Baby Shower Card Messages – Wishes to Write in Your Card

Baby Shower Card Message: Beautiful & short messages and well wishes for baby shower card to Congratulate parents and wishing well for baby boy or girl. A baby shower is a beautiful ceremony that aims to celebrate the happiness and joy of mothers to be and unborn babies. This festival is mainly celebrated between the sixth to the eighth month. But for women who do not have children, it is impossible to understand the pressure on the future mother.

For some people, trying to balance their daily lives after giving birth to a baby in this world can be a daunting task. You should try to reduce the stress of future mothers with some baby shower message. By writing some supportive, encouraging, thoughtful, and personal words, you can reduce their stress, even if it is temporary.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right and effective words for drafting a perfect baby shower card message. We have provided best baby shower wishes and card messages for you. Let’s have a look at these baby shower warm wishes and congratulation messages.

Baby Shower Card Message

Baby cards already come with printed sentiments, but what you can do is make your congratulatory notes more touched and personal by adding your own written notes to greet the baby.

Welcome to the moms club! Time to trade designer bags for diaper bags!

Be careful when changing the diaper! Congratulations for your upcoming son.

Welcome to the world, cute and sweet little one. Very glad that you arrived safely!

Baby Shower Card Messages
Baby Shower Card Messages

The wait of the huge bundle of joy is over! Congratulations for your upcoming baby.

Congratulations! I knew that little Elizabeth would get the best treatment in the hospital.

Send our prayers and blessings to you and your baby. Hope you have a huge bundle of joy.

The princess/prince is about to arrive! Congratulations for your upcoming baby boy/girl!

May your cute and sweet little baby girl/boy bring sugar and spices for years to come to you.

Those who say they sleep like babies never have it. Welcome to a world that is always tired.

We can’t wait to see your sweet little girl grow into a beautiful woman. I wish you the best.

Your baby girl is very precious. He/she will fill your heart with love in a way you never thought of.

A son will treat his mother like a queen and view his father as a hero. Congratulations for your upcoming little one!

We know that you may have some obstacles in the future, but we send all our best wishes – and our help if you need it!

A little girl is the only other woman in her father’s heart who will not be envied by mama. Congratulations for your upcoming little princess.

As if everything changes with the arrival of a baby boy or girl. The heart gets fuller, life gets better and the world gets bigger when they’re in it.

Baby Shower Wishes

Birth is one of the most important moments in a person’s life. If someone around you is about to be born, make sure you capture the joy, fun, surprise, and everything in between in your baby shower wish. Here you can get some best wishes for your baby shower card message.

Prepare, take heart and stay energetic, we all pray for your safe delivery.

Your expectation of a bouncy and healthy baby will certainly be met. Have safe delivery.

Come on girl, we are together, our prayers are with you as we count until the day you give birth.

Baby Shower Warm Wishes
Baby Shower Warm Wishes

Me and all my family can’t wait to hold the lovely baby in our hands. We are happy for you and celebrate this day with you.

You also need a lot of love and hugs just like the baby on the way, which is why I spread my hands wide with love and a hug.

Children are the Lord’s heritage. The special legacy on this road will pave the way for your family to achieve greater success.

I look forward to celebrating with your family that huge bundle of joy that you have been waiting for a long time. Congratulations.

Remember to take care of yourself, so that you stay strong and healthy while you are expecting your cute little angel. Congratulations all along!

As you look forward to rocking your little angel into your hands and breast, the strength, grace, and resources you need will miraculously manifest!

A special child is on the way. When it comes, give it all the care and love in the world. Of course, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Congratulations!

Even though I am not there at your baby shower, my love is always present with you, and my prayer of protection surrounds you every day. I wish you safe and sound delivery.

The restlessness you feel, the constant kicking in your tummy, the occasionally uncomfortable hopping, and the morning sickness that often makes you annoying will soon give way to the immeasurable joy of your baby’s arrival. Congratulation!

Baby Shower Messages

Parenting is the scariest veil you will ever go through. Good luck!

You will ride the best rollercoaster of a lifetime. Congratulations!

May your new family be filled with health, love, joy, and laughter.

Baby Shower Warm Wishes
Baby Shower Warm Wishes

Congratulations to you baby and [the couple] for your growing family!

