Attitude Status For Boys

Being cool is awesome and there is nothing wrong in sharing your thoughts with the world. Boys have a different attitude than that of girls. Here is some attitude status for boys which you help you express the emotion that you hold for yourself.

I don’t care whether you love me or hate me because you can never change my attitude.

attitude status for boys
attitude status for boys

I don’t care, because I am already awesome.

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I didn’t get things that I desired for, but I got all the things which I always needed.

I would be a king in hell rather than a slave in heaven.

attitude status for boys in hindi
attitude status for boys in hindi

I am a mixture of “Adorable” and “Don’t mess with me”.

I am here to express myself, and not to impress anyone else.

Life gave me a lemon, and I gulped it with a shot of vodka.

attitude status for boys to girls
attitude status for boys to girls

I don’t give a fuck about your bullshit opinion

My enemies motivate me to be a better person

You need to stand out of the crowd, and only then I am going to talk to you.

attitude status for girlfriend
attitude status for girlfriend

It wasn’t my question but it was you who was stupid.

I prefer taking the risk rather than going with the flow.

I am strong enough to make my own decision. I don’t need your suggestion to handle my life.

Seems like this normal attitude was never meant for me.

attitude status
attitude status

I prefer to stay quiet, rather than to spit bullshit.

Life is a game of taking the risk. And it seems like I am a professional at this game.

You need to climb a long ladder if you want to reach my level.

You looked for quantity while I am someone who belongs in the percentage of quality.

attitude status in english
attitude status in english

The only thing I care about is my dreams.

I am like water; I can be whatever I want. And if you see my hate, then it is just a reflection of you.

I am the kind of person who chooses hard work, dedication, and determination over luck.

I love haters more than I love my lovers. Because my haters are always there to make me feel that I am on the right track.

My dreams are bigger than your attitude.

I do whatever the fuck I want because I know that at the end, I can never satisfy every single person.

Hey girls, you need to look for some other boy because I am already committed with my goals.

Even in the darkest night, you will see me as one of the shiniest stars.

Don’t care for whether I hate you or not. Because I don’t give a fuck about you.

I would follow my dreams rather than to be with you.

I care more about people than those million dollars.

My haters hate me because I am better than perfect.

Problem is not my attitude but it is your way of thinking.

Hate me till whenever you want but one day your kids will be taught about my life story of how I become a millionaire.