Simple Birthday Wishes – 90+ Simple Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Simple Birthday Wishes : Simple and best birthday wishes, messages and quotes with beautiful images to share with your family members, friends or near and dear ones on their birthday.

Are you tired of wishing for some grand, great and poetic birthday wishes messages? Do you want to wish someone a happy birthday in some simple way? If yes, then you might want to use these “simple birthday wishes” listed here. Sometimes, the simple things are most gentle and breathtaking. Simple birthday wishes and messages are straightforward to understand and these can be realized quickly. There is nothing more satisfying than making someone happy with the simplest words. Therefore, here we have listed some examples of simple birthday wishes and messages.

Simple Birthday Wishes

We hope to spend many ages together. Happy Birthday.

Hope you can write good stories on a new page. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations and best wishes! Enjoy your birthday and live a happy life.

Simple Birthday Wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes

Congratulations for another year of strong emotions and challenges overcome. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! May God bless you with great health, love, peace and happiness.

We want to laugh, dance, sing, and bring you a lot of congratulations!

You are my precious. You are an angel in my heart. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations! May your birthday be illuminated by the light of love and happiness!

Happy Birthday! Have a day full of joy and a life of full happiness.

I wish you another way of life without grief, true friends, love and that forever.

I love you, I adore you. Don’t believe it. I congratulate you on your birthday.

Look into my eyes, understand my joy, today is the most beautiful day for me.

Congratulations on your day! May this birthday be special and start a wonderful year of life.

Dear birthday child, I wish you a happy birthday, stay the way you are! Best regards.

I wish the future to give you all the wishes in your heart. Many happy years.

Congratulations on the birthday and best wishes forever! May life smile with love, health and joy!

I wish that you will realize all your wishes and that your dreams will become your future.

Congratulations on another birthday! I wish you peace and love for this new year of your life!

Walk through your life happily and happily year after year. Luck be your companion, your sky forever clear!

It’s too late to die young now anyway. Now we have to go through with it! Happy Birthday!

You are more than just a friend. You are a part of my life. You are simply the best!

My wish for you today is simple: may the candle of happiness in your life never go out. Congratulations!

Congratulations for another year full of glory, joy and lots of laughter. May the next twelve months be exciting. Congratulations!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend

Congratulations, may God always bless you!

Have a birthday as wonderful as you are!

Let your dreams come true! I wish you only happiness!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend
Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy Birthday beautiful! Big kisses full of affection and tenderness.

Let your dreams come true! I wish you only happiness!

Happy Birthday beautiful! Big kisses full of affection and tenderness.

Wonderful birthday party to a wonderful person! I love you my friend!

Happy Birthday! May God always take care of your life and steps!

Hopefully every birthday, you remember how many people love you. Happy getting older!

Don’t be sad because you’re getting older, have fun because you’re given an extra chance!

I wish you love, Love with a capital letter. Mutual love, pure love, be happy!

Age is not a number, age is a sign of the struggle for life. Happy birthday, my friend.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Best wishes for the best friend! Happy birthday!

A happy birthday, with many blessings and love from God.

Best wishes on your birthday! May it be a wonderful day today!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Simple Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Wonderful birthday party to a wonderful person! I love you my friend!

Your happiness is mine. Happy Birthday! I wish you the best in life.

Happy birthday! May love give you wings! All the best and good luck!

Friend, may your birthday be like you, that is, crazy and full of surprises! Congratulations!

As we age, so does wisdom. You are one of my wisest friends. Happy birthday!

As a gift of friendship I offer you my most beautiful feelings and my loyalty in friendship.

For my crazy friend I wish her a crazy birthday, just the way you like it. Congratulations!

Accept your past and be excited for your future. Because the best in life is yet to come! Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy Birthday Sister! Have a beautiful day and a life full of joy.

Happy Birthday, sister! My life would be incomplete without you.

God is with you and will always light your way. Happy Birthday Sister!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Sister
Simple Birthday Wishes for Sister

You are a source of great pride for all of us in the family, happy birthday!

Dear sister, I wish you all the best and I look forward to hugging you soon.

May God bless your birthday, my sister, and grant you many happy years!

Congratulations my sister! Enjoy your day, your month, your year, your life!

Happy birthday little sister! May joy be present today and every day of your life!

Congratulations my sister. May health, happiness and money pursue you! I love you!

There is no distance, intrigue or difficulty that can break our bond. Happy birthday, sis!

Happy birthday, sis. May God bless your birthday and grant you many happy years of life.

Congratulations my sister. You were and will always be my greatest example. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my big sister! May your wisdom and experience always continue to inspire me!

Today is your birthday… My advisor, my inspiration, my protector, or simply my sister. Happy life!

Congratulations sister! May the Lord give you great health and strength to go after your dreams!

Little sister, you are something special in my life, that’s why we’re celebrating your birthday today.

Thank you for your friendship, besides being a sister, you are also a great friend. Happy Birthday!

If I could choose the best sister in the world, I would choose you! Happy birthday little sister!

We even fight from time to time, but sisterly love is second to none. Happy birthday, little sister!

Do you know what gratitude is? That’s how I feel about you, my sister. Best wishes on your walk!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Wife

Happy Birthday. I am very happy to have you as my dear wife. Love you!

Today is the day of the owner of my heart. Happy birthday, my beloved wife!

Congratulations to the love of my life! Thanks for lighting up my life every day.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Wife
Simple Birthday Wishes for Wife

An amazing day for a wonderful woman. Dear wife, have a very happy birthday!