Congratulations on upcoming miracle! I can’t wait to see your little magic.

May your son / daughter bring a lot of happiness in your life. Congratulations.

Being a mother is the best role you have ever played in your life. Congratulation!

I pray that you are willing to welcome this little one. Hope your pregnancy goes well.

I am so happy to be able to spend the day with you and bathe your little one with love!

I hope you are ready for the busy schedule of moms posting baby pictures on Facebook.

Wishing you a smooth pregnancy, painless delivery and a healthy little angle. Congratulations.

The precious gift of all tied and bound, best wishes and great blessings to you and the baby inside!

Sometimes the little things take up a lot of space in your heart and mind. Congratulations to the unborn parents!

Congratulations on receiving the gift from the stork! May the upcoming baby arrive safely and healthily and happy.

The smallest foot makes the largest footprint in our hearts. Enjoy this heartiest and blessed moment in your life!

Enjoy every second of these last few days, because it will take time before you can eat hot food again! Congratulations!

Baby Shower Greeting Messages

Congratulations on your huge bundle of joy! I hope you will have a million good memories, and then some more.

We are delighted with your new addition to the family! Here are the next 18 years filled with hunting monsters and kissing boo-boos.

baby shower greeting card messages
baby shower greeting card messages

Each baby is a bundle of blessings that will fill your life with happiness and love. We are so happy that you will soon experience this miracle!

Your miracle will soon be in your lap; Make room for all baby products! His lovely smile and glowing eyes will fill your life with happiness forever.

Nothing in life can have such an impact as having the new born in life. Let us help you express the joy that fills your heart and express your feelings.

With little hands and feet, your pain and sorrow will soon disappear. Enjoy every moment, face any challenge, and fill your heart with the happiness of the new child.

Good new addition! Your home will soon be filled with love, laughter, and smiles as you feel immensely happy and lucky to nurse your new baby and watch him grow.

We can’t wait to take a look at this miracle that’s about to happen soon. Prepare to feel the love and warmth that a new born brings to your soul and cherish every moment.

Baby Shower Card Message, Funny

Congratulations on entering a new stage of life. Wake up all night and burst the bottle! It’s a real party now.

Congratulations on your upcoming promotion to parent. Now you will have a small boss for the rest of your life.

Baby Shower Message Card
Baby Shower Message Card

Learning how to be a parent is like riding a bicycle: no handlebars, no brakes, downhill at 50 miles per hour. Good luck!

Do you know that being a parent is the most important and easy job on earth, and you can do it without any experience? Congratulations, future parents.

Congratulations, guys, I wish you a happy baby shower. Now there is an important question. Do either of you know how to change diapers? You better be experts in this matter because I’ll be the first to laugh at me if I catch any of you struggling to change your little one’s sagging diapers.

Baby Shower Wishes for Baby Boy

Little boys will change your life the moment they arrive. If your friends are expecting a small man, please share their excitement about one of the stories about the arrival of a baby boy.

Boy, oh boy, seven pounds of happiness is here!

Little boy means big adventure! Congratulations on your newcomer.

The baby boy is happy bundled. They are also a bond of energy, chaos, and movement.

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages
Baby Shower Congratulations Messages

Tips for child-raising young men: If you change diapers quickly, you can avoid the baby from “bathing”.

Welcome to the wishes of your son. You will want to understand the meaning behind this sentence: bless this mess.

Every baby is a miracle. May your new kid bring joyous moment and adventure to your family in the years to come.

We are very happy to be able to celebrate with you this new member joining your family! We wish all the best for your new baby.

Let the party begin! Your little one is coming; we hope the baby’s arrival marks the beginning of a joyful life, proud and happy moments of life.

Well here he is! Hope you are ready for all the sparkling eyes and playful smiles to melt your heart. Enjoy the start of your new and exciting journey!

Here is the next chapter of your life! We hope your new born has the laughter of his father, the heart of his mother, and a spirit that enlightens them both.

Welcome a son to this world will change your life. When you look at him, your heart will explode with joy, and when you find him on the tallest tree, you will explode with fear!

I can see trucks and cars, adventures and dirt in the near future! Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family. Hope your boy will make your life full of fun and pleasure.

