing you well, sending you good energy and being grateful at every moment for having had the happiness of being your nephew. Thanks for everything, aunt!

When I was a kid, I loved watching you get ready to go out, even though I was sad that I couldn’t go with you. Today, I love getting ready with you so we can go out together to have fun. A lot has changed in our relationship, but everything just made us become even closer. Happy Aunts’ Day, my dear aunt!

I learned that distance does not have the power to ease feelings. We’re far apart right now, auntie, but the love I feel for you only grows in my chest every day. I remember your laughs, your exciting plans for the near future, and I remember that your happiness was mine too. I want you to know that I, your dear niece, miss having you so close to me. I rejoice on Aunt’s Day because I have you!

Most feelings don’t have much explanation. I can even try to explain all the love I feel for you, but all the words would be few in front of what your life means to me. If you want to know how much I love you, Auntie, you can watch my smile when we’re together. You might also notice how calm I am when I’m by your side. You bring me peace, and I love our love so true! Congratulations on your day!

I’m your niece, but you treat me like a daughter, and that’s a great source of joy to me. My chest fills with good feelings and my body vibrates with positive sensations just knowing that we have such a close relationship. I know I’m younger than you, but I want you to know that I will always be here, for whatever you need. I am with you at all times. Count on me, aunt! Receive all my love on this Aunt’s Day!

Aunt, in you I found the best friend I always looked for in life. You care about me, give me the best advice and know how to see my side in any situation. I don’t hesitate to look for you, to unburden myself with you… I’m flattered that all this trust is reciprocated. You are a part of me and I love knowing that we are so much more than family, we are confidants and best friends in life! Happy aunts day!

Auntie, I know we have different thoughts about various life issues, but I also know that it makes us learn a little more from each other. I don’t want you to think that I carry an absolute truth with me. I will always be willing to hear your opinion about every little thing in life. I want to learn everything I can from you, and I also want to teach what little I know. I don’t want anything to keep us away. Happy aunts day!

When I feel lost, I stop to think about the way you see the world. Even in afflictions, you can find positivity in the minutest details of a day. I admire you a lot, aunt, and you don’t even know how much. Your look motivates me not to give up, both for you and for me. I want to be proud of, just as you are to me and our family. I love you so much, and I want you to feel all that love this September 21st, Aunt’s Day!

Final Thoughts

To help you on this birthday mission, we at birthdaywishestobrother.com with Love have created an exclusive category to provide you with the most beautiful birthday messages for your aunt. After all, we know that it’s not every day that we have the inspiration to write the best texts, but even so, we want from the bottom of our hearts to create the most impressive anniversary tribute for our aunts. So, all you need to do now is browse through our pages, find the birthday message that best suits the relationship between you and your aunt and that’s it, share this beautiful congratulation with her.

Still, if you are one of those people who like something more elaborate, you can still put together more than one message and create a personalized birthday text to congratulate your aunt. And, if you are a nephew or an even more sophisticated and detailed niece, you can still copy the message on a handmade note to deliver with the incredible gift you bought. Well, now it’s up to you. Set aside the present and the candles to give your aunt the best birthday ever.