My wife, I wish you a year full of love, happiness, peace and joy. Happy Birthday!

You are the rainbow of my life, I love you so much. Congratulations on your day!

Congratulations my love. May your day be as beautiful and passionate as you are!

Happy birthday, my life! May there be many more years to share together. Love you!

Congratulations to you, my dear! May this be a date of great joy and good memories!

Happy Birthday my love. God has graced me with the most brilliant wife I could have.

My dream came true the moment you said yes to us. Congratulations, love of my life!

Honey, today is your day. May it be full of love, affection and many blessings! Love you.

Happy birthday, beloved wife. You are everything to me, my wife, friend and companion.

Congratulations to you for bringing more light and colour to my life. Happy Birthday my love!

Congratulations, love of my life! Enjoy your birthday a lot and be happy every day of your life.

Today is all yours and I want to do everything to see you smile. Congratulations, beloved wife!

Congratulations on another wonderful year, wife! May our love continue to make you happy!

Congratulations my love. Loving you and taking care of our love are my birthday gifts for today!

The most important person, the love of my life. Congratulations and best wishes, my wife love!

Hand in hand we will walk the road we build. Dear wife, have a happy birthday. Congratulations!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Husband

Happy birthday to my peanut butter. I am crazy about you.

With all the silly tones and fights, I love growing old with you!

Being you in my life makes things more colourful! Happy birthday, my love!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Husband
Simple Birthday Wishes for Husband

Happy birthday to the kindest husband. Loving you is always an easy thing to do.

Happy Birthday my husband! You are kind and sweet. A proud man. I love you, my sun.

Happy birthday to my dear, most handsome, smartest and coolest boy in the universe!

To the one I love, to the one I hope to live with until my last breath, to you, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. Have a nice year, I hope we meet soon, my dear.

Happy birthday my dear husband. I never thought that my love for you will deepen with time.

Happy birthday to a magical husband. You changed me with your magic smile. I miss you dear.

Cake check, candle check, party cap check, birthday party check! Yes, here it is! Happy Birthday.

Husband, happy birthday! You are the source of my bliss and happiness that I will never let go of!

I would like to turn back the clock so that I have more time to love you. Happy Birthday my love!

I wish you a wonderful birthday and may all those who come ahead always be the best for our love.

Happy birthday my best friend, my love, my accomplice, my confidant, my soul mate, my everything.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother

Brother, happy birthday! May the years pass slowly so you don’t age so quickly!

Congratulations bro! If you’re happy, I am. If you are sad, I am. So, get rich soon!

Brother, you’re not getting old, you’re getting more experienced. Happy Birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother
Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother

With money short, the only option is to offer my brotherhood as a gift. Congratulations!

I am nothing without those I love and share my journey. I can only thank you for all the affection!

Brother, I wish that at this new age you will become rich to give me many presents. Happy Birthday!

The best gift I ever got from my parents was you. May you have the same luck! I love you so much.

My wish for you today is simple: may the candle of happiness in your life never go out. Congratulations!

Brother, they say we look better with age, but apparently that’s not happening to you. Happy Birthday!

Brother, don’t worry about old age, it’s like a second childhood, but no hair and no teeth. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! If you feel like the years have passed and you haven’t even seen it, you may need glasses.

My brother, shine! I just want you to be happy and fulfill all your dreams. May this birthday be the best ever.

Brother, if you’re crying with all the congratulations, it’s because old people get emotional easier. Happy Birthday!

Best wishes to you on another birthday, my brother! Thank you for being the best brother life could have given me.

Congratulations brother, happy day! Health, happiness and smiles for this new age. Long life filled with blessings. Love you!

Simple Birthday Wishes Quotes

“The older I get, the more future I have.” —Leon bloy

“All that is exquisite matures slowly.” —Arthur Schopenhauer

“Never give time to time. It takes advantage of it.” —Jean Amadou

“Can’t tell you my age, it’s changing all the time.” —Alphonse Allais

“There is always something in us that age does not mature.” —Bossuet

“He whose soul is happy does not feel the weight of years.” —Plato

“Whoever is old early will stay young for a long time.” —Victor Hugo

“If youth knew, if old age could, nothing would be lost.” —Henri Estienne

“The young man is handsome, but the old man is tall.” —Victor Hugo

“Growing old is still the only way we’ve found to live long.” —Sainte Beuve

“When I stop being indignant, I will have started my old age.” —Andre Gide

“Growing old is still the only way we have found to live long.” —Sainte Beuve

“You can’t help but get old, but you can keep from getting old.” —Henri Matisse

“Any age bears its fruits, you have to know how to pick them.” —Raymond Radiguet

“No one is young after forty, but you can be irresistible at any age.” —Coco Chanel

“Better to waste your youth than to do nothing at all.” —Georges Courteline

“We hardly understand the word youth before the age of thirty.” —Jean Dutourd

“To well-born souls, value does not await the number of years.” —Pierre Corneille

“To be old is wonderful, if only you don’t forget what it means to start.” —Theodor Herzl

“It is not the years that count in your life, but the life in your years.” —Abraham Lincoln

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These simple birthday wishes and messages are exactly the same that you are looking to wish your loved ones on their birthday. Hope you have enjoyed these simple, gentle, breathtaking, straightforward to understand and quickly realized happy birthday wishes and messages to wish your loved ones in a simple yet beautiful way.