Baby Shower Wishes for a Girl

You can add a perfect baby shower card message for girls to any shower gift card. Choose a message that reflects your feelings and suits your relationship with the expectant mother.

Congratulations to your mini me!

She is coming! Thief of your heart and purse.

Congratulations on creating your best new friend.

Baby girls show love to everyone without even trying.

Baby Shower Congratulations Message
Baby Shower Congratulations Message

Someone finally accompanies you to watch a romance movie!

No matter how old your little girl is, she will always be your baby.

Congratulations! Baby girls are instant shopping partners for life!

Baby girls are sugar, spices and all good things…until they enter puberty.

Little women can break your will and melt your heart at the same moment.

Congratulations to your little Wonder Woman. May she thrive and move mountains and rivers.

Get ready to let your heart be attracted by your precious new arrival. May your cute little girl bring all the hugs and laughter you can’t handle!

Make room for costumes, dolls, and pink all around! Your beautiful little parcel will arrive soon, and we are happy to witness the happiness it brings.

We are delighted to participate in the celebration of your future baby girl! We know she will be kind, smart, beautiful and full of love, just like her mom.

May your days be filled with disarming smiles, tutus dancing and gentle lullabies. Your little girl will bring you more happiness than you can imagine. Congratulations!

Here are the bows, frills and frills! We are delighted to welcome your sweet little girl. Very quickly your life will change in the best possible way. Savor every second!

She’s almost there! May her lovely little hands always find a place in your hands, and you will be amazed by her grace and love when you see her growing into a sweet, charming and beautiful young woman.

A newborn baby can melt anyone’s heart faster. We are thrilled that your family will experience a beautiful and bright life with this new treasured addition.

You cannot understand the full meaning of love until the moment you look into your baby’s beautiful eyes for the first time. Soak up it, cherish the present moment and fill its future with hopes and dreams.

Baby Shower Messages for Mom

Here are some best wishes and baby shower card messages for mom-to-be that will help you to give your blessings to the mom or her unborn.

May love, peace, joy and happiness fill your heart with your future baby.

May your upcoming baby bring love and happiness beyond imagination to your life.

I wish your baby a healthy and safe arrival and your smooth delivery. Congratulations.

Baby Shower Card Messages and Best Wishes for Baby Shower
Baby Shower Card Messages and Best Wishes for Baby Shower

Congratulations your baby is coming soon. You will be a great mother. I hope you are the best.

Congratulations on your baby’s safe arrival! I know you will be a great mother! Enjoy your baby shower.

To the future mom, I wish you healthy childbirth and joyous and happy life with your little bundle of joy.

Congratulations on your wonderful journey of becoming a mother. There is nothing more meaningful and happy than being a mother.

I know that your little and cute bundle of joy will create the most wonderful and sweetest memories with you. Congratulations!

The wait is finally over, the little miracle is finally on the way, fill your life and heart with joy and immense love. You are really blessed.

May the arrival of your newborn baby be one of your most memorable and wonderful moments that fills your life with infinite happiness and intense emotions. Congratulations, future mom!

As the countdown to your little angel’s arrival has begun, you must have realized that you are about to acquire the world’s most precious heritage. There is nothing better than the achievement of being a mother. Congratulations.

Baby Shower Messages for Dad

Here are some selective baby shower card messages for dad-to-be to congratulate him for his new bundle of joy and a new addition of a new member in the family.

May the arrival of this new blessing in your life bring you peace and happiness. Congratulations, future dad!

I want to congratulate you on this great transformation from a man to a father and I know you will make a great father.

Congratulations to the unborn little angel. I hope that this priceless treasure you received will make your life full of happiness. Congratulations again, future father.

As we look forward to your baby’s arrival, please know that although becoming a parent can be difficult at times, it is also a fulfilling experience – one so beautiful that you won’t trade it for nothing. In other words, you haven’t lived if you haven’t been a parent.

Baby Shower Wishes for Parents

Best baby shower card messages for parents to wish them for this special moment and give your best wishes to an expectant mother and her unborn.

Baby + you = love forever.

Bless your lovely little one’s arrival.

When you hold your child, you reach heaven.

Wishes For Baby Shower
Wishes For Baby Shower

The baby is proof that the miracle does exist.

With this child, the world will become a better place.

Babies are pure magic. Get ready for the surprises of every day.

Your home, your hands, and your heart will never be empty again.

The kids will tell you that the smallest things do make the biggest difference.

Your baby has filled a space in your heart that you didn’t even know you needed to fill.

Congratulations to your new baby. Some days will be full of challenges, but every day is worth it.

Becoming a parent means doubting what you think you know and learning lessons you never imagined.

The small footprints left the biggest footprints in the hearts of parents. Congratulations on your beautiful bundle.

Sometimes, less is more. You only need to say a few short and sweet words to your parents to convey your excitement to them.

Funny Baby Shower Messages

When being a parent, sometimes there are only two emotional choices: laughing or crying. To be sure, this is a crazy journey, and usually all you can do is laugh at how crazy your life has become. Using funny baby showers card messages will introduce a little humor. If expectant parents feel hesitant, nervous, or anxious about being a parent, then a baby shower message like this is what they need to hear.

Your new tax deduction is very exciting!

Happy baby shower day! Finally we can meet again!

You should now practice saying, “Because I said that!”

The rest of your life will be peeping one after another.

Parenting: The most terrible place you have ever lived.

A warm welcome to the youngest member of your little army.

He is here! Congratulations on making a miniature version of both of you!

With this child, you have no choice but to follow the child’s instructions.

I can’t wait to meet the newest family members! I volunteered in honor of the babysitter!

Baby Shower Messages for Grandparents

Not only the new parents but the lives of other members of the family are also blessed by the birth of the child. Grandpa and grandma are excited too! Here we have put together an enormous list of some baby shower card messages you can share when your near and dear has become a grandparent.

New grandchildren to ruin rotten! Happy engagement.

Cherish every moment with your sweet granddaughter.

You two will be amazing Nanny and Pop! Very happy for you.

I pray for your grandson … I know you will ruin him to death!

Grandma / Grandpa was just born! Greetings to your whole family.

It’s amazing how grandparents look so young when you grow up!

Now you have someone to convey all your wisdom. Congratulations, Grandpa!

Grandparents can share all the love and have no responsibilities. Very happy for you!

The peace and quiet of your retirement will be shattered by the sweet screams and cries of your grandchildren!

Becoming a grandparent means that there is someone in your life who can listen to your boring stories! Congratulations!

Baby Shower Messages for Twins and Multiples

Expect the parents of twins to have twice the love and twice the worry. Make sure to provide twice as much support and encouragement in the wishes and emotions of the baby shower, because raising twins is not suitable for the weak. Get a perfect baby shower card messages for twins and multiples.

Two blessings, two loves.

Two small blessings sent from above!

Genes are so good, they make it twice!

Baby Shower Greetings Messages
Baby Shower Greetings Messages

Double the joy! This is a girl and a boy!

Diapers and bottles twice! Congratulations!

Good things come threes! Congratulations!

Congratulations on doing some genetically incredible things.

Smile twice, feet twice. Neither of the little twins can wait to meet.

Congratulations, congratulations on a bunch of your twin double joys!

Incredible news! Congratulations on the huge bundle of your sweet joy!

You must have [two / three] babies? Excessive achievers! Congratulations!

Multiple problems! Send lots of love to the new additions to your family!

Your house will never be lonely again. All the best to you and the twins / triplets.

Double love and double smile, congratulations to the twins on their new adventure.

Double the laughter and double the fun. How interesting it is to have two instead of one!

Twice the fun and twice the joy. Congratulations to your girls and boys! (For boy/girl twins.)

Double the smiles and double the giggles, if you are blessed with twins, double the trouble!

Twins are a blessing. And they will oppose you and give you mental disorders! Congratulations!

Congratulations! No one will judge you anymore for wearing a sweater and no makeup in public.

Two / Three peas in a pod! Congratulations on the double bundle of joy of your adorable twins / triplets!

Few parents can feel the special joy of being born with multiple births. This sentiment is made specifically to express your congratulations on twins, triplets, and more!

Religious Baby Shower Wishes

Religious baby shower wishes and congratulatory messages to add in your baby shower card message.

Twins are the reason God gave you two arms.

Babies are a blessing from God. Very happy for you both!

Every child is a priceless treasure bestowed by God. I know that your unborn will bring pure happiness to your life.

May God bless you and the precious child you are about to bring to this world, and may God always keep his protective eyes on him. Congratulations.

As I pray for your safe delivery, I also want to take a moment to ask God to grant His blessings to you and your baby every day of your life.

Congratulations on your transformation from an ordinary woman to a mother. I pray to God that the birth of your unborn child will bring you rich and beautiful happiness, and you cherish them for life.

God has bestowed you with his best blessings! Take the time to enjoy every soft and gentle laugh, warm hugs, and silly game. These are the memories you would like to keep in your mind for the rest of your life.

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card?

Best wishes and messages to write in your baby shower card that will help you to write a perfect baby shower card. Get a perfect message for your baby shower card, or get an idea for what to write as your baby shower card message.

You will be a great mom!

Hope you get easy delivery!

Hope you get safe delivery!

Toast to bread in your oven!

Best Wishes For Baby Shower
Best Wishes For Baby Shower

Welcome to the world, dear!

Can’t wait to meet your new child angel.

Congratulations on making a little human!

This little boy is so blessed to make you a mother!

May your pregnancy be healthy and the birth be easy.

You must be pink about a baby girl who is on the way!

From the beginning come great things. Congratulations!

I hope your little group of joy brings you eternal happiness.

Many magical moments waiting for you. I am happy for you.

Your sweet baby is a warrior. Wish you all love in the world.

Welcome to parents, where solo walking feels like a vacation!

Dad’s new little boy! Congratulations, and best wishes for you all.

I can’t wait to see that cute little girl/boy smiling. Congratulations.

Baby Shower Prayers

  • Lord, you have been protecting mother and baby till this moment
    Because we rejoice and hope that the baby will come
    We pray that our expectations will come true
    Our joy will be satisfied, and it will come in the form of an explosion.
  • A child is a gift from heaven, the world’s best blessings from God
    God, we pray for your divine protection and rich grace
    Our little angel on the road
    Every inch of whose life is in your merciful womb.
  • Frequent kicks make your whole body tremble
    The constant leaps of joy that make you less cranky
    They all bring you to hope of joy
    The cutest angel about to be born.
  • Your cute baby will arrive sooner than you think
    Bring happiness and excitement to keep you alive
    Her innocent cry makes your heartburn
    Her impeccable laughter ignited the attraction of everyone
    We take you through a joyous celebration
    We congratulate you very much.

Baby Shower Quotes

Here are some perfect baby shower quotes to use in your baby shower card message.

I know you still have a long way to go to get here, and I am glad that your baby has arrived.

Welcome to Parenthood: A world of sleepless nights, non -stop days, and non -stop laundry.

The countdown to the happy hour begins, we are all waiting! Congratulations in advance.

I can clearly see the gleam in your eyes of eagerness to wait and raise your little angel. Congratulations in advance!

There is unspeakable joy when a baby is born. It is a joy when you are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the cute little angel.

Best Ways to End a Baby Shower Card Message?

Hopefully you get the best way to write a perfect baby shower card message, and now wondering about to end it. Seize this opportunity to add more originality. Here are some best ways that will surely help you to set your card apart.

  • Best wishes,
  • Overjoyed,
  • Hugs & Kisses,
  • Lots of love,
  • Peace, love, and happiness
  • Lovingly,
  • Blessings,
  • Love always,
  • Happy snuggling,
  • Tickled pink,
  • God bless,
  • Over the moon,
  • Love and cuddles,
  • Much love to you.

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There is nothing better than a baby shower card message to send wishes for an expectant mother or her unborn child. On this special occasion, you can wish for the expected mother and her baby to be healthy and safe with many gifts, through baby shower messages and baby shower wishes. If you do not know what to write on a greeting card, or how to write a perfect baby shower card message, or you are looking online for best wishes for baby shower.

Above mentioned beautiful baby shower card messages and best wishes will sure help you to find the right stuff for an expecting mother and her child to wish them well. Use the above-mentioned baby shower wishes and messages with some fantastic words for your baby shower card to alleviate the stress of a mother on baby shower ceremony. Hope you will surely enjoyed these wishes and messages. Hope you enjoy these baby shower card messages and give your best wishes for parents-to-be and their unborn babies.